Pairing Plots (Get 'em Here!)

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  1. Got a pairing but need a plot*?

    Post your pairing here and I'll spit some bunnies at you :3

    Of course random browsers can feel free to spit bunnies at people, too! Be sure the quote the post so that the person gets an alert and we know which pairing the bunny is for!

    All bunnies spat here are adoptable for anyone to use <3

    @the quiet musician is also offering bunnies over in Refining Writing!


    Person 1: Vampire x Hunter

    Bunny Spitter: In a city ruled by a vampiric mob, a change of power has made the vampires too dangerous for everyone, including themselves! An elite Hunter must team up with the former mob leader to take down the crime ring for good.

    Bunny Spitter 2: [HUNTER] has recently made friends with / started dating [VAMPIRE], and knows something is off about them, but can't quite put their finger on it. [VAMPIRE] was planning to come clean about what they are when they felt comfortable, but after finding out what [HUNTER] does for a living, they're not so sure.

    *A plot being the STORY, the CONFLICT or THING THE CHARACTERS WANT TO FIX OR ACCOMPLISH which gives the roleplay DIRECTION.
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  2. Split some plots for me please~

    Pairing : Someone who made a soul binding pact with some evil stuffs (demon or devil) & a paladin
  3. 1. The pact-bound victim seeks help from a paladin, but the paladin's training insists he/she slay this person, despite a personal wish to help break the pact.

    2. A paladin is banished from his/her order's lands due to misconduct, and is found by a kind soul who gently tends to his/her health. A bond forms, but something seems off about the paladin's savior.
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  4. Someone who made a soul binding pact with some evil stuffs (demon or devil) = A
    Paladin = B

    1. For as long as A can remember, they've had a celebrity crush on B, a famed hero of their country. They were almost glad when their village got attacked, because it meant B came to defend them! However, in the battle, B was slain. B lay dying in front of A, and A sold their own soul to resurrect them. B is forever grateful, but must never find out the occult nature of their recovery...
    2. Great evil is marching in conquest over the land, fuelled by strange black magic. The seers are baffled, the oracles deaf to their gods. In fact it seems the only one with any useful information about the enemy's movements is a witch/warlock who has a contract with their demonic god (A). They offer to help B, but only if B will agree to protect them after the war.
    3. B comes home after a long journey to discover their friend/family member/loved one, A, has done something terrible. B embarks on a quest to free A of their contract.
    4. B accepts a royal quest which offers a high monetary reward that they can't afford to miss, but get teamed up with A, who as it turns out, really doesn't have much to lose at all.
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  5. My request/pair sounds pretty lame but I would like a plot for a street artist (whatever art that may be) and a passerby. :)
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  6. Oo! I like it!

    Street artist = A
    Passerby = B

    A is homeless, (could be sleeping in car or street or tent city, couch surfing, shelter, etc), and was busking for tips when B, a talent scout, came along. Because A *looks* pretty together, B super excitedly tries to get them signed, but the climb to musical success is a lot harder when even "dress up for the audition" is a challenge! (Optional extra, A tries to hide their situation/avoid being recognized etc)

    A is a graffiti artist who creates beautiful murals anonymously at night. B is the city worker who has to scrape them off, but hates destroying it and photographs each one for memory. One time they come in waaaay too early in the morning to finish up, and hear the sound of an aerosol spray can as they approach...
    (The two could try to find a way to prevent the art from being taken down all the time)

    A is a graffiti artist whose favourite and very unique canvas is on B's private property! One day, B sees A creating art in a different location and because the style is different, doesn't recognize it. They want to encourage A's art career and offer to sponsor them. Funnily enough, that was around the same time their graffiti problem started escalating... (Bonus if A realizes B is the property owner. Bonus + if A likes/crushes on B and the art on their property changes to reflect this)

    A secretly creates Giant Art Attacks (or other unconventional artwork. Bonus if it's hard to tell that it's art while it's being made and A mostly looks like a crazy person). B works in a hardware store where A is a regular customer who comes in once a week and buys a ridiculously huge bulk of something seemingly random, like rope or paper towel or thousands of paint sample tiles. they start to develop an obsession with finding out what it's for!

    A, a starving artist, was performing on the street for tips when B started venting/projecting their corporate-world self-loathing by lecturing them about "getting a real job" and "contributing to society" and"joining us in the real world." Irritated and feeling sorry for them, A challenges them to spend one week in an artist's life (making art, going to art shows, finding sponsors, etc. For the sake of the plot it would be ok to romanticize the art life in this bunny) and see if they still feel that way.

    A is a visual artist, and B works for a startup company looking for a graphic designer/artistic creator. After seeing A working, B recruits them to work designing for their startup. A is glad for the steady work (possible romantic subplot if they also think B is cute) but working 9-5 and having their art used as a capitalist marketing hook doesn't sit well, and they worry the pressure to be professional and mimic the conglomerates is making B lose sight of their vision.

