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  1. This is a roleplay about military corruption in a post-apocalyptic dictatorial country, torn by war, both foreign and civil. You are a part of the firing squad in Gamma Legion 5502, an elite group of soldiers in the Imperial Army. The other men in Gamma Legion 5502, when the Officers are not around to punish them, refer to your team as 'The Crimson Painters'. This was spawned off the fact that it is your duty to take POWs to the back sheds and execute them, commonly called 'Painting the Sheds'. You and your team realize just how corrupt the system is when one of the men you are about to execute manages to get the gag out of his mouth and yells that he will get the General his money, he just needed time. You killed him and the others scheduled to be executed with him. After letting the words play through your heads, your squad leader suggests something never before dared- mutiny. It's time to put an end to General Ginko and the Zeid Empire.

    Years ago, the countries of Earth thrust themselves into an arms race. Words were said, blood was shed, and people were dead. Nuclear war sprung out, leaving the human race all but destroyed. It was rebuilt into four giant countries: The Comachi Empire, ruled by Italian descendants, The New English Republic, The Borchevik Empire, ruled by descendants of Russian nobility, and the Zeid Empire, in whose military you are employed, ruled by a line of the most ruthless an cunning men of all time. They had to be. You killed the leader, you became the leader. The current leader was Chojo Manki Zeid.

    A man without mercy, CMZ slaughtered thousands to get to where he is. Even worse is his top military advisor, General Ginko. As a baby, he killed his siblings so he could get all his mothers milk. He was always a very corrupt man, bribing his teachers to pass school. And now it seems he has been using his power over the military to extract money from citizens. Time to stop that.

    Rules: No super powers, magic abilities, future seeing, etc. Nothing explicit, if you want to get that way take it to the Mature Forums. If you have anything you can add to the backstory, let me know, the more story behind it the more it comes alive. At least try to use proper grammar (Exceptions will be made for those who have to use shitty software). Multi charactering is fine. If you have any questions, PM me about it!

    When you introduce your character, you don't have to fill out a form, just include those things into the post. A good description, a little psych profile maybe, this, that, the other thing. Basic stuff. you can get more into detail later, or do a tell-all now.

    Alright, here's the kick off post:

