Pantheon - Prometheus' Will (IC)

Ghraun turned away from the worldsphere, viewing Kokoro's temper with unease. Embarrassed, he did nothing to change her wrath, mumbling something of an apology. He had really no intention of making her hurt herself, he just... felt really, really at unease about her.That she had everyone else who was so happy to lavish attention on her, and yet she continued to try and come up and talk to him! It was like some sort of... well... like a Goddess of Beauty stepping down to talk to a God of Fungus. Like being patronized. For a moment, he seethed about imagined conversations where she would laugh and talk about him behind his back! Nothing like that had actually happened, but he imagined it did, which made him... cross.

It was then that he sensed another god's will upon his followers, one that he had NOT intended to be there. He had allowed Mammon's "subtle" touch for now... Subtle like a sledgehammer, the gluttonous man pretty much doing what he pleased and thinking himself clever. However, that the envious goddess' touch struck him by surprise... scowling - a horrific look for him, he turned away from the Worldsphere, sick of it, and stalked over to dark area just beyond the grouping of deities... thinking, as his eyes grew dim. His fungus - fine! His tunnels - fine! Himself, even - fine! His mortal followers!? Not alright... he would find a way to cause vengeance on the perpetrator, even if it took eons.
Soleil heeded the advice of Marie and stepped away from the elf-god and skipped merrily over to her. "It looks like my little furry-foots are doing wonderfully! I thank you! If there is anything you need from my oceans feel free to take it! Just...don't take too much, we don't want some of the marvelous creatures to disappear!" She bowed a little and stepped away, past Sahm who she gave a small smile.

The exchange between Kokoro and Ghraun caught her eye and she kept an eye on Kokoro as she ran away before stepping over to Ghraun. "Excuse me, Lord of the Tunnels...I saw you steal away some of my water and it kind of hurts my feelings that you wouldn't just ask, because I would've been more then glad to help you! At least you put most of it back and the water you left in the caves look beautiful so I'm not angry, just be sure to ask next time!" She patted the god on the shoulder and then skipped over to where Kokoro had hidden herself.

"They're beautiful aren't they. My waters have many miraculous things, if you'd like I can show you once Marie builds something on Terra for herself. You know, you haven't claimed a people for yourself young one! Maybe it's time you did? Unless you'd like to help with my little furry foots and teach them to love?" Soleil smiled widely to the girl and turned back to the waters.
Sahm listened intently to Mammon's plans as he spoke. He squinted a bit as he pondered the implications of seeding the minds of mortals with veneration not only for himself, but also for the wizened wealth-god. Ultimately, he decided that there was no inherent conflict between worship of Mammon and himself--while Mammon, and any other gods for that matter, could quibble for the mortals' attention during the busy waking hours, the dark side of the followers' days would remain under Sahm's exclusive influence in its entirety. Sahm nodded serenely, assenting to the first part of Mammon's plan, with a glint in his eye. "That'll do nicely, sire. I will start at the next evening, in the human-orcish kingdom of Volistadt, which I have already visited before. Those poor souls will be pleased indeed to have a set of deities to venerate, to take their minds off of the barren state of those arctic lands they call home."

Sahm seemed to glow with iridescent light as he fantasized about the wild nocturnal revelry his followers would indulge themselves with under his power. He closed his eyes and smiled contentedly as he imagined the dream-cults and lunar mysteries they would establish in his name... and the strength he would gain from their fanatical belief. How had he not pursued this path earlier?

But when Mammon mentioned what he wanted from Sahm in exchange for his assistance--confidential reports on the dreams of the other deities--the moon-god lost all enthusiasm straight away, his skin turning as pale as the sheet he was wrapped in. The submissive, complaisant façade disappeared from his face completely as he stood up rapidly and hid his body behind his wings, a bit dramatically perhaps. Sahm peered out at the old man
with angry eyes from a gap between black feathers. And was that a serpentine hiss that escaped from behind the shadowy cocoon? "So this is what one gets when he makes a deal with the master dealmaker?!" he whispered. "Mammon, I'll do it... because I must. But you place me in grave danger, and of all places, here on our sacred mountaintop. I must have your full, complete and sworn support should any conflict arise related to my activities on your behalf... and you must promise me, further, that the darkest twelve hours of every day, of every mortal who speaks your name on Terra, are mine and mine alone, forever, and that you shall allow me to indulge my whims with them for that half of the day. Have we an agreement... sire?" Sahm attempted to regain his composure, unfurling himself and looking directly into the eyes of the Lord of Wealth.
Kokoro had forgotten entirely about her moment of anger earlier until she sensed the envy, momentarily on place, meet with a less than pleased force. Ghraun had easily detected her touch - she hadn't exactly been trying to be gentle! "Ohh, pooh". She huffed a little, and stomped her delicate feet stubbornly again, but in the end, she decided she might have overreacted.

