PAC-MAN: The Movie (fan-made)

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  1. [video=youtube;l7oadchZMYA][/video]

    I don't think I've seen something this epic in an extremely long time.
    My mind,
    It's all over the floor right now.

  2. Why was the computer talking Japanese while they were talking English? xD
    This should so become a movie xD Pac-man is so cuuute :D
  3. Oh, Japan is taking over the world,
    didn't you know? <3

  4. WHOA! This is AWESOME!!!! =D
  5. Cooooolnesssss. I enjoyed it.
  6. I hate these April Fool jokes, because some of them would actually be amazing. Like this one. :/

    EDIT: Oh wait, is this not an April Fool's joke? Cause if not then that's absolutely awesome!
  7. ‚ÄčI'm... not...... sure..... -prays it is real.- <3
  8. This better be real
    japan, dont fail me now
  9. *notes it was a machinima* Yeah they did an excellent job on creating that preview. If it were released I would love it so long as it kept to the context that pacman is pacman and not some kind of weirdo hollywood love story.
  10. Excuse me while I try and collect my jaw from the floor and set it back in place.

    That was simply awesome. If this ever comes out as a real movie, I am buying it.