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  1. In short:
    Virus makes people crazy, homicidal and hungry.
    Apocalypse everywhere.
    People die
    Pew pew
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  2. Julia lied down between the bushes of the local park, covered by the dark camouflage net that hid her from zombies. Her rucksack lied in front of her and served as a pillow of some sort while her eye spied through the scope of her rifle. Her breath was calm and controlled as she shot down every zombie she could currently spot with a smile. Aside from being very cold, the wind blew softly through the streets of the near-dead town. It had only been a day since the virus swept it's curse through the world and turned many into the mindless killing machines that took Julia's mother away from her.
    Alas, it was in the past. The body of her mother had been shot in the head and buried already. She's with father now.

    It was only 8 PM, the light of day was starting to fade already and Julia needed to find shelter before the night fell.
    Every zombie within her sight had been shot and now It was time to fall back and make a camp. The next day she was planning to travel further towards the military base. There must be survivors over there with all those guns and gear. First she glanced around and then pulled the camouflage tent of her before stuffing it in her backpack.
  3. Shifting shadows moved through the zombie infested town, one moment you would see it in one place then at another. He moved through the town... quickly, silently and carefully moving in between the corpses of the walking dead and shooting the ones that were in his way with his assault rifle, moving like a ghost through the town he spotted some survivors just to his far right standing in-front of a building. He quickly moved to the building on the opposite side on the left of them. He quickly climbed the building and hid behind the small wall... as he laid there he took out his rifle and adjusted his scope, he counted 4 people... he turned on his infrared and identified 6 targets. As he was about to shoot a guard he spotted something moving towards the survivors, he stopped himself and started watching the target as it moved.
  4. Julia paused and saw the small group of survivors. It might seem cold, but she did not want to risk her survival over something trivial as morals. The maiden softly backed up to get a better view and crouched down in the shadows. For now she let her precious Sniper rifle lie down besides her and switch over to her G36E and aimed. The targets were close by, so a scope wasn't needed for her and before they could suspect a thing the first guard's brains were in another man's hands. Obviously they knew there was an enemy now, but in this darkness they didn't know where exactly. After 3 of the survivors were killed, all except one fled inside. The one that kept standing shot at random, before Julia fired another lethal shot and stood up. The two others took their change and hung out of the window to shoot her, but Julia returned to the shadow and grabbed her sniping rifle to finish them of so she could take a look around, but Julia pointed the barrel of the PSG-1 in one direction, Joe's, but she couldn't see him and looked back at the corpses. Nah, nothing of value and she was too tired to go inside.
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  5. Joe laughed as he saw the rifle was pointed in his direction observant girl he thought, then his systems kicked in and he disappeared... he jumped down behind the building and circled around where the girl was. His infrared sensor still online he looked around, it didn't seem like any zombies were attracted by the shots that were fired. He turned it off and calmly approached from the girls side, he stood slightly off to the side behind her back, holding his weapon down by it's handle, the field disengaged and he looked at her.


    He looked at her through his mask "Hello sweetie." he said as he stood in place, he did not want to alarm her, he merely wanted to approach her in the most silent way he possibly could "Nice job with the raiders, I must say. Those bastards were hanging around here far too much." he looked at her "But two of them ran away and there are two more inside." he said as he pointed to second floor of the building.
  6. Julia smiled and gave him a nodded greeting. "Thanks for the compliment, but those survivors aren't my concern.", she said and swung the assault rifle on her back so she could carry the sniper with two hands. Below her helmet you could see her blue eyes looking him up and down. For a second she looked worried. "I was heading for the army base, actually. Do you know if they survived?" If they were alive they probably wouldn't let Joe run around on it's own, so it was a stupid question from the woman, but she somewhere did hope on it. Meanwhile she looked past him into the house and placed the rifle against her shoulder.
    One idiot was stupid enough to peek around the corner long enough for Joe to see Julie shooting him straight in the head and hear his corpse fall down. "Where else should I go? . . ."
  7. Joe kept silent and shook his head at her question "The base is wired with electric fences, if anyone survived they are stuck inside and anything that approaches the fence will get fried. I was deployed on the streets immediately." he remained quiet as he noticed a head peaking out the window, he turned to the woman and saw her shooting the man... the corpse fell to the asphalt and Joe looked at it, he turned on his infrared and saw another man hiding behind a thin sheet of wood that covered one of the windows. He aimed his rifle and a shot one clean shot through the sheet of wood heading straight for the man's head, blood splattered the wall behind him as he fell to the floor. He looked at her "I will be moving through the town, see if I can find a way in the army base. Your free to come with me... just don't be trigger happy." he said as he held his weapon in hand.
  8. "Nice head shot~"Julia laughed softly and smiled. "Me trigger happy? I prefer the term 'pre-cautious'", she said with a wink before stepping over the corpse and entering the cleared building. Her army boots kicked in some closed room to make sure it was safe, before taking a peek upstairs. Aside from blown out brains and mud stains the building was clean. The girl was happy now that she had (reliable) partner in this madness and she put down her bag and took out a can of. . . .Ravioli! "Let's eat some, let's sleep some and tomorrow, let's kill some", Julia chimed as she put a pan on the stove and threw in the contents of the can.
  9. Joe smirked under his mask, he stood quietly as she talked. Then he gave a signal to be quiet then his systems kicked in and he disappeared in front of her very eyes... he climbed on top the building and found a chair there. He pulled the chair closer to the small wall and sat down, he turned on his infrared and took a look around... nothing seemed to be moving, everything was so serene and quiet... he turned it off and watched the quiet night from the top of the building. Then he noticed the snow that began to fall... he extended his hand and a couple of snowflakes had gathered in his hand, he watched them in his hand as they melted away and smiled.
  10. Julia glanced out of the window while cooking and saw the snowflake dartlin' down. Yes, she knew that it was just a solid form of water, but in the bloody and dark times it was beautiful to see the specks of white contrast with the darkness. Ah, the girl's mind drifted of for a second but was snapped back by the smell of food. The can's contents were meant to be eaten by two people and she wondered if she should yell for the guy from before. She didn't even know his name, but currently she didn't care. He should be able to smell the heavy pasta smell and if he didn't then 'poor' Julia would have to eat the entire thing herself. She let her helmet fall to the side as her hands pulled out a fork. Nobody in a zombie apocalypse uses god damn plates, including Julia! With the Fire out and fork in, the beauty ate like a beast.
  11. Carefully Joe stood up, took one look at the life and death riddled town and then slowly came downstairs. He looked at the woman that was now eating, he knelt down on the ground and took off his helmet and mask placing them neatly in-front of him. He continued taking of his weapons and gear, placing the as well, all neatly in-front of him... he then took the can of food and slowly began eating it "Thank you for the food." he said with his deep voice as he began slowly to eat. He ate slowly, without rush almost savoring every bit he took as if it was his last one, he looked at the woman from time to time but remained quiet for the most of the time he ate.
  12. She laughed and walked over to the same table where she dumped her bag and helmet. "No need to thank me", Julia said with her gentle voice and started taking of shoes and accessories. "Could you keep watch for a little so I can go take a shower?", she asked with a tone that guessed he already would and took a clean piece of underwear out of her bag. Before she was going to walk of she took a step back to the table and took of the medal of honor that was covered by her clothing at first. It was very obvious that medal was not something she earned, with her young inexperienced face. The maiden glanced at Joe for a second as she shoved it in the bag and headed for the bathroom. "Steal anything and I will personally cut your dick of", she threatened. Her voice was way to gentle and feminine, to be threatening, but judging from the glare she shot at him she might be serious.
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