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  1. I'll start this off by saying a little bit about me and then what I tend to expect from my partners, what I enjoy in RP, then I'll move onto pairings with a little bit of plot ideas. I'll be closing with a few additional notes that I hope people find useful.

    About Me
    • I'm 20 Years Old
    • I am male
    • I play both male and female characters
    • I've been RPing for a few years now
    • Your gender doesn't matter to me because I view it as two people typing on the forum on the internet. As long as you're a good RPer, that's all I care about.
    • I love IC surprises

    What I expect

    • You to at least try to match length, if nothing else post a couple of paragraphs
    • Try to use good grammar
    • Tell me if you have a problem or are uncomfortable with something
    • Speak up if you have an idea, I am very open minded and will listen to what you have to say about the RP
    • To have fun, if you run out of muse or just aren't enjoying the RP anymore, just tell me and you can walk away from it without feeling bad. It happens and I won't take it personally, we can always try again next time.

    I'm a little weird, I'm slightly sadistic and masochistic so my characters tend to reflect that. To that end, general good themes with me are;
    • rape (it's a guilty pleasure of mine in RP but it's normally plot related)
    • bdsm
    • humiliation
    • whoring (making the other character have sex to gain money or something else)
    • exhibitionism
    • public humiliation
    • public nudity
    • extortion
    • things of that nature
    • pain

    What I will not do (I have nothing against them, it just doesn't tickle my fancy): scat, vore, mutilation, micro/macro, mxm

    With my female characters: They tend to be more submissive, but I have a few dom OCs that are female, you'll just have to make a special request for them. I typically go crazy with my females so literally anything goes; futaxf, animal cocks, fxf, mxf, furry, group, just to name a few. I like doing fantasy so you could get really crazy if you wanted, typically my likes fall into the veins of CoC for females.

    With my male characters: They tend to be more compassionate, if not really dominate. There are certainly more doms than there are in the females but I do have a few submissive ones, you'll just have to request for them specifically. I'm more picky with my male characters though, I can only really do mxf since I'm not really into mxm, but you can get interesting with your female OCs :)

    Pairings: Finally the good stuff. Bare in mind the settings for these things can be varied, I'm keeping them vagueish so we can speak on the details later. I like throwing around ideas with people.

    CustomerxCustomer (in a store or something)

    Specific Plots: These are plots that I have in mind that could fall into a pairing or not.
    -N/A: Will fill later when I think of some

    This list will be updated and changed over time so feel free to come back and look later on. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Although please note I might refuse your RP request because I might have too much going on IRL at the time or have too many RPs going. Please don't take this personally as I will try to get back to you on a later date when my schedule clears up.
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  2. I like what you have posted. I view online role plays very much the same. I also only do Yuri (female x female) or straight male x female. I've been wanting to role play as a submissive for a while. I like the idea of crossing both your Sister x sister with Teacher x student, while adding Mistress x slave. I do not do anal sex, vomit, scat, I don't mind pee. Blood will have to be kept sparse such as with a cut or scrap, I'm in real life a hemophobic. In short I fear blood. I also am quick to leave and quite Role Plays when futa comes involved, I do not mind strapons and dildos. I not keen to furry at all.
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  3. I am interested in the KidnapperxKidnapped and I would love it if I could play the kidnapped/submissive character. I do not do vomit, scat or pee. I am fine with bleeding, but I do not wish too much of it. Shoot me a PM if you are interested as well ^^
  4. I'm interested in some of your prompts, I usually play Submissive females. My paragraphes vary from 5 - 20 sentences (I try to keep in detail but sometimes I just don't know what to write).
  5. Still open for partners?
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