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  1. Pain! Not a good thing to feel but something we will feel eventually. There can not be love without pain, and, in Iwaku Role plays as of late, there is a LOT of love! Therefore, my friends, prepare to feel some pain! D: There are many ways to experience pain: emotional, physical, imaginary, the works! Pain is always associated with the one thing people do when they experience it: cry. They cry, bawl, scream, shed tears! If you are near someone and notice that they care crying, you will most likely assume that they are saddened and in pain! But of course, that is not the ONLY way to feel pain!

    Tears are obvious but what if your character is one that does not shed easily. How do you show pain then? What if you are in a situation or place where crying is not permitted or you just can't do it? How will your pain seep out then?

    Somethings to think about, right?

    Your Job Is To: Show your sadness in a post with OUT using tears!

    You may pick the scenery, location, and add any other people in it as you wish! And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does!

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D
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    Ronny laid on his back and sighed. It had been three years since his wife had died and he had been sulking ever since. Beer bottles were scattered all around his room and it smelled of liquor. He stared up at the ceiling with a saddened look and the pain in his heart only intensified as he thought of his wife laying beside him. Ronny turned over and felt the spot where his wife used to lay and sighed. He truly couldn't help but think about her and only wish that she was laying beside him.

    Many of his friends had tried to cheer him up. Some even spent nights at his home. Ronny still would not smile and their help only worsened his condition. Soon, his friends had given up all hope and stopped coming around. Ronnie closed his eyes and tried his best to get some sleep. The next day, after a week of being inside and sulking, he decided to go out and get some fresh air. He readied himself, and then made his way outside. The air felt nice and it felt good to get out of the house for once.

    But, that alone did not bring a smile to his face. He had to go to the place where it all began. In a park located by the river in their local park, where the sunflowers grew. Ronny wasted no time in walking to the park and making his way towards the river, He walked along it and gazed at the sunflowers that grew along the riverside on the opposite side. He closed his eyes as he could see his wife once more. There was something she had told him long ago. Something wise and loving that he had forgotten in his depressive state.

    He spoke them out lowly to himself as the sound of his wife's voice rang out in his ears."No matter where we are or where we may go. Whether it be in mind, body, or spirit. I will always be one with you. Always and forever." Ronny opened his eyes as his saddened state turned into a happy one. He gazed over at the sunflowers as the wind swayed his light blew hair to the left. He smiled widely. It was time for him to move forward, for both Mariona and himself.
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    The heat was never on in the principal’s office. That’s what Kadyn noticed first the first time she was brought here. Maybe it was purposely like this to make students feel uncomfortable and like they were brought to a dungeon of sorts instead of an office. Kadyn wouldn’t doubt it.

    Another girl was brought in with her and they were both motioned to be seated in the uncomfortable chairs in front of the principal’s desk which the principal, looking deceptively calm, was sitting in front of. However, Kadyn knew that it would be foolish to relax in the presence of this man. When she let her gaze wander to the other prisoner that had been brought with her, she noted with satisfaction that the girl was banged up just as badly as she was. Kadyn particularly liked the lovely black eye that she gave her. She also knew that their expressions were probably the same at this moment—emotionless.

    The principal’s calm demeanor faded and he hunched forward dragging a hand down his face with a sigh. He sat up again and looked at the blank looks he was receiving. “This has been the third time,” he spoke calmly at first. “The third time this school year and it is only three months in!” He took in a deep breath. “Your parents have been contacted as usual and are coming to pick you up. You’re both suspended for five days… as if it will do you any good.” He said the last part quietly and then dismissed them to the front desk area.

    Kadyn was the first to leave and she sat down on the chair forgetting to be careful with her bruises. She winced at the pain that went through her. She didn’t notice the concerned look that was shot at her. “Are you okay?” the other girl asked her as she sat down. Kadyn merely glared.

    “Why do you care?” Kadyn asked bitterly. The other girl sighed.

