Pack Lands

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  1. Pack Lands

    A wolf community high up in the mountains. The mountains stretch across three states, each towering area a different wolf population.

    Pack Lands is your home, your community, your pack. In the pack there are different rules and ways. You will learn as you grow with the pack whether you were born there or a wandering wolf that decided to stay. Any questions let me know. On to the RP!

    A lone wolf sat atop the mountain, her black and blue fur blowing in the wind. It was quiet, the only noise was the wind whipping around the trees and up to the top of the mountains covered in snow. She enjoyed this time, right before the sun rises. She stretched, feeling her muscles pull and her fur stiffen up. She let out a low howl, hearing it echo across the mountains. She waited, waited for something or someone to snag her attention.
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  2. Another female heard the call, one barely old enough to have ventured on her own, and she sat down to listen to the echo as it faded in the distance. Her yellow eyes seemed odd, as if they were in a constant state of confusion, and the mangled black fur that covered her average frame didn't make her look any more impressive. Yet she had survived by using these faults to her advantage. She had even found a way to use a slight limp in her rear right paw and the torn tail that made her look like such a reject to her benefit. Stronger beasts had been lulled into thinking her no threat, that she was a creature not destined for anything but to be a vulture's meal come the coldness of winter, that she was better off left to her own. These creatures had found out just how wrong they were as she ended up slaying them, taking what she wanted, and some time devouring at least a small part of their dead bodies. While she didnt consider herself evil there had been talk among her previous pack that she was some dark creature. When she heard how others felt, how they didnt want to be around her, she left. Not out of fear for her life but just not wanting to be where she wasnt welcome. Yes she was a freak, a reject, even mentally unstable, but she knew how to survive. Right now that's all she needed to do, the rest would come she told herself as she tilted her head and howled.
  3. Clem turned to the left slightly, smelling the scent of the other wolf in her mountain. She ran down the mountain, crossing over snow and the small brook. She stopped again, feeling the blue in her fur begin to light up. She turned toward the sky seeing the sun beginning to disappear against the dark blue sky. She hated night. Night hated her.

    She sniffed the air again, trying to find where the wolf was. She perked her ears up and turned her head to the side, a young wolf, how odd. She continued running through the snow, going further down the mountain where the snow was lessening. She skidded to a stop, listening to the wind and noises around her. She knew this mountain, she knew what it had. She shifted to the left, hearing a roar behind her.

    Shit. She thought and took off. The noise sounded after the growl and she pushed herself harder and faster, going as fast as she could. She ran straight into the small wolf, not having enough time to talk to her.

    "Follow me if you want to live." She muttered breathlessly. "Now!" She screamed and took off once more. Clem ran toward a small opening in a cave, shaded by the shadows casted from the setting sun. She turned around in the small cave and looked back at the wolf. "Hurry! It's coming!"
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  4. Nova jerked awake, her eyes locking onto a shadow in the entrance to her den. Like lightning she shot onto all fours, head down and teeth barred. She snarled at the intruder, her dusty golden fur on end.
    "Get out!" She growled, stamping her front left paw on the dirt beneath her. With a jolt of pain it faltered and she swooned, snapping down to lick at her shoulder. The flesh was torn and her fur was matted and bloodstained around the wound. Her ears flicked up and her blue eyes widened in terror as she heard the danger approaching.

    She whined, retreating to the back of the den where she curled around her treasures, two tiny white pups. Her tail thumped anxiously as she regarded the silhouette. "You may hide," She breathed, lowering her head. "But please do not harm us."
  5. Clem stiffened at the noise. She looked behind her again and walked a little closer, the blue in her fur giving off a light glow. She smiled down at the wolf inside.

    "I didn't mean to startle you. We must be quiet. The monster is outside." She whispered and looked at the wound on her shoulder. Clem turned around, sticking her nose back out into the cold wind to see if the other wolf was out there still. She noticed the monster immediately and stepped back inside. If that wolf doesn't come in here, they will get killed. She muttered.

    She turned back around to the mother wolf and the two small pups. "What happened?" She asked quietly, laying down to show that she wouldn't harm them. She watched the two small pups and something in her chest wrenched. Her past was coming back. She shook her head and slowly moved closer to the wolf, looking down at the wound. "Do you want me to clean that for you?" She looked back down at the wound. "It looks pretty recent. Have you lived here long?" She whispered and leaned a little closer, waiting for the wolf to snap at her or let her help.

    "My name is Clem. What's yours?"
  6. The mother wolf regarded the newcomer intently, before flattening her ears to her head and rolling over on her side, presenting her injury to the faint light of the moon rippling in through the door.
    "I am Nova." She breathed, closing her eyes against the coming sensation of the other wolf's tongue. "Dusk was my Alpha. He is a good leader, but his mate..." She growled, feeling the she-wolf's fangs all over again. "Moon. She was lost during a hunt. We searched for weeks but could not find her. Dusk took me to mate."

