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Who needs land, anyway?

"No land... just water below, skies above, and the stars after that. There used to be land, a long time ago when the world was a lot cooler. It's gone now, though, no helping that. Thankfully, someone had the bright idea to make entire islands of land float into the sky. No one knows how it was done anymore, but that suits us just fine. We make our own land out of cloth and magic... I'm an Air Captain, you see... one of many, trying to make my life on the open skies... 'fame and glory, kid' like the old tapes used to say... heh... I love those old tapes... what about you, eh? What've you got for the sky to see...?"

-Dialbre Vannitas, Sky Pirate and Captain of the Exodus

Example Places
"Valiance" - The religious capital of the world. Known to house worshipers of every religion known to Palmiere, even to those who are the only member of their particular religion. It is completely lawless - fights happen in the streets among rival religions, and it a popular spot for rowdy air captains.

"Babela" - A tower jutting out of the sea. There seems to be no entrances, only windows. It is the greatest magical research facility in Palmiere, and offers tutorship to many young mages. Those who live and work here tend to be obsessive about their magic and machinery, and explosions are common occurrences...

"Transaal" - The good ol' art capital of the world! Situated on a great deal of pontoons floating in the slightest breeze, this massive circus of fantasy and delights of every kind is hard to miss - it's the largest man-created island in all of Palmiere! You can find every single thing that suits your fancy here - anything.

"Prairie" - A series of floating islands in the north-west corner of the world. Their capital is Prairia. A large variety of dog-people live here, and they aren't often seen elsewhere. The land used to belong to the cat-people, until an upheaval brought them to near-extinction. The cat-people resent the dog-people, and often act as pirates, violent towards them. They have no military, but a very efficient police force.

Common Stuff
"Bolts" - Canisters of various sizes, filled to the brim with magic, a lot like batteries. These are used to power the various machines of the world: engines, guns, elevators... while there are specialized bolts that add effects, like imbuing what they power with Fire or Lightning, etc, most just produce power.

"Guns" - The world does not have enough metal to produce bullets. In fact, most guns are fashioned out of wood! A "Bolt" is placed into an opening in the bottom, allowing the "Gun" to fire out a lazer-like beam.

This is a freeform RP based in on the Magipunk (Magic + Steampunk) world of Palmiere. I don't have much except for what I have up, so feel free to get creative. We'll see how a plot brews up from what you've got. Remember, however, that I have ruled that "Metal is hard to come by"... so work with that as you will. Let's see what Iwaku can bring me, eh? Use whatever character sheet you're comfortable with.
Mind you, this is a revamped older character, so the bio might be a little weird. >>;


Character Name: Sera Rezarta
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 25
Occupation: Stage Actress


General Appearance: A beautiful and elegant woman standing 5'3" with long dark auburn hair, enchanting cerulean blue eyes, porcelain skin and a vivacious curvy figure. Being a rising star stage actress, Sera has to spend a lot of time "grooming" along with wearing designer clothing to accent her good features. Sera favors jewel tones. Dark emerald greens, deep blues, violets.
Strengths: Endurance for lengthy hours of vigorous activity, be it on the stage rehearsing, stunts, or using her talent.
Weaknesses: A low tolerance for alcohol and an addiction to "uppers" like energy pills, drinks, etc. Her talent can be a real drain if she over does it.


Current Goal/Purpose: Being a well paid actress. Not getting caught doing her "side job".
Talents: Besides being a brilliant actress, Sera is an illusionist. She can create very vivid and solid looking illusions, from a single item to shifting an entire room to look like something else. The bigger the illusion the harder it is to maintain.
Inabilities: Sera is a horrible cook, dreadfully messy, misplaces things, and has a hard time handling situations where someone is pissed or screaming at her. Swimming.
Fears: Sera is nervous with heights, which tends to be a problem with the nature of the world. She avoids looking out any windows that have drop-off views, and doesn't like to be on deck of air ships. As long as she can't see open sky or water below, she's fine. Deep water is also a fear.
General Personality: Sera appears confident, radiant, charming. A model of glamor, high society, drama, action! Her talent and poise is renowned and respected. Her demeanor is friendly and kind. She gets along famously with almost everyone. Sera has no tolerance for cruelty and it's one of the rare occasions she actually gets visibly upset.
Inner Personality: There is very little difference between Sera's real self and her outerself. She doesn't consider herself as brave or as charming as everyone seems to think. She's actually very afraid of what might happen if things go wrong here, or something happens there. When faced with confrontation (someone angry or directing anger at her) she doesn't handle it very well. She'll flounder her words, get flustered, or even cry if she can't get control of herself. Her secret second job, gives her a lot of added anxiety when she thinks too deeply about the sort of people she does business with and what could happen.
Secret: An info running for spies and mercenaries. Because she is in constant contact with society elite, she can gain access to many places and people.


