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Search for the Gods

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The gods are gone from Terra - or they never were. Many still remember the gods and their actions, but many doubt they even existed. Temples lay cold as the stone they were built from, or reduced to rubble in the wars and looting that inevitably followed. The world became sad, dark - the clouds wept constantly. Crops died, causing populaces to starve. Tunnels flooded, forcing it's refugees to climb to the surface world for the first time in centuries. Animals became monsters, no longer held by the restraint of the gods.

Many still cite the existence of the gods - the echoes of their voices in the old temples. The odd formations of islands, mountains, tunnels. The way everything seems to have been given a form or function - the mathematics that governed existence, only recently found by some devotees of the once-mighty science goddess, Marie. They claim that the gods have not vanished, but are hiding.

There are skeptics, however. The Grand Society of Atheists moves to stamp out all of this religious nonsense, promoting 'logic' as the highest of ideals to promote. A group referring to themselves as 'The Gods on Terra' claim to be the god's chosen ones - blessed with incredible power... yet, they weave devastation and greed throughout the world.

Dosgear City, widely claimed to be the world's capital of technology, is a melting pot of different races, cultures... and religions. Originally the place founded upon Marie's worship, but the town has grown to a grand sphere of commerce in the last thirty years, since the disappearance of the gods. While the watery city that originally held the name 'Dosgear' still stands forlornly in the water, half-finished... the new city stands on the shores of the continent, looking out to it.

This is where our story begins - in Dosgear City. Most of you are still devoted to the gods, opposing the nay-saying of the Society of Atheists and the darkness of the Gods on Terra. One day, you get a letter...

"To a Believer:
Whatever your belief may be, I would like to inform you that you will have
a chance to prove your heart right - or wrong - before the works of the
entire world. I would like to meet you and the rest of the individuals who
got this letter out front of the Glorious Tower - where once divinely
gifted spellcasters learned their craft, far greater than we now can
achieve. I hope to see you in good health.
-Highest Regards,


Game Information
The Sixteen Gods
Name of God - Description of Job. Small note on follower personality (usual, not always).

Celia Veira - The Goddess of Justice. Followers known to be proud.

Slassarath - God/dess of Fire, Wind, and Vigil. Followers known to be respectful.

Frustor - God of Schemes, Tricks, Stealth. Followers known to be liars.

Ghraun - God of Fungus, Earth, Protection. Followers tend to be shy.

Con Brio - God of Music, Dance, Passion. Followers known to love music.

Soliel - Goddess of the Sun, Water, Light. Followers known to be playful.

Marie - Goddess of Artifice, Alchemy, Art. Followers known to be (infuriatingly) smart.

Sahm - God of Sleep, Dreams, Moonlight. Followers known to be flighty.

Tharn - God of Death. Followers known to be practical.

Sophie - Goddess of Serenity, Tranquility. Followers known to be calm.

Azilon - God of Evil Magic, Elves. Followers known to eat faces.

Mammon - God of Wealth, Abundance. Followers known to be shifty.

Mabushii - God of Balance. No known followers exist in the open.

Verusvictum - God of Rightful Conquest, Expansion. Followers known to be strong.

Kokoro - Goddess of Love, Envy. Followers known to be passionate.

Brynjar - God of Warriors, Soldiers, Honor. Followers known to have honor.

Note: While it is possible to play a Society of Atheists character, you may not play a God on Terra. While both are antagonists to the player characters, the Gods on Terra are the main villains, and super-powerful.

Races of Terra
While there are a great deal of races on Terra, only a few are sponsored by the Gods, and thus are considered 'main' races. While you are free to play whatever you really wish, these races are the 'Chosen' of the gods, and will be treated as such. Any of these races and choose to worship another god, though this tends to be rare.

Humans - Chosen of Marie. Adaptable, flexible, smart, and fast-breeding. Humans have a great deal of freedom, and are - for the most part - expected to be everywhere.

Elves - Chosen of Azilon. Evil, sharp-toothed creatures from the jungles of the world. Steeped in black magic, they enjoy chaos and death.

Orcs - Chosen of Con Brio. Spontaneous and fun, orcs are known throw the best parties. Many are musicians, and their culture is flexible.

Kobolds - Chosen of Ghraun - Short dog-like creatures. While they can only communicate in doglike sounds, they understand other languages. Known for sturdiness over intelligence.

