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  1. OKAY - So, I don't really know what to put here, honestly. I won't be writing much, to be honest, and that may put some people off because I'm not posting a thing with meaty description of what I want because, well, let's see - I, MYSELF, HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT - But anyway, let's get this started, yeah?

    I have a plethora of Original Characters! I have:
    • An Italian, 4'8" Veterinarian!
    • A Russian Botanist that Lives and Works Above a Cafe.
    • A Werewolf That is Used by His Father to Bring Back Human Meat that is, in Turn, Used and Passed Off as 'Pork' and 'Beef'.
    • A Scottish Shapeshifter - The Personification of a Golden Retriever.
    • A Genie That is Trapped in a Hot Chocolate Packet and He Can Not Grant Wishes Anymore.
    Those are just a few, honestly! I can make OCs on the fly, too, but, YEAH - So I don't have any plots that I'm CRAVING, but I really want to use these! If you have any ideas, shoot me a PM and we can plot stuff out there!
  2. Hi, there! I'm still finding my way around this site, but I'd love to try an RP with you if you'd like to! All of the characters sound really fun (especially the werewolf, I have a soft spot for werewolves ^^).

    If you don't find any other partners, I'd be happy to RP and can be flexible with my own characters and genres ^^

    Thanks for your time!
  3. Send me an IM! I'm on mobile atm!
  4. Sweet! Will do! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.