Paint Boy

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    He looked up at his new school - the high school - which he'd thought was heaven.

    This year, I'm a new man!

    Grant, previously an eight grader and now a freshman was awaiting this day. The teachers told him that when he started high school, his slate was cleaned off, and he'd start fresh. Before, Grant used to be one of those bystanders. He didn't want anything to do with being the center of attention, and he succeeded. It wasn't like he was gloomy or anything, he was actually pretty nice. Yet, something had to change. Over summer break, he'd decided to emerge from his shell and be social rather than anti-social.
    Since Grant was at the school early, he realized his homeroom teacher, Mr. Hamilton, wasn't present. Grant decided to surprise Mr. Hamilton by being eager to start off the year with a great attitude! Although, he was having some trouble finding the room, he walked upstairs and found that his room was the first room you saw when you walked up. With a big, bright, and radiant smile, he opened the door and...


    Everything was a shade of hot pink - his least favorite color. It took a few seconds for him to register that he's been the victim of a senior prank! A wave of laughs echoed behind him. He'd been humiliated. His clothing had been ruined, his hair that he styled so nicely this morning -- ruined. His favorite red scarf - forever stained. Then a fairly large hand was placed on his shoulder. Grant wasn't about to look back. At least the kids didn't know who he was.

    "Grant, what happened here?" the teacher asked.

    My life is ruined forever.

    Grant called home on the first day, and missed his first day.

    After that, he wasn't the same.

  2. Kayla had woken up late for school every day of her life, and the first day of high school was no different. "Yeah mom I'm up! I'm up I'm up I'm up!" she shouted through her closed door in response to her mother's eighth knock on the door. "Yep, first day of class, I know!" She scrambled around her messy room to get dressed and burst from her room, running into her brother, who had similar habits. "Dibs on the bathroom, runt!"
    "No way! I was in the hallway first--"
    "Well I'm in the bathroom first," she said, shutting the door in the boy's face. She could hear his exasperated growl from the other side, but luckily she took under 2 minutes in the bathroom.

    In the kitchen the siblings seemed to swallow their cereal in one gulp and saluted their mother before running out of the house. The two had always jogged to school together, and now that Kayla was going to a different school she had to drop him off before running on to hers. She just barely made it in time, having sprinted the last quarter mile, and entered homeroom with a rush of air. "Kayla Mattis, here, present!" she painted, standing in the doorway. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a very unhappy looking boy with hot pink hair and a matching scarf and jacket--all uneven, of course, and smelling of fresh paint. She struggled to keep a straight face and held back laughter before snorting out "What happened to you?" He didn't have time to answer before Kayla was told to take her seat. She didn't see him for the rest of the day, and didn't notice him after that either.
  3. Grant that day noticed someone in his class that he'd never seen before. Her chocolate brown hair, falling down upon her face to compliment her beautiful eyes the color of the sea. Those shimmering blue eyes complimented her glaborus skin.
    Among the laughing children, she was the one who stood out. She didn't laugh, she didn't look like she would, she looked concerned for him. She... wasn't like the others! Unfortunately, Grant couldn't even build up enpugh self-esteem to talk to her. She must have seen him like the others.


    Two days later, Grant managed to pick himself up from his embarassment, but he wasn't too far from collapsing back to it. His eyes were dark, his radiant arua grew dim, and bags under his eyes explained how horrible his condition was.
    Grant still throught of today as his first time going to school, so he lightened up just a bit.

    Grant slothly walked towards his classroom, then slid into his seat and sat down. Luckily, his seat was closer to the windows, but last in the first row. Maybe they wouldn't notice a nobody like him. He turned his head to the side and watched the birds soar in the sky...
    ...when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

    Grant turned to see a black haired student with short spiked hair. The student smirked and simply said, "Paint boy."
    Suddenly an angry expression crossed Grants face. "Don't create stupid named like that for me, okay?"
    The boy just laughed. "Do you know who did that to you?" He inquired. Then he smiled as if he were proud of himself. "It was me, man. I ain't sorry 'cuz you made my senior prank even funnier than it was. Thanks man!"
    Almost as if he was just about to fall back on his embarassment and anger, he left, and a flood of students came in, laughing as they took a glance at Grant. Still, he had his small amount of confidence of redeeming himself. He turned away and stared out the window, watching the students through the reflection.

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