    She whined, looking down at her shivering pups. "Moon found us yesterday. She did this and they... they left." Tears welled in her eyes and she licked the head of the closest babe. "The pack just left me."
  7. She licked the wound and listening to the wolf's story. It reminded her much of her own.

    "Your pack was passing through?" She whispered, stopping for a second, looking down at the pups. She curled in closer, making a circle with the other wolf to keep the pups warm. "That sounds terrible. I am so sorry. At least your pups made it our alright." She looked up at the wolf. She looked down at the wound which looked a lot better. "Hopefully that will be alright."

    She heard a thunderous roar and felt her ears go back instantly. The monster. The thing that had taken her mate, her pack, away from her. She looked to the other wolf. "Don't worry. I am an Alpha and I will keep you and your pups safe. You are welcome to stay with me. Up the mountain higher is where I live but we must stay here until that thing goes away. Can they walk?" She looked down at the small pups. "If not you can carry one and I can carry the other."
  8. "They are too small yet," She said, nuzzling the other pup. Her wound did feel better and the relief from the constant throbbing gave way to the hunger and exhaustion of fending for her young while injured. She felt more relaxed already in the presence of an Alpha to protect them. She glanced warily at the entrance.

    "Who were you calling to?"
  9. "There was a wolf out there. Not sure who but I was calling for them to get away from that monster. Stay here." She got up and stretched, moving the pups closer to their mother. She walked to the entrance, perking her ears up to catch any sound of noise from the outside. It was quiet now, the monster must have moved on.

    She poked her head outside of the cave and gingerly padded through the snow. "Um, hello? Are you still out here, wolf?" She sniffed around and caught a scent. She began following it to a small clearing, keeping an eye on the cave behind her.

    "Who are you?" She called again, trying to get their attention.
  10. Kaos, for that as the name of the odd beast, strolled slowly towards the cave entrance. She had seen the look of panic, of fear, and of desperation in the eyes of the one that had almost literally flown to the safety of the cave but didn't respond as one would expect. Instead of feeling worried or the need to actually move her paws in something other than slow she was actually taking her time to sniff flowers and watch a family of field mice as they tried to escape what was coming. She even took the time to scoff one up as it tried to skitter past. She then looked up at the one shouting, heaved a heavy sigh, and galloped over to where she was.

    "My name is Kaos." She stated and made her way into the cave deeper, stopping at one point to shake her body all over before noticing the other wolf and pups. A grin came across her muzzle as she licked her lips, eyeing the pups hungrily at first then plopping herself down with a friendly demeanor and look.
  11. Fang was a grayish blue wolf that wandered the mountain after his pack was killed by hunters. After hearing the of a howl he began to to walk in the direction the echo came from. His muscular frame kept animals away from him. As he was walking he picked up a scent of multiple wolves. He decided to investigate . As he came up on a den he could see one wolf entering it. He got low and slowly moved closer to the den.
  12. Nova barred her teeth at the newcomer's hungry gaze, a low growl building in her chest. Warily, she tucked the pups closer to her and looked to Clem with a doubtful expression.

    "The danger may have passed, but we are too many in number not to attract the attention of my pack." She softly warned, eyes flitting to the entrance. "We are vulnerable and have little to defend us. What should we do?"
  13. after hearing the low growl. he decided to show himself he stood straight up and revealed himself once he saw the pups, he lowered his head showing he was no threat. "i have no intention of hurting you or your pups. i do not belong to any pack."
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  14. A muddy brown figure pricked his ears forward at the sound of the monster and terrified voices of other lupine. Dark green eyes stared out i to the night as he moved into a brisket pace, knowing he would want to find cover before that beat came his way.

    Kane narrowed his eyes, his nostrils flaring as he took in the scent of the others. Not scenting the danger a he got closer to the group of lupine, he visibly relaxed. However, a new worry enters his mid that he might of wandered into pack lands. There were enough scents for thT to be a possibility, but none of them were close enough in relation for the group to have been together long.

    He warily approached, now seeing the outlines of a few by an area that appeared to be a den. From it came the sit scents of milk and young. He recoiled slightly, this was a pack and they were guarding young. IF he was not careful, they would easily be able i kill him or seriously wound him.

    He stepped out cautiously, his head lowered in a submissive state. It was an almost humorous soght. The 5 year old was obviously not submissive by nature, but rather a dominant force. His body was packed with lean muscles, a deadly predator. An in the prime of his life, he would appear a threat to this group.

