Pantheon: Divinty Denied

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Pantheon: Divinity Denied

Several months ago, there were countless gods. Far too many to list... at first, the gods spread to various worlds, content to be alone, or work among each other to gain the worship of mortal races. Many created, while many devoted their existence to destroying what was created. Resentment began to stir among both... and soon, many were no longer content to stand and watch. When first a diety slew another, the consequences of the action rippled across the worlds: and when the god's killer absorbed the divinity of the slain, gaining their power...

...The gods began to war... What previously separated them no longer mattered: good gods, evil gods... all became fodder for thier opponents.
Those unwilling to take the power of others fled to a world: and were followed. A horrible deity calling itself the King of All Terrors appeared with it's minion-deities, preying upon those who fled to the new world... flinging them down, and beginning to feed on the fear of the mortals below.

The King of All Terrors looms over the world... having chased you to a world of your creation, having stolen your power, and working to obliterate the faith of the mortals you guarded... Were you any sort of being at all - no, if you were a true deity, you would move to take that power back!

Not that those denied by the King of All Terrors are the only ones with things at stake, here. The mortals of the world aren't ready to be pushed over: many of them are willing to fight, even against the insurmountable odds of the disgustingly powerful King of All Terrors. The world is falling apart - deities or no, you're not going to let some outsider god destroy everything you are!

Our story will begin in a harbor town hit heavily by the King of All Terror's minions. Originally an artist's paradise, the beauty of the seashell buildings has become harsh: plague has hit the lower quarters, melancholy has taken grip of the upper class' hearts, the tides have stopped, and shadows loom - shattering the happy lives of those who lived there.

Plot: The game will be a long journey, following the quests of gods and mortals who have teamed up to save their world from the King of All Terrors and it's minions, defeating the minions along the way and gaining power, leading to an epic confrontation. I'd like an even amount of Denied and Mortals. I'm not asking for a big backstory, but some idea would be nice. I only have room for eight players.

Mortal Character Sheet:

Distinguishing Marks:
General Appearance:

General Personality:
Inner Personality:

Denied Character Sheet:
Role: (What were you the diety of? Get creative!)
Denied By: (Who knocked you down to mortal status? Was the the King of Terrors himself, or one of his minions?)

Distinguishing Marks:
General Appearance:

General Personality:
Inner Personality:

- Siraza, Mad Mage of Many Maligned Misfortunes.
- Delago Hyacinth, Compunder

- Levinson/Noctus: God of the Night
- Gabriel Ruin: God-Weapon of Destruction.
- Leira: Goddess of Magic & Mystic Creatures.
- Erised: Goddess of the Sea.

Here is a list of the titles of the demigods in the beginning area. You can use them as the deities who dropped you to mortal status, if you wish. There's also supposively a more powerful, fully fledged deity in the city, so watch out!
- Demigod of Primal Hungers
- Demigod of Midnight Movements
- Demigod of Decaying Plague
- Demigod of Baleful Rituals
- Demigod of Clinging Darkness
- Demigod of Drowned Desires
- Demigod of Jumbled Thoughts
- Demigod of Clashing Histories
- Lesser Diety?
Name: Levinson Bacardi / Noctus
Gender: Male
Role: God of the Night
Denied By: The Nightmare Prince

Height: 6'4"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Distinguishing Marks: Three piercings in both ears, and two fangs jut out from his upper lip, no matter his form.
General Appearance: He takes on two major forms... while among the mortals, his form is that of a male elf. Darkly handsome, with a slender appearance that suits his face well. Black hair is scruffy on the top of his head, very odd for an elf. Equally odd are the yellow eyes, which often seem predatory. He dresses formally, with a black vest over a dark navy shirt, and his black pants fit perfectly. He seems to have taken most care of his ribbed cloak, which seems unaffected by the wind, only by his own movement. His true form is that of a tall, slender, black-furred bat of humanoid appearance. His chest, shoulders, and arms are well muscled, though his flat stomach is neglected, as if from lack of food.
Strengths: In his natural form, he can fly as a bat would. He retains echolocation in all forms. Can feed on the blood of others to heal wounds.
Weaknesses: He's weakened in direct sunlight, and melee combat is definately not his thing. Relatively fragile, and cannot breed unless he has recently fed.

