Pandora's Box: The Awakening

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  1. "Is it over?" she said to Liam. "I don't know..." he replied as he held onto her hand for dear life. He looked at everyone and nodded. Was this it? Was this going to be all for nothing? The screams and horrid sounds from the monsters echoed his ears. He loaded his gun. "Last mag..." he said as he looked out at it. He sighed. Soon, he heard loud bangs on the door. It made him jump. Liams maske came over his head. "Stay behind me.." he asked. He stood up front, with a gun and then a plasma blade in one hand. The banging got louder and louder, the horride screams and roars was louder. The scratching and banging turned his stomach. "Fuck..." he said as he turned and kissed the girl that he was hated but doesn't. "I'll be right here...waiting.." he said as he he looked and stood in front of the door and waited. Soon, the screams stopped, he didn't know why. It was weird. He took several steps back and but stopped as it began to greek and the door unlatched itself. He ran as the door opened "AHHHHHHH!!!!!" he screamed as he charged but only saw light as he charged. Nothing....but light.

    2 years ago.....
    "Damn it! What the fuck is going on down there in the Medical Bay?!" the Captain screamed. "Sir! We...I...the test subject is going insane. We don't know what....oh my god....Ca...AHHAHHAHAAAAAAHHHHH GOD PLEASE!!!!!!!!" the transmission was cut off as the video did as well. "My god...." the Captain said. "Johnson!" he yelled "Sir!" he saluted. "I need you too get on the coms and tell everyone 'Pandora's Box has been opened.' do it....NOW!!" he yelled. He stormed from his seat and toward the doors "Get everyone off this fucking ship!" he yelled. He walked out the bay doors and on the trails of the ship. People were running back and forth, some had blood on them. Soon, an explosion from inside the ship happened, shaking everything. "What the...." he said as he was cut off as he heard a scream. He looked and seen someone fall to the ground. Blood coming from its eyes, nose, mouth...ears..."Caaaaptiiiiaaan!!! HEEELLP MEE!!!" he screamed as pointed skeletons arms ripped from his sides and his arms "AHHHHHH!!!!!!" he screamed as he transformed into something else. A monster. It jumped to it's feet and looked around, slicing everything in its path. Cut a woman straight in half and then a guy by his kneecaps and began to chew on his face as he hopped onto another person and began to stab her 75 times in the chest and ripped off her head and screamed a horrid scream. It was happening all around the ship. The Captain ran for his life and then to his Quarters. A emergency beacon was going off on both sides. He looked out his window and saw 3 others ships having the same problem. He saw all 4 beacons going off. "What the fuck is happening?" he exclaimed. He was about to get something very important till he heard banging on his door. He shook and whimpered " no no no no no no!!" he screamed and grabbed his gun "God....please...forgive me.." he said as he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. His brains splatter all over the wall.

    2 years later......
    "Commencing deactivating Cryosleep. Please stand by. Warning...pressure is decreasing. Liam Anderson, deactivating his Cryosleep in 1 hour."

    (If you want to join this rp. Please, post your IC in the OOC Thread. Thank you. And hope you survive.
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  2. "..Fuck, fuck, fuck... This is not happening... this is so not happening.." her mouth moved and formed the words, but she barely had breath to put volume to them. It was the same chant Mia had been mumbling to herself for the past two minutes. Yes, two fucking minutes. To open her eyes and see a man ripped into pieces and then watch something gnaw on his head while someone else lay fatally wounded, missing vital body parts that told her only the remains of adrenaline were keeping them alive, was not something she... anyone could handle. From inside her cryo unit she watched unable to do much of anything but lose the fight with the bile in her stomach. "...Where the fuck am I and what's happening...?" She could barely see from the blood that covered her unit and the smell of her own bile was only making the horrid situation worse. That and the grogginess in her head. When movement and sound stopped, she waited a full five minutes before attempting to leave the temporary safety of her unit. The vision in her mind of a cryo being ripped open was both reality and a nightmare. The sound as her hatch opened seemed louder than the monsters, with her trying to be quiet, and once she was out she crumpled to the floor. Palms and knees were instantly covered in blood. Mia wretched and covered her mouth with the crook of her arm.

    Naked, she scrambled along the wall listening, unsure of where she was going until she spotted an open wall locker. Something had crushed against it making the door bow out and she could see a pair of boots hanging out. With the eerie silence all around her, she scrambled close and grabbed them. More clothes fell out and she managed to slide her legs into both the pants and the boots before she heard something coming. Shit! Her hands grabbed a vest, and though it didn't cover much, it was enough, slipping it on as crawled across the room along the wall, still not trusting her legs, she made it to the jammed open door and peeked out. Laying flat on her belly, she stared into darkness on one end and a faint red light on the other of the corridor.

    With not a sound as a warning, something still within the room grabbed her boot and jerked her back, hands splayed as her body slid across the floor, she screamed and kicked at it. Grasping for anything she cut her palm on what she thought was a chunk of metal but she felt along it, found a smooth spot and gripped it firmly. Twisting her agile form, she hacked at whatever it was until the grip on her boot loosened. Stumbling from the room, weapon in hand, she didn't bother to figure out what the thing that had her was. Her only desire was to run and though it was hard at first, she did just that following along the corridor as silently as she could, but she had no clue where to go. Not one spot seemed safer than the next and she could barely think straight.
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  3. Along the row of Cryopods several cracked, broken or simply ripped from their places. One lone near the corner still had a green light flickering. But the light below it was about to go from orange to red. As the ship rocked gently, a sound of complaining metal echoing trough it. The system went into red status. The pod was unable to sustain the person inside and thus went into emergency wakeup procedure.
    The frost quickly faded on the outer glass revealing a young woman. Almost a girl or teenager in looks. In moments she was moving as if in a bad dream....