    "Alright team, what do you think?" Ajax asked his team, as he was disassembling his rifle to clean it, arriving from the target practice range. "I think it's time we stopped all this corruption and put and end to this regime of blood and terror." Cmdr. Ajax was a tall, averagely muscular man, about 6'3", 198 lbs, and a deadeye when it came to sniper rifles. He was wearing a black tank top, and blue jeans, his red beret on his head, as always. He took it off and ran his hand through his short, spikey black hair and put it back on. "I know it's a heavy thought, but killing innocent civilians is just wrong." He looked up at his teammates, awaiting their response to his suggestion.
  2. Code name: Reaper was cleaning her gun and knifes when sje said "your right Ajax this stupid war need to end in peace and a non blood shoes way"Reaper dint speek engshi but she trys every day evrrone helps her out once on awliay. Reapers past is a mistory. no one know her real name beacuse she dose not want her demons of her past finding her. her higth is 5'9 a little tall or a women and she not muscular at all she cant even do 2push up with geting tired. her eyes sliver with Gold. her hair is out nd is sliver as well its long her hair. she waering short shorts «i think there called botty shorts» and a skiny strap tank top that says "im a lover not a fighter" it dosent even cover her stomci witch i say is flat s not fat but she not strong sand practice alot on her guns and knifes
  3. Ajax nods at Reapers' approval. "Alright. What about the rest of you? Are you in? Or can I count you against me?" He said, cocking his gun threateningly. He's gunned down his own teammates before. He'd do it again.
  4. Dalia twisted her head around to look over at Ajax, one eyebrow peaking questioningly over her dark sunglasses. Her expression might have been one of ild surprise but, it was not wat he was talking about that surprised her, just the fact that he said it so openly and bluntly took her aback a little. She did agree with what Ajax said but, they themselves knew firsthand the power that the General. If they choose to undertake this mission, it was not somthing they could do lightly. "Well that doesn't give us much of a choice does." she said with an evil grin. "Relax, my loyalty lies with the group and not with any fancy pants General." Shifting around in her dark green arm chair, her every move was accompanied by the soft clicking of metal against metal as all the different mechanical bits and pieces in her lap tumbled around. What might seem a bit odd for a soldier became clear when her job became known. Technical support was probably the name for wat she did but, the rest of the group often foundly referred to her as their "Grease Monkey". If anything mechnical needed to be made or fixed she was the person to do it, and during actual combat she would pilot dones around the area giving the team a pair of eyes in the sky.
    As to why she was barred from actual combat that was a little harder to figure out, that is until she takes off her sunglasses and doesn't have one of her little robot units around. Dalia is completely blind. War had a toll that needed to be paid and after abrief outburst of chemical warfare she had payed with her eyes. It was not all bad, before she had lost her sight she had shown great ability in working with all things mechanical. With all of the new techonological advancements there was a demand for fixers and repairmen, so the Zeid Empire thought what a waste it would be for her to send her days sitting at home. So they paid for a surgery that would give her back her sight, and in return she would have to spend the rest of her life working for the military. The surgery implanted a chip in her brain that connected wirelessly to a camera in a pair of sunglasses. She has since made improvements, now pretty much any reconisence drone that was sent out with the team had a camera installed so that she could help out on the battle field even when she is physically there.
    "Although, we will have to be careful, the second they suspect treachery our supplies will be cut and there will be a price on our head." her voice didn't sound worried she was simply stating the facts. Running one hand through her shoulder lenth, dark brown air she whiped her lap clear of the parts she had been working with be for standing up, streching her spine back as she did so, revieling a rather short frame of only five feet five inches.
  5. Ajax nodded at the mechanic. "I'm well aware of this, Dalia, but I have connections in the other factions of the Legion, so no one should rat on us. If one tries, we kill him and blame it on enemy soldiers." He sets his rifle down on the table. He knew he was being very blatant about this, but he was that way with everything. The way he saw it, shit was shit, no matter how much you sugar-coat it, so no point in trying. "What about the rest of you?" He asked, pulling out his custom made Infinitarium Mark VII handgun, and began cleaning it. Infinitariums were only supposed to be used by higher ranking Officers, but Ajax was a lucky bastard when it came to dice, and won it in a game of Liars Dice. Infinitarium-made weaponry was extremely expensive, but for good reason. It had an infinite supply of ammunition. Hence, INFINITarium. He was working on reverse engineering it with Dalia's help, so he could make them for the other members of the team. "Well?"
  6. Logan propped his head up with his hand as he studied the other team members and their commander. His right eyebrow shot up to his hairline.

    “Ya’ll are crazy.” He paused and a huge grin lit his feature. “Count me in, commander sir!” He saluted somewhat sarcastically. Green eyes sparkled with mirth. From his reaction you would think the group was talking about an insane party or a road trip. Logan was like this on what he considered off time. The twenty-one year old stood tall, nearly as tall as their commander at 6’1. He had a build more like a swimmer than a soldier. For who he was, he had an easy smile and a fairly calm outlook on life. He stretched his hands over his head and stifled a yawn. His brown hair was a length between medium and short in length, there was enough of it to put in a teeny tiny ponytail without getting in his eyes to awful much. His casual dress was usually a pair of jeans and button up shirt. That was also what he was wearing now, dark wash jeans and a white button down tshirt with the top few buttons left undone. He always wore his combat boots. He didn’t think he needed to waste money on another pair of shoes when the ones he was wearing did just fine in and outside of combat. He propped his head back up with his hand again, this time crossing his legs.
  7. The girl had been introduced to Ajax as ghost, and that's what her profile read. But for some reason she insisted on being called Fel. This had been true the entire time that the two had known each other. Her story seemed simple in the document. During a classified mission her squad had been wiped out, she was the only one who made it back, but the objective was complete. At first many speculated that she killed her teammates herself, to try and reach some ulterior motive. For awhile her file was even marked "unstable" In most forces of the old days this would have you completely removed from duty. In the new world, after the nuclear war had ravaged anything, this just gave them more reason to dispose of you while at the same time trying to fulfill their goals. When she was marked unstable she was given the name ghost, given little equipment and dropped into enemy territories to search, destroy, or kill. To the higher ranking officers surprise she would always come back, objective complete, and with each time she came back, she was given a little more or a little better equipment. Eventually, the psychiatrists on staff were able to sit down with her and give a diagnosis. They deemed her fit and shortly after the unstable label was removed from her file, though half the sticker remains. Possibly someone to lazy to do their clerical work properly. Why she was assigned to Ajax, or why the doctors why even allowed to look at her, was unknown. She had some theories, that since she had become a powerful tactical piece to one of the high ranking officials, another one forced his hand and had the psyche evaluation done. Just so she could be put on some missions that weren't so important, that would have of course meant that who ever forced the hand was working as a double agent. Though... In this world that wasn't very far fetched.

