Pantheon - Prometheus' Will (IC)

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-The Peak of the Godly Realm-

Upon the somewhat barren, unnamed planet, a single mountain rises tall among any other mountain in the world, rising above an ideal, sunlit plain. The only point of true civilization in the world so far - the realm of the gods. The demigods, in fact, have only recently been brought here by the Overdeity, Prometheus, to watch over the fledgling world and allow it to grow under their power. In this fashion, he has lent them the tutelage of Census, the Grand High Scribe of the Gods. A youthful-appearing deity with the creases of a furrowed brow and the premature wrinkles of worry and doubt, he is a sarcastic and odd teacher, but it's the only one these deities have... He has been mostly occupied with other duties, simply leaving notes for the assembled gods.

While the parts of the mountain have been altered to suit each particular demigod's tastes - their various rooms and lodgings while on the mountain, one room stands out as their meeting ground. The entire mountain is a neutral area, but this place in particular is special - within it is a grand image of the world, through which the gods may use their power from this mountain. Without it, the gods would have to go and do things themselves... considering there is no deity of travel among them, a good thing indeed.

Upon the pedestal below this illusory globe of the world is a note:

"This is the world you are entrusted to take care of. I trust all of you know how to use this Worldsphere already, so I won't bother going into details. Your first task as a collected pantheon is thus: Name the world. Once you've decided amongst yourself, your next task can be started. Oh, you might want to introduce yourselves to each other. You'll be with each other for a very long time."

The world itself seems very base. Every sort of natural environment is represented, if rather bland. The common races are all present: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, and Orcs. Beyond that dwell a few monsters in various parts of the world, though nothing particular has happened to this world that's interesting in the least. I guess that's where divine meddling comes in?

While most are eager to start working their will upon the world, it might be prudent to listen to Census' advice. He is, after all, your superior - and reports directly to the Overdeity himself. Around you are your new companions... or rivals.

How this mythology works out is now up to all of you...
Always the early riser (the beginning of dawn) Soleil sauntered up to the miniature world and looked it over thoughtfully. She looked around to see the rest of the demi-gods and goddesses around and giggled. The instructions were to name the world, and that was all she knew but she wanted to name it something beautiful, which of course she'd turn to the goddesses for advice, men couldn't be trusted to name something pretty.

"Well, I am Soleil," She added a curtsey and continued, "And this world is beautiful, I think a name befitting of it would be Terra. Or even Atlantia, or Gaia." Soleil said wistfully, leaning over to look at the globe and using her sun to begin collecting moisture in the air to create a heavy raincloud. She giggled as it began to pour back out and she shone her sunlight through to create a small rainbow. Of course none of the world's inhabitants could see it way over the ocean but she liked to think that the water appreciated it.
Stepping out from near the rear of the crowd, Az moved towards the opposite side of the world sphere. His elfin face showing signs of disgust as he looked over Soleil and listened to her recommendations. He looked at the others before back at the sphere, his view settling over a particular stretch of jungle, his jungle.

"I think all of those names are way to cliche and over used. I mean seriously, just how many worlds have there been made? You think everyone one that was sent to guide them was smart enough to come up with something new? We need something more unique, less bland Ms. SunshineandRainbows." Az retorted stepping away from the globe.

He had no idea just how many of the others wanted in to see it. So he figured on giving them some space. In any case, like hell was he going to settle with something common!
"Well, it's pretty standard to have several different names for a single world, used by different people around it..." Marie and her parrot were next to the worldsphere, looking at it but not touching. A fine piece of work, that...

"I'd like to call it Atleria, or at least have that be the name used by surface-area humans. Sound good?"
"Aww, come ON! Not the same lame-o stuff we hear all the time! Make it truly beautiful; make it original!" Con urged Soliel, ignoring Az rather curt welcome to everyone. He looked down upon the Worldsphere and laughed heartily, seeing some tribal village in the jungle, a mix of humans, orcs, and other races, banging with large animal bones on trees.

Con Brio smiled, and pulled out a drum, made of blessed wood and animal skin, and began to play a small beat. It soon grew into a full fledged drum solo, not skipping a single embellishment, as he saw the tribe slowly begin to realize, and beat in a rhythm close to his own, albeit much less complex. He stopped, and focused, on the hearts and souls of every person in the tribe. They soon began to go into a frenzy. Not a violent one, mind you, a frenzy of discovery and triumph, as they began to form into a circle, and begin dancing with the beats. Some of them even began to create drums! Con laid back and sighed peacefully, listening intently to their feverish festival ensuing on the world below.