    Alyssa jerked her eyes open. Starring at the reinforced glass casing in front of her in confusion. She felt her heart pounding. She was wet. Moist and sweat covering her skin as the heat in the pod rapidly was increasing to help her body recover from the cryo sleep. She blinked to get her eyes used.

    "Alyssa Rascal. Medical status.....Stable. O..o..o o oOpening hatch"

    The young woman looked around now noticing a weird crack along the glass and a red hand print. The noise of pressure change as the Capsule opened got her focus back on the now again. Shaking in the cold air outside she stumbled out onto the floor gasping and doing her best to stop the fall. With stiff and sore muscles she gets up. A lamp is blinking near a door. Catching her eye and by the sign it seems to be a female dressing room.

    Taking a few deep breaths she walks towards it. Something is wrong. And no matter how much she tries her memories eludes her.
    Then a scrapping sound behind her causes her to turn around looking out into the large room....
    Nothing. Wait was that movement near the capsule on the floor?
    Panicked she backs into the room. And pushes the button to the door. But it only closes halfway. Alyssa looks around and spots clothes.
    A simple protective suit. It's tight but not to small. And warm which for now is enough to satisfy her.
    Turning the attention back to the door. The girl freezes as something moves past it outside. Something non human. After a moment of silence the sound of another pod going into wakeup procedure. Is broken by a crashing sound and a horrifying scream. Alyssa puts her hands over her mouth and backs up against the wall slowly sinking down to the floor as the light in there gives out. And her other senses picks up what is going on outside.

    The sound of something eating. Ripping flesh from bone. Tearing texture and then the sound of bone crushing. This has to be a nightmare IT HAS TO BE!!
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  4. "Cryo stasis module power supply failing… processing… Subject Six containment module entering lockdown. Replace power pack immediately!" Lighting systems flustered to life bathing the laboratory in a almost sickly yellow light as the ships AI rebooted from hibernation. Inside the pod Six awakened thrashing attempting to escape.
    "Error… Subject aggression levels spiking. Beginning Xenomorph containment process… lock down complete. Terminal access denied. Please use holographic display after proper procedure is taken. Thank you." The AI chimed as it finished locking the stasis pod before he turning to standby. As for Six it crouched watching the blinking display waiting.
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  5. He awoke to flickering lights and am awful, gut-wrenching smell. Wrinkling his nose, he blinked up at the glass casing of the cryopod, still dazed as he heard a robotic voice saying, "Drew Eli Hartford--Prisoner Status. Stable. Opening hatch." With a hiss, the cryopod opened, and Drew tried to pull himself out.

    However, bonds held him down, and he quickly began struggling, trying to free himself. He ended up making a lot of racket, but he couldn't care less, only focused on freeing himself. After a long while, he freed one hand, and quickly began working on the other, his heart racing and the cryosickness getting to him.

    When he had released the bonds, Drew pulled himself out, and that was when he saw the blood covering nearly every surface. Gasping, he staggered out of the pod, making his way to a locker. Reaching inside it, he took out a set of clothes, grimacing when he saw that they were just that--clothes. Nothing special about them. Sighing in defeat, he got dressed, thankful that the clothes fit him alright.

    Now that he was dressed...He needed to find out what the hell was happening.
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  6. Eryn
    Military Dog; Prodigy Marksman

    Plip. Plop. Plip.

    The sound of liquid dripping down and pooling on the ground echoed in the mind of a sleeping woman, preserve within the confines of a cryo pod, her brow furrowed in her sleep as she thawed. What a terribly annoying noise. Plip. Why wouldn't it shut up? Plop. She grit her teeth and though her eyes were closed the red lights flashing around her soon became evident. Her consciousness returned and slowly her eye lashes fluttered open to behold the frosted glass above her. She frowned, her sight was blurry, and it was rather dark, so the young woman who until that moment had been sleeping didn't notice the tiny red splatters across her window, however the droplets continued to fall. She closed her eyes and tried to focus her thoughts, where was she? Why was she here? Who was she...? Suddenly a voice became evident, the robotic woman's voice droned on
    "Emergency power activated. Pod unable to sustain cryosleep. Clarisse Lockett--Female. Status....Stable."

    She suddenly felt a wave of annoyance, she growled a response at the machine without thinking, the words simply formed naturally on her lips "It's Eryn."
    She croaked, her throat protested with a rush of pain. The girl sat up, propping herself on her elbows as he long silky blonde hair cascaded around her, she yawned, tempted to curl back to sleep when there was suddenly a loud thump outside the glass causing her eyes to shift toward just what had made the sound. A deformed face was staring back at her, could she even call it a face anymore? The figure was human to some degree, with arms crossed across it's chest. The creature brought up it's... arms(?) as if to strike the glass, however the robotic voice chimed in.

    "Pod hatch opening"

    Her eyes widened and she gasped as she tried to scramble back, but only managing to scoot back an inch or so with the space given her. The pod door let out steam from the sides and launched itself off of the container as the monster was still trying to break through the glass surface. Eryn sat up, staring after the creature of a single beat before throwing her legs over the edge and jumping down. She bent her legs to absorb the impact from the meter jump down, however cussed in her hoarse voice as her legs complained. Their lack of use had taken their toll on her, he didn't have time to glace over at the recovering creature that was currently working of prying his talons like arm from the glass surface that had protected her, her legs moved of their own accord while her mind was screaming the same question over and over,

    What in the name of holy hell was that...?!

