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  1. Who Panda?

  2. What Panda?

  3. Where Panda?

  4. When Panda?

  5. Why Panda?

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  1. So... Pandas. Aren't they amazing? Like, they're totally yin-yang, are metaphorically non-racist, eat bamboo, and sneeze to go viral! Seriously, pandas. Who pandas, what pandas, where pandas, when pandas, and why pandas. How pandas? Because pandas.

    Do you see now? Pandas are the way to go, the proper path in life. Do not patronize the panda; do not eat the panda. Be the panda. See the panda. You are panda.
  2. I like people with animal obsessions

    Hi, Panda, I am Fox.

    please don't eat me, you're supposed to eat bamboo and small fish
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. I can see why you might like pandas though the cubs are cute patoots

    But foxes are always cuties no matter how old they get
  5. Sure, why not, let's do it.
  6. I feel like we've bonded. It's as fuzzy as a panda fuzzy thing. I caught myself.
  7. I don't know, even though they look awesome, I've always found pandas to be a little vicious. Like, attack-and-kill-you-on-sight vicious, ya know?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. If you could only see where I live. My bathroom is panda themed, I have tons of plushies, and I regularly wear panda jewelry. >>; And one of my boyfriend's pet names for me is Panda Bear. I have a panda tea set, too. I'm a creepy obsessed panda lover.

    *foams at the mouth and twitches* P-Pandas... <3


    angry-panda.png panda.gif agentpanda.jpg
  10. Needs more foxes
  11. I love pandas.... but not the way I love KITTENS! 8D And wolves. I love wolves too. AND OWLS OMG OWLS.
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  12. img-thing.jpg
    Never say no to Panda​
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