Pandora's Box: The Awakening.

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  1. Do let you imagination run wild with this if you must listen to this piece of music when you read this.
    Mercy In Darkness by Two Steps From Hell

    Okay, well lets hope you enjoy this.

    The year is 3539....
    Imagine you are on this ship but you are in Cryo Sleep and have been for nearly 2 years. You awake up in this capsule and you look around and see nothing but a few bloody hand prints on the glass window, the lights are flickering, some of the capsules have been ripped open and blood is all over them, some with body parts still left inside. Glass has been shattered or busted in. You try to get out but can't but out of nowhere it opens by itself and says your name and you fall straight out, gasping for air and receive it. You look around and it's dark, and smells like blood and decaying bodies. Your locker is nothing but a few yards away, you barely remember your name, who you are but it comes to you from time to time. As you are getting dressed you hear this horrid scream come from afar. You don't know what it could be and you check to look at what that was and you walk around the corner and flash a light in the dark and can't see anything but then you hear...crunching and gets louder each step you take and then you see it, something is eating another person and it sees you and screams at you and stands up, then, these long tentacals with sharps points at the end come from its body and charges at you, screaming. You run and run but it grabs you and tries to bite down on you. You are doing everything you can to get it off you and you find something sharp near your hand and you stab it in the head over and over and over and it dies. Now, your job is to find survivors, weapons and to get the fuck off this ship. Do you have the guts to survive? I hope you do because you are going to need more than just guts, but balls.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this now. Let me lay down some more details for you. Everyone and as everyone, I mean they, you, no one will wake up in the same place, they will awaken in other stages of the attack, some can have trades such as, mechanics or electricians, etc. Not all will be woken up at the same time nor at the same place. Some may be woken up before others and fought more than the others. And I to give you more insight, the ship is dead, the survivors need to find a way to start the ship back up and radio for help or travel around through space to find other survivors that's around the ship and everything. The ship is huge, if you have played DeadSpace, it's like that. But a hell of a lot worse. But it will be a fight for the survival. Some will not make it all out alive. We, meaning you and I, since you are the first to see this, can think up more ways to twist the plot and everything, give it that..."HOLY FUCK! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!!!"...type of reaction.

    Now, is their weapons? Don't know. It's a huge ship! You never know. Now, as for the creatures, their are zombies, but their are others. Some of them are like the creatures from Dead Space but 10 times worse and more brutal. You have Grubs. Grubs are over sized monsters who will fuck you up in a heartbeat and spread you over a bread like jelly. Now, their will be drama, romance, everything. If you want to be a main Character put "(Would like to be a Main Character, if possible.)" before you post your CS. I already have spots saved for other people. Anyone can join. Their will be cussing, blood and gore. If you have any questions. Just let me know :)

    NO GOD MODDING!! Please?
    Don't kill other people off without permission.
    Post regularly. Don't want to keep people waiting.
    If you drop out. Kill yourself off or ask me or someone to kill you off. Would love to do that.
    If you are a Main Character? YOU CAN NOT KILL YOURSELF OR DROP OUT! PERIOD!
    And last rule......kill some mofos and have fun!

    Character Sheets:
    Now, you can be whoever you want to be(No supernatural, demons, Dark Magic, or good Magic. Magic types will be explained in the rp) . I don't give a shit what it is(Human wise or robot).
    If you are going to be a Main Character do put (Would like to be a Main Character, if possible.) before you post yours CS.

    Doing on the Ship:
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?:
    If Military, what rank?:
    If Criminal, for what?
    Other? Explain:
    Appearance/Looks (picture or describe or both):
    Bio (Be specific, please):

    Now, this is my character. I'll show you what to do for the CS.