    Eryn stumbled away from her Cryo pod and rushed toward the first door she saw, however her stiff muscles slowed her and the sound of rapid footfalls to her right struck her with fear. The boost of adrenaline wasn't enough and soon the creature had caught up tackling the girl to the ground, the two rolled for a short while due to it's momentum but as they slowed to a stop it raised it's needle-like arms to rip her open where she lay. Her feet came up and kicked the creature in it's chest, knocking it away long enough for her to roll over onto her front and have her hand feel the ground frantically for something, anything, to help her. Her palm brushed a sharpened edge and she grabbed it, not caring just what it was. The piece of pipe dug painfully into her own palm as she gripped it and plunged the jagged rusty piece into the creature's skull as it rushed back at her. She rolled over on top of it and tore the pipe out again, only to slam it back into the monster's skull. Brown blood splattered across her face but she continued to stab it...

    As it stopped moving, it's shrill cry fading she was left in silence yet again she scrambled back until her naked back hit the cold steel of the wall. Eryn looked at the pipe in her hand and tossed it away, it clattered a few feet away. Oh god, what had just happened? What had that thing been? She whimpered, curling herself up and putting her palms onto her temples, trying to catch her breath, she closed her eyes and tried to wander into happy thoughts. Silence was what she needed, she held her breath to get it, however... plip, plop, plip. Her currently pale blue eyes opened hesitantly and darted toward the sound only to see the unpleasantly sight of a man hanging from an open vent, innards sprawled about and blood trickling down his placid dead features. Her eyes wandered about the room, observing the empty room and the bodies that lay littered around it.

    Had there been anything in her stomach she would have vomited. All that emerged from her gut was water and bile, she spat it out and wiped her lips with her wrist.

    It took another moment before her body registered how cold she was, she glanced down at her bare... everything. Of course she'd been aware that she was in the nude, however it hadn't really registered until that moment, with this new factor in play she stood and cautiously hobbled toward the door she'd been running toward in the first place. As she moved she passed a row of lockers, one such locker was laying in front of the pod that had once been hers, the brass name plate read, 'Lockett, C'. She blinked and turned toward the locker, taking the lock in hand and trying the first three numbers that came to mind. No good. She tried another combination and again the lock refused to comply. The girl gave it another shot, and another, on her ninth attempt it clicked open and she sighed in relief. The woman opened the creaky door, glancing around cautiously before reaching in a gripping a dark leather fabric.

    She pulled it out and found it to be a black body suit, otherwise known as her regular uniform aboard this ship, at the appearance of this piece she recalled being presented this to wear when she'd first boarded. For the life of her she couldn't remember who she'd come with.. she continued to rummage and hanging off the door was a necklace. She gripped the chain and found dogtags, as well as an oval locket that appeared to be welded shut, she didn't pay it much mind, not nearly as much as the tags... so she was a military dog, huh? The thought caused a blurry image to flash in her mind, a logo and a handful of marching men and women in uniform. She blinked, glanced at it again and shook her head, she needed to dress herself, not go down memory lane.

    Hopefully her past would come flooding back, but for now if another one of those.... things (because she was certain that with this much discord there had to be more, that last bugger wasn't nearly as fat as it should have been if it had eaten all these people), came this way she would be screwed-- she plucked a pair of combat boots off the top shelf and a knife was found sticking out of the shoe-- or not. The suit itself was about three times her size as she stepped into it, however as she pressed a button on the chest it tightened to her figure, covering her from her ankles to her neck and right down her arms to her fingertips. The fabric felt alien, but it provided warmth that was much needed, Eryn moved back to the locker, grabbing a pair of combat pants and throwing them over her skin tight suit.

    She put the tags over top of that, then went about tying her hair up and out of the way, her overgrown bangs fell into her face and her oddly colored lock seemed more prominent now, however she had priorities over her hair. Socks, followed by the boots she'd stumbled across were next to adorn her. She checked the locker for anything more, and found a belt which she used to hold the knife's sheath along with that of a gun that she opened to check for batteries--unsure of how she knew to do so in such an effortless manner. Unfortunately the gun proved to be useless at that moment, for there were no compatible batteries to be found. She found a few other pieces of equipment, finding a way to store it on her person one way or another, whether it be in her pocket or hanging off her belt. After looking the locker over once more she sighed and stepped back, she needed something to set her mind on, something she needed to focus on. That objective was now find a working gun or some useful batteries, perhaps an actual person if she was lucky. Just like that she set off, fingers curled around the hilt of her knife in anticipation of anything she might stumble across.
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  7. Mama...papa...I can't....breathe...

    Alice slowly opened her eyes.Her vision was blurry and a faint growling sound can be heard from where she was.As her vision started to gain its focus, she saw a moist glass above her.It seemed like it was moist on the outside and a bit on the inside as well probably because she had been breathing heavily the second she woke up."Where am I...?" she mumbled, lifting both her hands in front of her and leaned them on the glass.The glass moved a little bit as she put pressure on it.The cryopod she was in was already deactivated and the longer she was inside it,the harder it was to breathe.

    Alice pushed open the glass with her weak arms and sat on the edge of the pod before standing on her legs and ending up falling down on all fours.She had been asleep for a very long time and it was hard for her to recompose herself.She looked around her surroundings.There were broken pieces of different objects covering most of the floor,and there were also some broken crates scattered in the huge room.She attempted to stand again,and this time she was a bit wobbly on her feet but she still managed to gain her balance after a while.She looked down at her frail body.Nothing on her except for a necklace with a red heart-shaped pendant hanging around her neck.Behind the pendant had the name "Alice" engraved at the bottom."Alice...?Is that my name...?" she said,still staring at the calligraphy on the pendant.Her memory was a blur.She didn't remember who she she got there...who brought her there...where everyone was.

