Pairing Requsts (MxM, FxM pairings)

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  1. I'm looking for people to RP with.
    I'm not super picky but hoping for at least good spelling and semi-good grammer.
    I'm quite alright with posts that are a minimum of 3 sentences.
    I am open to F/M, M/M, F/F pairings but prefer F/M and M/M pairings.
    I like doing original characters with original plots but prefer canon characters with fandom plots.
    I don't really have set plots but I do have pairings I like.

    I really prefer to have adventure plots to go along with my romance. ^^

    Original Pairings (open)

    1: Human x Tribal elf
    Theme: Meet in ancient ruins
    2: Explorer x Ancient tribal human or elf
    3: Vampire x Dragonboy
    4: Young human x Were-dragon
    5: City Teen x Werewolf
    6: Queen x Apothecary/Alchemist

    Fandom Pairings (open)

    Trigun (open)

    1: Vash x Wolfwood :heart:
    Theme: Hurt/comfort, no established relationship.
    Plot: After Vash gets wounded and smacked around by bounty hunters. Wolfwood has to help him home and can't help falling in love.

    2: Vash x Wolfwood :heart:
    Plot: Escalating conversation with a drunken Vash.

    3: Vash x Meryl

    League of Legends (open)

    1: Jayce x Lissandra

    2: Vladimir x Diana

    Tomb Raider/Legacy of Kain crossover (open)

    1: (classic or Legend) Lara x Raziel

    2: (classic or Legend) Lara x Umah

    Kingdom Hearts (open)

    1: Riku x Xion
    Plot: Takes place after KH2. Riku tries to go back to his normal life but is haunted by memories of Xion, a girl he can't place.
    2: Leon x Yuffie

    Final Fantasy VII (open)

    1: Vincent x Yuffie
    2: Vincent x Cid

    Classic Spyro the Dragon (open)

    1: Spyro x Elora
  2. 1: Human x Tribal elf
    Theme: Meet in ancient ruins! This is me saying I wanna do this!
  3. Alright, wonderful. ^^ Thread or PM?
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