Pantheon - Prometheus' Will

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Prometheus' Will

"The Universe places the heaviest burden on those that can bear it's weight. You, my chosen children... though maybe not of me, you are the children of the gods, and for that, you are to be given a divine task. Those of you who do not know me, my name is Prometheus. It was I who gave fire to mankind, and it was I who was punished for it.

However, I am still a Titan... for that, I was able to endure, and I was able to break free into a world between worlds. I created everything you know - in a way, I created you, in that I created your parents. I am not infallible. I am not all-seeing. No one truly is... which is why I have you to look after things for me.

I have created a new world. It is small... a fledgling, godless world, where the people are primitive, and can be shaped as is your will... as it will be your duty. For only with worship do you have power... as Demigods. I give you this world to share among yourselves. I will be watching..."

-You are a newly-created minor deity - whether you rose as a mortal hero or were born that way, you are a demigod now, of some concept, element, or even an entire race. You have been given a task - to govern this new world - by the Overdeity himself, Prometheus. You... and those around you. You are the new pantheon of this world... all of you begin in the Godly Domain, a cloud-filled place used as a neutral meeting grounds for fledgling gods such as yourselves. You will be fit to alter the world as you feel fit, as going with your 'theme'.

Prometheus himself resides in the Godly Domain, listening to the petitions and observing the movements of the Greater, Moderate, Lesser, and Demi-Godlings. For the most part, he stays out of it, save when the life of a deity is in danger of being snuffed out directly by another deity. Though he seems to turn a blind eye to deities being snuffed out of existance by lack of attention from their worshipers, or deities working to obliterate another deities' flocks to weaken the god in question.

Gods need worship to exist. They require faith as their power - without it, they cease to exist. You must strive to maintain your worship! In order to make more of a... 'game' of this, each of you will start with a 'worship' score of 5. This score can go up or down as the game proceeds, by Prometheus' (the GM's) will. The higher it is, the better, as you can do more incredible things with your godly powers... the lower it is, the worse, as you become weaker, and closer to destruction.

Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
Character Name:
Titles: (Whatever extra names your followers know you by,: I.E., "Red Rage", "Thorn of Knowledge", etc)
Worship: 5 (This number can be lowered by 1 to increase the number of 'Jobs' you have by 1, up to four times. It can increase to 6 if you only have a single 'job'. In this way, the more your power is spread out, the less you can do with it a day, and vice-versa.)
Job/Role: (In this case, your Job/Role is what you control... since you're a Demigod, we'll keep it to two "concepts" that your powers stem around. For instance, "Water and Healing" might be it, or maybe "Shadows and Evil". Since you are DEMI-Gods, none of you will have super-powered-godly-powers - this is subject to approval. Other than that, feel free to get creative.)
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

Demigod Roster of "Unnamed Planet".

Celia Vera - Demigoddess of Justice.
(Tip from Census: "This is your last chance. Don't screw it up.")

Slassarath - Demigod/dess of Fire and Wind.
(Tip from Census: "Don't be too proud to ask for help, dragon or otherwise.")

Frustror - Demigod of Schemes and Tricks.
(Tip from Census: "Our bet's still on.")

Ghraun - Demigod of Underground Environments and Fungus.
(Tip from Census: "Get out once in a while. Also, take a bath! You're starting to rival Death's particular odor.)

Con Brio - Demigod of Music, Dance, and Passion.
(Tip from Census: "Rock is metal. Silence is golden.")

Soleil - Demigoddess of Water, Light, and the Sun.
(Tip from Census: "...Actually, I don't believe we've met...?")

Marie - Demigoddess of Artifice and Alchemy.
(Tip from Census: "Magic is an art as well as a science, you know.")

Sahm-nioh-elah - Demigod/dess of Sleep, Dreams, and Moonlight.
(Tip from Census: "There are things sleeping in this world that might benefit from staying asleep...")