    "H-hello?" she called out.No response.Looking around once more,she found a surprisingly undamaged crate that had some clothes sticking out of it.Walking over to it,Alice dug through the pile and looked for clothes that would fit her.The only one she found was a white sundress with red ribbons on it and white flip-flops for her feet.After putting them on,she heard some growling.t was like the one she heard from earlier,but this time it sounded closer."H-hello?" she repeated,her voice starting to shake as she started to walk around.The growling sounded even closer."M-mama...?Papa...?" she called out.Right when she said those,she felt a sudden thump in her chest.Even though she still has a fuzzy memory,she knew that those two names were important to her,and only seeing them would give her comfort.

    Alice was getting more and more scared.Something was definitely watching her,she could feel it.Her heart skipped a beat once she turned her head towards a wall and saw blood splats and hand marks all over it."Mama!Papa!Where are you!?" she she begged,tears starting to run down her cheeks.Then she heard scratching sounds...that sounded like they were following her.She tried her best to not look back,but once she saw a shadow forming over her,she quickly turned around and saw it;a monster that somewhat resembles a man with mantis arms,only the arms were bloody blades.The monster's mouth,which was a vertical line slicing between its face,let out a screech,and Alice immediately screamed at the top of her lungs and ran away in search of the door.

    "MAMA! PAPA! HELP! SAVE ME,PLEASE!" she exclaimed as she ran,tears continuously coming out of her eyes.The monster went after her with heavy steps,and each step it made made Alice scream even louder.She kept calling for her parents,but who were they exactly?She didn't even remember how they looked like.Whoever they were,she knew that she needed them right here,right now.
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  8. The sounds were scattered and far away, but everything made Mia flinch. The corridor was wide and there was barely a place that wasn't dented scratched or covered with blood or unknown substance that she didn't care to try and identify. By now she had halted long enough to get her dark wavy hair gathered up into a make shift knot and out of the way, then tie a rag around the cut in her palm. Her feet were much more steady now and her path took her to a split in the hall. She hooked a left into a lighted room, what looked like some sort of quarters or cryostorage bay. Rows of busted cryopods and more broken items were strewn about the large room, but her eye closed in on one unopened unit. She hit the pad on the wall seeing another door to escape through, across the way, but the one she came in only closed part way. "Shit.."

    Approaching the cryo, she halted at another bay of lockers, search through for anything of value to her at the moment and had to stifle a scream of delight when she came across a useful weapon. The locker was broken like most everything and try as she might she couldn't unjam the door. Panic threatened to take over but she calmed herself, teeth grating as she stared at the plasma cutter through the small gap.

    Stand by.... Liam Anderson, Cryosleep deactivated. Unlock sequence initiated.

    The voice made Mia muffle her yelp with her bloody hand and she flattened her body against a large pod in the center of the room until her heart slowed. The pod hummed mysteriously and when she pulled away the flashing lights on it changed patterns mysteriously. When nothing else happened her mind drifted back to the cryopod. Swallowing thickly, her eyes noted the difference between the broken cryopods and this fancier one opening before her eyes, completely forgetting the strange unit in the center of the room.

    As it hummed through the unlock sequence she walked toward it. Too many things nudged the fog in her head. Liam... Anderson?.. As if in a trance she walked towards the open pod and peered in cautiously. A strand of hair fell in her face and she tucked it behind her ear, hastily and examined the what lay in front of her. "...holy.. shit..." she whispered, reaching a hand in to brush against the suit this Liam Anderson wore. Brown eyes flicked up to see if the male was awake and when she saw no signs of full consciousness within the suit yet, she continued examining him.

    A light came on in her mind and for the first time since she came out of her own pod a little grin appeared on her face. Looking around and listening carefully, she heard nothing close by, just the distance moaning of ship metal and other eerie background sounds that combined to create most fucked up theme music possible for this ship. Patting her pockets she dug into the right one on her leg and her grin grew larger. "There you are my sweet little precious. Momma needs your help and then we will find a way to get the fuck out of this nightmare." kissing the data chip she easily climbed into the cryopod, straddling the sleeping male across his hips. It would at least take another five or ten minutes before he'd be fully woke so she got to work quickly, inserting the chip into the center of the breastplate. All she needed was one minute, "Just a quicky and I'll be all done with you baby." she grinned to herself. Just as it finished and the chip was ejected she inserted it back into the small case and slipped it into the secure pocket lining. As Mia swung her legs over to climb down, the now familiar growl and scraping sounds came to her ears. "Oh hell no... no, no, no..." Quick thinking had her pull the hatch closed on the cryopod, though she had to lay flat across Liam's body to do it. It was a tight fit, she felt the suit press into her stomach where the vest did not cover her skin, but she got it closed, hoping that this pod was barely damaged for a reason. A scream startled her and through the small glass window, she saw two males run into the room. One didn't even make it all the way inside before half his body was sliced off, the other screamed in agony, but Mia turned her face away to keep herself from screaming as well.
  9. (OOC: This scene is what Liam is doing in his sleep to Mia)