    Fel wore a skin tight black body suit, over top of that she wore normal black fatigues. Her shirt was always open, possibly to let at least some air in. Her eyes were reminiscent of thin ice, a pale blue on the outside with a deep blue on the inside. As if a lake was frozen on just the surface and you could still the life underneath going about as usual. She was sitting against the wall, as the others spoke. Her sword was placed against the wall beside her. Her modified sub-machine gun and pair of goggles were placed just to her left. Her long mud orange hair was kept in a pony tail which was over her shoulder and in front of her. She was looking at the floor, inspecting all the bugs in that were congregated in a crack. Stealth was the name of her game but she also had a keen eye, making her perfect for recon and flanking. Being on mission with her would always be a strange contrast. While away she would simple keep her thoughts to herself, watching others, usually keeping close to Dalia and staring in splendor at what ever mechanical device she had pulled apart at the moment. But in the field, she would be constantly relaying information. She looked up from the crack for a moment, revealing the smattering of freckles that dotted her face. She didn't seem to have any disagreement with the plan. Then again the girl didn't really seem to think for herself that much, though, this made her really good at following orders.
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  8. "Well," Ajax said, "looks like most of the team agrees." He looked at his team members, proud of them and himself.

    A young man, looked like a Private First Class, was on a shadowing job, to see how the senior officers acted. "Excuse me, Sir, But I will not stand for this, Sir! If you do not desist in your act of treason, I will report you to the authorities, Sir!" The younger member of the army, the more patriotic they were. The more foolish, too. "Benny, did you take you're medicine this morning?" "No, Sir, I did not." "You were a good soldier, Benny." "Sir, I do not understa-" Ajax stuck the barrel of his Infinitarium Mark VII handgun into the boy's mouth and force-fed him a Hot Lead Pill. The back of Benny's head exploded, leaving a large hole in the back of his neck and grey matter on the white wall behind him. Ajax looked at the other members of the team.

    "Have I made myself clear on how to exterminate rats?"
  9. Dalia grinned widely when Logan agreed to come along, she hadn't really doubted he would but, it was good to have someone with a good sense of humor along. She was also glad when Fel made no objections to the plan. She had always been fond of the quiet girl, and while she would usually chuck any manner of objects when one of the other members insisted on watching her work, she always welcomed Fel into her own little world. Glad that most of the team was on board for this whole crazy mission she was not surprised when their own personal mole, Benny, spoke up. That boy had never learned how to keep his mouth shut, probably why he was on assignment ratting out senior officers. Considering Ajax had made it very clear what he did to snitches, she was not at all surprised when the kid found himself with what little brains he had splatterd on the wall behind him.
    "So not cleaning that up." Dalia said in a calm voice taking a step back so that she wouldn't end up standing in the pool of blood that was slowly creeping its way towards her. It was things like this that annoyed her, of the group she had to sped the most time inside the base, so any mess that was left behind usually became her responsability to clean up.
    "Well if that settles that prehaps we should get to work?" Dalia asked eagerly. If they were really going through with this she had a million things that she needed to do, from replacing the panneling on their vehicals, it was still riddled with bullet holes, to completeing the power cell fr the infinitarium guns that Ajax wanted.
  10. Reaper walks up to the dead body on the floor with a smile. "stupid " she kicks the dead body. "and i though Ajax was stupid, no defince Ajax" she said over her shouldr picks up the body and trows it out the window like its trash. she pulls out a cigaret and litter. she puts it in her mouth and lights it then sits on the eage of the window blowing the smock away thinking about he past. "jake " she whisprs
    jake her little brother she said she would pertoct him from anything and feild him. she was coming home with flowrs for him and thats when they came killed him took her aay traind her to kill and so no emoson but her se could andshe liked that
    she looked at everyone and sghed
  11. Ajax wiped the few droplets of blood off his face and began to wipe of his gun. After he got most of it, he walked over to the closet and grabbed the mop. "That's alright, Dalia, I got this one. I'll clean up my mess." He began to mop up the blood that was pooling on the floor. He used to be a janitor, before he was caught illegally on a military shooting range. He would've been shot down, had they not been so impressed with his marksmanship. He was a multi-classer, using both sniper rifles and combat rifles, but he preferred sniping. A lot more satisfying to make a kill when you can look down your sights and see the expression on the target's face just before you blow it off. "Hey, Dalia, how far along on the PC analysis for the IHM7 are you? Figure out what kind of power source it uses? I was thinking it's either Ion or Sub-Nuclear, based off of the heat that thing gives off when you fire it too much." He began mopping the wall, cleaning off the poor Privates' brain goo.He laughed at himself a little, realizing just how merciless he could be.