    He, however, had no intentions of appearing threatening. He needed a pack, a group that would offer him the family life his instincts encourage him to have. And he, in return could offer protection from others. He had much to offer, but was not yet sure how this group would react to his presence.
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  15. "Kaos. Nice to meet you, I am Clem." She smiled. The noise of another wolf entering the cave made her turn around. She let out a soft whine, confused as to where all the wolves were coming from. "I hope you do not mind us all coming into this small cave." Clem laughed and stood in front of Nova.

    "Welcome. Are you alright?" She questioned to the newest comer. "I am Clem. The... alpha." She spoke quietly, still not sure about her title. Everyone was coming to her though, so she mine as well start. She walked around the small den before another wolf showed up, a strong male. She stopped, taken aback by the smell of a male. Before she got used to that smell another male entered. She went back over to Nova and sat down near the pups.

    "Wow." She whispered, not knowing what to say. "Hi, everyone. Welcome to Pack Lands. You must have many questions. Um. This will not be our cave, just temporary." She looked down at Nova. "Do you think you can make the journey to the den or should I come back for you?" She waited for an answer, still confused where all these wolves came from. She vowed to talk with each wolf personally so that she could find out each wolves situation.

    "We will be moving soon." She looked around at the wolves staring back at her. "The Pack Lands den is much more spacious, we will all be able to not be so cramped. I haven't had a pack up there in quite some time. My last pack..." She stopped herself, feeling her chest heave. "Something happened but we have nothing to worry about." She puffed her chest up a little, feeling happy about this new pack, hoping most of them would stay.
  16. Kane dipped his head respectfully. "M'Lady, " he greeted kindly. Quickly he looked over the other wolves in the den, nodding to each in turn .

    His eyes now focused on the apparent mother of the young pups, "If you are not strong enough, I am willing to assist you with your pups, " he offered, his head lowered. He knew well that mothers were not find of strangers being near their pups, but at the same time, she was wounded and would struggle trying to bring them to the other den by herself.

    He sat down, his ears swiveling on his head to check for sounds outside of the den. His eyes moved back towards the wolf that had introduced herself as alpha, "Seeing as you alone know te way, i believe it is up to you when we move out." He said a smile playing on his muzzle.
  17. She wasn't used to all the attention of her and she felt her cheeks beckon to blush. Thank god she had thick fur so nobody would notice. She turned when Kane began talking. A cold wind whipped through the cave and her fur rustled, the blue shimmering despite the dark, damp interior.

    "I feel we must leave now, while the monster is away. It is safer further up the mountain." She looked around at the wolves. "Do we need to sleep or are you all up to a journey?" She looked around, feeling her adrenaline beginning to kick in. The journey would be a quick but the fact that the mountain had quite a few feet of snow would be rough. They would have to follow the path she had always taken.

    "It would be best if we went quickly. The pups would either need to be carried or stay here until they are just a bit older. I leave that decision to you, Nova. Kane has offered to stay or I can come back once the rest of the pack has moved in to help you." She felt the cold whip through the cave once more. I am ready for a new pack, to lead a new pack. She thought, trying to make herself feel better. The pride was beginning to melt away.
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  18. fang looked at the alpha. "i am at your service ma'am." he looked at nova "if you need help i will always assist you" he bowed "i am fang im from the northern forest on the other side of the mountain range."
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  19. "Then off we shall go. I will come back for you Nova, just stay here. It should only take me a few hours." She turned to look at the other wolves. "Ready?" She smiled.

    She left the cave, searching around the wintery mountain. Her ears flicked back and forth. Here we go. She thought to herself. She took off, slow at first and gradually gaining speed. She turned easily in the snow for she was used to it. She slowed down and looked behind her, making sure that the wolves were keeping up. The snow began to clump against her fur and she shook it off.

    She began moving again, traveling up the mountain where the snow was heavier. She slipped down into a small cave and turned around, waiting for everyone. "Through this tunnel is Pack Lands. It is not quite as snowy." She slowly padded through the tunnel, once she made sure everyone was behind her.

    Pack Lands was a marvelous little haven in this wicked mountain. The tunnel dipped into the mountain, curving and winding further and further down but as they moved it also became warmer. The darkness consumed them and then a small peak of light appeared. Clem jumped eagerly and ran toward the light. At the end it opened up to a large tropical outcropping. Trees lined the caves and fresh, green grass was scattered around. Small flowers were popping up everywhere, yellows, blues and purples.

    "Here is Pack Lands." Clem smiled and moved to the side to let the wolves enjoy their new lair.
  20. after following the alpha up the mountain and through the cave. he was in awe at what he saw. ie only heard stories about the pack lands growing up, never thought it was real.