Likes: Fine alchohol, good company, places of natural magic.
Dislikes: People who act before thinking, the 'monster' races, loud noises.
Talents: Skilled in magic that fits with the "night" theme, very subtle, poetic. Excellent alchohol tolerance.
Inabilities: Unable to cast spells in direct sunlight, unable to make fast decisions, very proud.
Fears: Thunder. His sensitive hearing turns a thunderclap into a direct assault on his mind. He has no particular fear of the sun, even though it hampers him a great deal.
General Personality: Levinson seems cold in his outlook, applying a neutral stance on most conflicts. He's prone to simply give a minor victory to those who dispute him just to stop the argument. He dislikes to dispute things, staying distant from everyone he comes across. Slow to commit to a plan of action without a good deal of deliberation, and quietly dissaproving of others.
Inner Personality: Under the mortal persona of Levinson is the true being: Noctus. Noctus is a being of emotions: he does not simply feel like, he feels love and friendship. Prone to adopting a simmering jealousy, afraid he would lose them just like he lost half the world to the Day. Very protective of friends and goals - he's more than willing to wait to get what he wants. Night is a time of wonder for him, and he wants to share that magic with the world. He becomes furious at mortals who use the night to commit atrocities against other mortals, and will attempt to oust them.
Think I might well get in on this one; lemme see what I can scheme up.
Sweet. Either of you have an idea of what/who you'll be making?
I'll be going with Siraza. I just need to finish up her bio. >:D
I reserve Denied, please!

Name: Gabriel Ruin
Gender: Male
Role: God Weapon of Destruction
Denied By: Goddess of Scorn

Height: 6'1"
Hair: White. It's shoulder-length with the bangs long at the front which often hides his eyes and his ears.
Eyes: Red
Distinguishing Marks: He has a brand on his left cheek that resembles a trident head on top of a small upside down drill.
General Appearance: Ruin's first form is a simple katana. It has a black hilt with red diamonds on both sides of the handle and a rusted blade. It looks terrible and people's natural inclination is to get away from it. Ruin explains this as a "natural reaction" to something godly, something that has destroyed countless lives and worlds, much like how animals can sense when something is amiss. He admits the blade is so rusted because his last wielder became so obsessed with destruction, s/he ignored all else, including personal hygiene.

His second form is that of a trident with a tassle of red horsehair where the blades meet the shaft and the slender shaft ends in a drill. Except for the tassle, the trident is gray. True to its title as God Weapon, it can bend, break, and shatter other weapons to pieces, resist all types of damage, and the blade is always sharp, able to cut through people and objects with ease. Its real power is released when the wielder whispers (because Ruin is not hard of hearing) a command word. There is a command word for each effect, resulting in an enormous arsenal at the wielder's disposal. The catch is that Ruin chooses which word triggers which effect and can choose them when and if he wishes. As his divinity was stolen, he cannot access this form.

In his athletic human form, Ruin appears in his twenties and often dresses casually.
He prefers dark colors, no ruffles, no bows, and certainly nothing that sparkles! He keeps his clothes simple and warm and a bit loose to help him move. While human, he needs to eat and sleep.
Strengths: A weapon first and foremost, Ruin is an exceptional fighter. He can wield other weapons with ease and fight hand to hand pretty damn well.
Weaknesses: Ruin is not a spellcaster (well, maybe he was when he was Divine ...) and thus must leave the magic to others. With his divinity stolen, he is no longer impervious to pain or immune to death. A bit of a scary thought, that.

Likes: A good fight, a strong will, destruction
Dislikes: Being denied a good fight, the King of All Terrors and his minions, unicorns (they're overrated)
Inabilities: As a weapon, Ruin cannot leave a wielder (no matter how much he may want to) unless the wielder gives him up or he is stolen. He cannot directly go against a wielder's commands but this does not stop him from exploiting loopholes when possible.
Fears: Losing against an opponent a second time. The first time he loses he considers it a "learning experience." The second time he loses ... well, there's no excuse for that.
General Personality: Ruin has been there ... done that. He's been through a lot and picked up some wisdom along the way although he won't fill people's ears with it. He's not happy about being a weapon but he's come to terms with it and makes the best of the situation. He likes destroying things, be they property or lives, and he certainly won't back down from a fight (unless his current wielder orders him to). That having been said, he can often be found in the middle of a brawl--whether he started it or not remains to be seen. When not fighting, he's laid back and found in the company of his current wielder.
Inner Personality: Ruin has taken his downfall pretty well. He's not bitter about it but he does miss his divinity. He considers it a relief he didn't wind up broken or completely destroyed and so long as he gets to fight and destroy things, he's content. He's determined to get a rematch with the Goddess of Scorn which will come in its own due time.
Alright I hope this okay. I just found this thread today. It looks like it could develop into something really interesting.

