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  1. Lilith had been at Rose Academy for a few days now. She didn't know anyone, have any friends or really tried to talk to any of them for that matter. For the past couple days she spent the time on her own. She hasn't even shown anyone what she is able to do with the scythe neatly folded and attached to her waist. For every class she picked a seat in the back away from others. It wasn't that she didn't like them, it was that she didn't want them to find out who she was.

    Dealing with this made Lilith feel lonely, perhaps that made her seem more unapproachable. It was strange that she had just enrolled only a few days ago and started out as a A-class hunter. To some people they thought it as strange and preferred to stay clear of her.

    Meanwhile Lilith was currently walking to her new room. Every student had to live at the academy. She even had a roommate but she had no idea if her roommate even liked her. She didn't know if anyone would even ever want to talk to her or that she would be stuck feeling alone. What did it matter though, she wasn't there to make friends, she was there to help them fight the demons and collect crystals.
  2. At the front entrance of the academy, the new, young teacher looks upon the grandeur of the place. Adjusting her glasses, Kallen smiles as she looks around, "A couple days already and I still find this place rather impressive.. I wonder how the students will be like.." Placing a hand on her hip, she looks to the sky and nods her head, starting to move towards the interior of the academy, "Well, looks like I should make my way over and start the day soon. This should be interesting."

    Amongst the random crowds of students and others alike, A blue haired girl looks around curiously and hums to herself, her violet eyes peering to a window, "Humm.. Now where was I supposed to head to.. I knew I should have paid a little more attention." Tapping her head with a fist, she sighs gently and continues to move on, "Real smooth, Rei.. Real smooth. I guess I'll just have to look around, I'll either run into the dorms or the classrooms eventually and I can find out from there.." Not knowing where she was really going, she ventures into the building to see where it leads her.
  3. Meanwhile, inside the school halls, walking from the teacher's lounge would be none other than Racutio. The large man would yawn, and rub the back of his head through his unkempt, wild blue hair that passes over his eyes at his bangs just slightly enough that it shadows his forehead and carmine red eyes slightly. He'd be wearing his modified black and gold skate shoes with his belted black stonewashed jeans, and an untucked white button up shirt with long sleeves that have been loosely buttoned. He'd have a tired look on his face, as if he just got up, but he's merely bored in fact because of the exact opposite, he didn't sleep at all last night because of his lesson plan he had to write out for the month. Racutio would sigh, giving a way to a group of students as they pass by running to their class. Racutio would then stop, and snap out of his daze, seeing a lone student walking down the hall. He'd reach his right hand up, stroking his neatly trimmed chin spike in thought. As she's about to walk past, he'd say something, sensing she's troubled. He'd speak quietly and calmly to be nice and considerate. "Your name is Lilith, right? You chose to sit in the back of the class, so I figure you're someone who doesn't want to be noticed a whole lot. Just know no matter where you're placed in my class, you'll always get a chance to take part in the lessons, even if you try to seclude yourself. Can't have a Rank A like yourself flunking out just because she's at the back. Heheh." Racutio would smile to the young girl before placing his hands in his pockets and gently pacing past her. "Just thought I'd say something so you know that at least I acknowledge you. You just seemed a bit distant was all, so I thought I'd offer the kind words of encouragement. After all, no matter who you are, you can always make a difference." With that said, he'd keep walking down the hall to his classroom, passing by several students, some of which who couldn't help but notice the huge man with such unnatural in-human features walking past them, making murmurs and whispers to themselves. Rumors no doubt, but what was Racutio to care. He was just happy where he was right now, enjoying his day. He'd make his way into his classroom, walking over to his black armchair. The type you might see at a really expensive computer desk. However, his has no wheels. Instead, it would merely hover magnetically from the ground. He'd plop down into it and spin for a few seconds in it before he'd stop, and lean back taking his hands out of his pockets, he'd lean back, resting them behind his head, making the bracelets, charms, and trickets on his right wrist jingle doing so. He'd close his eyes gently, and drift off into his own thoughts as he waits for the next round of classes to start. He found listening to all of the teachers in the teacher's lounge could get annoying if he was trying to relax, so he'd rather sit in his chair and wait instead. And that's exactly what he was doing now. Waiting...
  4. Lilith noticed one of her teachers as she was walking down the hallway. He said a few words to her before he walked past leaving her there to think about what he had said. In a way he was right, in other ways she didn't want to hear any of his words at all. He would have to revisit that last part if he knew who she really was. Her identity was the thing holding her back in the first place. She couldn't just go around telling everyone about where she came from. Even though where she came from could be one of the best advantages the school has ever had in this fight against the demon king. But telling everyone the truth would just make things worse for her and she had no intentions of causing the academy any problems. It could be possible that the students would begin to doubt the school if they knew what they let in. It would be the worse time for the academy to loss students. They are the future of Pandemonium. She decided to continue her walk almost to her dorm room that she was staying at for the past few days. As she got closer she pulled out a key and slipped it into the key hole of the door handle. She unlocked it and walked inside.
  5. Still seeming to be hopelessly lost somehow, Reiku would continue to wander the halls. Huffing out with a hand brushing against her hair, she stops in place and looks around, "Now where am I?... Man.. I'm probably going to be late if I keep wandering like this.. I don't even know where my room is or what roommate I have." Sighing, she looks around again, tilting her head in slight defeat, continuing now through the halls again, slowly passing by Lilith's doorway.