General History:
Sera was born to upperclass parents. Unfortunately, even being upperclass can't protect you from the randomness of life! Her parents were killed during one of those many unexpected events. Sera was then sent off to live with her Aunt. The old woman was seemingly against everything fun in the universe. Growing up was a little frustrating, but what else was a girl to do?

Barely 18, Sera was very fed up with her Aunt's moods and the restrictive lifestyle. At the time she had fallen in love with the idea of the Theater. Acting and being anyone in the world you wanted to be! Sera took her things and as much money as she could grab and ran away. Luck must have been on her side, as (unlike most) Sera was able to land herself a genuine job doing small parts at a local theater. Over the past few years, Sera's talent and reputation has grown! She's become one of the most popular faces in the area, and is the Staging Company's star actress.

But... Sera has a secret! When her career was starting to rise, she was approached by an older woman. All she wanted was for Sera to pass on a note during one of post-production parties. This one task pulled her in to a world of espionage and secret messages. Now that she is involved, she cannot get out. Sera uses her fame and popularity to be able to meet many different people without suspicion and pass messages back and forth for... Well, now she doesn't even know who she works for anymore.

Character Name: Beau (Humanoid), Neeve (Green) and Jupil (Blue)
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Tiamerian
Age: 22
Occupation: Alchemist


General Appearance: Blond-haired and short for a guy, with very little muscle. Like most Tiamerians, he has two draconic heads of different colors sprouting from his back, reaching around with their long necks to rest just above the human-like 'center' head. In Beau's case, one of the draconic heads is green-scaled, the other one blue-scaled. Patches of scales of both colors appear over his body, and two thin tails of both colors part his spine near his rear end. Two long, satyr-like horns curve from his human head.
Strengths: Multiple heads make it hard for him to be snuck up upon, and the three sets of eyes make it easy to pinpoint and aim. His scales are tough and resistant to even gun-fire.
Weaknesses: Despite his smallish appearance, he's very heavy, and he has terrible balance. All three heads have different personalities, and often fight for control of the body.


Current Goal/Purpose: (Beau:) Find something... anything... that the world has never seen before... (Neeve:) Sleep with a lot of women! (Jupil:) Fame and fortune! Fame and fortune!
Talents: Skilled alchemist, able to create many different potions from nothing... can actually turn metals into other metals, though with the lack of metals around, it's not a great trick. Can have three conversations at once!
Inabilities: Hard to focus on anything at all with three heads! Constantly fights with his other personalities, very little control over their own body, terrible at math and estimations, poor social status, not well-read, not money-savvy, too trusting...
Fears: (Beau:) Loosing any of his three heads. (Neeve:) Chunky women. (Jupil:) Pirates!
General Personality: (Beau:) Nervous, cowardly, and meek... Beau isn't leadership material at all, and is often blamed for Neeve's horndog behavior. (Neeve:) A pervert and a slacker, Neeve hates doing work, and is very vocal about everything that pisses him off. (Jupil:) Greedy and power-hungry, Jupil is serious about cash... his mind is always open to money-making schemes.
Inner Personality: Though they fight near-constantly, all three heads consider themselves the 'same' person, sharing the same body, and truthfully love each other very much.
Secret: Beau is a rather prodigal cook. Jupil is a closet homosexual.


Takhis is an island few people ever go to - the reason being is that the native people seem to be completely insane. Tiamerian people are each born with draconic tendencies and a varying number of heads. Beau was lucky enough to have the least amount - two.

Like many young Tiameri, Beau-Neeve-Jupil set off from said island for differing reasons, though all three would probably agree "because everyone else is seriously insane on that island". Hitchhiking from ship to ship, making nuisances of themselves, the three were without any real passion...

...Until they came across the art of alchemy. After witnessing it, they put forth all their power, money and time into learning it themselves... and succeeding. Since then, the three have had little to do but make further nuisances of themselves... all, as they claim, in the name of 'Science!'.
Hellooooo Steampunk!!! You can definitly expect a character from me once I have Zero back. ^_^
*Points at Beau* BARRELS!