    (Main Character. THE MAIN CHARACTER)
    Name: Liam Anderson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Doing on the Ship: Military transfer for some reason.
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?: Military
    If Military, what rank?: Sergeant. Classified as a Rookie, but not your ordinary Rookie.
    If Criminal, for what?: N/A
    Other? Explain: N/a
    Appearance/ Looks:

    Without his suit:

    With his suit. Not a ordinary suit. Their is a reason why this rookie has this suit. Very important rookie.
    Bio:Liam was born into a very wealthy family. And raised in it as well. Nothing but loads of money. He could have anything in the world but that wasn't him. He worked for everything. His father and Uncles put him through fighting style when he was 8 years old. All types of Martial Arts, (Black Belt in all), Kick Boxing, Street Kick Boxing, Boxing, Street Boxing. Now, when he hit, 15 or 16, they decided to push his skills and put him in UFC and MMA, with Mix Martial Arts. He's a fighter, always have and always will be. He finished high school when he was 17 and went to college that same semester. He's a smart kid, but he always wanted to join the Marines. The Marines. It was his dream. Soon after college, about a 2 years or three, he joined the Marines and went to boot camp for 3 months. Aced his ASVAP, his Physical, and his Mental. He aced everything. He was put through a higher level boot camp with 12 others. He was the first to be put in their. He doesn't talk much anymore. He lost his friend in battle 5 months ago. That was the first battle they were in together. And ever since he's been out for their blood. Soon, they transferred him to another ship for some reason. His journey begins when he awakes.
    Personality: Stubborn for the most part, doesn't like taking orders for stupid reasons, not take criticism to well either, but is a very good help with a lot of things. Fun to chill with, loving and caring, very sly with a lot of things, amazing at negotiating with things. But he does have a temper, hates people that belittle others and puts them down or bullies, he hates assholes. Like badly. Put a huge Grub in the hospital because of it. He isn't to be trifled with at all. He's very protective around his friends and people. He'd lay his life down for that person, even if he didn't know that guy or woman. If it's a unfair fight with another guy, then he jumps and fights by his side. That's just how he is.
    Extra: N/A

    Hope you join!!
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  2. (Would like to be a main character is possible)
  3. iwaku character 6.jpg

    Name: Katana
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Doing on the Ship: Sent off to be hidden
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?: Assassin
    Other? Explain: An assassin. Works for no one, aims to kill anyone military related

    Bio (Be specific, please): Katana was sick at a young age. She could remember her mother practicing in dark magic. Katana was in and out of the hospital. Sick with many illnesses. The doctors would always repeat to her mother and father that she didn't have long before she would pass on. Katana was unable to get out of bed, most days she wasn't even able to speak. One day her mother came across a dark spell that could bring her daughter back to health and she would never have to worry about being sick again. So her mother carried through with the spell. Doctors all around the globe questioned how it was Katana was so healthy after many years of suffering. A close friend of Katana's mother spoke of magic and odd things that went on with her family. Within moments the military was there capturing both her father and mother and even the young Katana. Years passed as they were placed under military watch. One night while they all slept her mother sacrificed her life to save her daughters. Performing a spell that would give Katana battle skills that no one could ever imagine, causing her to become the ultimate assassin. Katana watched as her mother and father were slaughtered in front of her. Full of rage she killed every man in her path escaping the military prison only to be turned in and betrayed by someone who was her close friend.

    Personality: Has nothing but bitterness in her heart. She only cares for herself and will kill anyone or anything that stands in the way of what it is she wants. No one has been able to bring the soft side out of her and no one ever will. She lives for one reason and one reason alone. To avenge her family and she will stop at nothing until she has completed that mission.

    (Does this sound ok? Is there anything else you would like to know or like me to add?)
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  4. Name: "Six"
    Age: unspecified
    Gender: unspecified
    Doing on the Ship: Military test subject
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?: Subject: **N*M*R*PH SIX
    If Military, what rank?: Special Unit BK201
    If Criminal, for what? Unspecified
    Other? Explain: Is capable of access all areas of the ship. Six has fought Grubs before and has emerged victorious. As to who Six is other than this I cannot say but guardian knows why.
    Appearance/Looks (picture or describe or both):
    Bio (Be specific, please):
    Personality: Six is ruthless in accomplishing goals and objectives especially with potential assets and unconventional allies but rest assured Six will collect debts when the time is right.
    Extra: Sore will be revealed about Six at later periods in time in but rest assured Six can be your greatest ally in this fight.
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  5. Hello my unconventional comrade! Welcome! The CS seems fine but there is a few things I need to ask. First as said previously said please have her remember things slowly. As is if she remembered her training quickly it would make things unfair. Secondly I ask please do not kill off other members of the crew for being military. If you want your gear you are going to need at least one to open up a armory or certain sections of the ship.
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  6. Also on that note. HEY BOSS!!! Is magic even being permitted? If not Cataleya please find another something to replace it. Even if it's something revolving around her mother being a pseudo Jack the Ripper who ripped up people and sold their organs to pay for a treatment for her. Anything goes as long as it is mostly explainable this is the future.
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  7. **If possible, a Main Character **