"I'll make it up though, he'll see! I'll do something..." and Kokoro paused for a moment to think, before deciding on what she deemed a wonderful plan. Swooping off - she wished she could just vanish one place and appear another - Kokoro arrived back to where she had been before, only minus Ghraun. Kokoro began to place her gathered flowers and even a small rabbit all around the area, twirling as she did it.

"He'll be so happy! He wan't possibly be angry anymore when he sees this!" she chirped, smiling broadly and even whistling a little.
Con laughed, throwing him a wink and a point, and went about his business, pulling out a guitar and strumming it thoughtless, the notes forming into a melody. He grinned, getting a little inspiration, and walked over to the worldsphere, kneeling at the base, peering down at the world through the eyes of a native, working hard at nothing, eating his day's hunt with his tribe, around a rather huge bonfire. Silence went on as they ate their feast.

Con hated silence. When it wasn't needed, it was useless. Silence is the absence of sound, one of worlds wonders. He pouted, and grinned once more. He willed it, and the tribesman stopped eating. He looked up and began to speak in tongues, to his mates, gathering around him and listening. He was telling story, of grand tales of adventure and hunting wild beasts of the likes they'd never seen. He smiled, not having done much else but bestow upon him unbridled passion. It was his to do with what he wished. Music, dance, stories or whatever that pleases the person. It mattered not to him. He simply gave him the drive to do so.
Watching the gnomes adopt the white fox as the wocus of thier worship brought a smile to Frustor's lips but not as much as Celia lying idly on her cloud. He approached her from an angle, as if ther were two guests at a party what they were ill at ease in. Watching all the dancers and lie-spinners, the parallel went deeper but that was enough. Leaning against the wall his arms crossed he sighed glancing at her, the only one who seemed relaxed about their job.

"Justice hmm....? Sometime I wonder is being a demi-god is all its cracked up to be, so many duties to remember, blessings to be bestowed, followers to listen to, prayers rites, temples, its endless. you seem at home though, how do you do it?"
Mammon gulped in surprise at Sahm's reaction to his second request. He had not expected him to react so hostile to it, though Mammon soon realized that it made sense, and that he might've come on too strongly in his demands. Something of that nature took trust that couldn't be built up in a single deal, and he had overplayed his hand too quickly. Backtracking, he put his hand onto the Dream Keeper, looking back into his angry eyes, "Forgive me, I meant no insult to you nor our trust, I wasn't aware of the position this would put you in. I take it back, just do the first request and I'll consider us even. I overstepped my bounds with you, and I hope that you'll accept my humblest apologies."

Returning to Marie, he realized that the same issue was with her, she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him, and Mammon was quickly learning that, to get to the power that he wanted, would take more patience than had been required for him to rise to power when he was a mortal. Nodding towards her, he agreed to her offer, "I can do that for it, tis a small task for me. And don't worry about shrines or anything about that, I'll respect your wishes to keep a people for yourself."

Soleil sighed happily as she played in her own waters, not wishing to leave her lands too soon. As she disrobed and stepped into the warm waters. Giggling she splashed around for a while, he dark locks spread out in the water and covering herself sufficiently. It was nice for her to get away from the politics of the gods and goddesses but a certain god stuck in her mind and she couldn't help but blush faintly at the thought of them. Maybe Kokoro had made her feel love but somehow she doubted it.

As she splashed about she hadn't even realized the hobbit that had come upon her bathing. As she turned to see the small follower she gasped but then it quickly turned into a smile. The hobbit woman was in awe of the goddess that was leading her people.

"My child! It is a treat to see you!" Soleil cried out, her body glowing faintly as if the sun itself were contained inside her. The hobbit merely nodded as she came to sit by her goddess, "I need a spiritual leader to guide your people with my words and you have seen me in person, I wish for you to lead. Gather more women to be my priestesses and you my child shall be the high priestess. What is your name child?"

"Kalli Denki" She replied meekly.

"Well Lady Kalli, go back to your village and tell your people of my commands and take this should they doubt of your legitimacy..." Soleil smiled, brandishing a tiny shard of golden sunlight and handing it to the small woman. "Now go!" She giggled as she watched the hobbit cradle the shard and run off back towards her home.