Character Name: Lydie
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Allendi
Age: 15
Occupation: Priestess/Prophet


General Appearance: 5'3", she has long, white blonde hair and gold, butter colored eyes. She tends to go barefoot and wear light sundresses in fair weather or ill, but she will retreat into an over sized brown leather trench-coat is it rains.

Strengths: Her faith. Whoever she's praying to, they're listening. She cannot see the future, because the future is always in flux, but she does often dream of the possibilities, and has been the center of more than one miracle.

Weaknesses: Well, obviously, she is not physically very strong. And she is an optimist. She is not deliberately gullible, but she seeks to believe the best in people, even when she should know better.


Current Goal/Purpose: Nothing, really; she's a drifter. Like a child, she wants to go everywhere, see everything. She collects plants and herbs wherever she goes, a rare treasure with so little land in the sky.

Talents: The world (-not people, because people have free will- but the elements making up Palmiere-) just... responds to her. She is a very good gardener, and loves to cook.

She can't lie. Oh, she's tried, but the words stick in her throat and if she tries hard enough, she'll be violently ill. She's a virgin, and has a restricted diet; no alcohol, no meat.
Fears: She fears little for her own sake (one thing: she fears failing; being abandoned.) she can see what a charmed life she's led, but she fears for the safety and happiness of others.
General Personality: Happy, lighthearted.
Inner Personality: Thoughtful. She's a dreamer, but she's a bit of a schemer too- she does have a mischievous streak- most people just don't see it past the "innocent" stereotype.

Secret: Working on this. Any suggestions?


Lydie is the last of her father's race, and the only member of her particular religion. She doesn't know her parents, her father died during an outbreak of the influenza and her mother in childbirth. She was raised by her uncle, a prominent religious figure in Valiance (his Cult of A'sanvi being the current power on Valiance) who set her aside to be a priestess to their dragon goddess, hoping she would be chosen as the dragon's vessel to reclaim his people's former glory as rulers of the sky.

When (around the age of twelve) it became apparent she was hearing different music, her uncle attempted to have her killed, and when the zealot assigned this task was struck down where he stood over her bed, the Cult of A'sanvi had her driven from Valiance as a heretic. No one knows exactly which god she's calling on, and several of the underdogs cults of Valiance vying for influence claim her as their returning angel- She tries to avoid the place altogether.
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(I guess since Beau's here, no one with three eyes can join the party. Pity.)

Character Name: Kais
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 20
Occupation: Pilot/mechanic


General Appearance: Even though hes almost an adult he still looks to be in his mid teens. He has dirty mouse colored hair and amber eyes. He is short and lean only adding to the illusion of being younger than he is and the brown flight jacket two sizes too big doesn't help either.
Strengths: Agile and small he can fit into places that are hard to get into, which helps when repairing his triplane. Hes also been flying most of his fife and despite his young age but pilot as well as the aces.
Weaknesses: Not physically strong and easily underestimated. Its extremely hard for people to take him seriously, until they see him fly that is.


Current Goal/Purpose: To become the best pilot of all time.
Talents: Great pilot, and he knows his way in and out of a plan like nobody's business, in fact it his business.
Inabilities: Unimposing, and not very knowledgeable outside of anything outside of mechanics and what needed to fly a plane.
Fears: Water, large bodies of water, even a glimpse of the sea through the clouds will leave him shivering.
General Personality: Much like the kid he looks like, generally friendly and once on a subject hes interested in its hard to shut him up, though when it comes to repairs he won't take no for an answer.
Inner Personality: Deeply driven, he sees repairs as just a means to fund his own cobbled-together plane's maintenance and to keep it running.
Secret: He is the son of the famous pirate hunter Gruben Dramier who died when his plane crashed into the ocean.


Kais was five when the news came of his father's death, he had looked up to him as a hero and from that moment kept sneaking into the airdromes to learn as much as he could ho follow his father's legacy. His mother tried to stop him but she fell sick, Kais looked after her until she died and then left the family house to be fought over by relatives stowing away on a cargo dirigible where he was found tinkering with the engines and thrown out at the next stop.

Now he does freelance repair work, mostly small planes but sometimes dirigibles, more laugh him off when he approaches them but his persistence and skill give him some repeat customers. He sleeps in his plane which is usually in a rented place in a hanger, n whichever city he happens to be in at the time.