    Worst part was, he enjoyed it.

    He looked over at Reaper and could tell she was having one of her moments. He looked back at his work and continued cleaning up before the officers arrived. If he didn't get done he would just blame it on suicide. And his team would agree.
  12. Fel watched in silence as Reaper had tossed the body out the window. After a few moments she stood up, picking up her sword and attaching to her body suit under her shirt. She walked over to the wall, examining the blood spatter. Not seeming to look for anything in particular. After a few moments she turned looking toward Dalia. From her eyes it was easy to tell her mind was churning, something that could have been called worry was playing in her eyes. After a few moments she walked over sitting down close to her. Her hands were lightly playing with her own hair in thought. She lightly whispered a thought to herself. "Uplinks." Most drones had a data uplink so that HQ would be able to see the field for themselves. She didn't think Dalia's glasses had them but that wasn't what worried her. Dalia could connect to the drones, but connections usually aren't one way, she was worried that HQ would be able to go through a drone and tamper with data that was sent to Dalia's chip. Well... the idea of someone messing with Dalia was infuriating. She hoped that the girl had already taken some precautions against this.
  13. Logan watched the blowing out of Benny’s brains rather calmly.

    “Dude.” He crinkled his nose. “Gross.” He stated mainly just to state something, not actually to disturbed by the sight. However, this was why he liked to make people explode. Exploded people, if exploded right of course, didn’t ooze stuff after they died. They were just nice and crispy…or ashy, depending on the amount of fire. Which was much easier to clean up. “Did ya hafta go and do that inside?” He asked. “Next time, I dunno man, line him up in front of the window or something? Ya know, so his brain doesn’t explode all over the place in here. “ Logan grumbled as he got to his feet and again stretched his hands over his head with a yawn. So, he probably should have slept a bit more the night before but he had been up fiddling with a new design for a C4 pack. He glanced over at Reaper and gave her a cheery grin.

    “Don’t look so down.” He encouraged. “Or I’ll hafta do something silly, like jump on the commanders back, blindfold him, and try to make him play Horsey.” He pouted at the girl. “You don’t want me to get my brains blow out to, do you?”
  14. Ajax finished mopping up the blood and brains and shoved the mop and bucket back into the closet.

    The Tetris theme song could be heard playing from his wrist communicator.

    He pulled up the incoming file and scrolled through the Briefing. He nodded his head, dismissing the Hologram and turned to his team. "Looks like we got a Hit Contract. Sargent Major Pavel Gorvan of the Borchevik Red Army. Quick mission, get in, take the shot, steal some files, get out. Dalia, I want you to do a Drone fly-over of the base camp. Fel, ground recon. Find out the troop count we will have to deal with. Logan, Reaper, you come with me to take out the Russki. We move out in 0600."