    "Liam?" a woman said. Liams eyes opened as he looked and saw nothing but a room, with furniture and all types of things. A woman curled up to his side and smiled "Hey.." he said as he moved his hand on the lower back of her back, he pressed firmly to hold her close. "You know I love you right?" she asked as she looked up at him. He looked down at her and nodded "I know, I love you too. I always have and always will." he said as he felt a single tear run down his face. She looked up at him and sat a finger on his cheek and brushed it away "'s not your fault. You did the best you could." she said with a smile. "I could have done more...I should have saved you.." he said as he looked down at her and kissed her deeply. "I don't want to wake up, I want to stay here with you..Christi.." he said as he kissed her. He held on to her tightly. "I know, but you have to wake have too, Liam." she said in a worried tone. " don't want too.." he said as he shook his head and holding on to her "Liam, wake up!" she said in a tone. "No...I'm not leaving you!" he said. "LIAM!!!!" she scream

    Liams eyes shot open as he heard a horrid scream. He looked around and could feel someone on him. His hand on her lower back, held tightly around her, holding her. He looked and then saw a female in his arms and she was half naked. He just gasped "What the..." he said as he let go of her. He blushed so hard. "Damn it..." he said to himself. He looked at her "What the hell are you doing in here?" he asked as he looked at her. He shook his head and was about to say something else till he heard another scream and another horrid growl. "What the fuck was that?" he said as he was about to press on the pod to open but something came and pressed up against the window and shattered it with it's head "Holy balls!" he yelled as he held the female back. It was trying to nom on his face but wasn't able too. It stepped back and started to charge at him with it's arm in the air. Liam shook his head "No!" he yelled as it began to charge and stuck it through the hole and made a little bigger hole. Liam put his hand up and caught it. "Mmmmaaaahhhh..." he groaned. "FUCK OFF!" he yelled as he pushed the thing back and nearly pushed it like a super him. It began to shuffle its feet, trying to hold ground. It tripped over some wire and did a front flip making one of it's arms fly down and it landing on top of it. It went straight up the end that would hurt a male...very bad. Yes, the balls up..."Oh shit...." he exclaimed as he saw the scene unfold. He kind of chuckled as it happened. He looked at the girl as his helmet unfolded down like a something like Dead Space. His icy bluish white gray eyes look at her. His icy white hair falling to his face. "Guess that means danger is over? What the hell are those things?" he asked. Soon after he asked that, his helmet came back on. And more came toward the door, shit. He saw something in that other pod and grabbed a piece of the pod and through it at the control panel. Making begin to deactivate to open.
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  10. Eryn
    Military Dog; Prodigy Marksman

    By some miracle Eryn stumbled across very few of those... things--which she had decided to label Rippers--, most of them had been alone but every now and again she'd caught sight of a pack that was made up of three of more. For such groups she had simply snuck away rather than tempting fate, the girl had managed to navigate her way about while avoiding combat whenever necessary, killing as many as she could wasn't her mission after all. Her true goal was to stay alive, in order to do that she needed a weapon that would aid in long range combat, and so she'd been scavenging from the countless bodies that lay sprawled across the group, namely those that were wearing the same uniform as her --but with assorted ranks on their sleeves-- she found three batteries, two were half dead, the other was 3/4 full. The girl loaded up the gun with power, now determined on testing the piece, a bit of wandering was due before she rounded the corner of what she'd been searching for. A Ripper had done what Rippers do best, having torn it's prey down the middle, it was hunched over the poor man now, chewing away at the intestines and ripping flesh of of bones. She whistled slightly to catch it's attention and in turn it looked up from it's meal, screeching before charging toward her.

    Most would have been stiff with fear, or perhaps trigger happy because they didn't want it too close. Eryn on the other hand, was completely and utterly calm, almost eerily so, she paused for a few second as it drew closer at a sprint

    "Get out of my face you ugly mother fucker"
    She growled, her teeth were grit but the corner of her mouth twitched up into a grin. She pulled the trigger and it's skull shattered, brain decorated the walls, the smell was grotesque and rotten but she felt a sense of pride swell in her chest. She took a step toward the creature and knelt down, Eryn had been checking the monsters too, for it seemed they were once human, hard as that was to believe. She patted down the pockets, only finding an empty holster that was of no use to her, much to her dismay. She frowned and stood, bushing herself off and looking at the beast's corpse with distaste.

    The voice echoed down the hallway, it was faint by the time it reached Eryn's own ears but she looked up from the Ripper's corpse at the sound of another human voice nonetheless, it was such a young cry that it sounded almost familiar. There was an annoying itch in the back of her mind and she scratched it as she took a cautious step toward the origin of the voice. A memory came back in such force that she actually had to lean on a wall to keep from collapsing, she clutched the side of her head and then her eyes flashed up in the direction from whence the voice had come.
    "Rosie?" She whispered, an image of the little girl she knew lingering in her mind "Rosie?! Is that you?"
    Her words had been mumbled and quiet, so she expected no response, instead she took her firearm in hand and hurried down the hall, moving up a single set of short stairs with urgency, moving from the engineering deck to the cargo hold. The doors lay open, in a sense at least, there was a massive gaping hole in the left door, about two meters high.

