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  1. Pandemonium​
    A world full of monsters and demons…
    The only hope…
    Rose Academy.
    Magic Crystals: Crystals of magic powers that can make anything or one even stronger.

    Colors of crystals pertain to magic ability:

    · Black: Dark magic
    · White: Light magic
    · Blue: water
    · Green: Earth
    · Red: Fire
    · Brown: Strength
    · White and blue: wind/air
    · Purple: shadow
    · Clear: speed
    · Yellow: Electricity
    · Pink: Healing

    Rose Academy: A school for hunters. These hunters are taught to fight and kill any demon they see and collect magic crystals to keep them safe.

    The vault: Where the crystals go when collected. They are taken and given to people as the students grow. Some however like to keep the crystals they find. Others try to take them from the vault thus brings Zole into the picture.

    Zole (silent e): The guardian of the vault. He is friendly to students but will still protect the vault no matter who it is.

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    Black legion: People who want to use the magic crystals for themselves for whatever reason, and usually not good.

    Dark Harpies: Winged females with dark magic crystals.

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    Wolves: Giant wolves with great strength and powerful jaws with strength crystals

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    Flyers: Giant crows with strong talons with speed crystals.

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    Skeletons: Living, walking skeletons with swords with healing crystals.

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    King of Demons: Lord Daman Night

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    Queen of light: Queen Elsa Wish (No relation to Lord Night)

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    Prince of light: Everything unknown about him (No relation to lord Night)

    Side note: You may play these characters if you want although they are not needed. With the prince you can make up what you want; he could even be at the school like the demon princess is.
    Role-play info:
    ~ You can play a Rose academy student or teacher or a black legion member.

    ~There can be feuds, friendly rivalries or competitions or romance

    ~Romance can be between anyone, students[X]students, Black legion[X] Black legion, even forbidden ones between students[x]teachers or students[x]black legion, teachers[x]black legion.

    ~Only kill demons unless someone wants to leave the RP for a reason.

    ~Pandemonium is full of humans, mythical creatures, aliens, anthros, cyborgs, etc. (race)

    ~Pandemonium is a world being created by us. Feel free to add to this world while making your character.

    ~If you have an idea for magic that is not part of the list of crystals just ask and I can add the crystal (just tell me what color it should be)

    Character Skeleton:

    Name: (Just first is needed but you can add middle or last if you want)
    Nickname: (whatever you want or people end up calling you [perhaps maybe one your character didn’t make but others did for him/her]) you don’t have to have one.
    Age: Students (15-19) Teachers (20+) Black legion (15+)
    Role: (Student, black legion, teacher)
    Race: (human, cyborg, anthro, etc.)
    Weapons/magic: (Whatever you use to fight) you can describe or give pictures
    Crystals: Born :( Everyone has one crystal that is born with them pertaining to magic.)
    Collected: (you can collect others for other magic; please don’t start with a whole bunch maybe one or two)
    Rank: (A-class: strongest fighter) (B-class: middle) (C-class: beginner) Beginners are still able to fight well, so don’t be afraid to be one they just need more practice.
    Personality: (self-explanatory)
    Past: (Make it as interesting as you want)
    Extra info: (anything you want to add as well as feuds, competitions or romance [Boyfriends, girlfriends, or crush] just ask about relationship to a person first so they are okay with it.
    Looks: (picture or description)


    My Character:
    Name: Lilith (Night)
    Nickname: Lilith
    Age: 18
    Role: Student
    Race: It is unknown to others but her that she is actually a demon herself.
    Weapons/magic: Scythe called red rose because it has red swirls on its blade. It can collapse by pushing a button on its handle which lets her put it on her belt for carrying; summon demons (however never uses it unless she has to)
    Crystals: Born: Black crystal
    Collected: Purple crystal
    Rank: A-class
    Personality: She is usually quiet and distant from others. Some people are even afraid of her. When you get to know her however she is brave, strong and very protective of the people she cares about.
    Past: Unknown to others Lilith is the Demon King’s daughter; making her the demon princess. However she went against her father and joined the academy to stop his demons.
    Extra info: She has a soft spot for animals and cute things. Some people at the academy are unsure about her due to the fact that she just showed up and is a A-class.
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  2. hold on let me post this:

