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    As the end of August drew near, the most powerful descendants of the major Olympians were summoned to right a wrong done by one of their own.

    To say our heroes were shocked would be an understatement as their ordinary lives were suddenly turned extraordinary when their heavenly parents revealed themselves for what they truly were.

    However, there was no time for happy reunions as their destinies loomed ever closer, with the guidance of the gods, there was hope all would be saved.


    Heyllo! Im the game master :)
    All the information, Character sheets and important informations of the rp will be in the group named Pandora's Secret :D

    The Quests are in normal rp thread linked in the group :)
    Very Organized, motivated Roleplayer and quite active.
    Need a few roleplayers to fill in spots of interesting Gods like Zeus, etc.

    All Roleplayers of all lvl (that dont do one liners) are invited to join~

    See you soon loves<3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.