Pains of the Old Country

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  1. Our little village of Alnicta, we all are on the balance beam of life hanging miles above the ground. Why do we stay up there you may ask. Well that only takes one word, tradition! For instants, we always cover our heads, arms and legs. We all live by tradition hear in our village as other villages start to change we manage to stay the same. Where did these traditions come from you may ask, the answer is quite simple... I don't know! Everyone has our roles, the Husbands are the head of the house. We have the final say over all decisions for our family's. We work hard all day to feed our wife's and children. The wife's are supposed to keep the house clean, quite, and proper so the husbands can come home and study the holy book. The son's are supposed to go to school and study the holy book at the break of dawn, when they finish that they head and learn the trade of their fathers. The daughters stay at home and help the mothers with the cleaning and cooking training to be the wife for whoever the father picks for them.

    "Without our traditions our lives would be a shaky as... as... as a fiddler on the roof!" (Fiddler On the Roof)

    Character Skeleton
    Appearance: (Realistic or descriptions please)
    Traditional: (Likes/dislikes the traditions)
    Job: (Only for husband: poor job such as cow worker, tailor, or a couple of richer jobs such as butcher)

    I will be the grandfather as my main character (someone can be his wife if they would like), as well as playing extra characters that will come in and out of people's lives.

    Try playing multiple characters
    If you play multiple characters try to keep them in different family's
    Try to make posts descriptive of feelings, maybe environment, set the mood
    Play off of others posts (if someone says its a cold night then don't post its a warm morning!)
    Please don't make the loner! Socially awkward is fine but no off to the side hating everyone people!
    Oldest should be married first (If traditional)
    Older men may talk to god about their problems (Some younger too)
    Woman normally have their first child around the age of 18-20
    Please do not play as a baby! (You can have one but its a side character!)
    Most men have beards

    Iwaku rules
    All older men must like the traditions
    No less then 2 line posts
    When posting try and keep as many characters in one post as possible
    No cursing! (this is a religious village though you can joke around and be good humored)
    Try not to post more than 3 times a day, we want this to move slowly so everyone can keep up!
    (More rules will be up later)
  2. Name:Tevee Guind
    Age: 61
    Gender: Male
    Spouse: Frua Guind
    Children: Annie ____
    Personality: He can be good humored but very thoughtful, is either found lost in thought or laughing with others.
    Traditional: Likes traditions
    Job: Wise Man, he is the oldest of the village and is normally consulted for help.
  3. ((Can I be your child Norway?))
    Name: Annie Guind
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blonde slightly hair (normally braided), blue eyes, very beautiful, normally wears a blue dress. FINDING A PICTURE!
    Spouse: (some one can be my husband)
    Parents: Tevee Guind and Frau Guind
    Children: (some one can be my child)
    Personality: Kind/helpful but can be stubborn
    Traditional: Likes the other traditions but wishes she could have been in school
    Additional stuff: beautiful... hah
  4. Ok, you brought a lot of things to my attention that I wasn't clear about.

    1: Only husbands have jobs
    2: I added parents to the thing... woops
    3: Added normally age of first birth

    Thanks Silver ^.^

    also if your going to have children I would recommended being about 23 or so just because I don't want anyone playing as a baby
  5. Okay I wasn't planning on having any children...
  6. Oh and yes you can be one of my children, also if you are ok with it I would like a couple of characters from everyone. I know some people don't like to play more than one and that's ok if you would like to just keep one xD
  7. I am thinking about a second one
  8. Name: Frau Guind but most every one calls her Mum or mother or something along those lines
    Age: 55
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: I'll see what I can do.
    Parents: Weib Sippe (Mother) and Stein Sippe (Father)
    Spouse: Tevee Guind
    Children: Annie
    Personality: Frau is very spirited at heart, but hides all her ambitians and plays the role of the good wife. She does love her husband though, even if she doesn't love traditions, or the fact she was forced to marry him.
    Traditional: Frau always fallows the traditions today, but as a young woman she did her best to go aginst them, that is why here parents married her off, in hopes she would settle down and follow the rules.
    Job: Woman of the house

    Is it alright if I'm your wife, hubby?
  9. Red and silver are being the creepers now... Sheesh. So, besides the ways of the olden days is there an actual story behind this?
  10. A loose story that guides them along until something big that happens just after I close apps.
  11. Rainbow...? How are we being creepers... lol.
  12. Oh but I am a creeper! I always go where you guys go. I am around every corner... Watching O.O
  13. Automatically wanting to be wife and daughter. ;) Screams creeper
  14. Oh and BTW all characters are accepted so far. I would like to see more though xD. Please invite friends and I encourage you to make multiple characters =P
  15. -_-' so I am now a creeper... right. anyways........ I am still thinking. GRRR
  16. I'm not going to complain about a bunch of girls creeping on me =P
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  18. I watch you when you sleep NOR! O.O And don't worry ^.^ I make an excellent wife! It's not like my last boyfriends/husbands died of food poison or anything like that. PFFT. Oh I'll be making meat loaf tonight deary.

    And NOOOODDIIE! I demand you make a character! NOW! If you want I can be your wife/hubby. You can have meat loaf too! <3
  19. Haha fine fine. But babe, if I am to make a female... She'd be like me... Tired of the old ways and trying to fight for freedom. ^^;

    by the way, you check the Unspoken deals yet?
  20. Yaay. Finally made this~

    Name: Lester Luis
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler

    Parents: Jason Luis and Miranda Luis
    Spouse: None, unless someone's willing. c:
    Children: N/A
    Personality: Lester is somewhat a quieter man who has been blessed with wisdom at his young age. He doesn't mind socializing with other villagers but he's been noticeably distant ever since his parents had died due to a bear attack. He's also quite good with children, knowing how to interact with them positively.
    Traditional: He follows them patiently.
    Job: Lumber-Jack.

    I hope its okay that his parent's died. And I hope he's not too distant for the roleplay. :3