Pacific Rim 2 Announced

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  1. I LOVED this movie!!!
  2. It'll be good to see an expanded universe in terms of whatever big fuglie monsters still remain and more Jagers. We always need more giant robots.
  3. I thought the movie was okay. Unless I wasn't paying full attention to the movie, how are they going to make a sequel? Another gate or portal, or w/e it was called being opened?
  4. I hope Romeo Blue it features as more than a parade float...
  5. I'm lost at how they got the budget. Comparatively it didn't make enough of a profit to fund another movie.. those robots and aliens are expensive.

    And as long as it isn't overhyped to the point of Pacific Rim 1 was, I think it will be a very enjoyable action movie. Actually, not overhyped, I just to watch it before my friend who tried to pass it off as more than aliens fighting robots.
  6. $411 mil. box-office on a $190 mil. budget; $300 mil. of which was from foreign-gross (it was big in China, 2nd biggest market after the US, with foreign-gross having become equally if not more important than domestic in the last decade); which = grossed double its budget, at least $100 mil. in profits if you factor in $100 mil. for advertising, which isn't a Titanic/Avatar-success but it didn't loose money (like, say, John Carter or The Lone Ranger).

    Pacific Rim was also the first-film of a potential franchise of an unknown original property; which are essentially $200 mil. advertising campaigns for the sequel, to get the audience familiar with the property. Note the jumps in box-office from other first-to-second films in a franchise:

    Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl - $650 mil. --> Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest - $1 bil.

    Batman Begins - $375 mil --> The Dark Knight - $1 bil.

    Thor - $450 --> Thor: The Dark World - $650

    Captain America - $370 mil --> Captain America: Winter Soldier - $710 mil.

    etc. etc. (Note: There are many sequels which don't have such a dramatic box-office success over the original, but rarely do sequels make -less- than the original, even if they're worse films - e.g. Spiderman 3 = $1 bil.)

    ...And box-office alone doesn't determine a films success/profitability, there's: VoD, DvDs, TV-rights, spin-offs (e.g. the above-mentioned anime) and, most importantly for Pacific Rim, merchandising (e.g. If the 2nd-film was marketed more to kids; and let's face it Pacific Rim wasn't an adult post-apocalyptic mecha-epic, it wasn't to giant robot-films what The Dark Knight was to superhero movies, and probably would've made an extra $200 mil. if marketted to the Transformers under-12 crowd instead of the nerd-niche of Del Toro-fans who got super-hyped at the Comi-con previews; it'd be easy to sell a line of Kaiju/Jaeger toys and/or video-games).

    Finally, although it wasn't a break-out mainstream success (at least in the USA), Pacific Rim has developed a sort-of cult-following and dedicated core-fanbase; which movie-studios are seeking for security against the rising-costs of CGI blockbusters (e.g. Why Community and Parks and Recreation were consistently renewed, until recently, despite low ratings because of strong fan/critical-support and it was easier to hope active-fandoms which push and expand the viewership isntead of spending a few dozen-millions on advertising to push a new-property; like, if Firefly was made today, it probably would've lasted 5-seasons despite low-ratings as broadcasters have realized the strength of online communitys <----- just mentioning this to make you sad, Kraken). And, fuck it, they've got everyone involved with Pacific Rim signed onto a 3-picture-deal; so why not make it? There's the chance that in the interim between Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim 2 Del Toro's name goes mainstream like Josh Whedon's or Christopher Nolan's, if his Justice League Dark at Warner Bros. is a success; or Idris Elba wins an Oscar and gets cast as the new James Bond; or Charlie Hunnam gets cast in a superhero-movie (Aquaman?); or Ron Pearlman's elected President in the 2016 elections - or any of the rest of the cast increase their profile/fanbase by becoming surprise superstars.

    Personally, I think Charlie Day could be the next great romantic-leading-man of our generation (it's his sexy voice).

    In short, ^I only post to insult/refute you, Kraken. (My next post will either be titled: Why The How I Met Your Mother Finale is an Irrefutable Masterpiece or Is Firefly Overrated? or Cyberpunk: The Worst of The Genres with the word 'Punk') Note: The last two are jokes, but the HIMYM-finale was legitimately amazing, and I will formulate my thoughts on it into coherant paragraphs in the next few weeks (but weeks = years in Australia time).

    P.S. But seriously Kraken, where's my fucking money?
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  7. I really don't do giant mech/kaiju movies under normal circumstances but my brother got it on DVD last year, so I gave it a watch.

    It was SO. MUCH. FUN!

    It's been ages since I just watched a film for fun, and action, and music. The stuff that normally pulls me in, like characters and romance weren't all that well done, but that didn't matter. It was just two hours of genuine entertainment. Did it make me think? Did it make me cry? Did I care about any of the characters or ship them? No, no and only for Idris Elba (but I always care about him). Was it the most FUN film I've watched in ages? Yes, absolutely.

    I can't wait for the sequel.
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  9. pacific rim.

    also know as power ranger for adults

    also known as mobile suit gundam vs kaiju

    also known as giant robot vs giant monster

    also known as awesome vs awesome

    i loved the shit out this movie and will be seeing that sequel

    ...also one of the few properties that, if turned into porn, wouldnt need to change the title
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