Pantheon - Mortal: In Search of Gods

Though the man did not directly answer Arc's question, he'd been bombarded and thus Arc did not much care and simply listened in silence. These weapons were dazzling to him and yet he wondered what use there he could find in these weapons made for creatures with opposable thumbs who walked upright on land as had seemed to dominate the pantheon's deities. Wistfully, he eyed the treasures and felt a pang of desire deep in his chest to hoard these precious gifts. He resisted, but it was simple to realize, with this avarice burning within, why his people chose to live sparsely furnished lives.

Sounds from a previously unseen source caught Arc's attention and his gaze flicked over to something crouching and thus far uninvited. It was a curious creature, Arc had never seen one and was entirely unaware of what it was, though it seemed nonetheless to be up to nothing good. Arc's eyes narrowed and he flicked his tail out to wrap around the smaller creatures midriff and lifted him into the air.

"We appear to have an intruder..." he directly drolly to the Vizier.