Paladin: Knights of Tenchi(complete)

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  1. Tenchi

    Heaven and Earth, an all-standing dragon and legendary maker of worlds. He one day found his power to bend the universe to his will as all too powerful. To lessen his grand position, Tenchi shed his powers into five siblings of his stature.

    Pink Dragoness of Wind

    Black Dragon of Darkness

    Green Dragon of Earth


    Blue Dragon of Water

    Red Dragon of Fire

    They were worshiped as kings and queens while the child-race gave themselves to their guidance. It was ever-present to the Six that humans were inferior to them, even with the blessings they are given from their power. Yami, the black dragon, sensed his greatness and abandoned man to the fate of destruction by conspiring a foul deed in the darkness.

    He created a force of his own; the world was built upon the shadows and souls of the fallen in the past centuries as mankind thrived and flourished. The Shadow Realm, Yami's throne and kingdom, and the land of the dead. Over time, Yami had amassed an entire legion of cursed souls from passed followers of his brothers and sisters. Their souls made him stronger as they were fed into his domain. Soon, he torn upon a portal into the human world and hurtled them into war.

    When his equals caught word, Yami had already taken steps into defeating not only his siblings, but he siphoned Tenchi's power and sealed him within mortal form. Without him, the world was ravaged and conquered within two seasons.

    In secrecy, Ai, Mizu, Seikatsu, and Kasai united their powers to revive their lord, Tenchi. Upon restoration he immediately took into action and created three new races to rescue the crippled race of man: The Dwarves from Kasai, the Fae from Seikatsu, Mermaids and Mermen from Mizu, and the Fairies from Ai.

    The races thrived while their makers assisted the humans with their war effort. From each race was chosen a single being to become a champion of their power: the warrior, the mage, the berserker, and the rogue. To make their strength certain, they were bestowed with the power to become dragons of their born element.

    Together they fought and defeated Yami, sealing him with ancient magic inside of his own realm; and with him they locked away his black army, and previous worshipers.

    Over 200 years have passed, and a new four shall be selected as Tenchi's chosen.
    1. Do not God-mode. While your power derives from the bloodline of demi-gods, you are still vulnerable to fall in combat.
    2. One player per class. If that class is taken, DO NOT ADD UPON THE ROSTER.
    3. Do not control another player's character under any circumstances.
    4. Be consistent and generous with your posts. At least once a week, deliver one or two paragraphs. If you suffer from a writer's block, feel free to call on your allies to assist.
    The characters in this RP will be the offspring of descendants from the first chosen Knights of Tenchi. Each four come from all races: Human, Fae, Fairies, and Merman.
    Character Sheet

    Dragon Appearance:
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  2. This still open?
  3. This looks interesting
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  4. Really? I kinda dropped the ball on it a while ago.... You're welcome to join in if you'd like.
  5. Has it already been started?
  6. Cool I'd like to join then if your still wanting to do it
  7. Sure, take a whack at it.
  8. Ok but what do you mean by Class? I get the Race and Element but not sure about the Class one
  9. Classes specify as: Warriors, Mages, and Rogues
  10. Ah I figured something like that, k gonna make a CS have it up soon
  11. Name: Ivan witchclock
    Age: 17
    Race: Fae
    Class: Mage
    Element: earth
    Mortal Appearance: Ivan haves pure black eyes, and stands at 5'4.
    Dragon appearance:

    Attached Files:

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  12. Name: Verona Leondra
    Age: 20
    Race: Fairies
    Class: Rogue
    Element: Water
    Appearance(Mortal): Snow-Elf-Girl-with-Lion (800x640).jpg
    Dragon Appearance: lightning_dragon_by_armydogs-d3a8m10.jpg
    Bio: Verona came from a big family, being the youngest she was mostly ignored. She was also shunned from her Fairy brethren for looking more like a Fae, thinking that her mother had bred outside of their race Verona was banished from the Fairy lands. Sense then she has learned to survive and learn about the unfamiliar world on her own making her strong. (The rest I would like to rp) ​
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