Pandoras box

Pandora's Box a device of incredible power. In the early 21st century, archaeologists found the artifact in a ruin at the bottom of the ocean. Unable to pinpoint its origins, they place the artifact in a New York City museum for safe keeping.

The opening of the box changed the world as we know it !

Said to contain the worlds evils!
what it really contains is the spirits of mythological creatures from different mythologies

No one knows for sure how it happens but some of humanity are able to be a host for a spirit to use its power as our own to take on its form !
These individuals are know as beastwalkers they are given a magical signet by the box that only another beast walker can identify there is an energy that you draw on to transform called animus this stuff is in the atmosphere
The closer to the box the more animus you can draw on this effect is temporary !

Now for the monsters there are many in myths the strongest are those closest to the gods

The world changed man could see monsters now the world's government's continue to study the box but it remains open

This rp is done in chapters with the beginning starts here in the USA
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