Minotauri - Chosen of Brynjar. Honorable and powerful, the Minotauri are hailed as powerful warriors, and are honored for their mercy to strong opponents.

Dragons - Chosen of Slassarath. Though their power has waned in the time away from their dualistic deity, they are still formidable...

Halflings - Chosen of Soliel. Grieving the loss of their beloved goddess, many halflings still mourn in their ocean city. Most of them, however, scour the globe in search for her.

Gnomes - Chosen of Frustor. Sneaky, clever, foxlike creatures. Highly skilled illusionists and trapsmiths. It's said there are two types of people in the world: people who distrust gnomes, and dead people.

Other - If you are a non-Chosen race, I'd like to know about it so I can stick it up here!

-Character Sheet-

Character Name:
Deity: (Choose a deity from the list above, or be an Atheist.)

General Appearance:


General History:

Present Life:
Character Name: Xenox Crucius
Gender: Unknown, presumed male
Species/Race: Doppleganger (Chosen of Mabushii, but this is not known outside the Dopplegangers, as even their existence is still a mystery to other races)
Age: 25
Deity: Mabushii Kage

General Appearance:

Strengths: Can change shape, can run fast, skilled at quick assassinations
Weaknesses: Pretty average outside of being able to change shape

Talents: Can change shape into any humanoid creature of relatively the same size, steathly
Inabilities: Can't do much in a drawn-out fight beyond defend himself and run
Fears: That the world will tip too far in one direction (of anything)

General History: Xenox has served most of his life as a Robin Hood-esk thief, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, in order to balance out the wealth. However, he has spent the past 5 years of his life as an assassin, eliminating tyrants and dictators, who horde power for themselves.

Present Life: Having recieved a letter from the mysterious Vizier, Xenox decides to join the meeting, however, disguised as a human atheist. If balance is to be restored, than it is to be done with as little overt action as possible, until the time is right.
(If you skip out on us again, I'm beating you.... under construction.)

Character Name: Arc Ibises
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Dragon
Age: 22
Deity: Slassarath

General Appearance:

Strengths: Powerful and inoffensive, dispassionate weighing of a situation.

Weaknesses: Difficulty making decisions, lack of confidence or conviction.

Talents: An affinity for fire, stemming from his heritage and deity, meaning that he can create small fires from nothing and quell small fire.

Inabilities: Water is inconceivable, contact makes Arc cringe and it's nearly impossible to get him to fly in the rain.

Fears: Drowning, powerless and unable to swim, with his wings broken.

General History: Still considered a child of his tribe, it is nearly impossible for Arc to be taken seriously by his own people. They are strict followers of Slassarath and his only respect from them stems from his "blessing" from Sassarath, minor pyrokinesis. Brought up in a very rigid style, Arc has lived his life much like a monk would; Arc took his small meals twice a day and spent the rest in training or praying to Sassarath.

Present Life:
Arc received a letter from the vizier and, to his surprise, his tribe agreed that he ought to respond to the letter. Their hopes were to demonstrate the indomitable power of the tribe and their race as a whole, as well as to preach the teachings of Slassarath. With excitement, Arc wholeheartedly chose to go to the meeting place stated in the letter.
Character Name:
Silmina Moonthrottler; she often goes by Mina

General Appearance:
Mina is skillful with the bow and arrow, stealth and communicating with nature. She's an Orc of a smaller stature than most, allowing her to move and hide silently. She can wait patiently in the trees or from afar until the moment is right for her sharp arrows to strike.
Being one of the more frail Orcs, Mina can't fight well with her fists nor swing an axe like her parents could. She also gets afraid when dark magics are used against her because of a past, life changing experience.

Speaking Orcish and English is an ability of hers and she has great dexterity. Despite the damage done to her body, her stunning beauty for an Orc woman still manages to make opponents petrified and confused. A lot of her decisions are made at the last minute if she's not waiting to strike someone with her arrows; these decisions are often times surprisingly successful. She's also a talented dancer; she had a lot of practice when her village would perform beautiful music.
Mina makes no effort to fight unless it's desperately needed, especially if it's a magic user they're up against. She also seems to be be sleepy or distant a lot of times because her dreams and imagination like to distract her when she's not focusing on a target. Additonally, Mina cannot bring herself to fight an Elf.
Dark magic, Elves and nightmares. Should her peaceful sleep be corrupted by a nightmare, she wakes up feeling insecure until she can happily sleep again.