    From the look of it, it had probably been from a kind of grenade, pieces of flesh lay scattered about, and immediately she had an idea of what had gone on. In a situation like that Eryn wasn't surprised that some people would choose to go out on their own terms, however to the blonde it was just another way of running. Killing oneself was, to her, meant for cowards, however it looked like this guy had taken a couple bastards with him, making his sacrifice forgivable. At least he'd done something with his last moments, rather than just allowing himself to be devoured. A screetch from inside the cargo hold caught her attention,
    "Rose?!" She yelled in response as she quickly knelt before the hole and peered inside at the scene of a child being hunted mercilessly by a Ripper, to her dismay she was different from the young girl Eryn recalled, the one who was supposedly called Rose. Eryn felt a wave of disappointment but still crouched and hurried in through the hole, she wasn't just going to let it tear into the little girl. "Watch out kid, duck or... something"

    She called as she raised the gun, not wanting to miss and accidently hit the child. When she couldn't afford any more hesitance she pulled the trigger and the impact knocked the creature onto it's back as it smacked into it's Lost face. Flesh burned away and the brain lay exposed and charred, still the monster moved weakly, she rushed forward to observe it, pointing the gun and pausing. It wasn't crying, not even whimpering now, if was just weakly lifting it jagged arms to try and impale and rip into her... these things were practically machine. Kill, Eat, Multiply... it was revolting to her. She lowered her gun as it's arm fell to the side, it tried to lift it again, it seemed unable to function correctly anymore. Now that it couldn't it seemed so very pathetic,
    "You bastards killed them all"
    She murmured in a low, feral voice, glaring daggers at the weak, twitching creature. As if in acknowledgment it made a weak noise and she spat before lifting her foot and smashing the remainder of it's head in. She paused for only a moment, her face a picture of cold rage, before she stepped back and looked at the little girl. "You okay?" She asked, her features softening, though she didn't remember, she'd always had a soft spot for kids.
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  11. Drew had spent a good ten minutes trying to get the doors to the prison bay open. He couldn't remember why he was there, but at least it didn't sound like anything was nearby. He was careful not to make too much noise, frightened that whatever had killed the men on security detail would find him.

    Eventually, he got the door opened, and began racing down the blood-stained hallways, his feet tapping lightly on the floor. The prison bay seemed to be on the bottom of the ship, near the cargo hold, and Drew didn't hear it see much of anything. Cautiously, he searched the various rooms for supplies. Inside one, he found a pack and filled it with a med pack and a couple containers of water, not sure of the situation.

    He didn't find any weapons, though, even on the bodies he passed. His worry growing as he searched, he soon heard voices, and skidded to a halt. Pressing himself against a wall, he inched forward before peering around the corner and into the next room. It was a girl, and a little kid nearby. Beneath the girl--young woman--was some sort of monster, though it appeared to be dead. The blood and guts beneath it added to his theory.

    Creeping forward, he opened his mouth to speak up, hoping that they might know what was going on. Glancing down at the tattoo on his arm, he frowned, knowing how he must look with a barcode on his arm. Tugging the sleeves of his shirt down a bit, he cleared his throat, assuming an open, unthreatening stance so no trigger happy woman shot him.

    "Umm...hello?" he asked, brushing his hair back.
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  12. He moved. It was slow, but Liam's arm was now around her waist, holding her lower back gently and more intimately than a total stranger should, but she couldn't say much the way she was draped on him. "What a way to wake up, player. Grab the woman before you respond to the murder monsters roaming the place." she mumbled, then flinched as the glass broke. It wasn't as sturdy as she thought, maybe they just missed it the first go.

    "I'm trying to hide, but that's a moot point now. Shit!" she ducked her head, leaning into him. He let go of her, but she sure as hell didn't let go of him. Mia clung for dear life, but as the creature leaned, in she clung even tighter moving her head as she watched Liam fight to keep it off his face. His grip on her suddenly tighten, but the pain to her bare skin did not register with the state of fear she was in and the flow of adrenaline.

    "No it's not over, I'm... not sure what those things are, but I do know there are a lot of them, everywhere." her words weren't quite a truthful. She had a theory, but her mind was still a little cloudy when she tried to remember things. She squirmed from his embrace, trying to wipe the image of his face from her mind. It was not needed right now. Way too distracting. It was best not to get attached to her target, even if she already got what she needed. "I need to get into that locker, but it's stuck- What are you activating that for?!" She yelled as Liam triggered the pod. "That thing was sealed tight for a reason!" Then she heard them coming again and cursed to herself again. Making a wide path around the deactivating pod, she reached the broken wall locker. "Yo, Anderson? This locker! I need that cutter out of there now! Help me! Please?!" They were running out of time, but she had seen him close up toss that thing off of them.
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  13. Liam stepped out of the pod but lowered his body a little and held on to his head "Mmmmmph...damn it..what's wrong with my head?" he said as he stood up a bit. He looked around and saw the girl and then saw a bunch of those things come in through the door. He walked over to the locker and yanked it open and looked at the girl "Their." he said and turned around and grabbed the monster who was seconds away from sinking its arms and teeth into him. He threw it down on the ground and stomped on it's face and then another one tackled him to the floor. He looked at the girl "Hurry! Come on!!" he exclaimed as he tried to get the thing off of him. Then another came to his side. He forcefully threw it off him as it flew straight out the door and slammed against the wall. He jumped to his feet and grabbed a metal pole and swung it in the air and slammed it down on it's face and smashed a huge hole in it's head. Another came in "Oh come on! What the fuck!?" he yelled as he tore the arm off the dead monster and threw it at the other and got two in a row. It screamed so loud, he took the pole and stabbed it in it's mouth "Shut up." he said as he yanked it back out. He fought off 6 of those things by himself. He walked over to the girl and looked at her "Did you get everything?" he asked. He was about to say something till he saw a locker start peeping. He looked at it. His helmet detached itself from his face. His eyes and hair showing once more. He walked over to it. He looked at the lettering on the locker, "Liam Anderson" he said out loud. He touched it and it opened automatically. His eyes widened. It had weapons. A plasma cutter, a bolt pistol, a plasma little sword. Everything. He grabbed everything and equipped it to his armor. He saw a audio log and a note. He picked up the note"DO NOT READ TILL IT IS SAFE." it read. Then he flipped it over and read "YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL! DO NOT DIE!" it read once more. He put the audio log and note in his side pocket and looked at the girl. "So? How do I look?" he asked as his icy bluish white eyes looked at her. His weapons strapped on to him.
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  14. The sound suddenly stopped. She heard the thing scuffle out there. And then it went completley silent. That's when she heard it to. Echoes. Faint but they where there.