    **Minus the face tattoo**


    Kyle and "Rage" Grey




    Male and "Demon"

    Doing on the Ship:

    Was being transported to a high security prison/asylum.

    Criminal/Military/Who are you?:


    If Criminal, for what?

    Murdering several civilians, police, and eventually military personal. Later to find out he has split personalities, anger and stress being his trigger for Rage to come out.

    Other? Explain:

    Once Kyle blacks out after a certain amount of anger, he wakes up forgetting what happened. His black outs can last from minutes, to days, and came close to an entire month during minor therapy on his home planet.

    Bio (Be specific, please)


    Calm, Smart, generally happy, has a love for loud music and vehicles.

    Psychotic, crazily happy, idiotic, extremely perverted, has a love for fire, sharp objects,
    and explosions.

    Kyle was a "handyman" and worked as a mechanic/wielder, and has common knowledge on how to repair things.

    Rage likes cats.
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  8. My char so far

    Name: Alyssa Rascal
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Doing on the Ship: Medical staff
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?: Civilian doctorate student
    If Military, what rank?: n/a
    If Criminal, for what? n/a
    Other? Explain: She is educating her self to become a doctor. Her family knows one of the doctors on this ship and got her onboard as an intern.

    Appearance/Looks (picture or describe or both): I like her eyes....She is about 174cm tall. Normal body build signs of working out but nothing major to notice. You know except in general good looking (hides ego)

    Bio (Be specific, please): Sarah is from an academic family. Her father works in space engineering developing new systems and designs for space ships. Something she held great interest in when she was a little kid. Her Mother works with medicine and studies the effects of humanity increased stay in space.
    Her brothers are spread out. One going a career similar to the mother and the other two similar to the father. Although not really the oldest one is more of a pilot/ships engineer specialist.

    So there is a hint of pressure that you should get a good education in this family although Sarah her self isn't to interested in that. She finally agreed to chose a career path with a good education. She doesn't enjoy her self very much sadly but is putting up a good front not wanting to worry the rest of the family about her own future.

    Personality: Not the toughest person in the bunch. Sarah has a quite submissive personality. Followed by being gentle and someone who is not good with violence. She is a learner however. Good at understanding things and finding solutions. She works better in groups than alone and feels better when someone else takes charge. Also a hopeless dreamer. the innocent touch on could say but there are those kind of people to.

    Extra: ...
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  9. @Cataleya, you are accepeted, but do change the magic part. We can use magic, but not "Dark Magic.". I can use that for possibly Part II, yes I do mean Part II. Depending how this pans out. But you are accepted for Main Character as wells. @Crescent Wanderer, you are accepted!! This is my Co GM guys, all help is perfect! @Lonewolf888978, you are accepted, but if he is an actual Demon, can't be in the CS. I'll change something in my intro of my post. He has to be human, but I can pretty much figure out that his rage is his "Demon", right? And now, Ms. Beautiful Silvir. You are accepted, accepted, accepted! :D Love the Character.

    :D when I get a few more people in. I will start off the IC Thread soon. Don't worry. It's gonna be awesome. I'll select music from my Library for everyone to listen to and such. Like I said, have some fun and kill mofos!
  10. We have a Isaac Clarke, a med student, an assassin, a rage monster, and a military experiment. I was expecting a shock trooper or something.
  11. Would like to be a Main Character, if possible.
  12. Snazzy Title: Assistant GM, Second Main Character
    Name: Mia
    Age: 21
    Gender: female
    Doing on the Ship: an innocent traveler... >.>
    Criminal/Military/Who are you?: Criminal
    If Military, what rank?: n/a
    If Criminal, for what?: thief/ con artist
    Other? Explain: While yes she is a criminal, technically, she has yet to be caught for her many crimes since no one has been able to figure out who she is exactly or connect her to them. After manipulating transactions and an 'accidental' death, gone unnoticed as of yet, she managed to get a spot on this vessel. It is filled with so many goodies she couldn't resist. The goodies and the challenge were too great an attraction for her to pass over.


