Ozric Tentacles

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  1. Yup, some more obscure ass music for all you guys and gals. Another one of my favorite bands of all time; these guys have been out since the 80s and have over 20 albums, yet never received the fame they deserved. They're still touring to this day, I had the distinct pleasure to see these guys live in Illinois and it was fucking AWESOME. Love, love, love, love, LOVE them. If you're at all into instrumental psychedelia/progressive rock you'll have to like these monsters.

    ^Probably their most popular album. Very classic OT

    As for single songs, I'd recommend -

    ^First song I ever heard, the absolute SHIT.
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  2. Oolong tea never tasted this good.

    Been in love with this song for yearssssss

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  3. FUCK. YES.

    Can't believe I'm actually finding people who dig my music on this site! Makes me love Iwaku even more *_*.

    That's some newer stuff too! Yum Yum Tree was pretty damn cool, my favorite album is probably a toss up between Strangeitude and Erpland
  4. Wait!! No, my favorite album:

    ^So damn good, and so underrated even I forgot about it when it's my favorite!
  5. If you like Ozric You'll like Shpongle

    I think this track is the closest to Ozric....it's actually like...Ozric on drugs....LOTS OF DRUGS!

    let me know what you think of this track.

  6. and this funky thing is baller too.
    It's what someone ones described to me as Ozric meets Asian Mantra.

  7. I came here thinking that Ozric Tentacles was a relative of Squidward Tentacles, so I was like "Oh cool, some undersea clarinet music." Shows how much I know.

    Anyway, I listened to some of it. Not quite my cup of tea, but is definitely interesting. :] Always like sampling new musicz.
  8. @Fijoli Not really my thing. A little too much on the techno side for me. I usually do like middle eastern flairs in music, but I don't know. Sorry :/
  9. no worries! we will always have Ozric 8D
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  10. Tooooooootally <3