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  1. Heyooo!

    My name is Seihou and I am somewhat bored! I got an urge to find a partner who can be leading (as in agressive by Iwaku's standards) in an RP. If you are interested, please contact me somehow and I will get back to you!

    Again, to make this clear, I am okay with you leading the whole plot in some way, and I might start adding a few of my own twists as well!

    Trust me, if you want me to lead, I might not be able to keep the plot interesting enough for you to stay for a while... Or at least that's what I think keeps making my partners disappear. Either way, go ahead and try me!

    *Note: I can play as a dude but I can't make my dude be in a romantic relationship. D: By default I will always play as female unless I want to experiement, which will be random.

    Stuff I like:

    -Zankyou no Terror
    -Hamlet (yes, the Shakespeare play. I am reaaaallyyyy into that play)
    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Studio Ghibli (ask me what movies 'cause I haven't watched all movies ;-; )
    - Anything Zombie Apocalypse or end of the world stuff. I'm a SUCKER for those type of things
    - Attack On Titan (?)
    - K Project!!!
    -Teen Titans
    -Steven Universe!
    -Adventure Time
    -Ninja Turtles (The 2012 ones. And yeah, I have very weird choices)
    - Some other stuff I can't think of right now.

    Pairing wise:

    -Angel x Angel
    -Angel x Demon
    - Elementals
    - Deities
    -Human x Werewolf
    - I'll think up more stuff when I can remember...

    And lastly, an original idea! I want to experiment with my human computer character who is a boy. If you wanna help me, that would be great! I might even have him get into a relationship (hetero though please. I am not good enough for boys love @-@)

    That's it for now. So come into my lair and talk to me! O3O I will give you any more information that you want when we actually talk and stuff!
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  2. Id be interested in humanxwerewolf or apocalypse. Let me know.
  3. Awesome! Do you have any ideas you want to do or anything in specific, for either of them?
  4. Well I've been watching falling skies, walking dead, and the last ship lately. So something like that. And the other I'm not sure.
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  5. STUDIO GHIBLI! Oh my goodness! Can we do Howl's moving castle.. Or Spirited away..? Princess Monoke sounds good as well, which movies have you seen, may I ask? I'm a bit of a sucker for all Studio Ghibli movies XD
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  6. Or crave
    OH MY GOSH YES. DEFINITELY. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOU!! I've seen all those movies you've mentioned, and then some! Which ones are you most interested in or crave more of? O3O

    I've seen very few episodes of The Walking Dead, but if I could I'd watch more! Wanna try out a zombie apocalypse rp then? It's your call! :D
  7. That's a really hard question XD Which one is your favorite?
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  8. Hey there! By deity x deity are you talking about gods and goddesses from existing mythology? Because I've been dying to do a Greek mythology roleplay.

    Aside from that, I'm a fellow Steven Universe fan! (And a bunch of the other fandoms you've mentioned, but SU is a current favorite).
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  9. Oh gosh, I don't even know X'D I love all the movies I've watched!! Buuuut... If I had to pick at least two ('cause I seriously have no favorite) I'd pick Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke! Or maybe even Ponyo!! *-* I dunno, I'm very indecisive XD

    Actually, scratch that. Let's do Princess Mononoke!!!!

    For your first thing, Yes :3 And from your second, oh my gosh YES XD Steven Universe is amazing!!
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  10. Sweet! Would you like me to PM you or something, so we can discuss a potential rp?

    P.S. here's a flower, because everyone deserves a flower~! :rose:
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  11. Yeah, send me a PM! And thank you for the flower!

    Also, a small warning, I will be in a place where I have little signal, so bear with me! T-T
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  12. Ah, I shall! Hah, I guess it was a good time for me to be lurking, and no worries with your connectivity issues, I can be patient. (I'm on my phone anyhow, so that's a pain...)
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  13. Okie, thanks for understanding! You're great! <3
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  14. Aw, thanks!
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  15. Is this still open? because I have a plot idea if you wanna hear it.
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  16. Yeah, this is still open!
  17. This is still open for anyone who's interested!
  18. Stiiiiiiill taking people! (Though it'd be great if someone partnered with me for a Teen Titans RP!)
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