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  1. I watched Pacific Rim again recently and am interested in RPing in this world (or something similar). My idea is kind of basic, but I am open to some tweaking. My character (Male) joins the program and goes through training, where I meet your character (female). I would prefer your character be the tech that works on the Jager, but I'm open to some changes.
    I put this in libertine because I do expect some sex, but it's not going to be the focal point of the story.
  2. Colour me quite interested! Perhaps one of the jaegers of the second mark, or third during the initial push a against class two and three types?
  3. Def works for me. So you're talking about the story being set before the movie then?
  4. That def sounds good to me. You have a basic plot in mind, or just both of us be new recruits and train then go and fight?
  5. Well, I was thinking that your character would have a few kills under their belt but a new tech after the last quit or died.​
  6. Ok. That works for me. Anything you want/don't want in the RP?
  7. At the second I can't think of anything!​
  8. Ok. I'll have a CS ready by the morning at the latest.
  9. Alrighty! I'll start on one as well!
  10. Gimme a sec. I'm sorry. The day got away from me.
  11. Name: Maxwell Powers

    Age: 24


    Personality: Maxwell is a very narcissistic, sarcastic, passionate and driven individual. He thinks highly of himself without thinking others are beneath him. He is quick with a joke or a quip, but knows when to take things seriously.

    Background: Maxwell was orphaned at a young age and found a home at a military academy. Showing surprising aptitude with technology he was groomed for the Jager program early one. While not the best pilot, he has proven himself to be a capable individual who will do whatever it takes to win.
  12. Name: Natascha Hendersen

    Age: 22

    Personality: Analytical, to many aloof and harsh when it comes to proper maintenance. Very goal driven and loyal to a fault although rather introverted in public.

    History: Was born to a middle class family in Alaska, raised were as much information as she wanted was always accessible. Her high IQ got her into many troubles in school, both with other kids and her teachers when she figured something out or called out things that made no sense. Graduated from Harvard at the age of nineteen. With her degree in physics as well as engineering she was among the top engineers taken for the Jaeger program. As such she has risen quickly to become a full time tech.

    beautiful vica kerekes 40553.jpg
  13. Do you mind starting?
  14. I can, thread or pm?
  15. I prefer PM, but I'm good with either.
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