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  1. Everything you've ever heard of is true. Everything.

    This may take a while to sink in. Let's try it one step at a time. Yes, the supernatural is real. There are ghosts, werewolves, vampires (at least four different kinds), and an assortment of monsters that can only be described as the stuff of nightmares. All real. And yes, aliens are real, too. We are not alone. Some are helpful. Others are harmful. Some just see a way to profit.

    Every religion, every god, is not only valid, but real. We run into both angels and demons often. Reality is constantly shifting through so many different frames of reference. Trying to keep track of it all is an insane task.

    But one we must pursue regardless.

    That's what P.A.R.A.'s for. We were originally founded in the early 50's to keep Russia from aquiring the truly great powers in the world - powers that would make the atomic bomb look like a pebble tossed into the ocean. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the mission changed. We now had to keep the secrets from everyone. The reasoning is sound. If people knew how reality really worked they'd be constantly terrified. Paranoia would lead to witch hunts (with only a few actual witches getting caught), and life would be chaos. The only way people will get on with their lives is if they think they know what normal is.

    Because normal is anything but.

    This is where you come in. You have likely experienced a significant supernatural event; perhaps you were abducted, or you saw something that you couldn't identify. Maybe it was a demon. Maybe it was...who knows? You witnessed an event P.A.R.A. can't just explain away. Not to you, at least. The public will never know. We've agreed to take you on, and train you as one of our agents.

    Perhaps you didn't witness an event. Maybe you are the event, one of those strange people we've just now begun to notice. Anomalies, we call you. You can do something; something supernatural or superhuman. It's something we want to study, and especially want to use.

    If you're interested in an experience unlike any other, catch the pale blue bus and ride to P.A.R.A. headquarters, hidden in Kansas City. The bus will take you to the right place.
  2. As stated above, this RP has in it just about everything. But the characters must be mortal, and they must have limits. At the moment, I would like there to be at least seven characters in this group of new P.A.R.A. agents. I'm willing to allow only two of them to be Anomalies at the moment. I'll change my mind only if you have a really good idea.

    Requirements for the RP:
    My biggest ones are simply no Godmodding, no hi-jacking other characters, and WATCH YOUR GRAMMAR. This last one I take very seriously. When I read through an RP, I think of it like a story written by numerous different authors from numerous points of view, and spelling and grammar errors ruin that.

    Character sheet:

    (Don't push it too young or too old. You're all new recruits, but hopefully you have some training already.)
    Former field: (If you're normal, you have some sort of military or government background. Army, CIA, foreign equivalents, etc. If you're an Anomaly, this need not apply to you)
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: (Only applies to Anomalies.)
    The event that brought you here:
    (Military, secret agent, or otherwise, something happened to get P.A.R.A.'s attention. Tell us what it was.)
  3. Name: Issac Winterfield


    Age: 19

    Former field:

    Personality: Calm and collected, he keeps his cool under pressure. In crowds, though, that's different. He's always had a fear of people, especially in big mobs. He likes being alone and isolated. It lets him think, and be himself. That and he also grew up an outcast, for "seeing things".

    The event that brought you here:
    Growing up, he's always been able to "see" things. He could never explain it, but he would always see fantastical, and sometimes horrific, things that no one is really able to see. Those things are the paranormal.

    As a kid, people brushed him off as having a hyperactive imagination, having delusions and imaginations that come with being a kid. Becoming older though, he was classified as weird and delusional, even having a brief visit to the shrink to get it checked out though. People had finally had enough when he got into high school. People couldn't stand him and he didn't mind. It was just him and his "delusions".

    Though he could see things, analyze them like no one else can, he never actually had a close encounter with them. That is until his 19th birthday. It was another night alone in his own zone, celebrating by himself at a restaurant. Nothing new, but as he was heading home, a fiery man, someone who was literally on fire approached him. The man didn't introduce himself, nor did he look to be in any type of pain. He was, in reality, a demon. A demon that wanted to take control of him and influence him to do his bidding. Unfortunately for the demon, Issac was stronger than that, or at least stronger than another human. Issac had easily resisted the influence and escaped the demon, who had tried killing him after he refused to comply.

    This led to a chase across the city rooftops, pushing Issac's limits. He had escaped, or a better term was rescued, by agents of P.A.R.A. who had tracked him for quite some time. He had been informed that he had a gift, he would call a curse, that would greatly aid P.A.R.A. reluctant to join at first,he realized he really had no other option. No one else would see things his way and if he didn't join them, he would be haunted by demons and who knows what else.
  4. Finally some interest! WHOOOOOOOO!

    And yes, it's okay to have no formal military or government training, but only so long as you have a special power like the one you gave Isaac. An ability like that could come in handy at P.A.R.A. Only normal people (and I want there to be some) need to have training.

  5. I'm very much interested as well. Although, it kinda pains me to know that Mr. Quiet One won't be around to start the game during the holidays....Still, if you let me, I'll be posting a character soon.
  6. Sure thing. Hopefully, this will still be up by the time I return. If it's not, I'll repost it and PM all who show interest. By the way, it pains me, too.
  7. Aww...Don't worry, Mr. Quiet. There's always a reason for everything. Here's a kitty to cheer you up.