    ((For those who don't know the tune I'm talking about here it is:))
  15. "I hpe you do" Reaper mant for her to say it in her head but it came out but she didnt care she did want logan to die at that moment so se pull to waht to said and ponted it at him "i could do it for him if i wanted to like right now" she looks downand wonder how far it is and how long would she fell. she still had her gun ponted at him. but she turned to him with an evil smile creeped everyone and shot at him but missed. "opes i missed " and everyone knew she never misses then says "yes sir" she gets up and packs her knifes with a grin
  16. The bullet that was meant to pass Logan also whizzed by Ajax, "JESUS!!!!! Holy fucking... Watch were you do that, Reaper! Damnit!" He wasn't quite in battle mode yet, so bullets would scare him at the moment. Once he WAS in battle mode, he would've fired back. "And Logan, I wouldn't kill you. Just shoot you in the balls. Now quit clowning and get ready."
  17. Dalia watched Reaper despose of the body, allowing herself to let out a small sigh. At this point their entire flor probably glows under a black light from the residue left by the blood. Somtimes she wondered about the teams state of mind but, in the end she ound that she either didn't care or didn't want to find out. Tilting her head to one side she watched as Fel moved over to the wall to examine the blood stain that was slowly leaking onto the floor. It was strange, when she first joined the military the sight would have horrified her, but now, it hardly even registered. But, once in a while things just struck a little to close to home, it wasn't often that she was out on the field and having someone shot in your own "home" never was the most pleasent experience. Then Fel turned and the look in Fel's eyes concerned Dalia, there was so much unknown about the quiet girl, about her past, not that Dalia was one to pry. Moving over an inch or two so that Fel could squeeze in next to her on the narrow couch. Turning her attention back to the rest of the group she nearly missed Fel's whispered word, thankfully she spent ough time completely blind that her hearing was very good.
    Even so it took her a few seconds to catch onto what she was talking about. An uplink software was programed into each drone, an insurance that each team was doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. Uninstalling it and feeding HQ exactly what they wanted to see would be a problem but, that was something that she could deal with later, besides she had a few tricks up her sleeves for dealing with emergencies, and there was more than one wild card in her deck. She was pulled out of her musings by Ajax's question.
    "Ah, nearly done but, looking at it right now it looks to be ion. Might take a little working out to make a suitable power cell but, I'll firgure it out." She said with a grin.
    She was about to say something else when the sound of Ajax's communicator going off interupted her. Not like she had a ton of other things on her plate, but hey, why not throw a mission in there as well. "Alright, I'll have one of the Saber drones up." Geng up she paused and said to everyone "Remember to stop by to grab your communicators, I've made a few adjustments and considering wat happened last time water proofing is among one of the changes. And if you have any special requests I want to hear it now not later." She paused giving them a few seconds to call outany orders before she turned to head to her work station. If they were going to be on a mission she had a couple system checks she had to go through to make sure that everything would run smoothly.
  18. The commander was checking his rifle as the others were getting ready. "Ion, huh? Alright, I'll see if I can get something off the BM. Marcus should have something." Ajax was a regular customer for Marcus, a Black Market arms dealer. If there was to be an Ion power cell, he would know where to get it. "And sorry, Dalia, I know you have a shit ton of other things you need to get done, but missions are top priority, at least for now." He popped a clip into his rifle and cocked it.
  19. Reaper was looking around for her other gun. "where the paint it crimson is it" she yelled out loud. that was her fav gun she never lost anything before she started to panice she never panice eather "my gun where my gun" she start to run around panicking wch shocked passing team mates "AJAX" she yelled she was so panicky she for got about sir and everything. she ran up to him and said super fast "its gone my baby is gone the only thing i have left of my family is gone" she was talking a bout a gun her father gived her wh she ws young he knew one day she would need it her mothers knifes her wih her but this gun is more impostten then the knifes her father died the night after he given thm to her. "its gone" she colapes to the floor this is her frist time of everything that just happend to her
  20. Ajax got up, walked over to her bed, and pulled the gun out from under her mattress. "Calm down, It's right where you left it. As you do, every night. Under your mattress. Get a grip, soldier." He hands the gun to Reaper, who is still on the floor. "Here."