Palmiere, Where Clouds Meet Sea

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  1. "And so will you."
  2. So as of now, how many Seraphims do we have in total?
    How's the gender distribution?
    And in theory, is it alright to have multiple Shepherds in a generation?
    If you allow, I can do another Seraphim or Squire and readjust my Skillset
    (personally some of these should've been mostly Wind, Lightning or Fire,
    like Fuujinbakufuu, Raiden, and Manjushage respectively)
    I'll do my best not to succumb to Rose's Daggers Skillset :D
  3. "Not really."
  4. Hellooooo Steampunk!!! You can definitly expect a character from me once I have Zero back. ^_^
  5. What's a Zero?
  6. The name of my laptop. lol
  7. Kunari kiss him back more, covering up her mosn.
  8. Looks good, TZS!

    (I guess since Beau's here, no one with three eyes can join the party. Pity.)
  9. uhh uhh uhh question~!

    Do we use Fakemon or Normal Pokemon?
  10. Mouu... @_@
    Is this rp alive ?