With a flash she had returned to the meeting room of the divine beings. "Oh Sahm!" She cried out, looking for her fellow denizen of the light.
Speaking with Slassa and Frustor in the GODLY Realm.

Celia was trying to consider Slassa's offer of friendship. Or was it loyalty? Allies? Helping? Honestly, Celia had no desire to help anyone or get involved in their business. Everyone was running around so busy and willy-nilly. All she wanted to do was sit or play.

"Well I-" Before Celia could give Slassa a yes or no, Frustor approached. She couldn't tell if he were being sarcastic or asking a genuine question. In the end, she just puffed herself up, looking as unconcerned and uninterested as ever.

"Someone as brilliant as myself doesn't need to go running all over a world meddling in every tiny detail. These creatures can live just fine without constant babysit but us gods. A skilled god knows when to intervene in the affairs of mortals."
Ghraun mumbled something of an apology to Soleil in response to her water being taken. He didn't really have much to say anymore to the other demigods, his mood worsening as he looked about the room at their smiling - conniving - faces. He scowled at them in his privacy... all save two. Slassarath, the dragon deity, he actually liked a bit. S/he hadn't slathered influence over his followers, or tried to patronize him... and Marie, who seemed to offer a fair deal in a non-sleazy manner. Of course, it might have helped his perception of the dragon god/dess in that... secretly, he found the deities' female side very appealing. His exotic, alien tastes probably delving into that a bit.

Coughing violently, he turned away from them all, exiting the room... avoiding the sunlight that streamed through the windows, he began to walk away from the conversing gods into a sparse corridor, away from the worldsphere and his duties for the day. For the rest of the divine day, he wouldn't think about it... sneezing loudly, a trail of spores behind him, he could easily be tracked.

Turning around for a moment to see if anyone followed him, he slinks over to the window... resting his hand on a windowsill, sunlight hitting his face as he looked out over the valley below... at the surface world. Sighing enviously, he turned from it and began walking once more.
"Thank you, that'll be just fine." Well, at least that was somewhat reassuring. And if nothing else, it let the wealth god know that Marie didn't particularly trust him. It should keep him from trying to pull a fast one on her.

She spent a little more time on the globe, this time handing over some of the basic alchemical knowledge and room for improvement to a few people in her chosen city. The reports of a single woman appearing to several people and gifting them with knowledge over the whole town should get someone's attention, at least.

From there, it was off to her rooms to work on crafting. Her parrot was already waiting for her, having deposited Ghraun's gem on her work table.

Marie's main room was a pretty cozy little area, with the materials for cutting gems and working jewelry all along one wall. The stuff that didn't require high tempuratures, at least-for smelting and such she had her forge, accessed through a heavy door in one corner.

Ghraun's Gem was a diamond, and a rather large one at that. It was a shame to use such a thing for a tool..ah well, she could at least make it artistic. So she set to work, planning on making the tool both useful and beautiful.
Tharn reappeared in the Worldsphere room, leaning heavily on his staff as he limped towards the sphere, the exertion of what he was about to do weighing heavily on him already, He Cast his gaze on the sphere, finding the mortuaries, the cemeteries and the crypts, using his influence to make each places of beauty and calm grace, also ensuring that those who tended to them were males and females of caring, compassionate and wise disposition, the sheer effort of this causing him to shudder and shiver, for the Gravelord refused to accept the worship of murderers or those who took lives, in fact he punished them, and there had been much to punish this day, many whose health was subtly manipulated so that their daily suffring increased for each life they had ended prematurely, and he thought of asking Sahm to send them visions that would further enhance this, but the Cryptkeeper shook his head, he was not a god of vengeance, and he would not fall into the traps and evils of his predecessor.
Kokoro waited, she tried very hard to be patient, but she failed. She paced around a bit waiting for him, and she even played a little with the cute creatures she had taken with her, but it was so dark here... maybe he wasn't going to come back? Kokoro liked the animals, she thought, as she stroked the fur of a rabbit. She didn't need to make them love her, they simply did because she was innocent. They were simple, they didn't have motives that they weren't letting on, unlike the other demigods and goddesses. The others always made her feel like a silly child when she was there, because she was so easily enraptured, but couldn't they see how wonderful everything was?

Kokoro nuzzled her cheek against the rabbit, who placidly allowed this by curling against her face. The tickle of the cottony tail made Kokoro laugh, her reverie broken. The flowers she had brought in were beginning to wilt a little and the sweet fruits were softening. Kokoro looked around, feeling a little bit upset again. Perhaps he was avoiding her, but that would be so mean, too mean....

