Pantheon - Prometheus' Will

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Character Name: Kokoro
Titles: Lady of White
Worship: 5
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Love and Envy
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: To create harmony in the race below her with love when she feels benevolent, or incite discord with envy when she feels bitter.
General Personality: Bi-polar to an enormous extent, Kokoro is much like a child in her ways. She longs to be adored by everyone, but when she is in a sour temper things can often turn bad. She's nearly constantly trying to win the hearts of the fellows in the pantheon, but she secretly has her eyes set on one.
General History:
Kokoro is the childish one. She was indulged for her sweet qualities before she was chosen by Prometheus. An adult, she was given her normal attire of pure white for her pure heart when she was born to a human mother, from her god of a father. Kokoro was never raised with people because her father was won by her endearing ways when she was a child. Even her storms of anger and bitterness tend to be adorable and subside with just a little bit of cajoling.
Frost, next time you want me to leave you alone... erm, can we at least give me some sort of thing to go off of? xD
Wow, I didn't even see that your character had gone over to mine and said things. >_< My bad!

On the other hand... boom! More antagonization of the pantheon's females! XD Because someone has to!
The next RP Prompt from Census will begin in 1 day. Those of you who still want to RP the first Divine Day, please get your posts in quickly!
Frost, I'm gonna rework Mabushii Kage. I'm not entirely sure I could RP two characters, let alone three. He'll still be the God of Balance, though.
Character Name: Brynjar

Titles: The Soldier; The Warrior; The Binder

Worship: 5

Gender: M

Job/Role: Soldiers/Warriors; Honor

General Appearance: Of middling height, greying and scarred, Brynjar wears old, equally scarred armor. His eyes are a
piercing grey, and his hair and beard are short and still carriy hints of dark brown.
Current Goal/Purpose: To mould a civilization in his image.

General Personality: Friendly and occasionally grandfatherly, Brynjar sees the world through eyes made cynical by decades of fighting. He is not nearly as paranoid as Ghraun, but tends to assume the least favorable explanation for a given situation. He actively seeks alliances with his peers, and to his friends and close associates he shows a somewhat off-color sense of humor. He fully appreciates the sorts of jokes Frustror likes to play...just so long as they're aimed at someone else. He is extremely bullheaded when one's conflict with or directly contradict his own, but if caught off guard he is fairly easy to sweet-talk - if one knows what one is doing.

General History: Born the younger son of a farmer, Brynjar was a mercenary in life. Never a commander, always one of the common troops. But he was a survivor. When he finally died - in bed, with his boots off - he was given a choice. Go to the afterlife and be a warrior for the gods, or become a demigod. He chose the latter option.
With a great deal of regret, I have to drop from this one. >< I just can't keep up right now!

*pretends to miss Celia while planning to steal the justice department*
I am indeed sorry. D: too much going on in the roleplay and work and life front. D:< Which is a shame cause Celia would have taken over the world! OHOHOHOHOHO.