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    There did they come back...we blew up the rift how is that even possible there should be no way that they could come back.
    NO WAY!
    Welcome to
    Project Jaeger Defense
    Were back and up and running and we need you to help us defend this planet again
    Were building bigger...better...faster Jaegers and we need you as a pilot
    You and your partner of choice of course but before we go
    your going to need some training.
    Name: Ezekiel Amatru
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Position: Jeager pilot
    Extra: He has a German Shepard which follows him around base.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Juliette Sylvera
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Position: Jaeger Pilot
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  3. Ezekiel was sitting in the chopper with his head looking down into a book, the loud whooshing and metal rotating deafening him if he wasn't wearing his headphones. Which he was wearing at the moment, He had come to the jaeger program from fixing them to piloting them. Apparently one of the jaegers god decimated and they were looking for new recruits and looky here they got another one. once the chopper landed he walked towards the entrance and walked inside holding his duffle bag.

    Moseying down the hallway with a black dufflebag and a blank expression on his face. He walked alone at the moment but looked like he was not going to enjoy this day. He hung a left and walked down another hallway which was bustling with people of all different races and sizes, not to mention smell, they were all headed to their new rooms which were just recently assigned as of new arrivals. Ezekiel being a new pilot, liked being alone and liked training alone. But he Wasn't looking forward to training with these people. But as he was walking and not paying attention

    His shoulder was smashed into and he continued to keep forward as some guy spun around and shouted at him " Watch were your going Asshole! " Ezekiel turned around slowly and looked at the guy, a notorious man Markov Bolechivek the long tan and handsome Russian boy. Top of the new class ranks but was a terrible man at combat...Ezekiel had never gone full potential on him just not to scratch his perfect ego but one of these days he was going to fuck him up. " You little runt shit Ezekiel heh wheres your mommy...or should i say the bitch " Ezekiel eyebrow twitched, he dropped the bag on the floor pointing at Markov " Shut the fuck up Markov or ill beat your ass " He said pounding his fist into his hand. Markov looked at him with a question face and said " Bring it on then you bitch " Ezekiel shook his head and began to run forward charging towards the fight of his life.
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  4. ((Does he have his german shepherd with him right now?))

    Juliette wasn't the most respected woman in the Shatterdome. She's been hanging around...on the waiting list for piloting. The waiting list for god's sake! I mean of course she's been training for as long as she's been here (a fucking year) and every pilot still alive ridicules her for it. Especially that idiot Markov.
    Juliette was just going back to her room for a shower, her dark hair swinging in a frizzy ponytail as sweat dribbled down her nose when she heard him. Oh who's he insulting now? Markov and a voice she didn't recognize were yelling around the corner. Oh here we go again...
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  5. (no but he will soon)

