Pairings [Hetero & Homosexual - Open]

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  1. S Y E L L E ' S | R E Q U E S T S
    Heterosexual | Homosexual | Fandom | Plot | Smut | Development | Angst | Slow Burn Romance​

    {I'm not here for mindless smut}
    *EDIT - I'm only accepting the first few RP's that receive a partner
    After that I'll close the thread until one of my other RP's ends
    Female x Male
    Student [witch] x Teacher / University Prof. [wizard / magician]
    Mutant x Vampire / Delusional Scientist
    [Modern] Red Riding Hood x Werewolf
    Valkyrie x Charge [the supernatural she is supposed to protect]

    Male x Male
    Mutant / Evolved Human x Marine
    Lawbreaker x Police Officer
    Were-Cheetah x Berserker
    God x God [can be of any culture / religion]

    Guilty Pleasure x Fandom
    Lydia x Jordan Parrish [Teen Wolf]
    Bella x Edward [au. Twilight]
    Jackson x Stiles [Teen Wolf]
    Sylar x Claire [Heroes]
    Sylar x Elle [Heroes]
    Claire x Peter [au. non incestuous - Heroes]
    Captain America x Bucky Barnes [Avengers]
    Black Widow aka. Natasha Romanoff x Bucky Barnes [Avengers]
    Robb Stark x Daenerys [Game of Thrones]
    Aria Montgomery x Ezra Fitz [Pretty Little Liars]
    Spencer Hastings x Toby Cavanaugh [Pretty Little Liars]
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  2. Bumpity Bump
  3. Student x Teacher? :)
  4. Innocent criminal x police officer?
  5. Cheerleader x footballer if this is still open
  6. Bumpbumpbump.
  7. MxM sounds good to me. God x God maybe?
  8. Werewolf Valkryie and a charge sounds interesting, PM me about it?
  9. Bucky x Stever Rogers!
    I have been dieing to do one.
    (i'd really like to play Bucky, but when it comes to dom/sub I have no preference)
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  10. I'll shoot all of you a PM tomorrow night (UK) time since I have work today and tomorrow.
    This is going to be great!

    @Wolf-Anima55 - I'm fine playing Steve! :)
  11. @Syelle Yay :3 I have been dieing to do this. Can we start it when Steve goes after Bucky at the end of winter solider and go from there? We can discuss details in Pms if you like :)
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