"Maybe something like Melody, or Allegro would be a cool planet name."

Celia was laying on her stomach on a white puffy cloud. Kicking her feet back and forth as her chin was rest in the palms of her hands. The world below was boring. Their name suggestions were boring. This whole JOB was boring. But Census left her a mean little note. Like she could screw anything up? What ever.

Flicking a hand, she waved a piece of her cloud down on to the world below. A little rain to put out those fires. Whoops! Even that wasn't entertaining enough. An earthquake might be neat, or volcanoes. But she was justice and there was no justice in random carnage.

"We should call it Celiaveronia. Or Veratopia. Or Frank. I am partial to the name Frank."
Heralded by the sound of wracking, pained coughs - showering clearly visible spores and dust over the area he stood, rising from his clothes and hair. At least he had the sense of kindness to stand out of range of the other demigods.. granted, that might be because the bright light of the place bothered him right now... he would have preferred meeting in the center of the world... mumbling something about 'stupid traditions', he affixed a smile to his face anyway and spoke up, "Actually... I rather like Terra... maybe.. mess with the spelling a bit?" He nodded - or maybe it was simply his head bouncing to the sound of Con's drum?

He kneeled down to the showered-off dust on the floor, spelling 'Tearah'... thinking about it a moment, he put down 'Graiah'. Thinking about it for a moment, he shrugs, "Though... I think I also like 'Pazuna', 'Shaddonon', 'Vorganund, 'Spirac'... or maybe 'Gallenshu'..." He states each without much problem, despite their gibberish roots. As the second least human looking deity in the room (only beaten out by Az' elven features), he was beginning to feel very nervous, and the lights that filled his back, empty sockets dimmed slowly. He looked up at Celia with a wry smile, "Though, naming it after yourself would be a really egostical thing, hmm?" He attempts a chuckle, before it unwilling turns into a fit of spore-induced coughing, hand raising to cover his mouth, turning away from the other deities.
Frustor chuckled. wiping a mock tear from out of the corner of her eye. "This is amusing, but time-wasting. I'm afraid our parroted friend has the right idea. Different cultures have different ideas, different names for the same things. Don't see why she had to go down the race line but each aspect would have their own name, their own values, their own god. So why don't we each choose a name and stick with it?"
Sophie had been quiet up until now. She had been enjoying a thoughtful, wordless observation of her fellow demi-gods. Their personalities became glaringly evident in the face of the first decision to be made. Their attitudes were strong - there would definitely be clashing.

"It will be tough to find a name we can all agree on and settle upon," she said, stepping forward. She gazed upon the small, barren world. So much potential could be seen, even in its austere terrain.

"We all have such different opinions, and strong attitudes," she continued, casting her eyes on her fellow demi-gods. "So perhaps we should decide on a few of the strongest names, and then cast a vote?"

She paused, ruminating on the various options and her own ideas.

"I, myself, am partial to names such as Terra, which Soleil sugggested, or perhaps something like Ceres."
As the querulous crowd of demigods debated the planet's nomenclature and came closer to an agreement, or perhaps a sort of agreement to disagree, a hazy apparition floated into the room accompanied by the sound of a dramatic, indulgent yawn.

Materializing from the air into a wingèd boyish form, his black hair a tousled mess and clothed in a shamble of blankets, Sahm-nioh sauntered up to the marvelous globe at the center of the hall, giving it a passing glance... before seating himself right on top of it. He stretched his midnight-black wings wide, splaying each feather in luxuriant fashion, and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before pronouncing foggily, "What are you all going on about? It's much too early to be awake..."
"Meh. Shove your 'logic'." He sighs at Frustor and Marie. "Who cares what the mortal races call it? This is mostly for us.. and, since it's Census who wants us to do it, something for him to write down... having fifty million words for a single planet would get... annoying, writing down." He thinks on it, stifling a cough, "The world known as 'blah' to the elves, 'blah' to the humans, 'blah' to the dwarves... it'd be a horrible thing to write down every single time." Covering his mouth, his body shakes with a held-in cough, a cloud of spores appearing about him as one gets out. "Uuugh...."

