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  1. Pantheon
    Prometheus' Will

    "The Universe places the heaviest burden on those that can bear it's weight. You, my chosen children... though maybe not of me, you are the children of the gods, and for that, you are to be given a divine task. Those of you who do not know me, my name is Prometheus. It was I who gave fire to mankind, and it was I who was punished for it.

    However, I am still a Titan... for that, I was able to endure, and I was able to break free into a world between worlds. I created everything you know - in a way, I created you, in that I created your parents. I am not infallible. I am not all-seeing. No one truly is... which is why I have you to look after things for me.

    I have created a new world. It is small... a fledgling, godless world, where the people are primitive, and can be shaped as is your will... as it will be your duty. For only with worship do you have power... as Demigods. I give you this world to share among yourselves. I will be watching..."

    -You are a newly-created minor deity - whether you rose as a mortal hero or were born that way, you are a demigod now, of some concept, element, or even an entire race. You have been given a task - to govern this new world - by the Overdeity himself, Prometheus. You... and those around you. You are the new pantheon of this world... all of you begin in the Godly Domain, a cloud-filled place used as a neutral meeting grounds for fledgling gods such as yourselves. You will be fit to alter the world as you feel fit, as going with your 'theme'.

    Prometheus himself resides in the Godly Domain, listening to the petitions and observing the movements of the Greater, Moderate, Lesser, and Demi-Godlings. For the most part, he stays out of it, save when the life of a deity is in danger of being snuffed out directly by another deity. Though he seems to turn a blind eye to deities being snuffed out of existance by lack of attention from their worshipers, or deities working to obliterate another deities' flocks to weaken the god in question.

    Gods need worship to exist. They require faith as their power - without it, they cease to exist. You must strive to maintain your worship! In order to make more of a... 'game' of this, each of you will start with a 'worship' score of 5. This score can go up or down as the game proceeds, by Prometheus' (the GM's) will. The higher it is, the better, as you can do more incredible things with your godly powers... the lower it is, the worse, as you become weaker, and closer to destruction.

    Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
    Character Name:
    Titles: (Whatever extra names your followers know you by,: I.E., "Red Rage", "Thorn of Knowledge", etc)
    Worship: 5 (This number can be lowered by 1 to increase the number of 'Jobs' you have by 1, up to four times. It can increase to 6 if you only have a single 'job'. In this way, the more your power is spread out, the less you can do with it a day, and vice-versa.)
    Job/Role: (In this case, your Job/Role is what you control... since you're a Demigod, we'll keep it to two "concepts" that your powers stem around. For instance, "Water and Healing" might be it, or maybe "Shadows and Evil". Since you are DEMI-Gods, none of you will have super-powered-godly-powers - this is subject to approval. Other than that, feel free to get creative.)
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    Demigod Roster of "Unnamed Planet".

    Celia Vera - Demigoddess of Justice.
    (Tip from Census: "This is your last chance. Don't screw it up.")

    Slassarath - Demigod/dess of Fire and Wind.
    (Tip from Census: "Don't be too proud to ask for help, dragon or otherwise.")

    Frustror - Demigod of Schemes and Tricks.
    (Tip from Census: "Our bet's still on.")

    Ghraun - Demigod of Underground Environments and Fungus.
    (Tip from Census: "Get out once in a while. Also, take a bath! You're starting to rival Death's particular odor.)

    Con Brio - Demigod of Music, Dance, and Passion.
    (Tip from Census: "Rock is metal. Silence is golden.")

    Soleil - Demigoddess of Water, Light, and the Sun.
    (Tip from Census: "...Actually, I don't believe we've met...?")

    Marie - Demigoddess of Artifice and Alchemy.
    (Tip from Census: "Magic is an art as well as a science, you know.")

    Sahm-nioh-elah - Demigod/dess of Sleep, Dreams, and Moonlight.
    (Tip from Census: "There are things sleeping in this world that might benefit from staying asleep...")