Severdus Tharn - Demigod of Death
(Tip from Census: "I'm sure I don't need to remind you not to fall into the traps of your predecessor - mortals are scary creatures.")
Character Name: Celia Vera - GODDESS (Okay, fine, DEMIGoddess.) OF JUSTICE
Titles: Blind Justice, The Smiting Goddess
Worship: 6
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Justice. In JUSTICE, all beings receive their consequences for ill deeds. No ill deed goes unpunished. Justice comes in the form of how ever her Greatness deems fit, but she personally likes to smite people with a stick. It's easy and doesn't require a lot of work. However, if she were to choose to get off her ass, she does favor using LIGHTNING to smite with.
General Appearance: Who better to know right from wrong than a child? Celia looks young. Young teens kind of young. Platinum blond hair, silver-blue eyes. Pale skin with no wrinkle, blemish, nor flaw. Because Justice has no flaws. Celia is short stature and petite, but with a well rounded figure. Her clothing is not practical. Gauzy robes in a mix of Greek and Mayan style. Lots of jewelry and makeup. LOTS. She's wearing everything from gold to silver. Rings, bracelets, necklace, anklet, earrings. The works!
Current Goal/Purpose: Pff. Sit on her ass and eat tasty food and waste time.
General Personality: Celia is childish and spoiled. Being the offspring of Greater Gods, she's never had a real job or purpose before. She doesn't even want one now. This new gig of DOING things sucks. She's lazy, ill tempered, bossy, loud, and whiny. Of course, she has a heart in there somewhere. Deep down. Inside. Maybe. She IS the little child Goddess of Justice.
General History:
Lazy, lazy, lazy. It makes it wonder how there's ever been Justice done in Existence. Celia Vera would rather be sitting on a cloud somewhere playing with jewelry than doing what she is born to do. And she WILL find plenty of ways to distract herself, even if that means annoying other Gods and getting other people to do her dirty work. "Hey Karma! Don't you think that guy over there should get what's coming to him..?"
Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
Character Name: Slassarath.
Titles: Dragongod, the rage of ages, the divine wind.
Worship: 6
Gender: Both
Job/Role: Vigil, Fire and Wind
General Appearance: He generally appears as either one of two majestic dragons. One of them is red, Male, with large wings and a broad sturdy body, carried on the ground by four powerful legs, ending in several large rending claws. The other is blue, slender and female. She is not carried by wings but rather by the winds she commands, she has no legs but possesses more beauty than her counterpart, her blue scales occasionally glittering with specs of green or yellow.
Current Goal/Purpose: Create a safe haven for the dragons, acquire a human following
General Personality: Split into two parts, just like the shape. HIS general personality is firey, brazen and aggressive, he represents the fierce flames and unbridled strength of the dragons. HER personality is calmer, calculating, and often kind, though she TOO can become very aggressive if provoked. She represents the winds of change, and the dragons wisdom and cunning.
General History: Yet to come...
Character Name: Frustror
Titles: Dark Jester, Smiling Phantom, Eternal Planner, Scheme Weaver, The trickster, The many-faced fox.
Worship: 6
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Schemes, Tricks, Stealth.
General Appearance:

Animal form.


(All heads speak at once)

Human (non-avatar) form

Current Goal/Purpose: Schemes to put himself in a better position for more schemes and having a laugh along the way at others' expense.

General Personality: On the surface he appears to be out for fun, a simple trickster. Yet under the loud exterior is a calculating mind that works to further his own goals.

General History: The tale of Frustor's parentage is often used as a cautionary tale by the old wives and keepers of lore. It says that god of pride and valor declared that to could slay any foe, conquer and obstacle and win any challenge. So came the tests set by each god, and he beat them all. Then came the spirits and he beat the all until at last he came Fox spirit Unagia the clever. Instead of a challenge she offered him a bet that is he could best her task she would hail him as the greatest warrior until the end of time but if he could not complete her task he had to be hers. She god balked, but unwilling to let his pride be tarnished eventually accepted her challenge.

Her task was simple, he had to name his greatest flaw.

And so he became hers and she bore a son before she allowed the god to leave. The demigod she raised alone calling him Frustor, meaning "trick".
Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
Character Name: Ghraun
Titles: He Who Lurks, Cave King, Lord of All Who Walk Below
Worship: 6
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Demigod of Underground Environments and Fungus (Newly-made God of Protection)
General Appearance: Tall, black-haired and handsome, with a well-trimmed goatee, it would be hard to pin the demigod down as any sort of fungus lord. His mildew scent leaves much to be desired, however. He dressed well, in dark earthy tones. He has no eyes - his empty socket glow with a soft yellow light.

Current Goal/Purpose: While not a demigod of the surface earth, he does rule that below. He wants to bring people back into caves as a method of shelter than the portable things outside, as well as spread his fungus so that it becomes a part of everyday life.
General Personality: Very talkative, Ghraun will go on an on about various stories, tales, gossip... and at the end of it all, the wise can figure out that he has never really said anything at all about himself. While not a sneaky, trickster god, he's reserved and doesn't want to reveal much about himself, fearing the other deities and staying in his "safety bubble", as well as spreading various spores and fungus throughout the new world to keep an eye on his fellows. Most know of this paranoia, though few really do anything about it. After all, he's just a god of underground environment, how bad can he be?
General History: The younger of two siblings, Graun was largely ignored by his siblings and parents... allowed to do his own thing, his affinity for things below the earth, away from the light of day and the noises of those around him grew into a love of darkness, and he delved below, never to rise to the surface. He lived for ages as a mortal, before being recruited by Prometheus into a new demigod. He has not been a deity very long, and he worries if he'll be any good at it...
Character Name: Con Brio (pronounces Kon Bree-oh)
Titles: The Great Soul, Lord Of Music, The Lord of Heart
Worship: 4
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Music, Dance, Passion
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
To get a worldwide music and dance festival!

