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  1. Hello! So, just recently, I've had a lot of inspiration come from many otome games I just downloaded today on my phone. They're awesome and solely placed here simply for the idea of pairing types. Plots will be built off the specific pairing, but please remember, I am only set on playing a submissive female lead. Depending on what pairing, my character may or may not do a little on top, but overall my characters will be the submissive one. With that being said, here are the pairings I found joy in.

    • President's Daughter x Male Secret Service Agent
    • Shrine Maiden x God (kitsune)
    • Ninja Princess x Ninja
    • Female Civilian x Male Assassin
    • Noble Princess x Bodyguard
    • Human Female x Male Grim Reaper
    I wish for someone who can post at least once a day, few times a week, or several posts a day. Somewhere around that range would be fine. Grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling are one of my pet peeves. I understand typos but please, no text talk. I'm not perfect with grammar, punctuation, or spelling either, but please, make your posts legit. For the most part, I prefer quality over quantity, but I would still like there to be at least one paragraph within a reply. If there's more, that's even better, considering I expect partners that roleplay with me to be at an intermediate skilled level of writing. All of the content I have put down on the front of the thread will stay true to what I want in a libertine roleplay. Every single content piece does not have to happen in every single roleplay, because most of these are one x one pairings, but those are usually what I am comfortable with, besides being new to BDSM.

    Any ideas, plots, or suggestions? Just let me know here or through private messaging. I'm always open to other ideas so if anyone has interest in roleplaying with me, let me know here or within private messaging.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. I'd be interested in doing the President's Daughter X Secret Service Agent, or the Body Guard X Princess. I do enjoy playing the male characters there, so there isn't really any problem for me on that. PM me, and we can continue talking!