General History:
Silmina was a beautiful child since birth, which her parents were eternally grateful for. Females of every age envied Mina's beauty while others teased her for it because she'd have no muscle to carry their heavy weapons with. When she was deemed old enough, she took training from another Orc of her village that knew how to use the bow and arrow, giving her lessons everyday. She proved to be a worthy teammate in time as she demonstrated her new skills to her people. She was also growing more beautiful everyday, the only real flaw being a small row of horns beneath her eye.

Orcs always seemed to be at war with someone since they were always a misunderstood, however chaotic race. A group of Elves terrorized Mina's village one day, casting their dark magics and devouring what flesh they could find. Seeing that it was a hopeless fight, Mina attempted to escape the scene but got caught long the way. An Elf began ripping at the skin of her beautiful face, but he was thrown off by Mina's dying Father.

"Run, my daughter, run!" With her eyes filled with tears and a face full of blood, Mina ran away from her village with only a few supplies, her clothes and weapons on hand. With what jewelry she had, she used it to piece the skin of her face back together after helping the blood loss come to a stop. Her face is now permanently scarred...

During her journey alone, she became close friends with the forests that allowed her to find all the food she needed and make new arrows. She also discovered someone to have faith in: Sahm, the God of sleep and dreams. Her emotional wounds began to heal thanks to this new found faith, pleasant dreams carrying her away from sorrow. She still has nightmares at times about face eating Elves and she takes them as a warning to not venture into their forests. Although she is terribly ripped up inside, Mina developed a more care free attitude and dependence on quick witted decisions. Killing became a despised duty, but sometimes it had to be done...

Present Life:
Mina goes where she pleases, but it usually living on a house she built in a mighty tree of the forest she calls home. This forest is peaceful where animals are the only inhabitants but she stays cautious of Elves that may move themselves in. When she's in dire need of money for supplies, she offers her services as an assassin or villain tracker because it earns her a great deal of coins. Otherwise, she is blissfully day dreaming, happy as can be. She often wishes for company that is willing to have fun with her, though. One thing she misses about her village is the ongoing festivities, singing and dancing, and jokes.
Character Name: Yipwoof
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Kobold
Age: 23
Deity: Slassarath (Slassa devotee)

General Appearance: Yipwoof takes care of himself - he is lithe and handsome (at least to kobolds he is), and shows off his toned body as much as he can - normally by wearing clothes at reveal his torso and stomach. He refuses the use of armor, trusting in his own ability to dodge and weave around attacks. His clothes are designed with stylish depictions of the wind, and his only weapon seems to be his very claws. His doglike face and regal bearing remind many of the draconic race (though few would say so to a dragon), and he seems to take pride in his religion, sporting Slassa's symbol proudly dyed onto the fur of his chest.
Strengths: Hand-to-Hand combat, quick attacks, athletic, aeromancy (wind magic).
Weaknesses: Untrained in armor, refuses the use of weapons, weak to aquamancy, poor swimmer, poor eyesight in the sun's rays.

Talents: Excellent sense of direction. Blessed with a green thumb - plants flourish under his care. A tender, caring soul.
Inabilities: Cannot speak Terran. Cannot abide wanton killing - tries to find nonlethal solutions to problems.
Fears: Never being taken seriously. Extreme fear of deep water - his imagination runs wild and he panics.

General History: Yipwoof was born after the gods vanished, and he did not know a lot about them... when the rains came, flooding the tunnels, it was the dragons who came to the aid of the kobolds, their long-time allies. Struck by the creature's sincerity and kindness, he devoted himself to them. They, in turn, took in the kobold and taught him of their twin gods, as well as the kobold's own gods. The serenity of one of Slassarath's two aspects appealed to the kobold, and he took to her teachings. Working to improve himself, he forswore the use of weapons and armor, choosing instead to fight as dragons do - with claw, skin, and skill... he did, however, choose to wear some clothes for modesty's sake. The few trips he took up and down the mountain, jumping over rough terrain with the aid of his wind magic (taught to him by the dragons themselves), made him feel truly alive... when the Gods on Terra came, one chose to 'have some fun' with the dragons and kobolds... using powerful, divine magic, the God on Terra seared a fearful amount of kobolds with a sun-like energy. The escapees made their way to Dosgear City to lick their wounds and contemplate a counterattack.

