Ozzy is my hero


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According to CBS News, Ozzy Osbourne may help scientists understand how some people's bodies can endure "excessive substance abuse."

Osbourne, the former frontman for Black Sabbath and a notorious partier, will allow scientists to study his blood.

The Prince of Darkness, 61, battled alcohol and drug addictions for forty years and calls himself a "medical miracle."

Scientists hope that mapping Osbourne's genetic code will provide insight into why some--like Osbourne--can survive "excessive substance abuse."

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/15/ozzy-osbournes-blood-to-b_n_612758.html
He is the PRINCE OF DARKNESS! >:D He will live forever!
Does that mean if they succeed, whatever it is will be named the Ozzy gene?
well, if we can clone and distribute his genes then we'll all live forever. seeing as only the good die young (+50 for fitting in a song quote), people with ozzy's genes will live until the universe decides to collapse on itself


There's a joke in there somewhere.
Can Mick Jagger and Lemmy Kilmister come too? They should also be dead from the massive amounts of drugs/alcohol they've put in their bodies.

The obvious connection is that they're all English. >____________________>
The Brit gene should be isolated and distributed. *stares at Asmo*