    "Hey, I'm the graffiti artist who you stopped to compliment the other day when a cop came along and I ran off leaving you holding a backpack full of spray paint, is there any way I can make it up to you?"
    (Possible bonus: "also my wallet/[valued item] was in there, what do you mean I can have it back when I've learned my lesson!?")
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  7. I love them aaaaaaaalllll! Thank you :D
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  8. As a guy who clocks out at the sight of generic pairings, you are doing good things Mini.
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  9. idol comes back from her world tour and has completely changed, her best friend is down to earth and wants to bring her back.
  10. I am usually not much into pairings but this may be worth to give it a try ? I am sure your ideas can be inspiring to me.

    What would you do with a biology scientist and an historian ?
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  11. You want fantasy elements or no? 8D
  12. ....well, why not? xD
  13. A: Biologist
    B: Historian

    • A and B are both professors/teachers, but at rival schools in the same city or area, and they have a long-standing personal rivalry/stream of banter, themselves. Every year there is an annual science fair which is a big deal for the local community (like, disproportionately huge, think the way EVERYBODY loves Pokemon in that franchise.) A and B are both determined that their school will win best exhibit, and go to increasingly silly extremes to ensure it!

    • B is a simple person with simple dreams who never asked to find a small, wounded dragon in their backyard. The only person they could think of to ask to help is their associate, A, who has always believed such creatures were possible but long extinct, and insists they find out where the beast came from in order to get him home.

    • A was a scientist working on human experimentation many years before the RP's present date. They managed to create a race of mutants (human/animal hybrids, X-men like powers, whatever you like). They were appalled at the way their precious creations were treated (as slaves/pets) and was trapped in a stasis chamber while trying to defend them. Fast-forward to present-day, where B, a mutant historian, is elated to discover the frozen resting place of the Creator, and is excited to show them how the world has changed.

    • A and B are professors/teachers in the same university, and are simple friends, but all of the students in their classes love their chemistry and they are the favourite real life ship of their school. Eventually the rumours start to leak into the friendship. ("Still on for lunch tomorrow?" "it's a date!" "ahahaha it's funny cause everyone thinks we're dating" etc.) But what happens when the idea of dating the other person is constantly being presented? Does it start to sound appealing? Is it still funny? Does it get hard to stay friends?

    • B has transported back in time from the future, and is startled at how much of history has been 'adjusted'! Meanwhile A, in whose care they have landed, is offended on principle that facts have been misrepresented just to make some countries/people sound better, and agrees to help them survive a while in this age to learn how things really worked (a slice of life story)
    maybe come up with more later
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  14. ....your creativity is amazing. I love your ideas. Thank you!
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  15. Oh my god it happened
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  16. Mind if I ask you for plot ideas? Just so you are aware, the roleplay is set in the Pokémon universe.

    The roleplay is set between a boy, whose father once ruled a large business empire that dramatically fell, and is now trying his best to get his son to take the same way, and a girl, who trains four Pokémon.

    They have a common interest in travelling, and a common enemy in the boy's fellow student.
  17. My post was a link to an article, read it! If you squint, it looks like an enactment of that prompt
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  18. Hmm, I made this for more generic "ROLE X ROLE" type pairings, this is very specific but I'll give it a try

    A = Heir
    B = Trainer girl
    C = Despised classmate

    A's life is completely consumed by his father's vicarious dream of restoring the family business. So much so that he's never even had his very own Pokemon, because raising a Pokemon would distract him from restoring the business. Then one day he's nearly bowled over by a Pokemon running out of the bushes by his path! A girl (B) closely follows; the Pokemon is her fifth, a new catch, but it seems much more taken with A! B suggests A accept ownership of the Pokemon, she will hang onto it for him, and he can raise it with her in secret after school.

    Everyone has something they hold dearer to their heart than anything else. For A it's his father, for B it's her Pokemon. But when their town is raided by team Rocket (or whichever villain you like) after C, an undercover grunt, snitches on the valuable human capital (A's dad and workers) and Pokemon population, both the town's leading expert in what was once a powerful resource and as many innocent Pokemon as could be taken were hauled away to the team's headquarters, with C leading the way! A and B must team up to rescue the hostages!

    A's life is predetermined. Graduate with honours, run the business, don't let C (the heir of another family business which caused the collapse of A's family business)'s family drag the A family name any further through the mud. These were the rules, and there was no point imagining a life outside of them.
    But that was before B came to town. B with her four Pokemon who all seemed so much more loving and spirited than anyone else's. B with her pokézoo of a home, B who was as annoyed at C's pretentiousness as A was at his legacy. The two became fast friends and as A's world begins to seem wider with possibilities, he thinks of a new way to restore his family name; a bet. Him and B versus C in a badge collecting race around the region!

    A lives a privileged life. Even though the family business is down, the savings of their fortune are enough to live very comfortably while they get it running again. So when B showed up with no memories, money or possessions, nor any apparent family except four Pokemon, what family was better equipped to take her in than A's? Of course, some (C) are more suspicious of the mysterious newcomer, and the secrets she may be hiding. As B's memories resurface, only time will tell if C's suspicions are warranted!
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  19. I need some bunny love!

    So far, I have a Mage and the creature that they created through magic, in order to further their magical prowess. I've had a lack of legitimate ideas lately, so I need a little help...
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