    Her shoes gently tapping the floor as she walks, Kallen would soon approach one of the classrooms and looks at the room number, humming to herself, "Well.. No harm in saying hello. My classroom is only two doors down from this anyhow." stepping towards the door, she'd knock on it lightly a few times before bringing herself in, looking into the room to find Racutio lounging, she'd smirk as she adjusts her glasses once, "Well hello. I see you're already enjoying yourself, Mr. Envarius.."
  6. Racutio would hear a familiar female voice, and a few seconds later, he'd open his left eye part way, seeing Kallen in the corner of his eye, he'd merely smile and close his eye again, leaning back a little more in the hovering chair. "I most certainly am, Kallen. But keep the pleasantries for when the students are around. I like things casual until being professional is important, otherwise people get all uptight and tense." Racutio would open both of his eyes lightly to give her a questioning look. "...I mean, unless you would rather me call you by your last name all time. But that would just be fairly elaborated and boring in my opinion." Racutio would shrug after saying this, keeping his palms rested behind his head, closing his eyes again with a smirk. "I suppose it's entirely up to you though, after all. I'm just here to help these students learn to fight monsters like legendary slayers, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Quite frankly, I'm excited! I spent almost five whole nights planning my lesson plan for these kids. When I'm done with my students, they'll have the drive to defeat anything that stands in their way! Heheheh." It's highly clear that Racutio was psyched to teach, and has the potential to do so.
  7. Giving off an amused huff, Kallen removes her glasses and leans gently on Racutio's desk, "It isn't so bad though, is it? I think Ms. Kurenai holds a bit of... Well.. I guess I could say maturity to it.. But the term I desire alludes me. Either way, I just never had the chance to say that myself. Curious how the classes will be, and I just hope they don't find your methods too unreasonable." Smirking, she'd simply be glancing towards Racutio from the corner of her eye, sticking her tongue out for a short moment. Glasses in hand, she places them back on the bridge of her nose, standing up and turning towards him, "Well, I suppose I should head off to my classroom soon, yeah? What teacher would be late to their own class?"
  8. Nora was walking down the hallway casually. She didn't care if she was late to any class. She was different than most teachers, she didn't wear anything different for her job or act different. It was a school to be a hunter after all, it's not like they were just some regular high school. After being around for a couple of years you get accustomed to all the hallways and corridors that other would get lost in. She knew her way around.
  9. Racutio would chuckle at Kallen, giving her a half-smile. "You don't often get to pull the maturity card then? I can understand why you like the role of teacher then. You'll have a lot of fun being a role model then. As for my methods, I will never do anything to endanger my students. It was my Grandfather and Master who taught me that all students require different approaches to learning. My only example are the ways I train my son and daughter, Nericaru and Asuna." Racutio would only close his eyes and thumb point in the direction of her class. "And the teacher that's late for her own class is a teacher who's not really all that serious about being a teacher. Leave the tardiness for the students in my opinion. I want to show all these kids what a real teacher and slayer looks like." With that, he would only smirk with his eyes closed. He'd kick his feet up onto his desk in front of him and relax, waiting for his students to show for their next class.
  10. I soar over the Academy, a great big dragon in the sky. I let the wind slide over me; it feels good. I circle around the Academy in great loops, until I finally decide, flying low over the tops of the different buildings, until I come to a courtyard. Slowing myself down by holding my wings open, I land on my back legs, then on my front legs. I shake myself, like a dog, and fold my wings, before turning back into my regular self. Then I sit on a bench.
  11. Lilith noticed the time, almost time for class. She got up off her bed that she was sitting on and made her way to the door. Once there she opened it and shut off the light in her room. She walked out into the hallway and headed towards the way her class was. It was true that the academy did tend to get a little confusing, somehow though she felt like it was build like that on purpose. It would help people with some skills she thought. She made her way to her class. Once there she sat down in the back as far away from the other people as possible.

