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  1. Neh neh~ Anyone want to do an MxM RP with me? x3 I have some Pairings, but I haven't thought of any plots nor any ideas...... Sorry. I'm just so brain dead right now. o n o.

    I d e a s :

    Manga Artist x Editor { Forgot the actual thing to call them.. DX }
    Teacher x Student.
    Best friend x Best friend's older brother.
    Mentally ill patient x Doctor.
    Vampire x Human.
    Suicidal ''Loner'' x Jock.
    Demon x Human


    Okay, so, I know that lately most things I've posted haven't been that great. I'm so sorry. I really, have some cravings for certain things but I don't know how to put it into words. Like Anime pairings for instance, I have maybe three or four pairings, but.. I mean. They probably won't go anywhere anyways >//>. { No confidence what so ever. o n o } Anyways, so I really couldn't think of many pairings so.. Here you go. I'm fine with being both Submissive and Dominant, it doesn't matter. And the Bold Letters represent the person whom I want to ''play''
  2. Manga Artist x Editor sounds very interesting~

    Plus, I was in a group libertine roleplay based on this and I really enjoyed it ^^
  3. Oh, thank you! x3 I really wanted to do that one. - Because I'm watching an Anime that's based off it and just.. Oh jeez.~~~~~ Anyways, send me a PM so we can discuss!. ^^

    I read a few posts on that actually<3
  4. shit shit shit
    the "best friend x best friend's older brother"
    I have done something like this before

    I wanna, you still open for partners?? ;;

    Basically very excited to try doing that again <3333
  5. ^^' Yeah, I'm still open for partners.

    Oh my god I feel like I'm just copying everyone's Pairings O_o.

    Just send me a PM and we can begin to discuss everything ~.
  6. No you arent, the idea is just so irresistible ~
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