    Name: ?
    Nickname: Dark Butterfly
    Age: 17
    Role: Student
    Race: butterfly/Angel
    Weapons/magic: Sword and gun
    Crystals: Born: purple
    Collected: pink and black
    Rank: A-class
    Personality: silent type of person that dose not say much only when needed to.
    Past: Dark was the new kid in school and no one knew how she was. it only took her one class to make it to A-classes. she no one knew how she was and who she truly was. she had much things to hid from may people. like her family and who they where.
    Extra info: nothing you need to know
    Looks: [​IMG]
  3. Accepted :D
  4. Nice Yeah.
  5. I am hoping for a few more people but if we don't get anyone in the next couple days we will just start. Anyone would still be free to join though.
  6. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Quick question, this seems pretty interesting and I have a small inkling about alot of similarities to this but.. Are we able to use more than one character? If not, I can deal with that. I think this could go pretty well for an RP and I'd like to be a part of that then. :)
  8. You can have as many characters as you want to play. :)
  9. Alright then, thanks for the quick answer :P

    Name: Reiku Veritahl
    Nickname: Blue Rose of Fate; Rei
    Age: 19
    Role: Student
    Race: Human
    Weapons/magic: Gauntlets fit for close-quarters combat that can cover most of the forearm once deployed, followed with a large sword almost as big as the wielder. Both can utilize crystals/magic (If you want to clarify that for me, please let me know) to enhance their combat abilities.
    Crystals => | Born : Clear | Collected: Blue, Brown
    Rank: B Class
    Personality: Adventurous, outgoing, daring and somewhat laid back at times.
    Past: Not much was known about her until she arrived at the academy, clearly eager to fit in and learn.
    Extra info: Nothing to add so far.
    Looks: 6'1", legs little longer than average. Short, pale blue hair in a neat cut, bangs partially covering one of her violet eyes. Often wears semi-dark clothing that matches, usually something comfortable but snugly fitting her body.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Her greatsword and Gauntlets)​


    Name: Kallen Kurenai
    Nickname: The Crimson Blade
    Age: 21
    Role: Teacher
    Race: Half human, half 'kitsune' (Although, she suppresses her 'inhuman' traits)
    Weapons/magic: Katana and a special handgun to utilize the crystals/magic (if they're allowed? If not, that's fine). Likes to play with fire and illusions. The sheathe of her blade can also be used with her fighting style.
    Crystals => | Born : Purple | Collected: Red
    Rank: A-Class
    Personality: Prone to light irritation, she's rather calm but quite deviant. Students will either grow to like her or believe that she's a demon out to make a fool of anyone out of line in her class. Outside of school, it's much greater to see.
    Past: Although young for a teacher, she proved her capability and determination where she could. It's not been long since she's been to the area the academy resides on, and is considered a new teacher to start this year.
    Extra info: Good friends with Reiku, but she keeps things absolutely professional during school hours.
    Looks: 5'11", healthy, athletic figure. She often wears glasses over her crimson red eyes with hair as black as the night sky and shines with red instead of white as if a light was shining on it, often wearing it in a ponytail and two bangs hanging outward. Often wears black or very dark shades of color. In school, she upholds the dress code with what's proper for a teacher, but when school's out, her true colors reveal with a swallow-tailed jacket and free-fitting but tight jeans, followed with combat boots.

