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  1. Everything you've ever heard of is true. Everything.

    This may take a while to sink in. Let's try it one step at a time. Yes, the supernatural is real. There are ghosts, werewolves, vampires (at least four different kinds), and an assortment of monsters that can only be described as the stuff of nightmares. All real. And yes, aliens are real, too. We are not alone. Some are helpful. Others are harmful. Some just see a way to profit.

    Every religion, every god, is not only valid, but real. We run into both angels and demons often. Reality is constantly shifting through so many different frames of reference. Trying to keep track of it all is an insane task.

    But one we must pursue regardless.

    That's what P.A.R.A.'s for. We were originally founded in the early 50's to keep Russia from aquiring the truly great powers in the world - powers that would make the atomic bomb look like a pebble tossed into the ocean. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the mission changed. We now had to keep the secrets from everyone. The reasoning is sound. If people knew how reality really worked they'd be constantly terrified. Paranoia would lead to witch hunts (with only a few actual witches getting caught), and life would be chaos. The only way people will get on with their lives is if they think they know what normal is.

    Because normal is anything but.

    This is where you come in. You are all capable of doing bizarre things that count as either supernatural or superhuman. Anomalies, we call you. It's a relatively new phenomenon. Whatever makes the world such a mecca for supernatural activity has started affecting people. Or maybe it's been at work for years, and we've only just now gotten the technology to notice.

    Regardless, you've gotten our attention and we extend to you a rare invitation to be a part of the "Fire/w/Fire" Initiative. Instead of locking you up or disecting you, we request your services in exchange for a better understanding of the nature of Anomalies at large.

    If you're interested in finding out about yourself, fighting monsters, and saving the world, board the pale blue bus when it stops by your house.

    Director Vincent Ferrara​
    Requirements for the RP:
    My biggest ones are simply no Godmodding, no hi-jacking other characters, and WATCH YOUR GRAMMAR. This last one I take very seriously. When I read through an RP, I think of it like a story written by numerous different authors from numerous points of view, and spelling and grammar errors ruin that.

    Character sheet:

    (Don't push it too young or too old. You're all new recruits, but hopefully you have some training already.)
    Former field: (What did you used to do? You can be anything from an ex-marine, to making coffee at Starbucks.)​
    Appearance: (If you can change it, I'd like to know what you look like at all times)
    Type of Anomaly and abilities:
    The event that brought you here:
    (Whether you were in hiding or not, something happened to get P.A.R.A.'s attention and allow them to find you. Tell us what it was. Basically history.)​
  2. Name: Midnight
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: Alien Pegasus? (I dont really have a species name for him XD)
    - Telepathy
    - Control of fire
    - Control of darkness/shadows
    Appearance: (human form) Tall, strong. Hair reaches down to his shoulders and is blue fire. He also has black wings in this form as well. True form is large pegasus with pitch black fur and wings. Mane and tail are blue fire.
    Personality: Very kind, cares about almost everyone and tends to trust others too easily.
    The event that brought you here: He traveled to Earth a long ways back, curious about the inhabitants, but has been unable to leave since. He’s still trying to find out how/why he’s stuck on Earth.
  3. Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis
    23 (True Age Unknown)
    Former Field: Gambler
    Type of Anomaly and Abilities: The ability to manipulate luck and probability. With enough effort he could make it rain whales in a freak transdimensional portal incident. Of course, who would do such a thing? He also seems to have stopped aging, although he isn't sure when it happened.
    Personality: He's incredibly mellow in pretty much every situation, only becoming excited rarely. He has a habit of making predictions of things based on how he sees the world, and though they are more accurate than not, it's not within the range of the paranormal spectrum. He calls it making lucky guesses. People have a hard time reading him, often thinking that he takes nothing seriously, when he's quite frequently contemplating everything around him silently. He doesn't think normally, rather, he thinks in colours and images, or completely silently, creating complex ideas without thought. Explaining it would require a telepath who could simply transmit the concept rather than attempting to explain it normally. He refers to himself as The Paradox, or Requiem The Mad.
    The Event That Brought You Here:
    Spending a lot of his time gambling, eventually his luck ran out. While no Casino could ever prove he was cheating, he was frequently 'questioned', often escaping from harm in unusual circumstances. Eventually the scouts at P.A.R.A heard about the incidents and set out to discover the source. At the center of their research they found Requiem and promptly invited him into their organisation, which he decided he may as well accept as he wasn't doing anything at the time anyway.
  4. Welcome back Redwolf! Requiem, love the probability manipulation! Should keep P.A.R.A.'s scientists guessing just what gives you that power.
  5. Name: Donovan Smith
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Former field: Master Sergeant ArmyRanger
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: after his encounter with the leviathon he started feeling different like he was able to see more so to speak; he could alway sense the people around him even if he didn't or hear them. He could be in the next room and get a general reading on what someone might be doing. Of course this is only limited to a certain range, so far at most he's been able to get an accurate read on someone as far as 15-20ft depending on the surroundings. Any further however and it tends to become blurred.
    Personality: He's pretty calm most of the time and doesn't allow much to get under his skin, however when something does annoy him enough his old drill sergeant mentality tends to surface resulting in a flurry of curses and yelling.
    The event that brought you here: Witnessed the rising of a leviathon off the coast of Hawaii which resulted in a massive Tsunami wiping out the entire Western front. Miracuously he survived after being swept away, when he was finally able to recover P.A.R.A. was already on the scene nuetralizing the beast. Realizing they could not simply explain it away he was given the chance to join P.A.R.A. in exchange for his silence on the matter.
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  6. Chronos, you missed the part where everyone's an anomaly now. You have to be able to do something...anomalous. Edit please.
  7. Name: Clarith Tarner
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Former field: Waitress at a local cafe
    Appearance: Clarith has a somewhat odd appearance. Her face is round and her skin is pale from lack of sunlight. Her wide green eyes are hidden behind large red-rimed glasses. Her brown hair is kept in a messy pixie cut and is almost always frizzy. She stands 164cm tall (about 5'4) and has a small body frame (which means she also has small breasts).
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: Clarith can control the temperature of matter, such as boiling water on the spot or making it so your tongue sticks to a pole when it's summer. Due to this, her skin is always very hot or very cold (she has no control over this).
    Personality: Clarith is extremely forgetful. On her better days, she'll run out the door wearing mismatched socks and leave her keys behind. Though on her worst days, she'll be just about ready to leave when she realizes it's only 3:00am and she should have gotten up three hours later. She is also very eager to please. She'll always take the blame for something and try to fix what ever went wrong. She is a cheerful girl who is almost never found with out a smile.
    The event that brought you here: Clarith was working her shift at the cafe, taking a man's coffee to him. The man informed her that he had ordered iced coffee, not hot. She quickly apologized and, without thinking, chilled the coffee right before the man's eyes. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) the man was a P.A.R.A. scout. After she explained, he offered her the chance to join the organization. Eventually she accepted.
  8. Thank you Chronos, and Clockworker you're accepted.
  9. can someone just copy my post from the other one becuse i dont want to rewihg every fing think plase you would save me the hours of typing and going back and forth but change her look to age 22 please T^T
  10. Name: Luke Connor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Former field: Elementary School Teacher
    Appearance: A slight man, with short, blonde hair and blue eyes He's slightly tanned year-round but gets darker in the summer, if he has time to go out. He wears typically casual clothing if he can.
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: His abilities are speech oriented--he can understand and speak most languages after hearing them just a few times, and he can give orders that are followed no matter how much the other person doesn't want to do it
    Personality: A kind and caring sort of guy, Luke tries to see the best in people. However, he is often stubborn and unwilling to admit that he is wrong, even if he is.
    The event that brought you here: Luke maintained a normal life for as long as he possibly could, well into his twenties. Unfortunately, fights with his boss and his use of manipulation to get what he wanted put him on the radar. He's not too happy to be with P.A.R.A. but he likes this better than the alternative. He is wishing he'd run away to another country when he had the chance though.
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  11. Kairn: Looks good. I assume you're not done, because we still need your appearance. Like the speech power. Accepted.