General Personality:
Always does what he feels is best, doesn't think many things through, but he always does it with good intentions. Will help others anyway he can. Is very brazen and open with his feelings. Feels strongly about everything. Isn't afraid to start playing any music instrument and dance.

General History:
Born into a fascist dictatorship, outlawing music and dancing entirely from their society. Con Brio's parents used to be famous court entertainers, but were stripped of their music and instruments, and forbidden to ever play or dance again. They still told stories to Con Brio, and even dared to sing to him at times. He then grew older, his parents dead, having grown a passion for music and dancing. One day, he went up to the palace, seeking an audience with the dictator and his many followers. He was granted, having lied and said he wanted to give a speech in honor of the dictator. Instead, he sang and danced in the city square, the enraged dictator watching and the people inspired by his undefeateable passion for the arts. He was immediatley, after the dictator had seen enough, sentenced to death. This, however, was not okay with the crowd. Having been taken by his captivating dance and song, they rose up against the dictator and overthrew him. He was commended for his bravery in the new regime and was offered the crown. He refused, saying he'd much rather be the court entertainer. At that time, he was chosen by Prometheus, to become a demigod. The town had then, been renamed into Cantabile, in his mother's honor. He was gracious to be accepted as a demigod, but wonders if he could ever unite the world through music and dance?
Character Name: Soleil

Titles: Crimson Tide, Shining Light, Sunlight, Rainbow

Worship: 5

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Water, Light and Sun

General Appearance:
Long black hair with honey golden eyes.

Current Goal/Purpose: Soleil has no greater wish then to fill the water with pretty water and oceans and rain. She loves to make rainbows.

General Personality: As transparent as the water she creates with her emotions. She likes to be light-hearted but can quickly turn to anger should her buttons be pressed. She can be rather fickle at times but at other times she's much more forgiving. During the night Soleil likes to go down to the planet and dance across the oceans and waterways. She has little tolerance for evil and dark things and loves to shine her light upon the shadows in the world.

General History: As a mortal Soleil loved to spend her time at the beach. For years she would come to the beach and just sit and stare at the water. One day she decided to become one with the water and the sun at sunset never to resurface. (She forgot to learn how to swim...)
Character Name: Marie
Titles: Lady of Iron, Master of Metalcraft, Apothecary's Light
Worship: 6
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Artifice,Alchemy,Art
General Appearance:]scans_Marie-No-Atelier_pomannon_83243.jpg
Current Goal/Purpose: Get a state to adopt her as their official patron!
General Personality: Marie is...fickle. She rewards those who come up with their own innovations by making their next discoveries easier, and those that try continually. People who just beg her to show them a new discovery, not so much. Bonus points for being a woman or someone who is fighting against discrimination.
General History: You know the shopkeeper in the bottom of the final dungeon, who somehow has every non-epic item, weapon, and piece of armor in the game? The one who also does the forging for the legendary weapons, and somehow is just chilling at the most dangerous point in the world, which even the chosen one has a hard time getting to?

That was her. Marie was the best blacksmith, bar none. She was initially raised to be a healer and apothecary, but her heart was set on blacksmithery, and she defied her parent's wishes to do so. She started blending the alchemic principles that she had learned with the art of metallurgy, resulting in better and better swords. Eventually, she crafted several legendary weapons (without getting possessed or getting help from a god), which still circulate the world today.

Marie was always in it for the MAGIC SCIENCE, and has cults in most major blacksmith and Apothecary guilds.
Cool intro. Thanks for telling me 'bout the site Levistus; hope this isn't too odd a place for a firstpost. I want to jump right in!

Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).