Present Life: Yipwoof spends most of his time in training or contemplation. When required, he has a job as as courier, as is legendary for his speedy deliveries - made possible thanks in part to his wind magic.
Well I was wanting to play a follower of Slassarath, and two people have beaten me to the punch T_T

I'll try to think of something...
Character Name: Greymalkin
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 28
Deity: Celia Veira

General Appearance:
Strengths: Combat prowess. Despite his obvious handicap, Grey is a whirlwind in combat and can easily dispatch numerous foes. Grey also has nigh-superhuman endurance and conditioning, having lived nearly his entire life in a merciless desert, as well as excellent outdoor survivalist skills.
Weaknesses: Grey has only one arm. In addition, he does poorly in very cold climates, something he's tried very hard to overcome.

Talents: The ability to sift out lies, an analytical mind, and a near-perfect memory were all tools that Grey owes his current life to. Without being born with these natural gifts, he would have been buried long ago in the dunes.
Inabilities: Socialization. Greymalkin has little to no conversational skills, nor tact.
Fears: Failure and tall mountains.

General History:

Greymalkin was captured as a young boy by a marauding band of Naga warriors, and taken as a slave by one of their captains. He was nick-named 'Greymalkin' after one of the desert animals the Naga kept as pets; they were known as hardy and sometimes ferocious animal. Grey was a fighter, and earned many beatings, but was shrewd among his maneuverings with other slaves and some of the crueler Naga taskmasters.

As the personal bond-kin of a Naga warrior, Grey's task was simple: to accompany his bond-master at all times. As such, he was more a page than anything else, always taking care of his ward-master's weapons and armour and equipment, as well as following him and tending his training equipment. With this kind of access, it was no wonder Grey began to practice the combat forms he witnessed during the day in the late nights in his tent.

The Naga warriors of this particular clan practiced what they called Blade Weaving. Wielding long, thin scimitars in either hand, they would strike quickly using their serpentine bodies and create a whirlwind dance with their swords. It was a complex combat form, combining a ferocious attack with close defensive techniques. Most dual-sword forms use the trappings of attack/defense, but Blade Weaving combined attack and defense in the same single movement.

It would be some years, but Grey was finally caught practicing his bastardized form of Blade Weaving. Enraged, the warriors thought to slay him right then and there, but his bond-master thought it would be interesting to see this human fight. So Grey fought a series of battles against some of their younger warriors, and won them, his greatest advantage in developing footwork for the style.

Enraged, Grey was punished despite his showing proficiency in the style and as punishment, he was separated from his left arm. He kept on as a slave to his bond-master for some months afterward, but one day when they were close to the edge of the desert, nearer to civilization, Grey was given one of their long, thin scimitars by his bond-warden and released.

Present Life: An early dedication to the goddess Celia Veira gave Grey the foundation of strength needed to survive his bond-ship. As such, he has dedicated his life to serving just causes, roaming and righting wrongs through vengeance, balancing out evil with justice. Most enemies tend to underestimate him and not even acknowledge him as a warrior, but woe to the man who think him helpless... still running the other pantheon? i was jsut getting ingto my groove as Tharn.

if not expect a character sheet up soon.
The other Pantheon will return, I'm using this as a bridge between the last pantheon and this one. =D

Sorry Myrn, Slassarath is cool. XD Makes sense to find a Kobold Aeromancer and a Dragon Psychokinetic under his/her worship. I also wanted to worship a god that isn't my own (though the rest of you are free to do whatever you want), and I wanted to play a kobold - so Slassa made the most reasonable choice.
Yay! New game!


Character Name: Dawn Tidecrest
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Halfling
Age: 19
Deity: Soleil

Strengths: Swimming, being raised on an island Dawn learned to swim and well, she's also skilled at working on a ship and navigating waters. Halflings on Terra have been known to be exceptional jumpers as well, being able to jump nearly twice their height standing and Dawn is no exception, of course twice their height would typically only put them as being able to jump just as high as a regular human. She is usually very playful and happy, which lends itself to not making her easily crippled by sadness nor flying off the handle with rage, her default mood is typically cheerful with a bit of sass and a good dose of compassion for others.

Weaknesses: Being a halfling gives her a disadvantage in most other races societies, she can't reach high objects, she even has trouble getting through doors of the taller race's buildings. Moreover she's got a loud boisterous personality that tends to draw attention to her even when she isn't meaning to, she tends to be a bit fervent over her beliefs over Soleil and her search for the Goddess.