    Severdus Tharn - Demigod of Death
    (Tip from Census: "I'm sure I don't need to remind you not to fall into the traps of your predecessor - mortals are scary creatures.")
  2. Character Name: Celia Vera - GODDESS (Okay, fine, DEMIGoddess.) OF JUSTICE
    Titles: Blind Justice, The Smiting Goddess
    Worship: 6
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Justice. In JUSTICE, all beings receive their consequences for ill deeds. No ill deed goes unpunished. Justice comes in the form of how ever her Greatness deems fit, but she personally likes to smite people with a stick. It's easy and doesn't require a lot of work. However, if she were to choose to get off her ass, she does favor using LIGHTNING to smite with.
    General Appearance: Who better to know right from wrong than a child? Celia looks young. Young teens kind of young. Platinum blond hair, silver-blue eyes. Pale skin with no wrinkle, blemish, nor flaw. Because Justice has no flaws. Celia is short stature and petite, but with a well rounded figure. Her clothing is not practical. Gauzy robes in a mix of Greek and Mayan style. Lots of jewelry and makeup. LOTS. She's wearing everything from gold to silver. Rings, bracelets, necklace, anklet, earrings. The works!
    Current Goal/Purpose: Pff. Sit on her ass and eat tasty food and waste time.
    General Personality: Celia is childish and spoiled. Being the offspring of Greater Gods, she's never had a real job or purpose before. She doesn't even want one now. This new gig of DOING things sucks. She's lazy, ill tempered, bossy, loud, and whiny. Of course, she has a heart in there somewhere. Deep down. Inside. Maybe. She IS the little child Goddess of Justice.
    General History:
    Lazy, lazy, lazy. It makes it wonder how there's ever been Justice done in Existence. Celia Vera would rather be sitting on a cloud somewhere playing with jewelry than doing what she is born to do. And she WILL find plenty of ways to distract herself, even if that means annoying other Gods and getting other people to do her dirty work. "Hey Karma! Don't you think that guy over there should get what's coming to him..?"
  3. Penelope Hollows

    You know, I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this situation.

    On the one hand, I never expected it to be this easy to fluster Demi, nor did I expect Cy to jump in on the action. However, on the other hand, I can't help but feel a tad bad for her. Something in my gut tells me that turning a shade of red that dark is unhealthy. It makes me wonder if she's ever been cuddled before, and I don't mean the koala embraces that she's had with Helen. But actual cuddles. Oh, goodness...what if she's really unaccustomed to it? That's rather, well...It's sort of sad, now that I'm thinking about it. I remember how much mom loved cuddling me as a child, especially on nights when thunderstorms struck or whenever I awoke trembling in the aftermath of a horrid nightmare. It's hard to put into words, but cuddles and embracing someone you love grants you this undeniable and unique sense of security.

    Take up her offer Dem," Cy says. I have to stop myself from perking up in curiosity when I hear him refer to Demi as Dem. Goodness, she's wracking up so many adorable nicknames...I think I like Cookie the best so far. Or maybe even dragon? Cookie Dragon? Oh, wait...a crunchy cookie dragon--no. That's a mouthful. I'll stick with Cookie. "I think you could use some good hugs. They boost your endorphins you know? Makes you feel happy, and makes you not want to murder any of us.

    Again, I have a suspicion that Cy is planning something...

    Either way, I remain where I am: Stuck in a stalemate under the pillow with Demi. The poor thing is still drawling this one incomprehensible syllable (I think it's "uh", not too sure) while staring at me like a deer caught in headlights. Although I'm not gaping like her, I already know that my face is turning pink. Sure, Demi's the one being directly teased I'm starting to think I'm getting reeled into this too.

    Plus, I...I have to admit, she's pretty. Beautiful, in a strange way. I'm not afraid to realize that about someone, even if it's for this aggressive, violent, shockingly adorkable deviant. "I-ignore him," I mumble while grinning sheepishly. I then add in a softer whisper, "He's just t-trying to entertain his crush." That seems to help snapping Demi out of her trance. Her mouth pinches, fighting off a lop-sided smile, before she heaves a sigh and pulls the pillow off. I didn't realize it until now, but we're both just laying there on our stomachs, faces inches apart.

    For the scantest millisecond, my heart thumps.

    Oh gosh...the heck was that?

    Ignoring the weird feeling, I continue looking at Demi expectantly. "S-so?"