He looks up at Sahm-nioh with a chuckle. "Ahhh... you're up. We've been given our first task - name the world..." He then turns to glance at the ground. "Hrrrm... yeah, I'm wanting to vote for 'Terra' this time. Again, maybe mess with the spelling a bit and it'd be fine..." He turns away to cough violently. "...If only for ease... maybe Terra-Allegro... combine the two that sound... decent together."
"Terrafirma sounds kickass!" he said, running with the Terra idea. He realized not everyone loves music as he does, and just decided to go with the flow. The planet name doesn't matter all that much to him. How the people get down with the rhythm and soul is his calling.

Con laughed and blew a firm trumpet blare at Sahm. "C'mon, Sahm! Bright and early! Make music in the day and dance all night long!" he joked, smiling.
"Ooooh. Well, if it's just for our purposes, "The World." that's how we're going to be referring to it in most speech, anyways." Marie looked around, noting some less than happy stares back from her compatriots.
"Though Terra-Allegro works too..."
Soleil took the remarks in stride, she was content with the names she supplied, yes they were a bit cliche and already done but if something isn't broke you don't go around trying to fix it, unless of course you were Marie, she seemed the type to try and fix everything to Soleil. With another giggle she created a rainbow out of the rain Celia had created.

"Oooh pretty!" She cooed quietly to herself before looking at some of the races upon the planets. "Oooh, who are those cute little furry footed creatures? They look like the type that would enjoy my oceans! Oh Miss Marie, would you care to help me once we get this naming situation sorted out, I want those cute little things to build ships to sail my waters! I think that would be so cute!" Soleil said blissfully, giving a twirl and letting her long black hair swish around her.

It was then that she noticed her counterpart of the light stretching his dark wings. " I supposed to be asleep? Is it your turn already?"
"Terra-llama maybe." Celia gave a looooong exaggerated yawn. It figures that they'd all go with the same old names people always picked for worlds. Maybe they would get lucky and the humans would come up with more interesting words. She thought her name as a title would have been beautiful.

Rolling over on to her back, she let her head and long platinum blond hair hang off the edge. She was now peering at the other gods upside down. "That's it then? World named blah, blah? What are we supposed to do about it now?" As far as she could see, the stupid little thing pretty much ran itself. Piddling around here with the chipper annoying demi gods sounded a big waste of her time.
Sahm startled at the bright, cheery sound of Con Brio's trumpet blare, falling backwards from his seat on the northern pole of the Worldsphere (probably a great relief for any inhabitants of those arctic lands) and tumbling head over heels into a decorative bed of roses nearby. "Yes, yes; I've heard you, dearest Brio...! Now if only you had provided your charming brand of entertainment at the evening ball in the dream I was just having--it was cut short most unfortunately--I would have been much more enamored of your efforts than now."

Standing up and brushing the dirt off of himself, Sahm selected a white bedsheet from those scattered around him, tossing it around himself in a makeshift toga.

Upon hearing Soleil's query, he turned to her and smiled, picking up a purple rose that had fallen beside him, and presented it to her with a grand sweep of his hand. "No, my love, I'm afraid it is I who have been summonsed to this gathering outside my prescribed time of day. You have plenty of time to enjoy this bright sky of ours," he said, looking up at the peak of the great mountain and shielding his eyes from the light.

"As to choosing the name of our planet, why don't you lot heed the advice of our wise Sophie and just take a vote?
As for me, it's not something I'm responsible for. Therefore, I abstain," Sahm stated, plopping down on an empty chaise, putting up his feet and half-closing his eyes.
"hm...I haven't done shipbuilding before, much...really more of a weaponsmith, myself. Though I'll be more than happy to help you out if I can get materials from the sea. Within reason, of course." Marie watched Sahm get off the worldsphere and take a seat elsewhere, with a rather undue amount of flair.
"...are you always going to be like that?"
Soleil giggled as the rose was presented to her, accepting it graciously. She sniffed it and then began working on breaking off the thorns so she could place the flower behind her ear. It's so pretty! I wonder if we would be better friends if we didn't have to spend so much time apart... Soleil tilted her head to the side in thought before turning her golden-eyed gaze to Marie once again.