Talents: Dawn is particularly skilled with spears that were fashioned from the rainbow coral of her island home used originally for fishing. She can navigate waters and knows how to drive various forms of aquatic vehicles. On land she is agile and nimble but not all that sturdy, it doesn't take much to hurt her and badly.

Inabilities: Dawn can't lift heavy objects nor move large objects easily, she likes to give herself fully to tasks but it usually ends up draining her of energy rather quickly. She has virtually no skill in any ranged weaponry and no skill whatsoever in magic.

Fears: She is afraid deep down that Soleil truly has vanished from the world and that her people will never find her again.

General History: Dawn, like all Halflings was born on the Wavebreak Archipelagos, a small chain of islands off the coast of the main continent surrounded by a large ring of treacherous coral. The buildings themselves made from the very rainbow coral that protected them. At a young age her father, a fisherman for the tribe taught her how to navigate the seas and waterways, especially those around her home. Her mother trained her to fight with the weapons crafted from the oceans and coral. She was given her first weapon, a spear made of shark bones and rainbow coral. When the High Priestess claimed that Soleil had disappeared from the world Dawn was one of the first to take up her weapons and provisions and sail to the city of Dosgear.

Present Life: Dawn is one of the many halflings that has come out of the Wavebreak islands to search for her goddess, relatively unawares of the state of the world she remains innocent to most of the negative influences. Recently she's been at a loss of where to begin to look for her goddess, or where the magic spring where their first High Priestess had been given the Sun Shard.
All finished! I'm excited to play an Orc; it's been a while. :3 I love the character I came up with; I hope you like her.
work in progress

-Character Sheet-

Character Name: Valkiar the Determined
Gender: male
Species/Race: Other/Ogre
Age: unknown
Deity: Tharn

General Appearance: View attachment 1772 though Valkiar usually wears sombre dark grey robes, in which he stores and holds many items needed for the daily ministrations and maintenance of graves, stone, marble, bone, etc.
Strengths: massive, strong, average intelligence, heavy
Weaknesses: slow (especially with anything that takes dexterity or skill), ponderous, heavy, massive,

Talents: When he has summoned Orcus, the humongous black Abyssal steed gifted to him by Tharn he can move from one grave sight to the next, from the largest Necropolis to the smallest unknown grave very swiftly, and woe to the enemy of death that encounters the ogre atop the Abyssal Steed, for when Valkiar swings his cat o' nine tails from atop Orcus, the power and speed combine to create a truly savage amount of force. he is also extremely long lived (his life can go on into the tens of thousands of years)

Inabilities: dealing with delicate situations/politics/diplomacy, telling anything but strict blunt truth, understanding anything complex (anything above simple wagons etc. is of the same calibre as high magic to Valkiar)
Fears: Death, the undead becoming widespread, the death of Tharn.

General History: Once known as Karsa Orlog, a bodyguard to the Giant Warlord Thrugg Irongut, Valkiar was nearly killed on a battlefield just as The new demigods were coming to power, his Warlord had led them into a trap as they had followed a group of diminutive creatures into a cavern, which had fallen around them.

at that time, Severdus Tharn, visiting the Dying Ogre, and made a pact with him, the Grave Keeper offering him extremely long life and good health, should he accept the role of Knight of the House of Death, and the hefty Responsibility that such a position requires.
Several beings of different races had all been given similar offers, and to each many tasks and tests were put before them, these tasks testing their resolve, strength and natural talents.

many of these tasks were monolithic and many either quit or died attempting to complete the tasks, but where they failed, Karsa persevered, and retried anything he failed until he succeeded, the Ogre never surrendered, never gave up and eventually became one of three finalist; an Elven magician, a Human General and Karsa, all of whom faced the final test, the final test consisted of a spell that simulated death, and made the afflicted beleive they were a ghost. where the elf and Human ranted and raged, Karsa stood silent, and when it was revealed that it had all been a trick, the slow witted Ogre revealed that he hadn't noticed the difference and though he was not awarded the title of Knight, he was instead rewarded with the title and job of Keeper of Tombs, second only to the Deathlord, and as he stepped out of the darknss and into the light of day, Tharn also awarded Karsa with rebirth, dubbing him Valkiar the Determined.