Character Name: Sahm-nioh-elah. For short, any selection or combination of the three syllables.
Titles: Rake of the Night, Sly Slumber, the Unseen Seducer
Worship: 4
Gender: Ambiguous among humans, but seems to prefer male forms.
Job/Role: Sleep, dreams and moonlight.
General Appearance: Among deities, he generally takes his natural form of an ageless, lithe young man with boyish features. Black wings adorn his back, and speed him on his way to his frequent engagements.
Current Goal/Purpose: Sahm-nioh seeks to impress his superiors with his speed, grace and wily powers over humans, in order to earn more respect and influence. But his hedonistic personality and easily distracted nature make that a bit of a challenge.
General Personality: After nightfall, with the moon's reflection in dappled lakewater bathing the undersides of the forest trees in cool shimmering light--calling you to make camp right where you are; to rest your weary feet and tired limbs; to curl up under a blanket and submit to the pleasure of sleep, and what dreams may come--that is how Sahm makes his presence felt.
General History: Born of the moon goddess, he was given domain over some of the nocturnal affairs of humans, a task to which he has taken a natural liking, and perhaps with inordinate zeal. A pleasure-seeker of the highest order, and amoral (though not necessarily immoral) in his worldview.
Wow! What a turnout! =D All of you look fantastic, you've all picked characters with powers that make sense together, or have explained it in your character's personality. Bravo! All of you are accepted!

I'm more than happy to allow a lessened Worship score in order to broaden your particular powers, those of you that did so.

The IC will be up later tonight or tomorrow!

As always, I'm happy to allow more characters in. The more the merrier in this sort of thing!
Character Name: Severdus Tharn
Titles: The Hooded, The Grim, Death-Lord, Master of Crypts, Grave-Lord
Worship: 5 (This number can be lowered by 1 to increase the number of 'Jobs' you have by 1, up to four times. It can increase to 6 if you only have a single 'job'. In this way, the more your power is spread out, the less you can do with it a day, and vice-versa.)
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Death
General Appearance:

though Tharn usually wears a thick black hooded robes to cover his scarred, bestial form.
For reference: cloth is dark grey, armor is brazen brass and flesh is a light grey.
Current Goal/Purpose: to ensure that death comes to all, though not untimely and that grief is temporary.
to enforce lifes meaning by way of death.
General Personality: calm and content, the Grave Lord is not a malevolent entity, seeking to lessen untimely death and ensure that life remains meaningful, so much so that he is often see as a wise, benevolent figure.
when it comes to murder or anything else that is the cause of untimely death, Tharn is a whirlwind of vengeance, ensureing that for those who cause untimely death's lives are filled with suffering for their crimes.

War often consumes Tharn's attention, as he makes sure to make death a comforting thing for those who die (after the fact, during is still fucking hellish, since he has no real control over that) and the halls of the dead are filled with fallen soldiers who decided to help maintain the balance.

General History:
As long as mankind has existed there has been death, though the previous master of death was also a lord of murder and war.
Tharn began life as a humble soldier, and rose to strike down that evil lord, assuming the mantle of god of death, doing so to ensure that death ceased being something to fear, and beame what it should ahve been, simply the next step in ones existence (think of gandalf's speech top pippin in the return of the king "deaths just another road, one that we all must take" sort of thing)

but where Tharn's influence over death was positive, the changes that occured to his body seemed the opposite, and he took to hiding his form so that it did not cause undue distress to mortals.
Character Name: Sophie
Titles: Lake of Tranquility, Mind's Eye, Lady Logic, Zen, Serenity
Worship: 5
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Serenity & Wisdom
General Appearance: Long, thick, dark wavy hair, held back in a loose ponytail. Her eyes are dark and her skin has an olive tone. She has a calm, warm, and engaging aura.

Current Goal/Purpose: To instill tranquility, wisdom, and intelligence into the people.
General Personality: As one would guess from her powers, Sophie possesses a calm and composed disposition. She has a definite strength in her movement and gestures, but her look and tone is gentle and inviting. She rarely gets angry, and when she does, she maintains composure and handles matters with a firm fist. She bides her time by learning, observing, and acquiring knowledge; her appetite for knowledge is never satiated. She is a voracious reader and lover of all the arts. She meditates and believes in the unifying force that binds all souls, mortals and gods alike. Although she knows of all emotions through her studies and knowledge, she falters face of true, unbridled emotion within her own self. As a lady of unerring composure, she keeps these struggles internal.
General History: Sophie was born from the depths and labyrinths of man's thought. She is the amalgamation of the collective potential for peace, wisdom, and intelligence. As long as man desires to find peace within his/herself and wants to reach his or her mental potential, Sophie exists as the serene goddess of the intellectuals.
Alright! All of you are looking good, and all accepted. The IC's up, feel free to post whenever!

...Also, I encourage you to just make things up.