  8. Name: John Dux<o:p></o:p>
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Former field: Military- He was a high ranking officer in the Marine corps that was entrusted with weapons in an armory
    Personality: He is loud and in charge. Being an officer and gun expert his normal solution to a problem would be 'Light 'em up'. He thinks of himself as a bad ass and can seem a little naive.
    The event that brought you here: He was in a special case. While he was doing a weapon check in the armory of a new base in enemy territory, something broke through the wall. None of them could see it and when trying to fire back, after he gave them the command, it started to maul them. As he continued his firing, now down to only his pistol, all his comrades were killed. He was the only one to survive and is now marked with a large scar going from the side of his neck around where his jaw starts down to the center of his chest. After this event P.A.R.A. agents came in stopping whatever it was that busted through the wall and recruited him. He decided he didn't have much of a choice, considering after what had just happened he was discharged from the military, ended up agreeing to help.
  9. Kind of like the idea of having someone battle-scarred by the event, however, as I stated above, I am a stickler for spelling and grammar, and I spotted a lot of words meshing together. Can you promise that you won't do that in the IC posts, and what military specifically? I would like each character to have a specific background. And where was the event? I'll approve, but only after you add a few more details.
  10. Name: Joesph McNeil
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Former field: United States Army
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: N/A
    Personality: Joesph has a job first, everything else second attitude. Based off of his previous experiences he has been diagnosed with PTSD.
    The event that brought you here: McNeil was deployed to Afghanistan with an infantry brigade. His company became tasked with hunting down a particularly brutal member of the Taliban who had been raiding villages who refused to aid and shelter his forces. The locals referred to him as "The Wolf". After nearly two months of following his trail, McNeil's platoon had tracked him to a cavern complex moved in for the kill. What followed was a blood bath. McNeil barely remembers what happened in the cavern, but he and his squad's Radioman were the only survivors.

    After the event he was plagued with nightmares of wolves turning into men. After seeing one of the Army's mental health specialists he was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and deemed mentally unfit for duty and discharged only to be picked up by PARA.
  11. Yea I was on my laptop and couldn't do much about that. I'm on my desktop so I should have better grammar and spelling now.

    (Working on edits now.)

    (Is that good?)
  12. would my character count as an anomaly for his ability?
  13. Please tell me if there's anything you'd like to change, Mr. Quiet. Also, I added a picture, because I can't visualize a character without an actual face.

    Name: Rowan DeLancey
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Former field:
    None. However, Rowan's muscles toned through cheerleading will help her immensely in any combat training. In addition, her gun nut of a father taught his only daughter how to be a whiz in sharpshooting.​
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: None
    State university cheerleader by day, research assistant by night; Rowan DeLancey makes it a habit to defy all odds...however odd they may be. Competitive in everything she does, Rowan scrounges for every available resource to achieve her goal even if it means a few broken bones or hours of translating occult references. She values honor above anything else. Although a respectable character, this also makes her prone to malfunction at the first sight of fault she sees as her own.​

    The event that brought you here:
    Rowan dreamt of getting a degree in some university, carrying the hopes of her parents who never had the choice. Through her high school cheerleading experience, she managed to score a half scholarship at Wichita State University as a history major. To shoulder the other half, she decided to work for Prof. Bailey, the university's paranormal expert, as his research assistant. Although she was constantly surrounded by paranormal information and artifacts, she never believed in any of it and only humoring the professor every once in a while.

    Her misjudgement had been her downfall when she allowed friends in the cheer squad to use an ouija board for fun. The board was one of the many items Prof. Bailey had tasked her to archive. An ordinary sleepover turned into a nightmare when the girls had called out a banshee which possessed Rowan. When the creature had finally released her, her friends were already gone; they're life forces were sucked dry. The banshee had escaped.

    The deaths of her four friends lay heavily on her chest. Recalling many references on a secret organization concerning the supernatural, Rowan had put her dream of a degree on hold as she went out to look for the blue bus that will lead her to atonement.
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  19. Name: Leona Jones

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Former field: C.I.A. Agent

    Type of Anomaly and abilities: None

    Personality: She keeps up a protective shield in certain situations. Her being an agent has made her be able to adapt to her surrounding really quickly whenever she needs to.

    The event that brought you here: Growing up she has always been around the paranormal. She sees everything in black and white, so she hoped that going to the C.I.A. would be an escape for that. She was very wrong. She kept hearing about missions that her boss would be planning to search for werewolves and aliens and yada yada yada. She tried to stay as far away from it as possible. But just her luck, she assigned a mission to go find a suspect in a very abnormal murder. A woman's heart was torn out of her chest. She thought personally it was just a weird animal attack. She traveled to the murder scene and wasn't ready for the sight that was waiting for her. Long story short, she needed no more convincing that the paranormal is
    real. Ever since the incident, she's been getting random visits from P.A.R.A. agents. Telling her that she had better things in store for her and that she could learn more about what she's experienced. Being the curious women she was, she accepted.
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