    Grimm: You can copy-paste yourself in, like, less than a minute. Plus, I would like you to please fix up your grammar and spelling errors.
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    Kairn, if you can't get the picture in just give me a description. That'll be fine with me.
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  16. Character for Grimm:​

    Name: (she doesn't have one. You have to give her a name)​
    Gender: Female​
    Age: She's a ghost. Looks around her 17​
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Former field: unknown​
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: Walk through walls, move objects and people, see through walls, let people see her if she wants tham too - mostly whatever ghost people do.​
    Personality: kind and caring, but when she gets mad she goes crazy and things start flying.​
    The event that brought you here: Captured by P.A.R.A.'s spectral equipment, but she volunteered for the initiative of her own free will. In life, she'd always wanted to help people, and that desire carried on after her death. She does not remember her past, however, so it's pointless to ask. She hopes that if she helps them they will help her find out who she is. she's overjoyed that people are starting to believe in them but has mixed feeling about it. Sometimes it's best things were left unsaid and unknown.​

    Wasn't sure about the rest of your character's history. It was somewhat confusing and difficult to keep track of. P.A.R.A. investigates hauntings regularly, so it's likely they recruited her that way, as I've mentioned above. She has their attention because she's a rare "wandering spirit" not bound to any one location. Hope you're okay with the changes.​
  17. Name: Eden Foster
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Former field: FBI Forensics
    Personality: Eidetic memory. She has always had a love for the paranormal and magical. She's read up on creatures and legends from every source she could find. Boldly curious, to the point that she can get into trouble. The one thing she always felt was mundane was herself.
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: Psychic [She is telepathic, and can sense ghosts and other disturbances. Her abilities have been expanding into telekinesis.]

    The event that brought you here: As an undergraduate training in the FBI laboratory division, Eden saw a lot of strange things. Strange, but not supernatural-at least until recently.

    The specimens sent for processing were received and signed for. Among the materials there was not a single item untouched by blood. Eden carefully pulled the wallet free from its evidence bag. She didn't feel anything as some of the deep red liquid sizzled through her gloves, soaking into her skin. She took a sample of the blood that congealed on the leather, and daubed it onto a slide. It went right to the microscope. She blinked hard at what she saw beneath the lens. A second look reveled the same. Whatever this was, it wasn't normal human blood.

    The next several hours were spent taking samples from all of the evidence, and comparing the slides, while trying to focus through a nearly blinding headache. They all came up with the same bizarre result. There was no resemblance to human or even animal blood cells. Excited, Eden called her supervising technician from her work station and showed him what she had found. He froze at the sight. She suggested that they try running some of the samples through the HPLC machine to which he responded, "No." Confused, she asked about the strange nature of the liquid, and if there was a chance that it belonged to an inhuman organism, only to have him insist that she needed glasses. When she protested, he sent her home.

    The next day she found that the evidence was gone. All of her notes had been removed. She went to speak with her supervisor, and found P.A.R.A. agents waiting in his office.
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  18. Like the character, but where does the psychic ability fit in to her backstory? And what kind of psychic is it? Read minds? Control them? Simple emotion sensing? Or is it mystic psychic, like seeing the dead or the future or something? I like the character, and will approve it, but I want to know the connection between her and her powers.
  19. ya im ok with the Changes thanks and thanks for fixs in it.
  20. Name: Scathach Eldrich
    Gender: Female
    Former field: She's ex-military, along with running a dojo where she teaches weekly classes.
    Appearance: Scatty appears as a well-built woman, about 5'3" in height. Though she is short, it often feels as if she is looking down on a person when she is speaking with them simply because of her tone of voice. She neither sleeps nor blinks, but can close her eyes and feign unconsciousness if need be. There is a Celtic Spiral tattoo etched into the back of her right shoulder with black ink, a mark of her heritage. She has bright red hair, cut short. Many people think she dyes her cropped locks, but that is not the case—it is completely natural. As natural as a vampire can be, anyway.

    She has bright emerald-colored eyes with vertically-slit pupils, much like a cat; at times, they seem too large for the rest of her pixie-like features. The planes of her face are rather angular, sometimes giving her an ethereal look in just the right light. Freckles are peppered across the bridge of her nose and randomly around the rest of her body. She doesn't smile often, but when she wants to make an impression on someone, she grins widely and bares her pointed canines, courtesy of her species. Contrary to what popular culture says, her skin is not cold to the touch; she feels the same as any regular human being, though her muscles might seem a bit firmer. She is skinny, almost unhealthily so, but underneath the abnormally pale skin lies iron hard bone and muscle toned by years of physical training.