With a sigh, Kokoro curled up on the floor, a small pillow of flowers beneath her head. Raven's wings seemed to spread from her face, framing the delicate oval in darkness to contrast her milky skin. Closing her eyes, Kokoro fancied herself invisible, the shadows concealing her hair and the light consuming her face. With a final yawn, she drifted into a nap.
"Accomplished with style and grace befitting a god." he smiled at the other god who had been speaking with Celia, 'better luck next time, the god of tricks is here now Sassa.' he thought tipping a bell to him making it jingle before jetting out a soft laugh for no apparent reason, a soothing sound "If only the others could leave well enough alone. Though I do have a proposal for you, or rather an understanding fir many may thing out responsibilities opposites. One one hand justice."

He raised his left hand.

"And the other cunning."

He raised his right.

"But tell me that force could stop justice if her heros were the most cunning in the realm?"
Shassa raised herself in the air, visibly repulsed by the trickster god. Not only did he presume to know more about cunning than her, as much was obvious from the smug look on his face, he also dealt with people in a manner that did NOT befit her sense of personal honor. "Excuse me M'lady Celia." She said as she shot the trickster god who had so rudely interrupted them with his greedy banter. "But I find there to be a sudden foul air around here, I think I will move to somewhere to rid myself of it's stench."

She slithered off towards her personal quarters, done with the other Demi-gods for today, though perhaps she would visit Ghruan in his domain. He seemed to understand the proper etiquette between Demi-gods, and as another elemental type, he might just be a good ally to have near. She lazily changed direction and drifted along the corridors, following spore crumbs and hopefully finding the charming guy soon.
As the sun set on another Terran day for the orcish and human residents of Volistadt, offering its light to the residents of the other side of the world, Sahm watched with fascination the play between light and shadow on the surface of the Worldsphere.

The cloak of nightfall adjusted to the terrain as it moved steadily over the longitudes like a thundercloud--creeping inch by inch across the plains, while racing across the mountains at lightning speed, maintaining its steady inexorable pace as it evenly swept the landscape. The shroud of night reverses the natural order of things--haste is sloth, up is down, good is evil, Sahm thought to himself as a smile crossed his face. The spreading darkness also occulted the difference between such opposites as water and land, merging them into a single shadowy mass of uncertainty and danger, as it covered his favored kingdom in the fog of darkness.

It was time to visit those orcs and orcesses, women and men, and plant the seeds of deity-worship in their drowsy minds. Sahm fell into a deep sleep and traveled speedily into the dreamscape of the chosen kingdom, and flitted capriciously from mind to mind. The mortals dreamt of such day-to-day concerns as agriculture, war, love and finances--practical issues, with no context, no framework, no celestial order to give their daily lives a higher meaning.


Sahm descended upon one female orc in the thrall of deep sleep, then of little renown, and granted her a vision: the full moon, growing ever brighter and ever larger in the night sky, filling the entire sky in fact, and then she was there on the moon's surface, and the moon was a maiden, called Elah, and the orcess was able to read truth and fortune in the patterns of Elah's gray seas and shifting stages, and later still, a legion of acolytes and laymen followers stood before the orcess, heeding her sacred words and sage advice. The orcess was called Hyvorbo and she turned restlessly in her sleep.

Sahm descended upon one male craftsman of the kingdom, and granted him a collection of visions: industriousness, entrepreneurial spirit and an ingenious business plan, fortune and wealth coming upon him through trade, beginning the construction of a magnificent altar in the name of Mammon, the celestial lord who rewards hard work, and sacrificial offerings of gold, crafts and other precious metals in his name.

Sahm reminded them also of the watchful eye of Tharn, the master of death and eternal escort to the afterlife, and of the existence of the other goddesses and gods of the heavens with their rich histories. But the two main sects in this kingdom would be the acolytes of Mammon and the moon-worshipers.


The moon-god stirred, rising from his sleeping position and offering Mammon a nod of confirmation. Looking at him, Sahm was troubled by dark thoughts. For Mammon had planted a seed in his mind, despite the lord having nobly backed down from the idea--the idea of using his powers to eavesdrop on his fellow deities in their slumber. As he was devising whether and how he could use this idea, he heard his name called by the lady of sunlight. Putting on a bright face again and casting away his dark thoughts, he approached Soleil with his practiced elegance on full display. "What can I do for you today, my shining beacon?"
A brief smile had formed on Azilon's lips as Soliel had addressed him only to fade when Marie had interrupted. He turned his attention back to the world sphere and the jungle he had corrupted to be inhospitable.

