Pack of Fallen Stars

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  1. Long ago the Goddess of the Wolf Spirit came a blessed a land filled with montains and rivers and lakes and valleys. In her infinite wisdo she dubbed it The Land of Fallen Stars, for the beauty of the land was so breath taking that even the stars bowed to its grace. She then called wolves from all over the world, each of them unique individuals with special talents. And on these wolves she bestowed certain gifts. To the first wolf, Zartok, she bestowed great strength and courage, and he became the father of a line of strong warriors. To the second wolf, Larka, she bestowed the gift of song, so that her heart would be heard by all around. She became the mother of a line of great story tellers and advisers. To the third wolf, Alma, she bestowed the gift of healing. She mothered a line of great healers, but the line has dwindled due to lack of pups. To the fourth wolf, Caedan, she bestowed the gift of great leadership and wisdom, and he fathered a line of great leaders through out time.

    Now generations later a tribe of wolves have continued to survive, all descendants of the the wolves the Great Goddess called forth.

    Mountain Range at the far edge of gthe territory:

    Hidden Waterfall:

    The Camouflaged Cave Den:


    Pack Members:

    Alpha Male:
    Name : Xylo
    Age: 4
    Gender: Male
    Mate: None Chosen
    Family: Sister (Shiloh
    History: Xylophone was born into a litter of 3 pups. HImself, his sister Shiloh, and another sister Raven. Raven unfortunately was killed by a cougar who roamed the mountain. The cougar also managed to massacre his mother and a few other pack members before the pack managed to overtake him. Throughout the years Xylo became an excellent hunter and began showing signs of great leadership. Though he is a wolf of few words, most find the words he does speak are quite wise.

    Alpha Female{RESERVED}

    Beta Male/Female{when suitable character is found}

    Healer{when suitable character is found}

    Pack Members:>

    Name: Shiloh
    Age: 4
    Gender: Female
    Mate: None
    Family: Xylo
    History: Born into a little of three, including the alpha Xylo, and her deceased sister Raven. She is one of the best trackers in the pack and a a valuable fighter. Her sisters death at such a young age prompted her to learn to fight and defend herself. This often gets her into trouble since her brother Xylo is extremely protective of her. That is the partial reason she cannot find a mate either, is because he is so possessive.

    Nursing Mothers:
    None as of yet.

    None as of yet.

    Character Sheet:

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  2. still looking for members
  3. May I reserve the pack healer?
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