Pacific Rim [Akuma x Spitfire]

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    There did they come back...we blew up the rift how is that even possible there should be no way that they could come back.
    NO WAY!
    Welcome to
    Project Jaeger Defense
    Were back and up and running and we need you to help us defend this planet again
    Were building bigger...better...faster Jaegers and we need you as a pilot
    You and your partner of choice of course but before we go
    your going to need some training.

    Name: Akuma Kagutsuchi​
    Age: 20​
    Height: 5'11​
    Weight: 167​

  2. Mech.jpg

    Name: Kosen Kagutsuchi
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 188lbs
  3. Moseying down the hallway with a black dufflebag and a blank expression on his face was Akuma Kagutsuchi one of the pilots to the custom made Kagutsuchi, He walked alone at the moment but looked like he was not going to enjoy this day. He hung a left and walked down another hallway which was bustling with people of all different races and sizes, not to mention smell, they were all headed to their new rooms which were just recently assigned as of new arrivals. Akuma being a new pilot...along with his older brother the notorious Kosen Kagutsuchi, Kosen has been in this business before but Akuma...well he just got a call after the death of his father in one of these jaegers. He was obviously paired up with his brother because well they were the most compatible. He didn't have anything against his brother but besides the fact that he was always better at you, Akuma liked being alone and liked training alone. But he always had to train with his brother because their father had said they would make a great team one day.

    And wouldn't you know it Here he was fighting along side with his brother against giant fucking monster's, which is completely outrageous, it isn't the best situation for bonding but since it involves life and death it probably is for the best that he works together with his brother. His shoulder was smashed into and he continued to keep forward as some guy spun around and shouted at him " Watch were your going Asshole! " Akuma turned around slowly and looked at the guy, another notorious man Markov Bolechivek the long tan and handsome Russian boy. Top of the new class ranks but was a terrible man at combat...akuma had never gone full potential on him just not to scratch his perfect ego but one of these days he was going to fuck him up. " You little runt shit akuma heh wheres your brother...or should i say the better half " Akuma eyebrow twitched, he dropped the bag on the floor pointing at Markov " Shut the fuck up Markov or ill beat your ass " He said pounding his fist into his hand. Markov looked at him with a question face and said " Bring it on then you bitch " Akuma shook his head and began to run forward charging towards the fight of his life.
  4. The business of killing was business all the same. Those who could stomach it would find that it was rather lucrative once you go the hang of it. Those who learned this early on prospered, those who didn't coward and clung to the image of those who persevered through the carnage. Kosen was a man innately gifted with this knowledge. To live, you must kill. To protect, you must kill. To achieve happiness, you must kill. And kill he did and pretty damn well at that. He had witnessed the apparent climax of the Kaiju outbreak only to discover that it was merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What once was thought to be the end of the war was merely the close of their first scrimmage. This had broken some, maimed others and ended the lives of more than a poultry dozen. For Kosen? This was just a double shift on the job for him. He had hardened himself, devoted himself to the business and business for him was booming. Even when the new Kaiju surge brought even Category 5 monstrosities Kosen muscled through. This wasn't to say that every battle was a walk in the park. Loss was not a foreign emotion to him and with the death of his father, loss was a lingering scar that branded him with sorrow. However at this point his father's abscence, despite their bond, was just another burden in the line of business he was in. Kosen needed to remain efficient and so such burdens were discarded. Some thought this made him cold, he rationalized that it made him stronger.

    Kosen made his way through one of the corridors, his equipment and attire were secured in a dufflebag of his own hanging over his shoulder. A cigarette hung loosely from his lips, still unlit. He reached into his pocket to acquire his lighter when he heard the sounds of an arising altercation. Looking up and raising an eyebrow slightly, he made his way towards the fight. Observing the participants his face hardened. He wasn't necessarily surprised so he stuck around to see how things would settle.
  5. His heart pumping blood and his brain and fist connecting like a rock to a boys face, Markov was hit directly in the jaw line. Causing him to stumble back and fall holding his jaw while he sat flat on his ass looking at akuma with a confused face Markov spoke slowly " were holding back! " He said standing up from the floor rushing at Akuma which akuma now was fummed and caught his incoming fist but the other uprising fist caught akuma in the rib causing him to lift and land back down skidding back. " Come on then Akuma lets see what the kagutsuchi live up to! " Akuma cracked his knuckles and said " Alright then " Akuma slid slowly into Monkey stance and Markov chuckled rushing at him. He easily rose up and sent a uppercut into Markov neck lifting him up off the floor, but markov came back down and had landed three body blows into akuma causing him to stagger back. This tank like creature moving towards akuma, he swiftly changed stances into Tiger. Which meant akuma was ready to end this short bickering, Markov continued to walk forward like a tank " You are wonder you acted like you held ba-" He had the wind knocked out of him as dust fell off his jacket and he slid back a bit. Akuma landed a direct tiger strike to his chest with his palm, markov gasped and tried to regain focus but akuma was on him again another palm to the chest sending him back again. Akuma kept advancing on him the speed of the strikes picking up as he was beating him to the ground. The sounds of akuma getting angrier and angrier could be heard " Hmph....hmph...rrrr...rrrraaahh...Ah! " The last strike put Markov on the ground and akuma stood over him ready to actually end his life his worthless jock life but he looked up at the crowd and spotted the most dissapointed face, Akuma struck Markov on the chest once more and went to his knees looking into the crowd saying.

    " Forgive me brother " He put his head down looking at the floor, Akuma had learned to respect his older brother no matter how much he despised was something he promised to his father. And he knew Kosen wouldn't be to rash on his actions today but would definatly give him that strict talking. Markov gripped akumas leg trying to speak and shout at him but akuma was ignoring it hoping someone would take away the poor man on the floor.
  6. By the time Kosen had made it to the front of the crowd his younger brother had all but killed the other combatant. Kosen, his face unchanging, took out his lighter and lit his cig. This was followed by him slamming closed the lighter. The sound that resounded was enough to halt the fight. It rang out throughout the hall and as a result, every one came to a halt. He made his way to the center where his brother stood. Gazing down upon him with an unnerving stare. There was no need to exchange words, his eyes conveyed everything that needed to be said. t

    "Tch." Kosen scoffed as he brushed past him stepping over Marko without so much as a second glance. He made his way to his quarters a trail of smoke lingered from his cig. To think, this was the only one with any decent compatibility for their family Jaeger. It was disappointing to say the least. Even with that business was business and it needed to be done.
  7. He stood up and clenched his fists calming his anger and turned on his heels looking down at Markov who was slowly getting up with the help of his friends, Akuma picked up his bags and began to follow his brother. He walked up besides him not speaking until they reached a more secluded area " He started it....he was..." He looked at his brother who he knew had a blank expression and ignoring his every word but he continued on. " He talked down to me like i was small....and im i handled it " He continued to look at him as they walked.

    " Why dont you like me....what did i do to you " He looked at him a confused face, ever since they were young kosen ignored anything his brother had done like he wasn't even there. Akuma immediately thought it was because kosen hated him for being born maybe it was...maybe it was because kosen wanted to be an only child, these ideas ran rapid in his head.
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