    Apologies for no character pictures. I tend to dislike using someone else' work and I can't draw for my life either. ^_^"
  10. Accepted. :D I understand about the picture thing it's fine to me. The crystal use is fine too with your weapon; like attaching the crystal to it and it can use that ability us fine with me.
  11. great, can't wait to start. Also, nice avatar. One of my favorites of the four trailers :P
  12. Haha. Thanks. I would have to say Yang is probably my second favorite character. Ruby is my first. I have to admit I took the basic idea of RWBY for this RP, if you noticed. Of course I did add and change things to my own.
  13. Of course. A friend of mine was actually thinking of possibly doing an RP like this too based on RWBY. I got him into it after he saw the trailers :B I'll be sure to keep an eye out here to see when we start.
  14. Name: Racutio Envarius
    Nickname: Rau or Silencer
    Age: 21 for eternity due to agelessness.
    Role: Teacher
    Race: Mar'tallian (A race born from a now non-existent dimension. Born with dominant red eyes and blue hair. Predates man-kind by several billion years.)
    ~Explosive Close-Combat: Utilizes fire magic to make his physical blows explosive in nature, causing ignition in the direction he strikes upon making physical contact in combat. Causes no harm to the caster unless backfired.
    ~Mar'tal(Soul Blade in Mar'tallian language): Racutio's blade of all forms. This blade shifts and adapts, changing into the form of any blade over the course of history. With each form, it gains a single special ability. Racutio's preferred forms that he has Mar'tal change into the most are it's katana state, it's scimitar state, and it's great-sword state. Great-sword being the most commonly used by Racutio.
    ~Grande Pantheon(Meaning Grand Paradise): A magnum pistol in the physical form of a platinum .50 Caliber Desert Eagle with a glowing sky blue ornate flourish on the grip leading all the way to the end of the barrel of the gun itself. Fires condensed rounds of energy in the form of beams and pressurized soul rounds directly at his targets. Bullets pass through bodies and pierce through most highly-reinforced armor, often leaving no wounds, but merely burning holes straight through the target, making this weapon his number one choice in ranged and armor destruction. That weapon for a one shot kill.
    ~Nev'ra(Blood Eater in Mar'tallian language): Nev'ra, once Racutio's eight foot long, executioner's axe he once wielded several hundred years ago, is now his demonic mechanical left arm. When Nev'ra was created, a "Prime Evil" known only as "The Hunger" to the Mar'tallian's with only the single goal of devouring the blood of everything in existence to feed it's own insatiable hunger for blood, and the power it brings it. His grandfather, Ryotosai, Sage of the Goddess, sealed the hunger away deep inside of a massive cluster of obsidian, and hurled the cluster into a sealed dimension with only a sea of magma and a sky of constant night and ash clouds. After several hundred years, Racutio learned from his still living grandfather about the cluster being active, and Racutio quickly dealt with it, capturing the rock and quickly turning it into a massive, eight-foot long executioners axe, with the same want for blood, and the ability to become more power with the blood it feeds on. However, several seals were put in place to make the beast of blood at bay, and keep it in check. However, one winter, about 239 years ago, a slip-up against an extremely powerful ice demon named Frie'zan(Frost Blighter) Racutio lost his left arm forever protecting his former wife from a fatal slash that would have cut her in half, he instead pushed her and took the blow down upon his shoulder, just missing his heart by several inches. He nearly lost his life that day, but quickly acted and several actions within the fight, as well as a quick creational transmutation lead to Racutio now having a vicious, demonic, mechanical left arm with the same such power that now replaces what he lost. Each finger being like a demon's claws, and a blade extended a few inches from the back of the wrist, and not under it like a hidden blade, with knuckles more jagged than any knuckles a warrior might fight with. This arm extends a whole six more inches than the average arm on his right that still remains. When he's not using Nev'ra, he keeps several illusionary seals in place over his arm to make it seem like he still has flesh on his left arm using the blood deep inside of Nev'ra that he gathers to maintain such an illusion, so as not to terrify those he's around, but rather, to put terror into those he fights to kill. Nev'ra is made of black obsidian with a glowing red pulse and red pearlescence. It also has veins of glowing blood deep inside of it as a constant reminder of it's power. Nev'ra also will speak telepathically if he has enough blood in him, resounding as a deep, dark, angry, and foreboding voice, to constantly demoralize and unsettle foes before his host.
    Crystals: Born : Brown
    Collected: Red crystals for his fire and explosive techniques, and white and blue crystals for his modified skate shoes to allow them to be capable of such features they offer at the times he needs them most.
    Rank: A Rank
    Personality: Racutio is an overall loyal and determined man in particular due to his own personal goals. Often laid back and sarcastic in times of leisure, making him a fun and lovable guy in person. However, in combat, Racutio takes on a much different nature. The nature of a warrior who wants nothing more than the thrill of the battle. In battle, he is at his center, entertained by every single second of it, often with a grin adorning his face. Both with happiness, and wickedness at the same time in his very smile. As a teacher of most weapon style combat involving swords and hand-to-hand combat, as well as firearms to boot, Racutio likes to see all great aspiring warriors become legendary like himself. His most common phrase to young students inspires them to ascend beyond their own physical and mental limits. Phrase: "There's no such thing as overpowered with true discipline and hard work. Why limit yourself to such things in your head when you know deep in your soul that you can ascend to greater heights. True warriors must aim to be the stronger opponent to protect the things you aim to fight for in life. Never limit yourself! Break that limit in half and fight on!"
