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  1. So, I figured out I liked the movie and started thinking and thinking and kinda developed a plot.

    Here is my Idea for a group Role Play;

    The year is 2030th, many things have changed since the Kaijus' bridge was destroyed. Humanity had it culmination points of arguments, but reached a conclusion: They must test and examine, what actually were those creatures. All of the large and powerful countries gathered their most genius scientists, and together they started researching, doing tests and such, but...Didn't find anything.
    Meanwhile, people started rebuilding their cities and homes, though too many people died during the war with those aliens. It was hard, but somehow, people could see the smallest shred of hope in their heart. That made them continue forward.
    The ''Jaegers'', or what's left of them, that once were used to save the world, were now rusting at the old base in Hon Kong, after they were last used.

    Peace was in the atmosphere, until on January the 27th something really terrifying happened.
    It was a cold and snowy day, people were still working hard on getting back their life, the cars were gone and from time to time you could hear a machine noise from a nearby construction side.
    Exactly at 10:59 AM, an Earthquake with magnitude around 7 by the Richter scale hit the Pacific Ocean.

    Date: January 27th
    Time: 10:59 AM
    Location: Pacific Ocean, Region Oceania, Subregion Polynesia

    The place was near Australia. At first the ground started to shake, people felt the earthquake and in panic they got out of their newly made or temporary homes, along with the children and pets.
    In a few spots the ground started to crack, but not that serious. Happily the earthquake happened very deep under the ocean and the danger of a Tsunami disappeared.

    Almost in a few hours, the gathered genius scientists located the exact spot of it. They found out something else: Strange activity in the Top Mantle of the Earth Core.
    That caused panic, not even a few days later, they found out that the Kaiju monsters won't wait another 60 million years to make their move. In the Creatures' fury, they started speed recovering on the bridge between the two worlds, so they can come back some day.

    Weeks later, the facts started talking. Those scientists found out a few things, enough to cause panic.
    The first one is that if the recovery of that bridge continues with this speed, in six months the Earth will be attacked again. But this wasn't that bad compared to the other thing: Those creatures evolved...their category is no less than six, a thing that probably won't be possible to win against.

    (So this is the main Idea, during the Role Play, there will be more things, and the new war with the Kaijus will begin. Tell me some opinions and Ideas!)
  2. I loved the movie and your plot here, what are the characters going to be doing though or how is it gonna be set up for them? Sounds like a possible good RP. I'm interested but I don't have much ideas too toss out right now. Just woke up.
  3. Awesome idea i would join this rp but i agree with celtic are the characters going to just be pilots or are there going to be engineers and all the other shabang
  4. Actually, I was thinking that the characters could be scientists or pilots. The options are 2. C;
  5. Mmm ok. Also you said Group Rp? So do you plan on making a group for this RP? If so I had an idea you can take and leave:

    Teams. Don't know how many BUT the teams can have the pilots, engineers and maybe scientists and they would have their own thread maybe THEN maybe the could be people who are the announcers/ government and have like a headquarter then once a kaju is spotted the teams get together and kick some monster butt!

    That's my view if you are doing a group.