Pakistan Park Bombing

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  1. So we've had another terrorist attack lately, this time from the Taliban.

    Though in this case I ran across someone who was affected by this personally and he gave permission to share this status on the matter as long his name isn't given away.

    So I figured I should share it here, cause it does give perspective to such plights that your usual news reports just don't get across.
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  2. I had sort of ignored this thread for a while -- for no other reason than the fact that I didn't feel like it was worth my time when there was nothing for me to add.

    But then I saw that not a single person had commented on this, and... that's kind of sad. >_> I've seen a lot of people bring up the whole "apparently people only care about terrorist attacks when they happen in North America or Europe" thing on sites like Tumblr, with people trying to spread awareness of attacks like these (which they say don't see nearly as much attention as the attacks that happened in Paris or Brussels). And, for a while, I found this indifference towards terrorism elsewhere in the world to be more-or-less unsurprising. Sad, sure, and not at all right, but still not completely shocking...

    Seeing that this thread didn't receive a single comment, though, despite the fact that the Brussels thread received just as much attention as you'd expect... yeah, that kind of hit me. :/

    It's sad how so much violence can be overlooked just because of where it happens in the world...
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  3. Probably because this shit is normal news coming from over there.

    Someone got beheaded, someone exploded, got shot, stabbed, thrown off a tower. Nothing new in that region.

    Same thing applies to a place like Chicago. Violence is nothing new to the point it's 'read about bad thing, sigh and wish you hadn't, move on because it's the fifth one this week'.

    We don't expect that kind of garbage in the west or Europe. Hence the attention.
  4. Personally speaking (and this might be blasphemy to both sides), I don't really blink at any of these situations.
    At least not in a "Holy Shit! We're in danger!" way, cause statistically speaking the threat is still insanely minor and even then the targets are usually selective.

    Buuuut, Sympathy to the individuals hurt is still pretty high.
    And the fact there seems to be a lack of it based on geography is... worrying.
    Like, I know exactly why it works that way. People either feel more sympathy to those closer and/or in a more relate able demographic, and they also get desensitized if it happens constantly there.
    But still, it makes me worried to say the least. :/
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  5. Honestly, my reactions to anything like this are about the same, regardless of where it happens. It's just depressing, and to be honest, this shit happens so often it's hard to to feel numb about it. What is there left to say that hasn't been said thousands of times before? The main reason I posted in the Brussels thread was because I know Sini and a few other people from Belgium.

    I just find it interesting and painfully Eurocentric when sites like Facebook offer a flag filter for France and Belgium to show sympathy and solidarity, but somewhere like Turkey, Lebanon, Indonesia, or Pakistan? Nope.

    They probably correctly assume, as others pointed out, if it's not in the Western world, we typically don't give much of a shit.
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