    Demi squints at me, as if she's searching my soul for a lie. The blush is still there, standing out almost harmoniously against her deep chocolate eyes. "...Look," she starts in a grumble, "Anymore fucking surprise tickles and we get in the octagon. Got it?"

    "Yep," I answer simply, more than used to her grumpiness by now.

    ", uh...." Demi, moving so agonizingly slowly and carefully, pulls me into an embrace. However, it's pretty loose and I can actually feel her shaking. It's practically impossible to see, but it's even harder to not feel it. Aw, Demi...Feeling merciful again, I close the rest of the distance between us and snuggle into her completely, nestling my head under her chin.



    Okay. Fine.

    I get it now. I definitely understand where Helen's coming from. Goodness gracious, how can someone be this comfy and rude at the same time? Jeez...would it be weird to think that I wouldn't mind staying like this for a while? She's so darn warm and her arms are actually just the right size to encircle me comfortably.

    Well. Actually--yes. That is weird. And I should stop. Right now. N-no more of that stuff, brain. I mean it.

    "S-see? This isn't so bad, now is it--"

    "Sh-shaddup," she says, her voice the color of absolute shyness. She buries her face in my beanie. I guess she's trying to hide, though I have no idea what from. I just shrug and leave words behind in the dust--for now. For her sake. I think I've made her suffer enough for today. I'll just enjoy this, as I have no idea when I'll get to do this again. Probably never, which is a bit sad, but what can you do?
  4. Cyrus


    I think I may be a little bit too proud of myself right now. I am more than surprised at their interactions, and how Demi hasn't gone quite Wolverine on any of us yet. That is truly what has me on my toes. But then again...this was to make Helen feel better wasn't it? Hmm...I need to get on a more friendly level with Demi. I have a large request I need to ask of her regarding Helen. Actually...make that two. I am sure they won't be much of a problem. Just as long as she doesn't mind doing something that may be mildly criminal. Again, it's minor. Well...sort of. It depends on how comfortable Demi is with the old Hammurabi's code. An eye for an eye. A beating for a harming of a friend.

    I am sure that would be fair.

    There is a moment where Demi hesitates before wrapping good old Penny in an embrace. A small smile plays at my lips. Very good. Step one accomplished. Again, I am not a huge fan of skull kid, but there is something...endearing about seeing her in a position where she has to care for a party other than herself. It makes me relieved to see this soft side, because I would fear for both Helen and Penelope's safety if this wasn't the case. I wonder how Helen even found this side of her. But then again, when you have hell in a hand basket for half the day, you learn to see the little pieces of heaven that float around. The little things you think you would have never noticed before. The little things you never realized you'd be lost without. My day has not been as bad as there's, surely I have suffered emotions I have never experienced since I was just a little child, but I've had those down days.

    Cyrus Booker, class clown and over all happy goof ball have bad days! Ha! But then you have to remember that it's not always like that. There are days where I wish I had never existed so my mother may have had a chance to live out the rest of her days with my father. I never truly accepted that I think that but...

    Then again, aren't I supposed to be the happy little goof? I am surprised with my sudden trail of thoughts. I hadn't considered such a thing for a long time. I wonder what triggered that. Perhaps the sudden rush of emotion. That makes sense.

    Absentmindedly to get those little pests out of my head, I glance around the room to make sure no one is looking in my direction before I plant a kiss upon Nellie's forehead. There. I think I did it without too much attention. "Wove you." I grumble softly under my breath, blushing as I glance back to the couple from Hell's Kitchen. Demi has her head buried in Penelope's beanie and this presents a smirk back upon the corners of my mouth. Excellent. This is truly excellent.

    Cue the evil laughter that I am too incompatible to be able to complete.

    "Aww..." I drawl out lazily, stifling back a chuckle. "You two are just the cutest. I swear." I hear a sudden ripple of breathing and my eyes glance over to Helen, whose has nearly dozed off on my shoulder. I chuckle and I make sure that she has some form of warmth, so I grab a loose blanket with my free hand and get her snuggled up. "There we go.."
  5. Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).
    Character Name: Ghraun
    Titles: He Who Lurks, Cave King, Lord of All Who Walk Below
    Worship: 6
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Demigod of Underground Environments and Fungus (Newly-made God of Protection)
    General Appearance: Tall, black-haired and handsome, with a well-trimmed goatee, it would be hard to pin the demigod down as any sort of fungus lord. His mildew scent leaves much to be desired, however. He dressed well, in dark earthy tones. He has no eyes - his empty socket glow with a soft yellow light.

