Pairings I Want To DO

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  2. Interested in the following;

    Older Brother/Younger Brother
  3. Bump I guess
  4. Hey, would you be open to a Dom F x sub M master x pet rp.... I haven't had a good one of those in a while
  5. Would you like an AnthroxAnthro RP? ^^
  6. I'm interested in

    Gladiator/Princess or Prince
    Spy/Girl or Boy
    Older Brother/Younger Sister

    If you are still looking.
  7. I could get in on some of these if you're still looking for people to RP with. There's more than a few I'm interested in but we can discuss them first to see which one we'd like to do :)
  8. Sure i see no problem doing an RP i'm alright with anything i'm good to try anything, let me know when and we can start on a concept i suppose
  9. If you're still looking for Father/Daughter or Older Brother/Young Sister I am interested.
  10. All green Except for :

    Spy/Girl or Boy ; Homo

    Incest :

    Homo ; Futanari

    Reason : Just don't like it.
  11. Would you be willing to role play Yuri with me I'm liking the Master/pet, Demoness/Innocent Girl ideas as a combo. Just please no Futa. I don't mind dildos and strap ons.
  12. i wouldnt mind doing master and pet
  13. Would you be willing to attempt a role play with me?