    Meanwhile Nora was making her way to her classroom when she noticed a dragon land outside, once in his human form Nora decided to walk out to him. "I see you are taking a fly around the school before classes." She said to him as she got closer. He wasn't much different than herself, yet she was only half dragon. She couldn't actually transform into one. She did have similar abilities though.
  12. I study the 'Dragon Queen,' as it isn't often that people approach me, as I do not usually land in places where classrooms can watch. Personally, I had snorted when I heard that she was called the 'Dragon Queen.' Instead of calling her by her 'nickname,' I elect to call her by her name. Bowing my head slightly, I say quietly, "Of course, Nora. When one can enjoy such things, without being wanted elsewhere... it is enjoyable, and a filler when all I have is free time."
  13. She gave him a nod. "Understandable. Although I don't know if you are not wanted else where. Do you not have a class coming up soon? I'm one to talk though." She gave a sight laugh, considering she never really cared if she was late to hers or not. The students needed to learn that not everything happens at exact specific times. She made a sigh after she laughed. "I suppose I am bothering you then, making your peace and quite less enjoyable." She turned away from he slightly, "If you want me to leave?" She cut off there waiting for a response.
  14. Waving herself off, Kallen leaves the room and enters back into the hallway. Looking over one direction away from her classroom, she spots Reiku aimlessly wandering the halls. Sighing to herself and shaking her head, "Planning on wandering the halls the whole day?.. Come on Rei, your class is over here. Best not to be late so go on."

    Humming to herself, Reiku's attention is caught by Kallen and grins, waving a little, "Oh, hey there. Well believe it or not I couldn't really find my way around.. Thanks I guess, Kallen." Smiling a little coyly, she moves towards the door to Racutio's classroom and enters it to take a seat.

    Closing her eyes and giving a short, quiet sigh as her brows terse, "It's Ms. Kurenai on the campus, you know that.. Ah whatever. I need to get to my class." Kallen would turn now, heading down the hall two doors down to reach her own classroom.
  15. I look at her oddly. "If you want, go. If you want, stay. I'm no judge as to what another should do, because I don't know what they want or expect. I teach teamwork, and battle strategy. They pick 3 to 5 of themselves, pit them against me. They never win, and aren't supposed to win, but I expect them to keep trying. So, they must keep trying, because I am their teacher, they are supposed to, and it is a challenge for them, and they want to see the challenge won. I'm far older, in many cases. I don't know much about the other teachers, or students. Just a few names here and there." I pause looking up slightly, thinking. "If you want to stay, do so." I turn, and sit down at a bench nearby. "My class is scheduled to sketch strategies against a larger opponent, such as myself, and how to beat me, discuss it, and meet me elsewhere. I have time."
  16. She made a slight laugh. "I should get to class actually, I believe I am a few minutes late." With that she was off, walking away from him and back into the school. She made her way to her classroom passing Kallen in the process. "Hey." She said to her as she walked by. She slipped into her classroom. The kids suddenly stopped talking as she made her way to the desk. She sat on it and crossed her legs.
  17. "Bye..." I turn and look up at the sky. "And away we go..."
    I stand, switching to my dragon form, more or less jumping straight up to keep from messing up the sidewalks or trees, and flying towards a training arena, where I land, in wait for my class.
  18. The school's chime would ring to let the students know it's final call to get to class, and with that, Racutio would open his eyes, sitting up and stretching his limbs out, much like a cat outstretching it's own limbs after a long nap. Racutio would stand up from his chair, making his way over to the board in front of his desk, he'd turn and look to see a few students already at their desk out of the corner of his right eye, while a couple are missing still. Racutio would direct his attention back to the board, picking up a red marker, he'd start writing something on the board, quickly writing out, "Combat and the Battlefield" in big bold dark red letters. He'd turn to the class, seeing at least one familiar face. Rei being one of his students this period, he'd smile to her and then to all of his students at once. "Welcome students. I'm your Combat Mastery teacher, Racutio Envarius. You can call me Mr. Envarius, or Mr. Rau for short if you like. Let's get started with one single question while we wait for the other students to get here. That question being, what is combat? Mind you, there are no real wrong answers to this question really. It's all dependent on what you consider combat to be. So go ahead and take turns raising your hands, and I'll start calling on you all. This exercise will allow us to introduce ourselves, and determine what kind of fighters we all are just by our answers. So, let's start with your names, then your answer." Racutio would chuckle, placing the marker back down on the edge of the board before keeping his eyes on his students, allowing him to observe and get to know them all.
  19. Nora stayed at her place on the desk, her legs crossed. "Morning." She then said. The students watched and waited to see what she would say next. "Demons. What do you know about them?" She asked the class and waited for a response.

    It was this class that Lilith was in and she really didn't like the question. Of course she wouldn't answer and the goo thing was that some other people had their hands raised. Hopefully Ms. Anderan was not a teacher who liked to pick people who didn't raise their hand

    At that moment Nora called on a student to answer the question, luckily for Lilith it wasn't her.
  20. My class arrives shortly afterward, a mix of different kids. Apparently, unlike last time, they've decided to work together a bit more, and now I'm going against 2 White Class-Bs, a Blue Class A, and a Yellow Class A. We all knew the routine by now, so I switched to my dragon form, studying my new opponents. I made sure not to read detailed files about their fighting styles. The 2 Winds are twins, the Blue is a serious leader-like girl, and the Yellow is a thinker. The Yellow is more than likely going to be the most dangerous of the group, because he's full of ideas, and may make up a last-minute saver plan. As they spread out, roughly 10 feet between them, in front of me, I wait for their first move.
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