    The thing moved again. Towards the exit. Alyssa let out a shaking breath in her hands. Trying to be as silent as possible. Even her pounding hearth seemed to loud to her. A moment later she couldn't hear it any more as it went out of ears reach.

    For a moment the girl just crawled up even more against the wall crying silently. Shaking. Just letting out a lot of stress into tears. It took several minutes before she regained her self.
    At that moment she silently got up. There was nothing else of use left in the room. And looking down on the suit she realised she would have to find more clothes as this was clearly not meant to be worn without something over it.

    Taking a deep breath at the door she leaned out looking around before quickly sneaking over to the other side of the large room. Avoiding to look towards the pods. Instead just focusing on another exit leading into some other rooms. Every sound at this moment made her jump. And every sound she made felt like a roar that everything in the entire ship could hear.

    There had to be other survivors.
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  15. 30 minutes ago.

    -click- "System lock down lifted, Authorized by civilian Mia" -click-

    Hunger. This is the only thought that processed through Six's mind as the human female stumbled past. It hadn't eaten for over six months having been locked in cryo only for it's natural resistance to keep it conscious in the cold. Having been locked away and awake Six had only kept alive due to a state of hibernation. But now it was free. And the meal it craved was right in front of it.

    Opening the pod silently Six stalked it's prey watching how she interacted with her environment. It watched intrigued as she opened the door and watched as she reached into the damaged locker. 'Danger' Six backed off as it's instincts flared. It remembered the weapon, the weapon threw lines of heat at its target. He wasn't afraid of the "gun" having recalled being hit by it, no it rather enjoyed the feeling of the heat against its exoskeleton. No, it feared the gun next to it but it dint know why.

    Stand by.... Liam Anderson, Cryosleep deactivated. Unlock sequence initiated.

    Six quickly skittered back as the female was startled by the voice. Only to watch her climb into the pod. Letting out a shriek of irritation attracting a in a abomination. Coiling Six prepared to attack it and defended itself…but the attack never came, the abomination looked in Six's direction but couldn't see the Xenomorph. Six paid no mind moving to the lockers and reaching in with its tail destroyed the magazines and spare batteries inside. Satisfied Six climbed the wall and destroyed the lights besides the flickering computers before climbing into one of the upper corners. From it's vantage point watched the abomination and it's eventual slaughter by the black armored male. And as it watched it learned and pieced together information and tactics from the safety of the shadows unseen. Planing, plotting, remembering, and healing Six grew stronger by the minute only needing one thing…

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  16. "Rose?!"

    Alice was quickly filled with hope when she heard a yell from outside.She searched the room fOr the source of the voice and found her at the entrance,seeming a bit disappointed that she wasn't the so-called 'Rose' the woman was calling for.

    When she was asked to duck, she quickly jumped out of the way, crouching into a ball like an armadillo.She closed her eyes shut and put her hands ober her ears.She didn't want to see any more of this.She didn't want to hear the monster anymore.She wanted to go home.

    The blast of the gun...The splatter, icky sounds of the monster's body parts as it was being annihilated by the gunshot...she heard it in a blur, but it still made her stomach twist.She can feel her hands trembling in fear over her ears as her mind raced in thoughts.Is it over? Is she still there? Did she leave me? Am I going to die...? She didn't know what to do.Her negative thoughts were disrupted by a voice that made her flinch and at the same time gave her relief.

    She stood up and looked up at the unfamiliar face who just saved her from being ripped into pieces of flesh.She froze for a moment, staring at the woman's face.She wanted to hug her, but somehow she couldn't manage herself to get up nor move."I...I-I..." She tried to say something with her shaky voice, but the only thing that came out were tears that started to stream down her cheeks.Was it tears of joy or fear? She couldn't tell.But she was at least a bit happy that there was someone else there.
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  17. Eryn
    Military Dog; Prodigy Marksman

    The little girl seemed petrified. she was quivering in fear looking up at the blonde woman with something along the lines of admiration...? Thankfulness? She couldn't tell and right now, and really it didn't matter. The main focus was that the kid was scared and she'd nearly been torn in two by a Ripper, if she was anything like herself and had been asleep until now--she assumed so considering how pristine she and her little sundress looked-- then there was no need to truly question her. The priority was to care for her and comfort her, she knelt down so that she could be at eye-level with the younger girl. Her arctic blue eyes smiled with kindness and an attempt on compassion, "I...I-I..."
    The child began in a shaking low voice, the girl's cheeks were reddening and she could see her eyes growing watery. Her stomach lurched with discomfort as she began to sob but her heart went out to her, this was a lot to take in, the girl smiled and took a stab at a comforting tone,
    "H-Hey.... it's alright, you're safe. You'll be alright. Please don't,uh, please don't cry little one" She said with unease, she wasn't really good with crying especially not girls, or children really even if she did have a sweet spot for them, "My name is Eryn. Eryn Lockett. What's yours-?"

