PacMan OC RP

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  1. You are pulled into PacMan's world. Woah, this is kind of trippy, you think. You look down and see you either have a PacMan shaped glove on, or a ghost costume on. The ghosts are on one time and the PacMen are on another.

    Which team will be victorious?



    Character Profile

    Pac or Ghost:



    Other Facts?:
  2. Yesh. You made it >:)

    Name: Braylon (Bray works too.. Or any other version of my name you can come up with xD)

    Pac or Ghost: Pac

    Personality: A friendly, nice, outgoing, kind-hearted per-.. pac. He makes friends easily and likes to be with them rather then be alone. Also very curious about things. He is also pretty intelligent, but had a lot of moments..

    Appearance: [​IMG] -Is short :/ 5'3"

    Other Facts?: Easily distracted o;
  3. They can be human. The glove makes them a Pac person...they just...don't look it lol xDD
  4. Ok, will edit. Lol
  5. Name: Ken McFly

    Pac or Ghost: Pac

    Personality: Ken is a major slacker. When a situation appears and things go sour, he'll either try to run for it, or become incredibly violent. He has great courage hidden within him, he simply hasn't found it yet...



    Other Facts?: Is fucking violent.
  6. Character Profile
    Name:Daniel (eek nuo used my name)

    Pac or Ghost: GHOST!
    Personality:he gets bored easily


    Other facts: Is highly competitive.
  7. Good profiles they are <3 I shall make the thread soon ouo~

    (Don't worry I'll make a charrie, just kind of blocking on characterization at the moment.)
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  11. asdfadsfa >_<; Business does that to you. Tomorrow for sure I'll start it! Just had an orchestra concert tonight and I just got in to Iwaku >^< Tomorrow for sure, guys.
  12. Aye aye ^_^" just take your time, no big rush.
  13. Ok ;w; In the meantime! I shall post my character.

    Name: Sally (Sal)

    Pac or Ghost: Ghost

    Personality: A bit mischievous, gets into things she shouldn't (whether realizes or not), curious, cunning

    Appearance: user-AnimeGirl1223507.jpg

    Other Facts?: N/A~
  14. righty gonna post ^^;, and tell the others the pacman rp is ready will ya