Mortal Character Sheet:
Delago Hyacinth
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty-Seven
Occupation: Compounding, Merchant/Trader

Height: Five-foot Nine
Hair: Dark-Brown. Long, with loose curls.
Eyes: Dark Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Delago is usually covered head to toe in tattoos. The tattoos frequently change in colour and design as they are made using plant dyes which fade as skin sheds. He also has six piercings made of silver: three rings in the upper back portion of his right ear, another ring through his left brow, and a stub with an opal inside of it on the left side of his nose. The placement of the sixth ring is a secret.
General Appearance: Not one for fashion or fighting, Delago dresses simply. A loose shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of baggy pants is all he'll ever need. Although, he does bare and care for the mementos of his people: a bandana and sash made of fine opal coloured silks. Each are embroidered with the symbols of his caravan, thorny vines woven around a spinning wheel. Delago will often use the bandana to keep his hair back. His hair is long and unruly, and the curls sometimes spiral themselves into ringlets.
Strengths: Delago is excellent at his craft; compounding. He possesses a keen eye and great potential, able to take almost any substance, analyze its properties, and combine it with others for unique effects. Healing balms, rainbow coloured dyes, lethal poisons, the potential is as limitless as one's imagination. Delago is especially fond of making hallucinogens, compounds that compel and confuse, but also allow for deep introspection.
Weaknesses: Delago can fight, but he is not a very capable fighter. He tends to rely heavily upon his compounds to do the work for him. Sometimes the compounds are unreliable, have side-effects, or are completely experimental. This can result in unfavourable situations.

Likes: Music, Exploration, Creation, Fun
Dislikes: Monotony, Seriousness, Limits/Restraint
Talents: Compounding, Art involving the use of dye, Getting into the heads of others
Inabilities: Unreliable, Unpredictable, Curious (to a fault), Impulsive
Fears: Claustrophobia, Being restrained/controlled
General Personality: Since Delago became separated from his caravan, he has lost all sense of direction. The man rides the ebb and flow, taking his wagon town to town so that he can sell his unique wares. It has been an interesting life, and he is a man that needs his life to be interesting. When a situation is boring it is unacceptable. Humour, excitement, or new information should always be found. Others might be offended by some of his actions, as Delago is far more sarcastic than tactful, but those who want to have fun will find a friend.
Inner Personality: There's a lot more going on in Delago's head than others think. Compounding takes a person with quick wits and a mind that can analyze things thoroughly. Kind hearted, he is still deceptive, and likes to manipulate people for his own gain. Sometimes this means simply convincing someone to have fun, sometimes it means convincing someone to jump off a cliff. With his controlling personality and mind-altering compounds he can sometimes take complete control over someone without their knowing. He often plays stupid, keeping his cards carefully hidden. This, however, causes personal complications as Delago is left feeling somewhat distanced from other people. His smart self is his truest self but all anyone sees is the fun-loving free spirited caravan boy. He lacks the capacity to fully trust those outside the caravan perhaps because of his own fondness for mind games. To deal with this unhappiness he uses a lot of his own special compounds, exploring deep within himself for answers. It is both an exploration of himself, and an escape from the monotony of an existence that seems to change but feels stagnant.
Awesome! It's nice to have another mortal! :D
Name: Severdus Tharn
Gender: Male
Role: Death
Denied By: The Demigod of Primal Hungers (in this case Murder)

Height: Average
Hair: None
Eyes: Icy pale blue
Distinguishing Marks: Heavy and extensive scarification across his entire body
General Appearance:

Strengths: An Excellent Close Combat fighter and master of several types of weapons

General Personality:
Inner Personality:

the rest to come.
I'll join!

Denied Character Sheet:
Name: Leira
Gender: Female
Role: Goddess of Magic and Mystical Creatures
Denied By: God of Winter
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Short black and swept over one eye
Eyes: Steel grey with catlike pupils
Distinguishing Marks: Slightly pointed ears and a small red teardrop tattoo on her forehead
General Appearance:
Strengths: Planning things out, Magic, Pursuasion, she can use a staff and throwing daggers effectively
Weaknesses: She is short tempered and often lets her anger get the better of her. She is not good at frontline fighting but can manage well in the back with her spells.