    Markov looked at him running at him and was surprised that he was going to fight, Markov though he was going to beat this kids ass but huh was he wrong. Ezekiel went right under Markov right arm thrown and punched it upwards and sent his left fist into Markov chest causing him to slide back away from Ezekiel with a cough and a stumble. Markov held his chest and then looked up were Ezekiel was already in the air and brought his fist down on top of Markov face causing him to fall down to the ground. Markov kicked Ezekiel leg back causing him to skid and tumble back were Markov jumped ontop of him and began to punch Ezekiel on the arms trying to break his block, but Ezekiel was to strong and broke through the flury of punches and landed on directly on Markov temple. Markov eye jumped a bit before he fell over onto the ground holding his head, While Ezekiel got up and spat on him " DONT FUCK WITH ME ANYMORE! " Ezekiel shouted at the downed man and pushed through the silent large crowd grabbing his bag.
  6. A crowd was already beginning to form around the two men that Juliette could hear were hitting each other. Hard. All she heard were grunts and punches until she pushed her way though the circle of people who were all taller than her (5'2) until her green eyes widened at the sight of a new guy wailing on Markov. The tan skinned, handsome newbie spat on Markov lying on the ground before she could break up the fight. The crowd began to dissipate as the man stormed off and Juliette, not wanting to get caught lingering and unable to resist a mystery, followed him. Who was this new guy and how come she hadn't heard about someone new arriving?
    Her footsteps echoed in the hallway as she trailed behind the angry attractive guy, trying to catch up to him, ponytail swishing and tight clothing damp with sweat.
    "Hey Newbie. What happened back there?" She asked, her voice nonchalant and curious. Hopefully he'll stick around long enough to tell her what he's doing in the Shatterdome.
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  7. His fist still balled, he went to spin around and clock someone who was following him until he heard the voice...very calm and settling. He stopped walking and turned around slowly running a hand through his hair letting it come back and settling. " One " he held up his finger " My name is Ezekiel, not newbie " He paused putting up a second finger " Two, i beat some random guys ass for acting hard with me " He nodded his head and dropped the hands looking the woman once over and admiring her physique. " Who are you? " he said trying to spot some name tag or dog tag to read before she could say anything but he came up empty handed with that so he crossed his arms looking her in the eyes with his dark brown eyes.
  8. This guy looked pissed enough to punch her right then and there. Had he actually chosen to do so, she would have been able to block it at his distance. But he restrained himself and she smirked. As he listed of his response, Juliette gave a small laugh to every one of his points. Ezekiel is amusing when he's angry. His eyes were like melting chocolate when they met hers. Blazing because of the lingering flame of anger. Her bright eyes watched his intently, smug, confident, and not the least bit intimidated. "My name is Juliette Sylvera. Get it memorized. What are you here for..Ezekiel?" She asked, curiosity and a little sarcasm staining her speech. She placed one hand on her hip and kept her facial expression to a near taunting level. Not enough to really offend him, but if he had such a short temper, as demonstrated by the fight a few moments ago, possibly enough to get him kind of irritated, which would be for the further entertainment of the pilot in training.
  9. He seemed to not be fazed by her show of non intimidation, he actually was seeming to calm down even with the sly 'Get it memorized' Comment. He heard a bark down the hallway and the sound of feet padding roughly against the ground but he focused on her still " I am here to be a pilot " he said with a smirk turning around to be slammed into by his German Shepard, who he caught and held his heavy ass dog in his arms. Turning back around holding the dog he spoke " This is Mishka " the dog barked at her and attempted to lick her face " No mishka dont do that " he scolded the dog who put its face back on his shoulder " This is my 'big' baby " he chuckled still holding the dog.
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  10. Juliette's head snapped to the end of the hallway, where a large German shepherd was barking and slipping on its claws as it sprinted toward Ezekiel, tongue lolling and eyes bright. Ezekiel ignored the dog for a moment and her eyes flashed to his, curious as to why he wouldn't be the least fazed by this. He replied to her question and she immediately narrowed her eyes. Why would he call a newbie into the Shatterdome to be a pilot when he has one who's been waiting a whole year?! She didn't blame Ezekiel of course. As long as he didn't arrive with another soon-to-be pilot, maybe she'll still be considered to be his co-pilot. Though she doesn't know how she feels about that just yet.
    Juliette was snapped out of her irritation when the dog tried to lick her face and Ezekiel pulled it back to his chest, scolding the large furry creature. Juliette gave it a small smile at its friendly nature and when Ezekiel spoke its name, Juliette's lips curved up higher. "Nice to meet you Mishka." She laughed a little, grabbing her large paw and shaking it formally. Then she looked back up at Ezekiel and narrowed her eyes again, this time, holding back her suspicions about piloting. Plain curiosity only. "You didn't happen to arrive with any other pilots when you got here, did you?"
  11. Smirking as she spoke to the dog like he would normally and set the dog down on the floor, but it slid herself up on his leg and stayed close to him. He ran a hand through his hair again which seemed to be a way of thinking for him " No i came alone, i think someone is being chosen to be my co-pilot. Something about finding amazingly compatible men and women, and all that jazz " He said running a hand over the dogs head which made her lick his hand until he continued to pet her. " Why? aren't you already a pilot or sure seem like you would be " He said looking her up and down with his almost dark caramel or light chocolate eyes, Rubbing his chin.
  12. Juliette smiled at the endearing infant-like shepherd vying for Ezekiel's constant attention. He ran his hands through his perfect hair and replied the way she wanted him to, apparently not noticing her restrained irritation. She nodded, glad that he didn't already have a co-pilot to fill the slot. She frowned though, at his next question. She hadn't planned on revealing to him the fact that she's been training for a year, useless as a sitting duck. But she won't lie. She doesn't ever lie. Even if the truth hurts. "Uh. Thanks. But I'm not a pilot. Yet!" She pointed at him, showing how serious this matter is to her. "I've been training here for awhile but the Chief around here is a little sexist." Juliette pursed her lips, showing her dislike for the man who refused to appoint her until absolutely necessary.

