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    Hey everyone. Okay, quick and simple: I'm craving these ideas. Some of them have more detail put into them, some have minor/basic detail, and some are just pairings with no detail attached. I am open to pretty much anything based off these suggestions, but I would also ask that choices here are selected/brought into consideration before you go "Hey, I want to try the _______ RP, but instead of playing _______ I wanted to have you play _______". I'm totally fine with those (in fact, they make the RP even better when its needed ^^) but I'm asking to please think about what I've listed. That being said, on with the pairings. Pairings with a "*" beside it are ones with multiple ideas, ones with a "-" at the end means I only have one idea for it, and ones with nothing at the end are open for suggestion. The character types in bold are the ones that I'd like to play.
    Fandoms (willing do to Canon x Canon, OC x Canon, and OC x OC for these)
    Marvel/DC comics:

    Robin (Dick Grayson x Catwoman/Poison Ivy/Batgirl, Starfire/Power Girl/Wonder Woman-/Wonder Girl/Harley Quinn/Zattana(*)

    Spider-Man (Peter Parker or OC) x Black Cat/Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman/Arachne/Black Widow/Mary Jane/Jackpot/Rouge/Kitty Pryde/Scarlet Witch(*)


    Teggen Toppa Gurren Laggan~ Simon/OC x Yoko/OC(-)

    HighSchool DxD~ Issei/OC x Rias/OC(*)

    Sword Art Online~ OC x Asuna/OC(*)

    HighSchool of the Dead~ Takashi Komuro/OC x Saeko Busujima/Rei Miyamoto/Saya Takagi/Shizuka Marikawa/OC(*)

    Space Battleship Yamato 2199~ Susumu Kodai/OC x Yuki Mori/Sasha Kodai/Mio Sanada/Akiko Todo/Yuria Misaki/Akira Yamamoto(*)

    Video Games: (there are too many pairings to count so I'll just list the franchises. The ones with "!"'s at the end mean I'm really craving them).

    Legend of Zelda*!
    Super Mario*!
    Super Smash Brothers/Crossover Games*!
    Soul Caliber
    Mega Man Franchise*
    Final Fantasy*!

    TV Shows/Movies:

    Doctor Who~ 10/11/Doctor OC x Rose/Amy/OC(*)

    Star Wars~ Anakin Skywalker/Jedi OC/Sith OC x Padmé/Princess Leia/Aayla Secura/Princess OC/Jedi OC/Sith OC(*)

    I'm also willing to do more pairings for this, but I'm not too familiar with the extended universe. I only really know stuff from the Films and SW:KTOR/TOR

    Peter Pan (not Disney)~ Peter x Wendy/Tinkerbell/Alice (Alice in Wonderland)/OC(*)

    Alice in Wonderland (Disney or Non Disney)~ Alice x OC(-)

    "Other" Pairings:

    Scientist x Android/Robot-

    Creator x Creation*

    Human x Imaginary Friend*

    Space Explorer/Hero/Pilot x Space Princess/Priestess/Explorer-

    Neko x Owner

    Celebrity x Non-Famous- (celebrity can be a model, actor(ess), author, musician, ect. They can be Real Celebrities, or OC ones, up to you. I have a list of real ones I would want you to play/wouldn't mind playing for this).

    Forbidden Relationships: Boss x Employee/Co-Op, Teacher x Student, Incest, ect.*

    If you're interested in any of these, send me a PM or post below!
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  2. I'd be up for a Zelda rp. Pairings I was thinking are Link x Midna/Zelda/Llia/Tetra/Maron/Ruto/Saria with the Saria, being my fave.
  3. Those sound like fun. Maybe we could do two of them? One with Link x Saria and one with a pairing of my choice?
  4. Ya, sure! Before anything else, what post length do you like from your partners?
  5. Anything that isn't a one liner.
  6. Okay, i can do that. I post about a paragraph usually unless given less. What was your pairing.
  7. I was gonna say maybe OC x Zelda. I have an idea for a storyline where Link is killed in battle with Ganon, but rather then allowing him to access the Triforce of Courage, it selects a new champion: a bard who accidentally touched the Master Sword without realizing what it was or who was threatening the Princess
  8. Oh I like that! Who do you want in it?
  9. What do you mean?
  10. Do you want to play Zelda or the Oc?
  11. OC, I always play males.
  12. Okay that works cuz i wanted Saria for my pairing.
  13. Sweet. Shall we take the planning to PM or leave it here?
  14. Up to you. I don't mind either way.
  15. We'll continue in PM.

    Still looking for other RP's in the meantime!
  16. id like to rp with you if you dont mind forbidden soumds interesting so dose the alice one -^.^-
  17. Cool! Which one would you prefer?
  18. hmmm We could do a mix of the two like maybe the red queens son something of that nature? -^.^-
  19. That could work I suppose. I was planning on him being sort of like a friend from Alice's world and have him go to wonderland with her when she returns
  20. thats fine its your original idea i dont mind ^.^
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