    Current Goal/Purpose: While not a demigod of the surface earth, he does rule that below. He wants to bring people back into caves as a method of shelter than the portable things outside, as well as spread his fungus so that it becomes a part of everyday life.
    General Personality: Very talkative, Ghraun will go on an on about various stories, tales, gossip... and at the end of it all, the wise can figure out that he has never really said anything at all about himself. While not a sneaky, trickster god, he's reserved and doesn't want to reveal much about himself, fearing the other deities and staying in his "safety bubble", as well as spreading various spores and fungus throughout the new world to keep an eye on his fellows. Most know of this paranoia, though few really do anything about it. After all, he's just a god of underground environment, how bad can he be?
    General History: The younger of two siblings, Graun was largely ignored by his siblings and parents... allowed to do his own thing, his affinity for things below the earth, away from the light of day and the noises of those around him grew into a love of darkness, and he delved below, never to rise to the surface. He lived for ages as a mortal, before being recruited by Prometheus into a new demigod. He has not been a deity very long, and he worries if he'll be any good at it...
  6. “Which is not a child.”
  7. Andre

    (I feel like Jackie and Violet would get along fine but Andre and Alexander would sort of be awkward pals)


    "The anxiety? I am not sure. My guess is she will get over it once everyone is safely tucked away and the possible threat has passed. Um...but again, I would like to look over the house just to be sure. I doubt anything else will happen, but if it does it's better to be prepared. Besides, my guess is those three aren't the only ones out there doing whatever they are doing." Again, my mind flickers back to evil intentions with experimentation and I grimace. I sure hope that wasn't the case. If so, I have a feeling I may have a bad time sleeping tonight. But then again...I haven't been sleeping well at all the last few weeks. What's a few more hours of deprivation?

    "Hm. I think it's even more freaky if I played poltergeist in front of him. Considering he doesn't believe in ghosts either. That may scare him out of his skin." I nearly smile at the picture. Never was he afraid of death, nor did he have any doubt about what was at the end of it, but my dear uncle was afraid of one thing. It was the same thing I have come to learn not to fear. That was being wrong. As I realize, there are several things I could be or am wrong about. Isn't it odd, how I used to be deathly afraid of getting something incorrect? Now I notice little details I've never taken into consideration. I suppose learning the lesson the hard way is the only way I can begin to comprehend the reality around me.

    "Oh yes I can convince him. I am his favorite nephew after all. Or at least his only nephew." I chuckle softly. "I am good at swaying his opinion." She asks me now if the lady is gone and I nod slowly

    "She's gone. I don't know where she went. My guess is she is either at the entrance or at the back. She is getting impatient."



    "Good. Because I am not apologizing if it does happen." I tell him with a small smirk as I nuzzle my head in his shoulder. "Mm. I suppose I can't blame you Saka. That was some crazy stuff I did today. Although if I can say...I am quite prideful in what I did. That was amazing. I was surprised I didn't do more physical damage to that man." I chuckle softly to myself and prop my chin upon his head. "Hmm...I don't know what they are going to do those men. My guess is they may have gotten in over their heads..." I swallow nervously. "I don't know if they are going to interrogate them or what, but I have a feeling calling in the police is going to screw up whatever they are wanting to do."

    I stretch my legs out as another yawn threatens to escape me. "But my guess is if we keep those people here more are going to come. And I can certainly tell you there are two people who are not too particularly happy with the assistants for what happened and may end up doing something to get in that room. Alexander and Jack. You heard the way they spoke..." I scrunch my nose before a smile comes over my face. "My guess is both of them in mischief it seems. And they may try to see what they can do with those villainous villains."