    She is often seen wearing her military fatigues, or black steel toed combat boots, khaki or camouflage combat pants (or capris) and tight, sturdy, solid colored tank tops. Some sort of weapon is always found somewhere on her body, whether in plain sight or hidden. She always has a pair of twin short swords sheathed on her back and a dagger strapped to her left thigh. Almost anything around her, including her entire body, can become a weapon, so upsetting her is not advised at all. She always, always has more weapons than what's in plain sight, and she is more deadly than most people realize.
    Type of Anomaly and abilities: Scatty is, in essence, a vampire, though not of the "common" sort. She is from one of many vampire clans, one that does not drink blood in order to survive; she often states that the blood-drinking vampires are the “lowliest of their species.” Most of Scathach's ancestors are actually vegetarians; she literally only eats vegetables and fruit. Her main source of sustenance, however, is emotions. She feeds off other people’s sensations, sucking them from their bodies so she can feel alive. She is also a master warrior and tactician.
    She takes emotions and sensations from people, relishes the way they make her able to feel. But she states that, "we do not need to feast often". However, like traditional vampires, she must be invited into an establishment before she can actually enter it. She can go outside and walk around in daylight—without sparkling—but if she stays in the sun for too long, she’ll get sunburned.
    As a vampire, Scathach possesses greater speed, strength, agility, longevity, and durability than a human being. Though she is a vegetarian when she eats human food, her main source of sustenance is the auras of other creatures. The aura is made of up a creature’s emotions, or life force. This is what Scathach eats, as she herself is incapable of emotion: she cannot feel happiness, anger, pain, or sadness. Scathach does not feed often (probably about once a month), and she never drains her prey completely because it is against her personal code. But she may use this emotion-sucking as a battle technique if necessary.
    Scatty is, in a word, proud.
    Scáthach is strong. She is proud. She doesn't take cr@p from anybody. Get on her bad side, and she will most likely try to kill you. Well, maybe in the old days. She's really worked on her anger issues, and can generally hold a conversation without breaking anything (or anyone). Taking up meditation has done a lot for her, to be honest. Nowadays she does her best to remain as unattached to everything as possible, preferring to keep to herself except for those month-long excursions around the world so she can visit her various dojos. Solitary training is how she generally spends most of her time. Dedicated almost completely to her work, she is businesslike and curt in speech, preferring not to get buddy-buddy with those she meets. She can be petty, childish, and rude, but usually knows when to tone it down and be dignified.Her family has never seen her to be good enough at anything, and they make it a point to say as much whenever they see her.
    This drives the redhead to continually try to prove herself worthy of her Immortal status, though she has very few people—mortal or otherwise—left to impress. The Shadow is a master tactician, and has marched with and led some of the fiercest armies in history. She is strong and ferocious, though has a great maternal instinct that sometimes flares up and overpowers her nearly gleeful love of violence. She never backs down from a fight, and would probably rather provoke one than avoid it. Scathach can become illogically cruel if the mood strikes her, and takes pleasure in playing games with other beings, whether they are physical or mental, if she comes to the conclusion that they can “take it.” She teases, mocks, and riddles with the best of them, oftentimes contradicting herself without a second thought and not regretting it.
    However, Scathach is, at her very core, a good being. As much as she loves to fight, she does not believe in killing unnecessarily, whether an animal or a human being. Her personal code of ethics—and her honor as a warrior—forbids her from doing anything blatantly evil, and though she has no problem toying with people, she would never intentionally do anything to harm them physically, mentally, or emotionally, unless they had really pissed her off and she loses her temper, in which case she can’t be completely sure what she’ll do. But this does not stop her from speaking her mind, and telling everybody around her exactly what she thinks about a situation.Scathach is a hero, on the best of days—she does have an acute sense of right and wrong, and has sworn to protect humans. However, she does love conflict and fighting, and might occasionally “slip up,” causing trouble even if she doesn’t consciously mean to. But, for the most part, she is one of the good-guys.
    The event that brought you here:
    She was discovered by P.A.R.A after a few of her military feats, and some of her tactics, caught their attention and prompted them to investigate who- and what- she really was. After doing some digging, they finally figured out that she was what she is, and had her tailed for the next few months. They approached her once they deemed her sane(ish) and asked her to join P.A.R.A. She refused them flat out, but after she lost control and attacked one of her former squadmates, nearly killing him, they pretty much forced her to join. She finally agreed, though she' not happy to be here.
    Hey Quiet One, could I mail you with a few changes I'd like to make, but wasn't sure if they would be approved?