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  1. So, I've had an idea for an RP I would like to run and I just wanted to check and see how many people would be interested. I'll preamble with the specifics and get to the plot in a little bit. The game would be run in a table-top fashion for any missions and combat, but general RP could be conducted however players wished. It would be a fully sandbox world with various territories and creatures of multiple origins (both mythical, prehistoric, and real).


    In 2192, the world went to war; fearing the strength of opposing nations, nuclear ordinance became common practice in both firearms and artillery. No one nation was left intact. For the next two hundred years, the world was in chaos. The Earth itself rose up against its denizens, revitalizing many aspects long believed extinct or even legend. Magic returned in the blood of man and beast alike. An amphibious race known as the Amphitrites arose and lay siege to the world. When all was seemed lost, technology once again began to resurface. With both technology and magic at their beck and call, mankind renewed their claim to the lands. Using a massive machine, codenamed "Atlas", they drew all of the continents together to reform Pangaea. The year is now 2786. Pangaea still stands strong, but reports from the shore send word of strange activity beneath the surface of the water.


    Players can chose racial attributes, many will be accepted within reason. All of the denizens of Pangaea are deemed human, however the forces of magic and technology have led to the rise to genetic augmentation giving certain individuals (either by affluence, political power, or magical strength) abilities and physical differences beyond natural human capacity. Religion is still prevalent and falls along two rough lines. Some people (the "Children of Pontus") believe that the rise of the Amphitrites was an event that humanity was not meant to survive. They live in fear and awe of the ocean, to the point of seeing it as the embodiment of the divine. Other people ( the "Children of Prometheus") believe that the appearance of the Amphitrites was a test which humanity passed. As such, they were granted supernatural power and prowess and they themselves have taken one step closer to the divine. The "Old World" (modern day) religions still exist, but hold limited power and sway over the current world. Though beliefs lead to minor squabbles, the damage once caused by such petty differences is still legendary and as such, all coexist "peacefully."
    As I said, this would be a sandbox event, so players could fulfill whatever role they wished to undertake. If you wanted to pursue the truth behind the illusive nature of the King, that could be arranged. If you wanted to investigate the reports of an unruly coastline that could be accommodated. If you wanted to be a baker and apply your trade world-wide, I could do something for you as well. The only caveat is (to both make it easier for myself and for player interaction) that I would force all players to be from roughly the same region the city.


    The world is run by a unified governmental monarchy. The king is only accessible by a select few and is otherwise cloistered within the palace. He is believed to be the same man who discovered the ruins that turned the tide in the war, though that is only rumor and hearsay. Players would begin in the central city of Rodinia, built around the royal palace. The city itself is massive (roughly the size of modern day Australia) with walls reaching many hundreds of feet into the air. The Amphitrites were pushed back, but never defeated; reports of their attacks are rare and sporadic, the last documented siting occurring in 2660. They have begun to wane into mythology.

    TL;DR Section:

    - Post-Post Apocalyptic world
    - Magic and science live in harmony
    - The world has been united in both government and landmass into a super-continent, Pangaea
    - Assume that though some things have changed, humanity still remains humanity (there may not be wars, but people will always on some level remain distrustful of others for some reason. Tensions are often high between super-cities.
    - Creatures long thought to be extinct or of legend have returned (Radioactive Fallout + Resurgence of Magic = Fun times)
    - Sandboxy goodness

    Closing Remarks:

    If you're interested or have any suggestions, feel free to run them by me.
  2. I might be interested in this, depending on if I have time. If it is going to be fairly loose and individual based, I think I could do it.
  3. I'm totally down for this. Give me a bit of time to think up a character profile & we can get started, if you'd like. Just PM me & we can discuss finer details.