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  1. What is time? To the determined soul, it is naught but a yard of lace, a momentary stretch of starless void that can be crossed with the right incentive at the end.

    Hi there - so I have this idea to co-write a story set in multiple eras with supernatural elements, a curse, reincarnation, and an EPIC friendship (as in platonic, soul mate level) thrown in the mix. Here's what I have swimming around in my head so far:

    - It starts off in Victorian era, with two young girls (our protagonists) who are are preparing for the start of their "Coming Out" season. These girls have known each other all their lives, and while they are of different personalities, they get along like bread and butter
    - They end up being cursed due to messing around with someone they should have NOT messed with, and they are doomed to be reborn and suffer some kind of repeating fate
    - The timeline i have in mind are as follows: Victorian era, 1920's flapper era OR mid-1960's hippie era, present era, space opera (the last one could be an epilogue of sorts :p, I'm woefully inept at sci-fi themes but I do want to give it a very short try)
    - I do not want romantic stuff happening between the protagonists, I want to have two women's equivalent of a bromance BUT if it's very very subtle, tastefully written and well-planned, I *might* change my mind

    As for commitment: I can write about a paragraph or two per post and can post at least once a week. I am not a grammar nazi, but I do expect the same posting length and schedule from my partner (one liners and absentee partners make me lose interest real fast). Also, I hate being roped into the role of a GM wherein my writing partner 100% relies on me to drive the action and scenarios :( I want someone I could plan with, introduce crazy and imaginative plot twists to the story, and just generally have fun with this.
  2. I'm interested. I'm a huge fan of anything Victorian and would like to do an RP involving the era.
    If you want to PM me and we can discuss it further :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.