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  1. Here's an updated commission thread! Hurray. Unfortunately, I'm not in a place where I can offer free commissions, only paid. I realize that this isn't a place where business would be booming, but a few people showed interested in my art, so I figured I'd make this thread just on the off chance someone liked it enough to commission me!

    - I will draw both male and female characters, but my 'comfort zone' is feminine characters (not female, just feminine!)

    - I will also draw adult content, but only if you are 18+.

    - Depending on how complicated the design of your character is, I may charge a bit extra (between $1.00 and $5.00, the latter being for Extremely Complicated Frilly Tattooed Characters).

    - Commission process is as followed: after working out details, I will draw a sketch and show it to you. Here you can tell me if anything is off, or you'd like anything changed. After it's finished, I'll provide you with a small, watermarked copy, and once again you can tell me if anything needs to be adjusted. If everything is A-okay, I'll ask you to send payment, and upon receiving it, I'll give you the full-sized, unwatermarked version!

    Newest first.


    Coloured Sketches
    Bust - $5.00 (+$3.00 per extra character)
    Waist - $8.00 (+$4.00 per extra character)
    Full-body - $10.00 (+$5.00 per extra character)

    Head - $8.00
    Bust - $10.00 (+$6.00 per extra character)
    Waist - $15.00 (+$8.00 per extra character)
    Full-body - $30.00 (+$15.00 per extra character)

    NOTE I can also paint realistic portraits from photographs if you'd like. I'll try to dig up the portrait I painted for my mother a few Christmases ago as an example, but just so you know, that's something I can do!

    If you are interested, send me a message - I'd love to work something out with you!
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  2. I moved this to the character portrait studio for you, Thank you for setting up shop here, can't wait to see more of your work :)
  3. I love your aaaaaart, I just want to throw a whole bunch of characters and stuff at you so I can hoard all your art work xD
  4. *Gasp*

    Such an amazing artist... drawing for free?! Sign me up! :D
  5. @Vio @Viceroy
    Thank you guys!! Feel free to throw your characters at me!
  6. I just had a character in mind but then totally forgot because the bromance between dean and castiel does that to me ; . ;
  7. Should I PM you?
  8. @Vio
    Well, if it comes back to you, just let me know haha.

    You can post here or PM me, whichever you'd prefer!
  9. You seem to be an amazing artist my friend. Will you take up the challenge of monster genderbending? Jk. But I would like for you to try and make a 'genderless" monster I want to be made into a female. This is not my image though, just a reference.

    Personality: An acolyte of sorts, and that is literally her name. She is quiet, wise and reflective towards others, but shallow to those she despises.
    Specifics: Please somehow make this female. If not possible, make him....Not as spiky. also, could you make her/him wearing a greyish robe with a hood covering most of their face? Also, could you make the "wrist blades" smaller and less sharp? Ohya, and by "make this female" I mean add "boobs" less spikes and make the face not glow, but still skeletal.


  10. May I message you for my request?
  11. If you can I will throw one in please

    Appearance: Dom is a Zombie Imp he has multiple horns coming through his head some of the smaller horns are hidden by his red shaggy hair. His skin looks like it's always shedding except his hands which are usually a dark brown burnt color since he can manipulate heat he ends up burning his hands because he's bored. He usually wears a random rock T shirt and baggy jeans which has been customized so his useless little back wings stick out and Imp tail comes through them. Dom always has his skateboard with him usually held by his tail

    Personality: He's laid back and mischievous. doesn't take much things seriously. He's a more of a happy go go creature
    Specifics: If possible him pulling of the rock sign would be awesome but that's just a suggestion......... ooo maybe pulling of tricks on the skateboard. or just standing there with a cheesy grin on his face. I don't know I'm just throwing anything out there.

  12. Could you draw my o.c. Neon?

    Name: Neon
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Furry {Feline}
    Personality: Is kind of a very peaceful person who makes friends and listens to all EDM and Rock!
    Looks: Looks like furry in picture below but with black stripe on forehead and has white headphones labeled "Ne" with neon tubes containing the element. Glows in sync with song beat.
    Power/Abilities (5 max): Can shrink{can't control}, Can see into future when asleep{need to roll die}, can switch into normal human form.{ Just imagine the furry below as a human with mark on exact spot, Stripe on forehead can glow a Bright Red hence the name Neon.
    Family?: Died.
    Pets?: N/A

    Crush: Open
    BF/GF: Open
    History: Classified. { He really lived an ordiary life untill he unknowingly combined blood with a diying furry.
    Other?: Can make EDM music 100% alike. Favorite one: Snowblind by AU5
    Link to song:


    Please draw him! I would like to use another picture!
  13. I have a simple request.

    John Caine.jpg

    Just a face sketch.

    I need the rest of this fellow's face, moderate detail is fine, no need for color. Hat is optional. You can make his face a little dirty if you want.

    He's about 35, doesn't get a lot of sleep, and has somewhat large eyebrows. His eyes are cold and distant. They darkly colored.

    Just in case you'd like to know some back story, he hunts dragons from a blimp.

    Well, I think that's all.
  14. Wondering if this is even open anymore? The last post before it was bumped was from about a year ago. I would totally love it if it was!
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  15. I didn't notice the 2014.
  16. Oh, sorry, I wasn't aiming that question at you! It was a question for the owner of this thread. I almost didn't notice the dates either! I hope they are open, as I would love to take a request from them. Hopefully they are and you get your request! :3
  17. Refrence My Account Art...
    Personality:Cool Funny At Times When He's not Funny He Is Trying To Crack Good Jokes
    Specific: A Pose Kind Of Like this one

  18. Ooooh awesome artist. If this is still open, I'd love to make a request. :3
  19. Ahh gosh, I really need to close this thread haha.

    No, I'm sorry everyone, I'm not still open for free requests! :( Though I am open for cash commissions, if for whatever reason someone is interested in that.
  20. Can you show me an example or the difference between a bust drawing and a waist drawing? ^^
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