Likes: Nights, Coffee, Dragons, Cats, A good challenge or puzzle, intelligent conversation, teaching fools a lesson
Dislikes: Morning, Spiders, Loud Noises, Having to explain herself more than once, Losing, stupid people
Talents: Destructive magic, Convincing people to do what she wants, Figuring out problems and people
Inabilities: Healing magic and patience
General Personality: She appears cold and calculating with a heavy dose of sarcasm. She is somewhat freindly to those who meet her standards and pretty much ignores the others, she will make snarky remarks regardless. She is impatient with people but very dedicated when working out a solution or a persons intentions. At her best she is proud opinionated and stubborn and at her worst she is moody aggressive and likely to set you pants on fire.
Inner Personality: Inside she is sucpicious and deeply afraid of showing weakness. She thinks over everything searching for a hidden meaning. She is slow to trust and hates weakness in hereself and others. She is harder on herslef however and some would say she suffers from self loathing.
Very cool Goddess! With you, that fills up the Denied in the party, as long as Severus completes his character in a day or three's time.
Name: Erised
Gender: Female
Role: Goddess of the Sea
Denied By: King of Terrors

Height: 5'7"
Hair: Azure blue, long and full that cascades down her shoulders.
Eyes: Dark grey, like stormy waters.
Distinguishing Marks: A flawless pearl, set into the skin at her throat.
General Appearance: To walk among the humans, Erised appears as a Nereid with a tall and slender form. Her hair falls nearly to the ground and veils most of her body with an occasional braid interwoven with a strand of pearls or shells. When she's not in her humanoid form, she's more amorphous. She's an ever-changing creature with blurred edges and she tends to form around or encompass objects that come into contact with her.
Strengths: Flexible and capable of being very nurturing and warm, as well and helpful. She's also a very confident person.
Weaknesses: Capricious behavior and a sometimes violent temper, she's not comfortable with being contained and she begins to feel quite faint if she's away from water for more than a few days/

Likes: Beautiful things, things that are graceful, and salty food. She likes honest people.
Dislikes: Oil, dirty things, and monkeys.
Talents: Skilled with watery magics, capable of breathing underwater. Also a fantastic and powerful swimmer.
Inabilities: Deserts and Erised do not get along well. She dehydrates easily and cannot be without water for more than a few hours.
Fears: Nets and hooks, the sun.
General Personality: Erised is typically a very whimsical person, but since she got knocked down, she's been rather bitter.
Inner Personality: Erised is a nurturing person who loves helping others grow. She does not like to be confined and she has trouble with getting really close to anyone.
Ahh. Well, I guess that's the fourth completed Diety, then. Sorry, War.

That completes the set of four Denied characters. Only Mortals are open.
The IC is up, those listed in the Cast can post as they wish. We also still have room for two Mortals.
fucking werribee (this water treatment plant work stuff is killing me i swear.)....I'll look into a mortal then.

Name: Valkiar the Avenger
Race: Ogre
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Former Keeper of Tombs for the House of Death Under Severdus Tharn

Height: 8' 5"
Hair: bald. medium length thick grey beard
Eyes: Icy cold blue, the kind that send chills down your spine
Distinguishing Marks: scarred beaten and broken many times, Valkiar
General Appearance: bragg1.jpg
although over this he wears a large and thick woolen Robe of a dark and dirty grey colour
Strengths: massive, strong, average intelligence, heavy
Weaknesses:slow (especially with anything that takes dexterity or skill), ponderous, heavy, massive,

Likes: Fighting the newly risen powers, especiallt the god of Primal hungers.
Dislikes: loosing the fight,
Talents: Fighting, kicking down doors, contests of strength, anything that involves strength, mass or brute cunning.
Inabilities: dexterous tasks (lockpicking, fine art and anything that involves more skill than brute force)
Fears: Failing his quest to Avenge Severdus Tharn
General Personality: Slow to change moods, and when his moods change, it often ends in a drastic seemingly exaggerated version of the emotion.
Inner Personality: Valkiar wears his heart on his sleeve, what you see is what you get, although of late his inner intelligence has risen somewhat, and he attempts to keep this hidden.