"That would be lovely! My strange little furry foots can sail across my waters then! I will even let them pull fish from my waters to feed themselves. And if you like well I can..." Soleil looked amongst the demi-gods and leaned in whispering into her ear. As the secret finished she pulled back and smiled widely raising an eyebrow, "Does that sound like something that would interest you?"
Mammon walked into the room filled with bickering and talking demi-gods, some deciding still on the name, others already distracted and having moved on to much more interesting topics. Mammon smiled, surveying the group to see which one would benefit him the most to side with. The music demigod, Con, was found annoying by Mammon. Surely he had something more productive to do than just play music and annoying everyone around him? Maybe he'd make a good bard, but Mammon somehow figured that he wouldn't be up to that.

His eyes then turned to Celia, watching her yawn as she threw out snarky comments from the side. The Demi-god of Justice, another useless deity. Justice was something you carried out yourself, and if you need some demi-god to come rescue you from any wrong-doing, then you were worthy of being wronged. 'Those who deserve justice are those who provide justice themselves,' Mammon thought, 'no matter the cost.'

Sahm and Soliel, seemingly opposites from each other as they both represented night and day, respectively. While both were important, to the people down upon the land at least, Mammon found only Sahm to be of use. People's dreams held their inner most thoughts, and most secrets are told in the blanket of the night, all within the domain of Sahm. Controlling the most secretive part of the day is something fearsome indeed, and Mammon could only see good things coming from a pact with him.

A particularly loud cough attracted Mammon's attention to Ghraun. He was a terrible looking figure, as if he had pulled himself out of some dirt encrusted moldy log, a cloud of spores seemingly to always hang around him. While Mammon found his appearance to be quite detestable, he had heard some talk that he was a paranoid person who used his spored to listen to the ways of the world. Now that was something that attracted Mammon's attention, as knowledge is very key into gaining wealth, and is something that Mammon prized very highly.

As he skimmed over the other demi-gods, thinking of various reasons to turn them down, the last one that caught his eye was Marie. Her domain was alchemy and, while that held no control over any sort of knowledge like Ghraun or Sahm had, but having the latest technology always led to impressive opportunities to improve one's momentary status within the world. Having her on his side, he could potentially give technological secrets to those who worship him, granting them massive success and increasing his following. Mammon smiled at the thought, for at this point in his life, followers were all that mattered.

Deciding it was time to immerse himself into the group, he walked towards them, siding closer to Ghraum than any of the others were. Looking at the sickly man, he turned to face the rest of the group and said in a commanding voice, "Well, it seems that we have those in favor of some fancy name that will soon be largely ignored by the common people in names more suitable for their civilizations, and those that think a name is just a name and should be decided as quickly as possible. So, if you don't give a damn, I say we stick with Terra. For those of you who want some gold-encrusted name, gather amongst yourself and come up with something, and then we can have a vote. Sound fair?"
Ghraun tries his best to hide a smile at Soleil going on about the 'furry foots'... he had a hunch what they were, and was fairly certain they were more than well-suited to a life on the sea. While interested at the whisper, it wasn't really any of his business, so he let it go. Limping forward toward the worldsphere in front of him, he looked over it with a soft smile... he reached forward, dotting a few shadowed places with rings of mushrooms, and caressed the sides of a few trees with a phosphorescent mold, lighting it further on the side Soleil's domain didn't touch at the moment. It was all he wanted to do for right now, sighing wistfully at the world, imagination rife with possibility, even in his limited powers.

Scratching at the stubble on his chin, he looked around at each of the deities... he didn't see any he particularly disliked. Shrugging, he turned to look at Celia with a chuckle, "While I am glad you aren't one of those insane vengeance deities, shouldn't you care a little more? I mean, maybe not care, but.. those are lives, down there - souls. It'd be a shame to see something bad happen to them on account of negligence..." It wasn't a threat, more of a sorrowful statement, looking over the worldsphere in worry. "I intend to take my duty seriously... it's not as appreciative as other things, but fungus is edible, and the tunnels give material. I guess the surface world's name doesn't matter much to me in that case, but I do enjoy being involved..."

He looked to the others, "...Oh. The note said to introduce ourselves, too... I'm Ghraun..." Ending with a tilt of the head, he smiled... and then coughed loudly, covering his mouth a little too late for the shower of spores that came from him, retreating a safe distance out of respect to the other' deities lungs. At Mammon's suggestion, he nodded silently, still trying not to inhale more of his own spores.