Present Life: Valkiar serves as Tharn's honorary second in command, and though he has little to no authority over the other priests, he is looked upon as the pinnacle of service and duty, riding as he does to and from sites where the dead lay buried, and ensuring that they are kept in accordance with the respect the dead deserve.
Incomplete, but it'll do for now.

Character Name: Blagoj Otgonbataar
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Minotauri
Age: 19
Deity: Brynjar

General Appearance:

Blagoj stands a whopping eight and a half feet tall - on the large side even for a Minotauri - with a powerful build to match his height. He has amber eyes and his hair is a dark chocolate brown.
Like most Minotauri, he wears loose pants mostly as a matter of modesty and eschews shirts or tunics, finding them to be restrictive and uncomfortable. He also wears a pair of blue enameled bracers - a coming-of-age gift from his mother - and carries a traditional Minotauri battle axe.
Strengths: Blagoj is a juggernaut in combat, his size and strength more than making up for his relative inexperience. His gentle nature combined with the intimidation factor of his size has helped him defuse countless brawls-in-the-making.
Weaknesses: Blagoj is simply too big for buildings not intended to accomodate Minotauri, and finds even those that are to be a tight fit. Objects intended for use by smaller races - or by smaller humans or orcs - tend to be a bit awkward for him to manipulate.

Talents: Coming as he does from a martial society, Blagoj has fair skills at arms and at unarmed combat. Blagoj is a passable blacksmith - around journeyman level, though he hasn't made a journeyman's piece and he tends to downplay his ability.

General History:
Blagoj was born and raised in Novoseljane, the great fortress-capital of the Minotauri, a city steeped in the ideology of Brynjar, Verusvictum, and Ghraun. Like all Minotauri, he recieved instruction in combat from childhood, and on his thirteenth birthday entered an apprenticeship. Rather than following the footsteps of his father, an earth mage, he took an apprenticeship with a military armorer. Over the course of his apprenticeship, he saw most of the lands under Minotauri control, and was pressed into service as a Provost's Deputy on too many occasions to count.

Present Life:
Blagoj is currently employed in Dosgear's City Guard. He is generally assigned to the Dock Patrol, where he is useful in keeping rowdy sailors in line.
Amazing. =D

Arc Ibises, Silmina Moonthrottler, Yipwoof, Dawn Tidecrest, and Blagoj Otgonbataar can come in (though I would like Blagoj to have some flaws and fears eventually, we can add those later).

The rest can enter when their sheets are finished (Valkiar the Determined just needs a history at least).

The IC will probably be up momentarily.
Excited to get started~ I've been feeling really sick today, but I'm hoping after work tomorrow, I'll feel up to posting. :3 I usually have a lot of motivation after sitting at that desk, haha.
Character Name: Sentamien Drobor
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Gnome
Age: In his prime
Deity: Frustor

General Appearance:
Strengths: Small and sneaky, excellent hearing.
Weaknesses: Barely waist high to a human, physically unimposing, hard to talk in anything other than gnomish with the small snout of one. Can talk a little Kobold though.

Talents: like all his race naturally attuned with the art of traps and crossbows and weaving of plans and deceptions and versed in the art of illusion..
Inabilities: Can't look at an offer at face value, even an honest one. Big moving things up close is unsettling, and everything that moves and armed is big.
Fears: Dragons, dragons dragons dragons dragons. Since the world was young Dragons have hated gnomes. The elders say Frustor ruined one of Slassarath's plots and Slassarath bore resentment.

General History:
The gnomes despite their small stature and widespread distrust thrive wherever theres wood for their shaping. Sentamien was born in thier oldest city said to have been founded under the direction of Frustor himself at the dawn of time. Of course today with the waning of the old beliefs many dispute that. There has been a little trade from time to time with the kobolds, and it was Sentamien's job to sneak ahead of their traders and without their knowing disarm any of the Gnome's traps that they might fall victim to. His father was in the temple before it fell into disrepair and raised him with the old teachings often showing disdain for the so called atheists.

Present Life: With his father dead Sentamien has inherited the care of the family. Forced to work directly with the traders to increase his income Sentamien never did well, always looking for the catch in the kobold's mostly honest deals a failing common to the gnomes when it came to business along with tricking their partners into bad deals.
Alright! Valkiar the Determined and Sentamien Drobor are in.

Everyone, feel free to post whenever you like - there's no 'post order'.