Still accepting characters, too! The more, the merrier!
Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
Character Name: Azilon a.k.a. "Az"
Titles: Yellow Eyes
Worship: 5
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Governor of Dark Magic and Dark Elves
General Appearance:
View attachment 1348
Current Goal/Purpose: To claim more power and to grown into a full blown Deity! But first he needs to find who holds his desired domains...
General Personality: While Azilon is a charming young dark elf and all very proper of what a decent being is, he is not. He is conniving and fickle and very determined in the pursuit of his desires.
General History: The only son to a god queen in an amazonian society he was cast out. Alone he traveled, honing magic of his dark world until he was approached to step in and take the closest to his birthright he would ever get. He of course accepted.
Character Name: Photine
Titles: Siren, Seeker, Secret Keeper
Worship: 5 (This number can be lowered by 1 to increase the number of 'Jobs' you have by 1, up to four times. It can increase to 6 if you only have a single 'job'. In this way, the more your power is spread out, the less you can do with it a day, and vice-versa.)
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Travel and Messenger
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History:

((Will be finished later))
Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).

Character Name: Mammon

Titles: Master of Abundance, Lord of Wealth, He who sits upon a Golden Throne

Worship: 6

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Wealth/Abundance. If it makes a person rich in their own society, then Mammon has a hand in it. The lord of all material wealth, he personifies man's dream to become rich and to live an easy life.

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To reward those who work hard to achieve wealth.

General Personality: Cutthroat and greedy, if there's something that Mammon wants, he will get it. He cares not for the poor, and loves those who are self made men who have risen to great wealth under their own skills. However, if you give him what he wants, he will be more than happy to assist you. He understands that in the mortal realm, material wealth is the only thing that matters, and henceforth is the only thing that is important.

General History: Was born the son of a humble merchant, he quickly grew disgusted with his father's lack of ambition to gain more wealth. Taking over his father's business, he quickly and aggressively expanded it, ruthlessly taking out the competition until his company was so vast that countries themselves felt threatened by his wealth. However, just as he was finding that there was little left for him to gain, he was called upon to be a demi-god, and there was no doubt in his mind as to what it would be.

Hope this will do. If anything needs changing, just look for me in the c-box ;)
Character Name: Mabushii Kage; The Never There; Xenoxis
Titles: The Two-Faced God/Protector of Balance; Seeker of Stagnation; Paragon of Peace
Worship: 5 (This number can be lowered by 1 to increase the number of 'Jobs' you have by 1, up to four times. It can increase to 6 if you only have a single 'job'. In this way, the more your power is spread out, the less you can do with it a day, and vice-versa.)
Gender: N;M;F
Job/Role: Balance
General Appearance:
Forms are in the order they were mentioned above.
Divine Forms


Avatar Forms



Current Goal/Purpose: (MK)To maintain balance in the universe by any means necessary.
(TNT)To drive the world towards stagnation and stillness, namely the halt and prevention of change and growth.
(X)To bring a peace to the universe that will last eternally.

General Personality: (MK) Unknown in general, but assumed to be very smart and clever. Does not have multiple personalities.
(TNT)Cold, calm, uncaring, yet with an underlying hint of sadistic glee.
(X)Warm, caring, loving, yet with a touch of distant detachment.

General History: (MK)Unknown to the rest of the demigods, Mabushii Kage was one of the original demigods. Due to Their tendencies to use proxies and alter egos, Their presence and even Their very existence is largely unknown to the other demigods, although They suspect that Frustror might be on to Them.
(TNT and X) The Never There and Xenoxis have only appeared recently, though the stories of how they attained demigod status are numerous and varied. However, shortly after joining the Pantheon, the two soon began to clash, as while they have slightly similar goals, they have differing views as how to attain them and what the end result shoud be. Due to their tendency to arrive at meetings together, many assume that they were/are related. Once again, Frustror may or may not know the truth. (But he's not telling)

Worshippers: (MK) True Neutral Inevitables
(TNT) Nightshades and Shadows
(X) Lammasu
Wonder if it might be worth it to actually make a small thread somewhere to take a forumvote, to resolve the World naming question - might be a fun way to work in forum mechanics with the RP. We can put up all the options submitted so far and make it a "checkbox"-type vote so we can pick all the ones we like? Just a random idea, I totally understand if it's better to let it resolve itself in the game, if that's how things usually go. I don't know how it works!

Also, pls do let me know if I'm overdoing it with Sahm's petulance, tx
I think would be awesome if we got a group together for this RP and had it as a poll topic. We'd still post in character, just leave out which we voted for so it created an air of mystery.
Oooh, that's a great idea! ...I just wish I knew how to do that... anyone here want to help a godling out? XP

As to TNT and Kaze - your characters are great! Enter whenever you please!

Patty, I'm excited to see you come in when you complete your character! = D