    Past: Racutio was born into the Envarius Imperial Family within the Mar'tallian Empire, back when his dimension existed. Trained by his father the Emperor to be a warrior of unrivaled power and by his mother the Empress to care for and protect all living beings with potential and kindness in their hearts. With those combined upbringings, Racutio became a diligent warrior and a determined guardian. However, at the age of ten, Racutio was informed by his father that he would become the next heir, and not his younger brother or his younger sister. This enraged his younger brother, and lead him to want for revenge, and in turn, after a year, he had it. If he could not have his father's legacy, he would destroy it. Aligning with a vicious and brilliant madman named Ecliptoc Sativ and stealing his father's creational scepter, he used the mad old man to destroy his own realm, tearing it asunder by destroying his father's very scepter that held their dimension together. Before the dimension fell apart, Racutio was sent through a dimensional rift by his father and mother, telling him to move ahead, and never forget who he is, or where he came from. His father in turn, gave his eldest son, his greatest weapon. The sword that lead to his rule over his entire dimension, Mar'tal. A blade of all forms, taking on any shape if you will it to, and having a single special property with each form it takes on. However, it can only turn into blades. Even still, this blade is highly powerful, and once it's wielder is picked, it picks no other warrior until the warrior's soul leaves it's body. Years went by, and Racutio went through a dark-side in life, becoming an assassin, and taking on ruthless contracts over the course of his childhood and teenage years, making him an efficient killer. However, due to constant dimensional travel, his age soon began to slow down as he traveled from realm to realm. Finally, at the age of twenty-one in Mar'tallian lifespans, he became ageless due to constant dimensional rift travel to other dimensions. Though Racutio no longer ages, he is not immortal. Though some beings often think him such, his constantly growing strength, power, mental capacity, and endless combat and training, make him seem immortal in nature. Now, at the level he's at, he often seeks to help others become strong, and helping them ascend to greater prowess as well, while still constantly bettering himself every single day of his life. As time went on, Racutio longed for companionship and solace, a place of peace. He soon found a dimension he could claim with a planet the size of the Sun, with the same diversity and life-filled surface as Earth in many dimensions. However, on a much more advanced, and larger scale. Racutio spent several hundred years building his tower that reaches hundreds of miles high into the planets sky past, scratching the sky, with a fall to the surface that takes a whole year to hit the ground. With time, he grew bored of staying in one place, and started moving yet again after it's construction. Racutio is now a legendary warrior of many feats and goals. But none higher than someday bringing his dimension back into fruition someday, and repairing the home he lost so long ago. His other primary goal is to make sure no other dimension ever goes through a crisis like his ever again. He will never allow such a thing to happen to any dimension ever again so long as he himself can stand to stop those responsible for such a stupid and ridiculous action ever again in existence. Racutio is still constantly on the move to other worlds, sating his endless curiosity and drive to fulfill all of his goals in his now ageless and eternal life. That search, leads him to one such dimension...A dimension filled with beings on the verge of constant combat with monstrous beings with only one single drive...To send everything to oblivion, and to dust, from whence everything came in this dimension. Racutio quickly seek out this dimension, and quickly went through thew process of becoming a teacher by first proving himself in this new world quickly, by slaughtering several hundred beasts on his own, with only his sword, his gun, his body, and his very soul itself. He now seeks to help students at Rose Academy become great warriors and hunters like him, and so many others before them.
    Extra info: Formerly married to Anori Envarius, Racutio now has a son and daughter he's been forced to raise himself, much to his own happiness and stability. He still yet seeks someone he can live with for eternity who shares in his ageless gift.
    Looks: Racutio often has spiky, and unkempt long dark blue hair that flows down just past his neck in the back, and bangs past the brow, with a neatly trimmed chin spike facial hair style, often making him look notorious and mischievous. He has tan skin and carmine red eyes that glow as a sign that he's looking at the soul energy in the air and the potential of all the different souls around him. Racutio is six feet tall and muscular in nature, with insane strength due to his body being mostly pink muscle and his insurmountable reservoir or soul energy deep inside of him make him a supernatural force to be reckoned with. Racutio most often wears his black sleeveless armor-plated hooded vest, his black stonewashed jeans with knee and shin plates on them, and his personally modified high-tech black and gold skate shoes that he wears around all the time that allow him to glide like along the ground smoothly and soar high into the air and direct his course in mid-air.

    Hand Drawn Appearance of Racutio by a friend:

    Appearance on Imvu 3D Viewer(Best appearance capture for Racutio's appearance IC) :[​IMG]
  15. Cool. Accepted. :)
  16. Awesome. Can't wait to start! :D I'm that friend mentioned by Zero by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you all by the way.
  17. We will definitely start soon. :D I figured you were the friend, it's nice to meet you too.
  18. HEY!!!!!!! where starting soon?
  19. Yup. I'll probably start it tonight or tomorrow some time.
  20. GREAT?????
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