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  1. So I had this random idea of a boy and girl vs 5 ghosts that can actually bite them and they lose their power. But when the boy and the girl eat these cheese ball things (cause cheese balls are delicious) and they can regenerate their power and then their able to bite the ghosts and send them running...And the ghosts were a team rocket style team in the sense that they are comic relief a bit. xDD

    ...I understand if no one wants to do this, but I just thought this up for craps and giggles LOL...yeah. ouo
  2. LOL! Sounds hilarious xDD
  3. amazing, I'm in
  4. Oh wow oAo its actually getting people! I think I may do this if I get a third xD
  5. I call Clyde!! XDD
  6. This sounds like fun o.o xD I'm game :D
  7. Haha people noticed this, I guess ya actually have to do it Chiro-chan :bsmile:
  8. And do I will :'D -runs to make a thread- xD
  9. is it done? D: can I help you co-creat that shiz? :O
  10. I'm willing to join if there is still place. x3 This is a really funny idea.
  11. You can join~ :'D I'll start the thread once we get a few people, but you can still join after that.~