    Mia's family is more influential than wealthy, which probably explains her natural charm and ability to con most people out of anything she wants. They are on the low end of the filthy rich totem pole, and stick to the politics arena, but manage to appear like they are higher up. Growing up, it disgusted her to see what her parents would do just to 'look like money' so she of course vowed not only to not be like them, but to fuck up anybody that seemed like them. It was not her plan to be a thief or con artist or some twisted female version of Robin Hood... such a title wouldn't fit since stealing from the rich and selling to the highest bidder wasn't quite as humanitarian as said beloved character. Mia doesn't hate money or the rich, she just hates what some people do for it and do to other people that don't have it.

    From the age of four she was trained in the arts, dancing specifically, and was quite good at it. Her parents had hopes for her and once she realized they would fund any interest she desired, she added areas of expertise over time that appeared, on the surface, to help her with her theatrical goals, but instead it helped her become a thief. Acting, moderate martial arts, computer sciences and communications, it was all claimed to be training for some role on stage, but she began testing her hidden talent of stealing from her parent's rich friends at the age of fourteen and since then she has been nothing but trouble. Watching her parents scramble to cover up for her was the highlight of her life, but once her father asked her to 'acquire' something for him for the first time, she left home and has not looked back.

    This is a hard one to nail. She plays so many roles as a thief and con artist she's not even sure what her personality is anymore. Mia goes with the flow mostly. "I can be whatever you want me to be, ducky" She can be cool, calm and sweet when needed, that sarcastic bitch riding your ass should you rub her the wrong way, your best friend forever, or your worse nightmare. Mia has a face for everything, and it helps hide and protect the real Mia that she hardly let's anyone see.

    Even in dangerous situations she is hardly as serious as she looks, her nerves and fear coming out as a joke most of the time. At times she can be helpful, especially if she can see a benefit for herself, but occasionally she gets weak. Not to be mistaken, she does not play the hero and will leave your ass if her life or loot is on the line... maybe..

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  13. I like her. Mia is well thought out and has several instinctual skills that can be used in the RP without her memories. You did well, so far I'd say Mia is the first runner up for the second main character slot.

    As a side note don't try to lie to Six. It won't work.
  14. Sweet.

    hehehe of course it won't work, but she will do it anyway.

    It is her nature.

    She will lie and she will fail.

    I'm not afraid of having my characters ass handed to her, or sticking her foot in her mouth, she's not perfect and she'll recover. ^^
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  15. What I meant was that it is legitimately impossible to lie to Six. But it is good to know you are cooperative.
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  16. By 'legitimately impossible' I'm assuming six can detect the lie and know it's false? My curiosity is piqued. ^^


    That won't stop one or two from coming out of her mouth, but she'd quickly catch on and either stop or make it her life goal to get something pass six. Even if that is impossible, she'd have fun trying ... because she's just that crazy ;)

    I could have so much fun with this...
  17. I'm kind of planning on making a charrie that's neither in the military nor a criminal,but just a child whose family is trying to get rid of her and thought of putting her on the ship to do so.(don't ask why.Idk myself *shot*)

    I'm not sure if that's an appropriate charrie for this,but there's no harm in asking,n-nee,nee? .3.;
  18. @Keiga, I just feel in love with your character! You are now hired as Assistant GM. Crescent Wanderer, is Co GM. One spot open for GM. You are sooooo accepted! You are Second Main Character!! And @Crescent Wanderer, I was just think the same thing, someone can play as a Shock Trooper would be perfect! I have promoted you to Third Main Character! Come on, people! Be creative! And @Haruka, that's fine. A civilian would be pretty good. Do post.
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  19. Should I spill the beans on six now or when they let six out of the container?

    But I noticed add a soldier and the little girl and we have the alien cast.
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  20. For an ideal group for a latter date you need a engineer a pilot oh and the annoying disposable officer.
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