Even to his own people it was a challange, and rightfully so. Unlike his own world he would see his people live on the surface and not underground like rats, hiding from the light. However they could not give into the weaknesses of the surface, so they must be kept strong. And the jungle was the best way he could see to challange them. Every day was a struggle, fighting much larger and stronger beasts keen on eating them, fighting back exotic diesease, and having to combat the very jungle itself. They would need to adapt and overcome and so far the only advantage they had was their magic. He took his attentions away from the world sphere just after noticing several of his elves dredging up the earth around the monument, the jungle dispersing back to form a clearing.

Az observed the others, their interactions, and was already making assements of them. To many seemed to have made pacts with that devil Mammon. To him, the devil was not needed and he wondered why the others had not seen through his disguise or even why he was let out of his prison. He drifted from the crafty demigod to the Dragons, Jester, and spoiled brat calling herself Justice. Azilon cared little for these three but was worried about the appearance of the Dragons in this new world. If they could use magic like those of his own home then he would indeed be worried. Death would perhaps be his greatest enemy. The demigod seemed more of a ferryman than anything.

As he summed up his mental list, he let out a exhusted sigh before looking to his place on the map again one last time brefore retiring to his chambers. Just as night hit its peak he peered over the world with a slight smile. After all only his worshippers in the jungle were elves, the rest were simply hiding among their peers and scattered far across the surface of Terra.
Ghraun had since made it to his room, a large place in the dead center of the divine mountain. Sparsely decorated, it was dark, with the faintest smell of musk and mold. The floor was covered in a faint layer of dust, to which footprints are easily seen in the dim light of the glowing mushrooms. Ghraun sat upon one of these giant, glowing mushrooms, altering their colors to suit his tastes.

He thought back... far back, to how hard it was, living as a mortal in the caves. A human mortal, at that... he had no vision that could see in the dark, no fur to stave off the cold or the heat... no smell, to detect the presence of food... not even the keen hearing to allow him to detect the presence of those larger, hungrier than he... these beings, he had adopted - they had all these traits. He hoped they would develop a love of the caverns, the fungus - just as he did.

"Puki." He said, softly. "I will name this race... the Puki." He spoke aloud to himself, nodding softly. Raising his hand to examine it a moment, he frowned. "...Yet... their god is a human. Were they to meet a human, they may get confused... I am their god... not the mortals below. My people will not be taken advantage of..." He smiled softly, "Though some will try. I have plans." A low chuckle turned to a sneeze as he inhaled a cloud of spores.

He rose a hand, scratching his chin, thinking. The shuffle of his fungus alerted him to an arrival - Shassa, following his trail of spores. He rose his head, looking at the entrance path until she arrived.
The finished drill bit was a sparkling gem, three interlocking rotors on a small frame. It could fit over the hand, with the thing adjusting itself to fit it's use (no sense making it too big for the little kobolds, after all).

Springs and such distributed through the frame worked to absorb sudden shock. Normally a drill of this kind would have a pipe in the middle for a fluid to carry away the loose rock, but this one instead repulsed the rock with good ol' magical force.

The entire artifact was tastefully gilded in places, and while that probably wouldn't stay clean for very long it was the artistic touch that Marie loved.

The rest of her day and early evening was spent making boats.

It was more fun than it sounded.
Soleil smiled warmly at Sahm as he welcomed her over. She hopped to a stop right in front of Sahm and gave him a big hug. She pulled away and smiled widely.

"I have an offer for you, I seem to have this fear of the dark nights that we have here and...well I was wondering if you'd stay with me in my room tonight. It would be a great comfort for you, the god of the night to make sure I don't get scared...." She bit her bottom lip, never having really admitted to anyone her secret fears. She looked around, noticing the darkening sky and whimpered a bit before shaking her head and looking at Sahm, "If you wish to help me again I'll be in my room, but if not I'll see you later!" She quickly scooted off, running to her room.

Soleil's room was painted as if it were just daybreak and on the other side was the sunset, the colors blurred neatly around her large bed, a canopy draped over the top. Laying around the room were various fountains that Soleil was sure that Sophie would like. In the center of the room Soleil had placed an ornate asian styled tea table with matching tea set. As she stepped in she wandered over to her bed and laid down, waiting to see if Sahm would join her to make sure she slept well.