    "I myself am not fully educated on how to defend myself. It's not like I got any ninja skills from the sisters back home." I smile broadly at him "That came from the youth pastors. They could bring you down no problem." I tease him with a smirk and I nod slowly

    “Sam seems like a man who could probably the knock the lights out of you if you aren’t careful. Jacks a bit scared of him too...” I chuckle and grin slightly as he grumbles in my head and becomes quiet once more “But that’s because he’s not used to seeing another strong male in the vicinity. And by that I mean...well, someone he thinks could easily beat him up. He’s cocky but he knows there are some lines too risky to cross. for Carrie...there’s something about her that sets him off. I think it’s because she doesn’t like to put up with anyone’s bull. Not to mention she reminds him of a nun. I don’t know why but he sees her in that perspective. Stern and loving, but yet in that position of power that he’s not used to. He likes being in control. Well...or at least co-piloting the operation.”

    “Um...oh please excuse Jack. He thinks everyone is attractive.”

    It’s true my dear. Dreamboat here is mm mm mmmmm. You know the old Hall and Oates jam? You makin my dreams come true...woohoo....woo woo...wooo woo...woo woo...

    I roll my eyes as Jack starts singing in my head. This kid...I swear.

    “Itzlie is a good woman. And I feel bad for her predicament.” I frown then nod slowly “We will be prepared and we will be okay. After all, I have you to protect me from any possible bookshelves.” I nudge his shoulder with mine and I lazily rest my head on his arm. “I like Snowball though. But okay. Sherlock it is my good friend.”
  8. Cool intro. Thanks for telling me 'bout the site Levistus; hope this isn't too odd a place for a firstpost. I want to jump right in!

    Demigodly Bio-Template (As scribed by 'Census', a Moderate God).

    Character Name: Sahm-nioh-elah. For short, any selection or combination of the three syllables.
    Titles: Rake of the Night, Sly Slumber, the Unseen Seducer
    Worship: 4
    Gender: Ambiguous among humans, but seems to prefer male forms.
    Job/Role: Sleep, dreams and moonlight.
    General Appearance: Among deities, he generally takes his natural form of an ageless, lithe young man with boyish features. Black wings adorn his back, and speed him on his way to his frequent engagements.
    Show Spoiler

    Current Goal/Purpose: Sahm-nioh seeks to impress his superiors with his speed, grace and wily powers over humans, in order to earn more respect and influence. But his hedonistic personality and easily distracted nature make that a bit of a challenge.
    General Personality: After nightfall, with the moon's reflection in dappled lakewater bathing the undersides of the forest trees in cool shimmering light--calling you to make camp right where you are; to rest your weary feet and tired limbs; to curl up under a blanket and submit to the pleasure of sleep, and what dreams may come--that is how Sahm makes his presence felt.
    General History: Born of the moon goddess, he was given domain over some of the nocturnal affairs of humans, a task to which he has taken a natural liking, and perhaps with inordinate zeal. A pleasure-seeker of the highest order, and amoral (though not necessarily immoral) in his worldview.[​IMG]
  9. "You to understand."
  10. Royal Sisters (open)
    Two sisters, royal, one hermaphrodite
    The royal line normally operates through a sort of 'distant incest' rule. Where the main branch winds up marrying someone from the side branch who is related but not directly.
    However there was a massive war which resulted in the side branch not having anyone viable to continue the line. So the king decides that rather than taint the royal line he will instead order his daughters to get together.

    Essentually this is a play on the normal incest rp where rather than it being a 'we want to get together' its now a 'I guess we have to get together' thing.
    So it evolves from sisterly love to actual love.

    Future Ruler Test (open)
    Massive kingdom operates under a unique rule. The king or queen will take a massive harem of lovers and have a lot of children. One lover per 'clan' under their rule. When the children are born they are sent to live with the clan their mother/father came from. When the king/queen dies all of their children will compete in various trials to determine who will rule next.
    The first trial is one of strength, most of the older heirs win this one.
    The second is one of intelligence. These first two tests are to get the younger, or the infirm out of the way.
    The third is governance, after all if the future king/queen is unable to lead then they are not fit to rule.
    However the final trial is unique. Its a war, each of the royals are given retainers from the moment they are born. These retainers become their 'generals' in this war, and they can pick up to twenty others to help. The goal of this final trial is to remove all the remaining competition. The main goal of this is to prevent any future uprisings by removing anyone who could claim the throne.

