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    Zombies, something you only ever see in video games and movies. Everyone knows about them. Nobody thinks it could ever possibly happen, it's just something to entertain kids. Halloween costumes in haunted houses to scare a paying public.

    They turn other humans into zombies by biting, scratching, pretty much any exchange of fluid.

    You know how to deal with them. A blow to the head, destroy the brain. You've seen it in TV shows a million times. It's so easy, you could just drive a screw driver into the temple and you'd be done. You think you're prepared, but are you really?

    The citizens of the town of Hamilton are about to find out just how ready they are.


    This is an open-world sort of RP. Meaning, while we have the same goal of making it to the "safe zone" your choices and affections will effect the story. Characters can join up with other characters, but if you're more of a lone-wolf type, that's okay too.

    This'll all be taking place in a fictional universe, so don't worry about having to research any real-life locations. All locations have made up names, any resemblance to a real-life location is coincidence.

    Try not to make a character that's too over the top. I understand if your character is a police officer, so he/she has a gun, but if your person is just a random person with an AK-47 and a bazooka, then that's a little too much.

    This isn't supposed to be an entirely serious RP, so if you want a sassy, smart-mouthed character, that's totally cool. Crack all the jokes!

    The first post in the IC will be a "Normal day in the life of (your character)" where you'll just show a normal day that your character/s go through, so don't worry about cramming too much into your character bio! After that, we'll start getting into the zombies. This is for fun, so if you can't post everyday, don't worry about that either!

    Edit: You may have multiple characters. Some of them might die, but not without your permission.

    Rules (open)
    1. You can swear, but try to keep it down.
    2. Please don't kill another person's character unless you have their permission.
    3. Be polite.
    4. Please no one-liners. At least one paragraph per post!
    5. Please try to post at least once a week.
    6. Have fun~

    Character Sheets (open)
    (You may use pictures, but a written description is fine )
    Physical Characteristics:
    Brief History/Bio:

    Edit: Please use realistic images for your characters, no anime, please ^~^

    Our Characters so far (open)
    Julian Jaesan (FelixFrost) | Lana Conrad (Lannister) | Pandora Anne Riddle (~Dark Disney~) | Jax Riddle (~Dark Disney~) | Nicolette Daniela Mancuso Alvarez (kryptonicangel) | Mateo Orlando Alvares Salvatore (kryptonicangel) | Jackson Decker (Jhuton) | Jesus Dominguez (Derp) | Mary Jane Parker (Starrnico) | Dr. Aoko Harumi (The Classy Mog)

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    Name: Julian Jaesan

    Age: 20

    Physical Characteristics: He has brown hair, which he likes to dye a lighter brown-red. His eyes are a dark brown. 5"6 in height and 120lbs, with a small build. He has a tattoo of a tribal-style crow on his left arm and a tattoo of a black band that wraps around his right ankle. A small, one-inch scar on his left cheek right under his eye.

    Brief History/Bio: His brother, who is two years older than him, has been the one to help him get through life. Their mother mostly left them in the care of their grandmother, preferring to go out and party. When he was five, his grandmother died, but their mother didn't bother getting them a new babysitter and instead left his seven year old brother to raise him.

    When he was in middle school, his brother started to hang out with the "wrong crowd" and so brought Julian into this world. Eventually, he started using Julian to deliver drugs, because no one would suspect the younger, quiet boy. As time went on, Julian started to take over in getting the drugs himself and delivering them. His brother fell into an addiction that led to arrests and more problems, so Julian decided to keep himself clean.

    After graduating, Julian decided to go to college to become a graphic designer, so he moved to a new town to go to college. Once there, he did try a few part time jobs, but eventually found a young man named Alex who made meth and other such drugs, who would supply him and again began Julian's cycle of delivery. He now attends Hamilton Community College.
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  3. Posting here to bump up the thread & to say that I am very interested! I've been wanting a good ole Zombie RP for a while but most of the interesting ones are full and nearly 60pages into the game. You are a lovely person for creating this. xD Character Sheet will be up after cardio.
  4. Haha, I know what you mean! I'm very glad to see you're interested! ^~^
  5. reserved for my character
  6. @FelixFrost What would you say would be the ideal post span. Posting once a week or more/less than that? :) Working on my character now!
  7. I will be posting a character in the next few days!
  8. Good Question! We'll go with at least once a week ^~^ I don't want anyone to feel pressured to post everyday, since I know it can be hard, so at least once a week should be good!

    Can't wait to see everyone's characters!
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  9. I'm in! xD

  10. Name: Lana Conrad

    Age: Twenty-Five

    Physical Characteristics: Lana was never a woman who desired more height, standing tall at 5'11" and weighing a lean 160lbs. Dark brown hair, verging on the point of black, frames her face and flows down in curls, reaching her mid-back. Her eyes are shade of green, growing darker depending on her emotions. On her left hip is a tattoo of a small red fox, the size of it being no larger than an inch.

    Brief History/Bio: Lana had a happy childhood, growing up without a need or care in the world. Being the only child in a household with two primary income earners (doctors, at that), it's easy to assume that she was a spoiled brat. Luckily, that was not the case. Lana was taught that a great work ethic and positive personality paid off.

    Not much of significance happened in her life until she graduated from the Green Meadows University with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. Once graduating, Lana said goodbye to her mother and father and moved eight hours away to Fairfield, a city sitting comfortably by the ocean. There she lives in her studio apartment and works full-time at Vaze Magazine.

    [ EDIT: I'll change whatever I need to! I'll probably have her in Hamilton for work. Interviewing someone or something. :) ]
  11. That's perfectly fine, no changes needed ^~^
  12. Awesome! :)
  13. As soon as we get those last few characters in, I'll get the IC started ^~^ I'll leave sign-ups open for more people, but I figure we have enough people to get us started off.
  14. *vibrates*
  15. Just to let you guys know, my vacation starts next Sunday (Yay!) And I may not be able to get on as frequently, but I'll still try ^~^
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  16. Enjoy your vacation!

    How is everyone's characters coming along? Really looking forward to seeing them!
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  17. Ah, I think maybe tomorrow or so I'll see if the other players are still interested ^~^ I'd like to get this rp off the ground soon.
  18. I am going to bed but I will soo look this over tomorrow and if I like it I will soo be joining and I will tag some peeps as well tomorrow^^ but gn for now.
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  19. Great to see you're interested! Happy to have you join ^~^ sleep tight.
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    Name: Pandora Anne Riddle
    Age: 24
    Physical Characteristics: wip
    Brief History/Bio:

    Name: Jax Riddle
    Age: 26
    Physical Characteristics:
    Brief History/Bio:

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