    ((Which Jaeger was Ezekiel assigned to. Like what's its name? And what do you want to name the guy in charge? What would be his status? Like Commander or Chief or Captain or General...?))
  13. He smirked at her response " not a pilot yet? " he said questioningly " Maybe you'll get to work with me in the Kagutsuchi, some new jaeger supposed to be fast agile and strong. i mean i do need another about this...we go talk to General Pentecost and i'll convince him to let you try out for compatibility training " he said nodding as he kneeled down and ruffled up the fur of the needy dog who licked his cheek and then stared at his scolding eyes knowing Ezekiel was starting to become annoyed with her constant licking but still pursued.

    ( The picture of the robot in the entrance is the robot i made its called kagutsuchi, and he would be a general )
  14. ((oh awesome okay))

    Juliette's eyes widened for a moment at his offer. No one was usually this nice to her. Like ever. She smiled a bit and looked down at him when he kneeled beside his furry companion. "That would be...very considerate of you...Thanks. I just have to take a shower first." She pointed over her shoulder with her thumb awkwardly. She wasn't used to such friendly confrontations. Before she turned to walk toward her room, she remembered that nice people should be nice to each other. "Oh! Um do you know which room you're assigned to yet? I could take you there if you don't know your way around." She offered, trying to repay him for his sincere offer to help her talk to General Pentecost.
  15. " A shower huh i could use one of those " he said chuckling before standing up " Nah i know were im going " he said picking up his bag off the floor and making a whistle at the dog making it sit up straight and in attention " I'll just go talk to him myself and i'll come back to you with the information on whether he gave into my will or not " He nodded before turning around and the dog followed behind him all proper and fancy as she pawed along next to him restraining herself from trying to lick his hand.
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  16. Juliette watched him and Mishka walk away, bright eyes wide and grateful. Why is he being so nice to her? He just met her! This kind stranger might just change everything about her life in the Shatterdome and all she could do was watched in stunned, sweaty silence. Eventually, she turned around and walked back to her room for a quick shower. It took her ten minutes minimum for her to get ready with a black, half sleeve button up shirt and long, black cargo pants and boots. She attempted to fix her hair, but wet, her hair simply refuses to give in to tidiness. She she gave up and pulled it into a ponytail again and booked it to the main Jaeger facility, near the new, shiny Kagutsuchi..what a beauty.
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  17. Walking with his hands in his pockets he asked if anyone had seen Juliette and he slowly made his way towards kagutsuchi looking at it and not watching were he was going. He walked right into her and grabbed hold of her in case of him or her falling, " Sorry heh " He let her go and smirked looking at her. " He bends to my word like a piece of plastic in a mans hand. " He rubbed his chin " But you will have to train with me so he can confirm that you are a suitable match " he nodded before looking over at the kagutsuchi and how people were working on her and fixing the last view kinks.
  18. Juliette, so captivated by the incredibly large robot in front of her, didn't notice anyone walking towards her until they bumped into her, to which she gasped and clenched her fists when he grabbed her. She heard Ezekiel's voice say sorry and then relaxed as he let her go. Juliette smiled at the fact that he had managed to get the General to consider her as a pilot. She was so close now all she'd have to do is spar with him!
    "Oh okay. Great! So we're going to spar? Do you know where the training room is?"
  19. " That is why i located you, he will be waiting so " he nodded his head and crossed his arms " whenever you're ready " He looked at the kagutsuchi " Amazing is she not? came up with some of the concepts " he pointed at the left arm " I worked mainly right there " he nodded his head " But with my uhm...background they chose me out of the random bunch to throw into the pool of recruits trying to get surprised i made it this far " He said running a hand over his face sighing thinking how his fight with the guy this morning could fuck up his chances.
  20. Juliette led him toward the training room she'd been in before taking a shower. As they walked a little farther from the Kagatsuhi, Ezekiel talked about how he came up with some of the concepts for her and then became worried about his chances at becoming her pilot. They walked farther and Juliette nodded as they reached the training room rather quickly. "Well, we'll see what you're made of then."
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