    Now for the most part the one that wins often either had the better tactics, or got lucky. However there is another way of winning, one that is rarely ever seen. What if you turn your enemies generals against them?
    One princess gained a crush on the retainer of one of her rivals. Her and this retainer would meet in secret and play games, any dates they went on would have to be somewhere where the princess would not be recognized...or remaining in the princesses home.

    In all I can see this one as being a short but fun rp of a retainer deciding to betray their prince/princess in order to help out their love
  11. Melissa huddle up and nods meekly.
  12. "Mel-Mel, say bye."
  13. Cyrus


    I am surprised to see how flustered she is by my actions. Heh. I figured I could only make Nellie blush directly, but I suppose I can manage two people. That's not entirely bad. Healthy color in one's cheeks is a good thing. I do give a little tussle of her hair, not enough to mess it up too badly, but enough to reassure any reach towards being an acquaintance. I suppose I should put some effort into this now. "Okay Nellie. Take good care of her you here?" I ask of her gently with a smile, trying to reassure her with a little wave. I know I will be fine, but I can almost detect horridness from her. I don't blame her. I wouldn't let her go alone with Demi anywhere. But I can handle this fine, just be soft-spoken and understanding. I can do that alright.

    Once Demi has exited the room I shut the door gently behind us and I mutter a quick prayer under my breath that I didn't make a mistake, and that Penelope is alright. I know she's a sweet and sensitive girl, and the way she looked at Demi was the same as a wounded animal realizing that they were alone. I scrunch my nose in a grimace. Thank goodness Pen was not alone now. I don't know if she even likes Demi but...I know she was still hurt. But yet...I almost can't blame Demi. But shouldn't I be able to? There's something I am suddenly aware of; something I realize now that scares me. People are different than me. They react differently to a situation than I would. She isn't going to be as calm at something I will. She is not going to love someone the same way I would. She is not going to say the same words of endearment, or handle panic the same way. She handles it in her own way...and that scares me now. She is unpredictable, as is the rest of the group. Because they do not think the way I do. They can hurt others without meaning to, and can handle grief or odd pieces of loss differently. I need...I need to be patient. That is something I can do.

    "No." I tell her with a simple shake of my head. "Dem, I understand what you did. Or at least...I can try to. People get frightened and make mistakes all the time, even if it's over something small. I used to do it sometimes...oh..." I laugh softly as I remember something, and I think it'll send her at ease. " mother when she was pregnant with me used to knit baby clothing, or...well, she knit hats and such. But she also loved to crochet, in fact, she would sell crafts to other expecting mothers. But she kept one project especially for me when I was born. It was a little crocheted lion, had a cute little mane and all. It barely fits in my hand now, but she was so prideful of all the hard work she had done. I kept it since I was a little babe...Yes yes, childish to keep it around, but I love it more than I love any pride. But when I was little...maybe eleven or so, I lost the little lion. I had never quite so lost it, I was always rather calm...but when I couldn't find it I freaked out, even at my father, who I never snap at. I felt so horrible afterwards, that an object had sent me over the edge upon the only man I dare say that I love." I chuckle softly. "It turns out the little guy was in the washer with my shirt, got out fine. But my reaction didn't necessarily rip the relationship I had with my father apart. No no, you see, even if you do screw up a little bit, it's not all bad. It just means that you had a vulnerable moment...which we all have. It doesn't destroy pathways with others unless we let it fester. So...don't blame yourself. Tell Pen you are sorry. Or if you don't feel comfortable with that...offer her a hug, or maybe a little chat to let her know that you didn't necessarily mean what you said." I offer her, biting my lip as we walk. I adjust my glasses again, surprised I told her about the little crochet lion I had kept around. And yes, before you ask, I did name him Simba. I eventually convinced my dad to learn with me how to crochet, and I may or may not have made him a Mufasa.

    Hush, its a family thing.

    Shut up.

    "So what did you lose anyway? I don't have to tell me. I am just curious." I raise my brow at her. If she didn't tell me I suppose there was no way I could help.
  14. “She will eventually and you know it.”
  15. XD so how old should my girl be?
  16. High I would prefer 14 to 16 years old or so. But its up to you.
  17. Another note for us.

    Seth is supposed to rebuild his parent's old home as a place to escape with Leannah.