    “Isn’t this getting old?” she said remorsefully. “Look, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. How many times do I have to say it?” Kadyn felt a pang in her heart when she heard the pain in the other girl’s voice. She didn’t respond and stared at the wall on the opposite side of the room. She couldn’t ever forgive her and the girl knew that. The hurt Kadyn felt was too much. They both knew the punches that were thrown would not stop until they never saw each other again because that was the only way Kadyn could show pain and make it disappear.
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    Like his family had any idea what he was feeling. No one loved Felix like he did, and when each and every one of them said "I understand how you feel." it pissed him off even more. No one understood how he felt, and they ALL knew it. Felix was the one thing he had in this world and now that was taken from him. Felix made him laugh, and always without trying. The pain was temporary, he was sure of that, but why did it have to hurt like something stabbing his heart repeatedly? Why so much pain all at once, "Why isn't there a way to spread it out over time?" he thinks out loud. "This suffering is too much for any person to handle all at once. Take it away, make it disappear forever and never again enter my heart." this he proclaimed to the cloudless night air. That's when the real grief struck, all over his body, as if God himself heard his words and denied them. He fell to the ground in a slump, the dry grass poking at his side, just laying there, wondering.. "Felix deserves a better place than this for a final resting, why would he specify here?" Pondering, he gets up, and looks at Felix, standing there, right in front of him. A grin jumps to his face as he lunges for a hug, but falls to the dry grass instead of the tight embrace of his father.
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    Who would believe that Yorik stood outside for 4 hours? Stood there just waiting for his supposed date to the movies. That's right, he waited for her for about 4 hours straight, he knocked on her door asked her neighbors if they knew where she was..And still nothing. He didn't understand at all what happened, his mind replayed back to earlier when he met this girl. She was the most beautiful of dames around, and he had the privilege of talking to her and getting to know her some. Yorik felt like things were finally looking up for him in life, and then he decided to see if would further connect with him by going to the movies with him..A chance to enjoy a film and possibly hold her hand and leave her a peck on the cheek. To his surprise she actually said yes! This pretty much made Yorik's day and was ready for the evening ahead.

    The rest of day, nothing bothered Yorik..Not even the little things because he knew later something big was going on, an event that would lead to better things! Even the fact that she was talking to another guy who looked so much better than him didn't bother him..He wasn't going with her to the movies..Yorik was! Ah how that was a re..Wait a moment...Then it hit Yorik, that guy..Could that possibly have been the reason why she didn...No, no! Of course not..Maybe she got sick or something! Just then, two shadows appeared. Yorik looked over curiously to see who was walking by..He shouldn't have though. It was her..And that guy. So she was with him after all..They didn't even stop to acknowledge he was standing there..They just went inside her house and that was it. It really took a few minutes for it all to sink in Yorik's head of what happened. She stood him up. But why?..

    It began to drizzle, which evolved into a downpour..Poor Yorik didn't have an umbrella. But he didn't move at all, he just stood there still motionless as the rain completely soaked him, he couldn't move..He didn't have to heart to at the moment. It felt like she took his heart and kicked it back and forth with that boy. Yorik's red eyes flickered on and off for a few moments, unsure whether he wanted to see anything or just hide in the dark until it all went away. Allowing himself to fall forward onto the ground, not even caring if he did get hurt, maybe it would take his mind off what he felt now..Destroyed. There he was, lying on the ground allowing the rain to continuously pelt him without even trying to fight it off. His one arms stretched out towards her house with his open had, maybe there was one last bit of hope..Only to have that hope crushed by seeing her throw his notebook at him..Yorik slowly closed his hand and his glowing red eyes faded to pure blackness..
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    The troops were packing up the ship and Rokku watched from the only hill this close to the sands of the beach. The desert sun of Sardonai was hot today, but even its warmth did nothing for Mr. Hizori on this scalding afternoon. He looked back at the palace, staring at it longingly for a moment, then tore his gaze away from it. He shook his head, his eyes blocking out the light reflecting of the sand and water, and then opened them in surprise when another man placed his hand upon his shoulder. "So it's true is it? No more wedding?" He said. Rokku nodded solemnly. "Yes...that is the truth, your majesty." The other man looked at the diplomat, his eyes heavy with pity. Rokku moved forward, letting the Emperor's hand fall to his side. "It can't be helped. There's nothing that can be done. She's made her choice, and I can't change it. Pretty sad, eh? We were three days from getting married, and I screw the entire affair up. Not that we both didn't see it coming, right Kilvan?" He said, laughing, though the bitterness could be felt from it. Kilvan opened his mouth to speak, but Rokku silenced him with a raised hand. "Fear not, my Lord! I will of course attend to all duties! Wouldn't work out for me to waste my life away in self pity and loathing, now would it? No! So don't worry, your majesty. I will travel the world searching for trade partners, speak to kings of how glorious our nation is. I will do anything and go anywhere to avoid going back to my own dark, empty villa." He said, smiling, but others could feel the pain through it.