    Her eyes darted over, she could hear timid footsteps creeping toward them. She held her finger up to the girl to signal silence as she clutched the grip of the firearm, standing, raising the gun and turning on her heel in one second long movement she pointed the gun at the intruder and after a moment her heart skipped a beat.
    "Umm...hello?" The newcomer said with an audible question mark at the end of the greeting as well as a nervous edge, had this been a typical time and had she been in her regular mind set she probably would have questioned him with her gun still up. Th case with the little was girl was of course different. The girl was a child, and so she felt inclined to trust her, though another survivor was more relaxing than the idea of a handful of mutated freaks he was an adult and a male and a little voice whispered that she didn't usually trust people. She ignored it and lowered the gun, she wasn't going to take the 'Shoot first ask questions later' route that seemed to feel so natural. The blonde let relief flooded into her features. There were others, she wasn't alone, not entirely. The little voice whispered otherwise. She stood in silence and realized she wasn't sure what to say, it felt like so long since she'd actually spoken to someone and the strangeness of the general situation had a negative effect on her sociability. She placed the gun slowly in her holster and moved her hands way before nodding at the boy and trying to feign indifference at his arrival. "Hi there. I'm uh, Eryn. Welcome to Hell I suppose"

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  18. Mia lost count at seven, but somehow managed to grab the plasma cutter from the damaged locker Liam freed open for her, while he slaughtered the disgusting things one after another. She grabbed that and a jacket that was in there. The vest she wore made her shiver uncontrollably when not trying to fight off the creatures or run for her life. "Yeah! I got it, let's get out of here." Watching him carefully she didn't get a chance to see what the note said, but it did make her curious.

    He removed his helmet and she studied him, shaking her head and refocusing on her find. The cutter was low and she couldn't find a working magazine, giving up after the third try, she would just have to depend on Liam and use what few shots she had wisely until more could be found. "Lovely," she replied dryly with a smirk avoiding looking at him any longer for the moment. Moving towards the door she lowered her self to the floor again and took a quick glance into the silent hall. "I think we should keep moving. As cold as it is in here, we need to check life support. As fucked up as this place is who knows how long we will have air-" A sound broke off her suggestion, but it was the steady padding of running humans that startled her. the relief was short lived when three people burst through, creatures hot on there heels.

    "Help me! help us! What the hell is going on in this place?!" the man was clearly panicking and the two people behind him were in bad shape. Mia was surprised they kept up. With no time to answer she grabbed up scrap metal to hack at the smaller creatures, instead of waste precious shots from the plasma cuter just yet.

    There was only two and she took care of them easy, but she had no desire to risk her life with the panicked and severely injured crowd that was now with them. Standing guard by the door, she looked to Liam with a an inquisitive glance for a suggestion, as the three huddled in the furthest corner of the room.
  19. Six observed it's prey from the shadows, it watched how they fought and reacted. One, the male fought with brutality and vicious that seemed vaguely familiar. The other intrigued Six, she was smart. Not only had she retrieved the weapon before rushing in and after she did she still did not fight. Six knew that the projectile holders were needed to make the weapon useful. No, in fact she waited for the proper moment to strike. If it weren't for the armor and weapons the male possessed than it would deem the female as more dangerous.

    Six sprinkled acid across the walls and floors weakening them almost to the breaking point. As it prepared to lunge and break through the grated floor steel. Decent prey arrived three of them all of whom . And they were injured and causing Six's hunger to reemerged from within.

    And so Six chose another plan… lunging forward six unused it's tail to knock the into the wall rendering them unconscious, the floor collapsing the grating leaving them to fall into the ship's sewage systems. Turning to the distracted male Six dashed forward smashing him and a good number of abominations out the door way. Six then slowly standing on it's back legs, lifting up one of it's arms repeating the action it had seen the hosts preform pressing the holo display next to the door. After the door shut Six slowly turned to the female approaching her, it's hight adding to its already imposing appearance towering at 8 1/2 feet. When it reached her the Xenomorph leaned forward letting out a soft shriek testing her observing her reaction and basking in the scent of fear.

    Turning Six grabbed the head of one of the two abominations remaining in the room. Six crushed the head in it's hand before slashing the body cutting it as if it were nothing more than paper throwing the remains into another the other abomination. Approaching the downed creature the xeno used it's tail to stab the creature in the crotch. Six then yanked the tale violently forward and upward causing the tail spines to tear apart the grating and saw the creature in half from the crotch through the top part of the head, splattering both abominations' blood and organs across the room in copious amounts.

    Moving towards the hole where it's stood lay waiting. Six looked over it's shoulder giving Mia something similar to a predatory grin scaring her for the rest of her life. With this Six disappeared down the hole grabbing it's prey and disappearing into the darkness once again to feast upon it's prey.
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  20. As Liam watched what just happened, he chuckled a little. "Hm...." he said as he kept watching. Everything just looked familiar. He couldn't pin point what it was. Six looked familiar, this place looked familiar, everything looked familiar. He wanted to literally join in on the fun and then attack that thing but seeing the acid dripping from its mouth, he didn't think that was such a good idea. He didn't know what to do but just watch, so he did.

    Then, as he finished. He realized that the entire time, he was staring at Mia. He looked at her and then dashed in front of her. Six finished killing and brutal ripping things apart, but stared at her. He knew she wasn't dangerous as Liam is. She was an easy target. He pulled out blade and looked directly at Six. "Test me..." he said as he held it tightly in his hand. The thing moved and grabbed it's 'food' and went into a hole. He looked down at it and then studied it. "Something is familiar about him...." he said to himself.

    He looked at Mia and walked over to her " okay?" he asked as he stood near and looked a little down to meet her eyes.
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